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71121. Absence of Significant Linkage between Phonological Coding Dyslexia and Chromosome 6p23-21.3, as Determined by Use of Quantitative-Trait Methods: Confirmation of Qualitative Analyses Full Text available with Trip Pro

a qualitative (affected, unaffected, or uncertain) PCD phenotype, here we report a reanalysis of linkage to the chromosome 6p region, by use of four quantitative measures of reading disability: phonological awareness, phonological coding, spelling, and rapid-automatized-naming (RAN) speed. The phonological-coding and spelling measures were highly correlated with each other and with the qualitative PCD phenotype, whereas the phonological-awareness and RAN-speed measures were only moderately correlated

2000 American Journal of Human Genetics

71122. Equine orbital neoplasia: a review of 10 cases (1983-1998). Full Text available with Trip Pro

eventually euthanized 2 mo to 5 y after diagnosis due to poor response to treatment, metastasis, or unrelenting orbital neoplasia. Mean survival time increased with surgical treatment, but no significant difference was found among no treatment, chemotherapy, surgical mass removal, or exenteration/enucleation. Equine practitioners should be aware of the marked difference in prognosis of orbital neoplasms compared with ocular or localized eyelid neoplasia.

2000 The Canadian Veterinary Journal

71123. Evaluation of the Waitakere Community Injury Prevention Project Full Text available with Trip Pro

injury hospitalisations (p<0.05), while comparison communities showed an increase in child hospitalisation rates. In addition, compared with pre-intervention and comparison data, significantly more Waitakere residents were aware of injury prevention safety messages (p=0.0001) and had acquired appropriate child safety items (p=0.0001).The community injury prevention model appears to be an effective strategy for injury prevention. The support provided by the council for the WCIPP has provided

2000 Injury Prevention

71124. Who Is at Risk of Nondetection of Mental Health Problems in Primary Care? Full Text available with Trip Pro

, 0.11 to 0.71), and patients with more-severe DSM-III diagnoses were more likely to be detected. Physician proclivity toward providing counseling for depression influenced the likelihood of detection.Patients' race, gender, and coexisting medical conditions affected physician awareness of mental health problems. Strategies to improve detection of mental health problems among African Americans, Hispanics, and men should be explored and evaluated.

2000 Journal of General Internal Medicine

71125. Smoking reduction activities in a federal program to reduce infant mortality among high risk women Full Text available with Trip Pro

. While three quarters of the sites expected home visitors to counsel pregnant smokers, less than half provided training in this area during orientation, but most visitors received on-the-job training. Only 64% of sites gave smoking cessation/reduction activities high priority in comparison to other objectives of home visiting.Although Healthy Start sites were aware of the importance of smoking cessation/reduction activities for their clients, they offered a limited range of services. These projects

2000 Tobacco Control

71126. Clinical and Pathologic Predictors of Survival in Patients With Thymoma Full Text available with Trip Pro

behaves as a rather indolent tumor, with most deaths from causes unrelated to thymoma or its direct treatment. Clinicians should have an increased awareness of the possibility of second primary malignancies in patients with thymoma.

1999 Annals of Surgery

71127. Correlates of leisure-time physical activity in an elderly population in Singapore. Full Text available with Trip Pro

Correlates of leisure-time physical activity in an elderly population in Singapore. This study assessed correlates of leisure-time physical activity among the elderly in Singapore.A cross-sectional household survey was conducted in 1998 with 2494 subjects 60 years and older.Regular leisure-time physical activity was practiced by 47.0% of men and 38.5% of women. It was significantly correlated with family support, proportion of family members exercising, awareness of benefits of exercise

1999 American Journal of Public Health

71128. Ageism in cardiology Full Text available with Trip Pro

care. Educational efforts to raise awareness that age stereotyping and ageist attitudes are unethical should be initiated. Research initiatives, which cover large numbers of older people, should be developed and older people should be empowered to influence choices and standards of treatments. Finally, legislation may be required to eradicate ageism in society. Health Care and Public Health Professional Patient Relationship Adult Age Factors Aged Aged, 80 And Over Critique Delivery Of Health Care

1999 BMJ : British Medical Journal

71129. Needs assessment in primary care: general practitioners' perceptions and implications for the future. Full Text available with Trip Pro

assessment that followed the 'internal market' reforms of the 1990s.To examine general practitioners' (GPs') awareness and experience of needs assessment, to identify barriers to needs assessment in primary care, and to ascertain how better progress might be made in the future.A postal questionnaire survey of 1777 Scottish GPs (a one-in-two sample) was combined with a semistructured interview survey of 'lead' GPs from a random sample of 64 mainland Scottish practices between May and August 1996.Sixty (...) mostly younger fundholders, was more enthusiastic about needs assessment.The motivation and attitude of the majority of GPs present a barrier to needs assessment in primary care. GPs will require more resources and training if they are to undertake this responsibility. Most GPs believe than incentives (financial or organisational) will be necessary. Primary care trusts and equivalent structures should be aware of these attitudes as they seek to establish plans based on estimates of population needs

2000 The British Journal of General Practice

71130. Eating disordered patients: personality, alexithymia, and implications for primary care. Full Text available with Trip Pro

Eating disordered patients: personality, alexithymia, and implications for primary care. Eating disorders are becoming more apparent in primary care. Descriptions of character traits related to people with eating disorders are rarely reported in the primary care literature and there is little awareness of the implications of alexithymia--a concept that defines the inability to identify or express emotion. We hypothesised that many individuals with active eating disorders have alexithymic traits

