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261. Ki-67: a useful marker for the evaluation of dysplasia in ulcerative colitis. Full Text available with Trip Pro

to detect differences in the frequency and pattern of nuclei positive for the proliferation marker Ki-67. All patients had epithelial dysplasia in one or more areas (high grade dysplasia, n = 16; low grade dysplasia, n = 15; indefinite for dysplasia, n = 16), and three patients had additional adenocarcinoma (one Dukes's C multifocal, mucinous carcinoma; one Dukes's C adenocarcinoma in the sigmoid; and one Dukes's A adenocarcinoma in the caecum). Two patients had adenomas--one had an 8 cm villous adenoma

1998 Molecular Pathology

262. Reversal of vinblastine transport by chlorpromazine in membrane vesicles from multidrug-resistant human CCRF-CEM leukaemia cells. Full Text available with Trip Pro

P-glycoprotein-mediated vinblastine accumulation in the vesicles. Whereas in the absence of added ligands VBL transport was described by a hyperbolic function of vinblastine concentration, in the presence of 2-chlorpromazine vinblastine transport was a sigmoidal function. 2-Chlorpromazine was shown previously [Syed SK, Christopherson RI and Roufogalis BD (1996) Biochem Mol Biol Int 39: 687-696] to be actively transported into vesicles from multidrug-resistant cells. Colchicine (10 microM

1998 British journal of cancer

263. Determinants of catalytic activity with the use of purified I, D and H subunits of the magnesium protoporphyrin IX chelatase from Synechocystis PCC6803. Full Text available with Trip Pro

-, the other as the chelated metal. The steady-state kinetic parameters were determined from continuous assays; the Km values for protoporphyrin, MgCl2 and ATP were 1.25 microM, 4.9 mM and 0.49 mM respectively. The rate dependence of Mg2+ was clearly sigmoidal with a Hill coefficient of 3, suggesting positive co-operativity. Initiating the reaction by the addition of one of the substrates in these continuous assays resulted in a significant lag period of at least 10 min before the linear production of Mg

1998 Biochemical Journal

264. O2-dependent K+ fluxes in trout red blood cells: the nature of O2 sensing revealed by the O2 affinity, cooperativity and pH dependence of transport Full Text available with Trip Pro

) saturation were also obtained for K(+) influx and efflux. However, at pH 7.9, the PO(2) for half-maximal K(+) efflux and K(+) influx (P50) was about 8- to 12-fold higher than the P(50) for Hb-O(2) binding. While K(+) influx and efflux stimulation by O(2) was essentially non-cooperative, Hb-O(2) equilibrium curves were distinctly sigmoidal (Hill parameters close to 1 and 3, respectively). O(2)-stimulated K(+) influx and efflux were strongly pH dependent. When the definition of the Bohr factor

2000 The Journal of physiology

265. Activation of human protein C by blood coagulation factor Xa in the presence of anionic phospholipids. Enhancement by sulphated polysaccharides. Full Text available with Trip Pro

by the adjunction of sulphated polysaccharides, like pentosan polysulphate or standard heparin at optimal concentrations of 2-5 micrograms/ml and 5-10 micrograms/ml respectively, resulted in a 4-fold increase of the kcat. without affecting the Km. Sulphated polysaccharides alone were poor promoters of protein C activation by factor Xa. In any case the presence of Ca2+ was essential, the dependence being sigmoidal with Hill coefficients ranging from 1.4 to 2.0. No significant activation of 4-carboxyglutamic acid

1989 Biochemical Journal

266. Hemolysis of mouse erythrocytes by ferriprotoporphyrin IX and chloroquine. Chemotherapeutic implications. Full Text available with Trip Pro

Hemolysis of mouse erythrocytes by ferriprotoporphyrin IX and chloroquine. Chemotherapeutic implications. Incubation of a 0.5% suspension of washed normal mouse erythrocytes with ferriprotoporphyrin IX (FP) for 2.5 h at 37 degrees C and pH 7.4 results in sufficient membrane damage to produce hemolysis. A sigmoidal dose-response curve is followed with 50% hemolysis being produced by 4 microM FP. Complete hemolysis is produced by 6 microM FP. The hemolytic process has at least two phases: a lag

1980 Journal of Clinical Investigation

267. Increased absorption of polyethylene glycol 600 deposited in the colon in active ulcerative colitis. Full Text available with Trip Pro

of statistical significance. There was a positive correlation between PEG absorption and the endoscopic and histological grading of inflammatory activity in the sigmoid colon (p < 0.01-0.001). These findings support a correlation between the presence of active inflammation and PEG absorption. There was little evidence to support the presence of a primary defect in the colonic barrier in patients with ulcerative colitis.

1993 Gut

268. Glycosylation and sulphation of colonic mucus glycoproteins in patients with ulcerative colitis and in healthy subjects. Full Text available with Trip Pro

glycoproteins decreases with the increasing age of the patient. Regional differences in 3H-labelling of mucus components are reported for ascending colon, transverse colon, sigmoid colon, and rectum. Sulphation (35S-labelling) was higher in all parts of the colon in left sided UC. Results point to accelerated glycosylation of core proteins in the active phase of UC.

1993 Gut

269. Diversion colitis and involution of the defunctioned anorectum. Full Text available with Trip Pro

Diversion colitis and involution of the defunctioned anorectum. To measure the effects of defunction in the anorectum, 12 patients (seven men and five women aged 59 (44-81) years) were studied after the Hartmann operation. The operation was for septic complications of diverticular disease in nine and sigmoid carcinoma in three patients. Physiology studies were undertaken 1 and 3 months after surgery, and diversion colitis was assessed endoscopically and by mucosal biopsy at 3 months

1993 Gut

270. Neutrophil mucosal involvement is accompanied by enhanced local production of interleukin-8 in ulcerative colitis. Full Text available with Trip Pro

Neutrophil mucosal involvement is accompanied by enhanced local production of interleukin-8 in ulcerative colitis. The concentration of myeloperoxidase, a neutrophil granule constituent, was measured in the perfusion fluid from sigmoid and rectal segments in patients with ulcerative colitis. The concentrations of myeloperoxidase were increased severalfold in the patients with ulcerative colitis compared with healthy controls pointing to an enhanced neutrophil activity. The release

1993 Gut

271. Benign and malignant colorectal strictures in ulcerative colitis. Full Text available with Trip Pro

the 53 benign strictures in this series: (1) appearance late in the course of ulcerative colitis (61% probability of malignancy in strictures that develop after 20 years of disease v 0% probability in those occurring before 10 years); (2) location proximal to the splenic flexure (86% probability of malignancy v 47% in sigmoid, 10% in rectum, and 0% in splenic flexure and descending colon); and (3) symptomatic large bowel obstruction (100% probability of malignancy v only 14% in the absence

1992 Gut

272. Distribution of collagenous colitis: utility of flexible sigmoidoscopy. Full Text available with Trip Pro

a thickened collagen band only in the caecum. In three of eight rectal biopsy specimens with a normal collagen band there was no mucosal inflammation to raise the possibility of proximal disease, although all but one specimen with a normal collagen band from the sigmoid and descending colon were inflamed. Rectal biopsy alone is therefore a relatively poor method of making the diagnosis. Flexible sigmoidoscopy with multiple biopsy specimens from several sites is a reasonable initial investigation

1992 Gut

273. Clinicopathological characteristics of colorectal carcinoma complicating ulcerative colitis. Full Text available with Trip Pro

, and (c) the five year survival rate according to Dukes's stage and participation in a surveillance programme. Of 157 carcinomas, 88 (56%) occurred in the rectosigmoid, 19 (12%) in the descending colon or splenic flexure, and 50 (32%) in the proximal colon. Among the 120 patients, the rectum or sigmoid colon contained cancer in 81 (67.5%). Dysplasia was detected in 41 of 50 reviewed proctocolectomy specimens (82%). Dysplasia distant to a malignancy occurred in 37 (74%); two were classified indefinite

1994 Gut

274. Involvement of superoxide anion in the reaction mechanism of haemoglobin oxidation by nitrite. Full Text available with Trip Pro

Involvement of superoxide anion in the reaction mechanism of haemoglobin oxidation by nitrite. The sigmoidal time course of haemoglobin oxidation by nitrite, involving an initial slow reaction accompanied by a subsequent rapid reaction, was extensively explored. The initial slow reaction was much prolonged by the addition of superoxide dismutase to the reaction mixture. On the other hand, in the presence of superoxide anion generated by xanthine oxidase systems, the slow phase disappeared (...) and the reaction changed to first-order kinetics. The oxidation of intermediate haemoglobins [defined as haemoglobin tetramer in which different chains (alpha- or beta-) are in the ferric state and in the ferrous state] such as (alpha 2+ beta 3+)2 and (alpha 3+ beta 2+)2 also proceeded in a sigmoidal manner. Similar effects of superoxide anion on these reactions were observed. Since the intermediate haemoglobins such as (alpha 2+ beta 3+)2 and (alpha 3+ beta 2+)2 were found to be produced by the oxidation