2000 The British Journal of General Practice

71131. Chromosome 6p Influences on Different Dyslexia-Related Cognitive Processes: Further Confirmation Full Text available with Trip Pro

were constructed to span a range of dyslexia-related cognitive processes. These phenotypes were (1) phonemic awareness (of spoken words); (2) phonological decoding (of printed nonwords); (3) rapid automatized naming (of colored squares or object drawings); (4) single-word reading (orally, of printed real words); (5) vocabulary; and (6) spelling (of dictated words). In addition, the diagnosis of lifelong dyslexia was established by clinical means. Genotyping was done with nine highly polymorphic

2000 American Journal of Human Genetics

71132. Survey of the use of selective culture for Neisseria gonorrhoeae in specimens from the female genital tract sent by general practitioners to a microbiology laboratory. Full Text available with Trip Pro

selective culture for N gonorrhoeae had been carried out in 8529 of these specimens. An estimate of the cost savings achievable if this laboratory was no longer to culture routinely for N gonorrhoeae was made. GPs should be aware of their local laboratory's normal practice when processing such specimen and should request specific culture if appropriate. The low number of specimens from which N gonorrhoeae could be cultured might suggest that GPs are referring 'at-risk' patients to genitourinary medicine

2000 The British Journal of General Practice

71133. Not so simple cystitis: how should prescribers be supported to make informed decisions about the increasing prevalence of infections caused by drug-resistant bacteria? Full Text available with Trip Pro

%.' Prescribers should be aware that trimethoprim resistance is most likely to occur in patients who have been exposed to trimethoprim or other antibiotics in the previous six months, and that the risk increases with age. This information could be used to stratify women according to risk of infection by trimethoprim-resistant bacteria. Health education leaflets are an effective method for reducing the frequency of recurrent cystitis. Symptomatic treatment can control symptoms and allow time

2000 The British Journal of General Practice

71134. Update on the epidemiology, diagnosis, and treatment of posttraumatic stress disorder Full Text available with Trip Pro

Update on the epidemiology, diagnosis, and treatment of posttraumatic stress disorder Posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is a maladaptive, pathological response to a traumatic event which is currently underdiagnosed and undertreated. This results in part from a lack of awareness regarding the prevalence of the disorder. It has been estimated that at least one third of the general population will be exposed to severe trauma throughout their lifetime, out of which approximately 10 % to 20

2000 Dialogues in Clinical Neuroscience

71135. Survivors of torture in a general medical setting: how often have patients been tortured, and how often is it missed? Full Text available with Trip Pro

Survivors of torture in a general medical setting: how often have patients been tortured, and how often is it missed? To measure the frequency of people reporting torture among patients in a medical outpatient clinic and to determine primary care physicians' awareness of their patients' exposure to torture.Cross-sectional survey followed by selected in-depth interviews of participants reporting a history of torture. Medical record review and interview of torture survivors' primary care (...) that they had been tortured. We reviewed the medical records of participants who reported a history of torture and interviewed their primary care physicians.Self-reported history of torture. The awareness of primary care physicians of this history.Eight of 121 participants (6.6% [95% confidence interval: 3.1%-13.1%]) reported a history of torture. None of the survivors of torture had been identified as such by their primary care physician.Physicians of patients who have not been born in the United States

2000 Western Journal of Medicine

71136. Identifying problem and compulsive gamblers. Full Text available with Trip Pro

social problem. Aware and informed physicians can have a pivotal role in the difficult process of identifying, acknowledging, and remediating problem and compulsive gambling.

2000 Canadian Family Physician

71137. Intergenerational 20 year trends in the prevalence of asthma and hay fever in adults: the Midspan family study surveys of parents and offspring Full Text available with Trip Pro

the prevalence of non-atopic asthma did not change (1.00 (0.53 to 1.90)).The prevalence of asthma in adults has increased more than twofold in 20 years, largely in association with trends in atopy, as measured indirectly by the prevalence of hay fever. No evidence was found for an increase in diagnostic awareness being responsible for the trend in atopic asthma, but increased awareness may account for trends in non-atopic asthma.

2000 BMJ : British Medical Journal

71138. Vagal origin of the ANSA cervicalis nerve – report of two cases Full Text available with Trip Pro

in reinnervation of the paralyzed larynx, awareness of such a variation will be of use to the surgeon during a surgical procedure.

2000 Indian Journal of Otolaryngology and Head & Neck Surgery

71139. Benign symmetrical lipomatosis (Madelung’S disease) Full Text available with Trip Pro

Benign symmetrical lipomatosis (Madelung’S disease) A case of benign symmetrical lipomatosis of neck in a 10 year, thinly built child is presented with outline of possible etiology and treatment. Since this disease barely finds mention in otolaryngotogy textbooks, although these patients usually first present to olotaryngologists, this case is reported to make aware the young fraternity with the disease entity.

2000 Indian Journal of Otolaryngology and Head & Neck Surgery

71140. Concern mounts over female genital mutilation Full Text available with Trip Pro

professionals are still carrying out the operation on request. To this effect, she is advocating some prosecutions under the 1985 act. Rendell is also pressing for resources to be put into education and awareness campaigns for girls and women to have an informed choice as to whether to submit to the procedure or not. Demographic Factors Developed Countries Europe Female Genital Mutilation--prevention and control Foreigners--women Legislation Nationality Northern Europe Population Population Characteristics

2000 BMJ : British Medical Journal

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