1981 Biochemical Journal

275. Influence of Selected Patient Variables and Operative Blood Loss on Six-Month Survival Following Liver Transplantation Full Text available with Trip Pro

. The scoring method is based on the high degree of correlation between survival probability and various patient characteristics. It allows for additional scoring to account for the dramatic effect of operative blood loss on the eventual outcome. The curve that best describes the relationship between patient scores and survival probability is sigmoidal in shape. Many patients will have scores located on the curve between the inflection points. They represent a group whose relative risk is difficult

1985 Seminars in Liver Disease

276. Acute ischaemic colitis in a female long distance runner. Full Text available with Trip Pro

Acute ischaemic colitis in a female long distance runner. A 34 year old female long distance runner is reported with bloody diarrhoea. Colonoscopy revealed patchy haemorrhagic mucosal lesions throughout the colon. The most extensive lesions were found in the sigmoid colon. Histologic examination disclosed mucosal haemorrhage, dilated capillaries, patchy fibrosis and superficial erosions. Additional findings in this patient were haemorrhagic gastritis, microscopic haematuria and rhabdomyolysis

1987 Gut

277. Herpes simplex virus colitis in a neonate. (Abstract)

Herpes simplex virus colitis in a neonate. Involvement of the gastrointestinal tract in neonates with congenital herpes simplex virus (HSV) infection is rarely described. We report a case of a newborn with disseminated HSV infection associated with profuse hematochezia and late sigmoid colon perforation. Histologic examination showed patchy areas of ulceration with multinucleated giant cells and HSV nucleic acid was detected by polymerase chain reaction in colonic tissue. No clinically apparent

2002 Pediatric Infectious Dsease Journal

278. Dynamics of PTH secretion in hemodialysis patients as determined by the intact and whole PTH assays. Full Text available with Trip Pro

effect by contributing to skeletal resistance to 1-84 PTH.The dynamic secretion of both 1-84 PTH and non-1-84 PTH was evaluated during the induction of hypo- and hypercalcemia in eight hemodialysis patients.The basal ionized calcium concentration was 1.23 +/- 0.03 mmol/L at which time I-PTH, W-PTH, and non-1-84 PTH values were 276 +/- 78 pg/mL, 164 +/- 48 pg/mL, and 102 +/- 28 pg/mL, respectively. The induction of hypo- and hypercalcemic changes resulted in a sigmoidal response for all three PTH (...) moieties, I-PTH, W-PTH, and non-1-84 PTH. During hypocalcemia, maximal values of W-PTH were greater than those of non-1-84 PTH. But during hypercalcemia, minimal values of W-PTH and non-1-84 PTH were similar. Neither the set points nor the basal/maximal ratios for W-PTH, I-PTH, and non-1-84 PTH were different. At the baseline ionized calcium concentration, the W-PTH (1-84 PTH)/non-1-84 PTH ratio was 1.53 +/- 0.15. Changes in ionized calcium resulted in a sigmoidal relationship with hypocalcemia

2003 Kidney International

279. Recanalisation of cerebral venous thrombosis. Full Text available with Trip Pro

% of jugular veins, 58% of transverse sinuses, and 41% of sigmoid sinuses had recanalised. No further recanalisation was observed thereafter.The results suggest that recanalisation only occurs within the first four months following cerebral venous thrombosis and not thereafter, irrespective of oral anticoagulation.

2003 Neurosurgery and Psychiatry

280. Pharmacodynamics of oritavancin (LY333328) in a neutropenic-mouse thigh model of Staphylococcus aureus infection. Full Text available with Trip Pro

in plasma than the concentrations obtained with subcutaneous administration. Single-dose dose-ranging studies suggested a sigmoid maximum effect (E(max)) dose-response relationship, with a maximal effect evident at single doses exceeding 2 mg/kg. The oritavancin dose (stasis dose) that resulted in a 24-h colony count similar to the pretreatment count was 1.53 (standard error [SE], 0.35) mg/kg. The single oritavancin dose that resulted in 50% of maximal bacterial killing (ED(50)) was 0.95 (SE, 0.20) mg

2003 Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy

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