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21. Wearable cardioverter-defibrillator (WCD) therapy in primary and secondary prevention of sudden cardiac arrest in patients at risk

, these device generations were analysed in this assessment. The latest model, WCD 4000 – CE marked in Europe in 2011, is the device described in the Technical Characteristics of Technology domain (TEC) as it is the only model currently offered in Europe. The WCD consists of two main components: (1) an electrode belt and garment that surrounds the patient’s chest, and (2) a monitor that the patient wears around the waist or from a shoulder strap. The electrode belt connects to the monitor and provides (...) drugs that improve reverse re- modelling and drugs that are helpful for reducing the frequency of coronary thrombotic occlusions [1]. • GL directed catheter (radiofrequency) ablation, a procedure that involves a series of thin and flexible catheters (wires) that are inserted in a blood vessel via the patient’s neck, groin, or arm and guided to the heart. The catheters carry heat energy that destroys those areas of the heart where abnormal heartbeats cause arrhythmias [1]. • AEDs available at homes

2016 EUnetHTA

22. ODFS Pace and Pace XL functional electrical stimulation devices for treating drop foot

stimulator, with dimensions of 72 mm × 62 mm × 26 mm and a weight of 119 g (including the battery) a pair of self-adhesive electrodes ODFS Pace and Pace XL functional electrical stimulation devices for treating drop foot (MIB56) © NICE 2018. All rights reserved. Subject to Notice of rights ( conditions#notice-of-rights). Page 4 of 51an electrode lead that connects the stimulator to the electrodes a footswitch, that activates the stimulator, and a footswitch lead, which (...) is not needed for the Pace XL. During use, the electrodes are externally attached to the lower leg; 1 on the outside of the leg below the knee and 1 on the shin. The footswitch is placed inside the user's shoe so that it is under the foot, and is connected to the stimulator using the footswitch lead for the Pace device, or wirelessly in the case of the Pace XL device. The stimulator is commonly attached to the user's belt by a clip or in an accessory pouch, and the electrodes, electrode lead and footswitch

2016 National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence - Advice

23. CORTRAK 2 Enteral Access System for placing enteral feeding tubes

. The CORTRAK 2 EAS unit must be used with device- specific CORTRAK enteral feeding tubes. CORTRAK 2 EAS consists of 3 major parts: A portable, battery powered monitor unit (width 31 A portable, battery powered monitor unit (width 31 cm, height 34 cm, height 34 cm, depth 8 cm, depth 8 cm) with an L cm) with an LCD CD displa display and touchscreen interface y and touchscreen interface – This unit, which weighs 3.6 kg, contains the electronics and software for the system. The internal rechargeable battery (...) with a small electromagnetic coil (transmitter) located at the tip. A cable connects the stylet to the monitor unit. The tube has water-activated C-19 lubricant on the tip and in the internal lumen, an anti-clog exit port and a Y-access port for irrigation, aspiration or feed, allowing a closed system to be maintained. Centimetre markings are printed on the tube to aid placement and check for migration during use. CORTRAK NG feeding tubes are 92 cm long and CORTRAK post-pyloric feeding tubes are either 109

2016 National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence - Advice

25. State-of-the-Art Methods for Evaluation of Angiogenesis and Tissue Vascularization

in which flow is applied to 1 monolayer surface and then the tube networks connect with 2 sides of the microfluidic device (containing flow channels). Directional flow ensues through the tubes that connect the flow channels. Other variations of such models have been to create tube channels artificially in 3D matrixes to enable user-defined geometries of the vascular network and then seed the channels with ECs for the creation of tube networks in the absence of EC-driven tubulogenesis and vascular (...) be used in conjunction with in vivo approaches and hybrid strategies in which ECs are manipulated in vitro and then introduced in vivo to interface with a host vasculature. This is essential because even the best in vitro model will not fully recapitulate the complex process of vessel growth under physiological or pathophysiological conditions. Furthermore, in vitro models cannot assess the impact of circulating humoral and cellular factors that interact with the endothelium and that could have major

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2015 American Heart Association

26. Current Science on Consumer Use of Mobile Health for Cardiovascular Disease Prevention

, which is the same thing as a software program. Although an app may refer to a program for any hardware platform, it is most often used to describe programs for mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. Wireless Being wireless means not using wires to send and receive electronic signals (ie, sending and receiving electronic signals by using radio waves). Wi-Fi Wi-Fi is a wireless networking technology that allows computers and other devices to communicate over a wireless signal. Bluetooth (...) This wireless technology enables communication between Bluetooth-compatible devices. It is used for short-range connections between desktop and laptop computers, a mouse, digital cameras, scanners, cellular phones, and printers. Operating system An operating system, or OS, is software that communicates with the hardware and allows other programs to run. Common mobile OSs include Android, iOS, and Windows Phone. iOS iOS is a mobile OS developed by Apple. It was originally called the iPhone OS

2015 American Heart Association

28. Fibromuscular Dysplasia: State of the Science and Critical Unanswered Questions

no relation with FMD. , Blood samples have been collected and stored in a biorepository from among a group of FMD patients enrolled at participating US referral centers. When funding becomes available, genetic analyses will be performed. Poloskey and colleagues demonstrated that the prevalence of genetic mutations associated with connective tissue disorders, including the COL31A gene, transforming growth factor ( TGF )-β 1 and β 2 genes, and the ACTA2 gene, was negligible in an FMD cohort. In their case (...) that may extend to the inner aspect with increased deposition of ground substance. Smooth muscle cells are progressively lost with the development of arterial gaps, intramural hemorrhage, and fibrin deposition along the media-adventitia interface. , These vascular malformations can lead to saccular and fusiform aneurysm formation, dissection, and thrombosis. Histological similarities to cystic medial necrosis exist, and the relationship between these 2 disorders remains to be clarified. , Other

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2014 American Heart Association

29. Diagnosis and Management of Beryllium Sensitivity and Chronic Beryllium Disease: An Official ATS Statement

BeS to CBD may be highest in the early years and decline over time (54), although BeS and CBD can occur years after ?rst exposure. Table 3 lists speci?c jobs or work processes associated with BeS and CBD. Known occupational risk factors include work in ceramics production, machining of various typesofberyllium,berylliummetalproduction, copper-beryllium alloy melting and casting, processing of alloy rod and wire products, and work in analytic laboratories (51). In a study of exposure–response (...) manufacturing Abrasive blaster Abrasive blasting media made from coal or copper slag Air-bag triggers Automobile manufacturing Booth blaster Anti-lock brake system terminals Light truck & utility vehicle manufacturing Maintenance Electrical insulators in ignition systems Heavy-duty truck manufacturing MIG welder Electronic & electrical connectors Motor vehicle body manufacturing Painter Formula-1 race car parts Truck trailer manufacturing Prep shop Steering wheel connecting springs Motor home manufacturing

2014 American Thoracic Society

30. Landscape Modification: an alternative to residential access ramps and lifts

landscape characterisation (Knight, 2009), LandScape Information System (LSIS) (Oh, 2001) and viewshed analysis 2 (Fisher, 1996). The ability to improve accessibility of a home entrance through landscape is impacted by a combination of considerations of features unique to the site and home itself. In the case of the primary home entrance, which is the threshold between the landscape and the interior, an accessible entrance and garden involves providing a continuous unobstructed path connecting all (...) 21 The Residential Landscape The residential landscape can be considered as a combination of building and outdoor elements, which might include the garden, external stairs or walkways leading to the home itself and any threshold or connection between the building and garden, and the garden and street/footpath. The home entrance The home entrance is intrinsically linked to privacy, sanctuary and security of the home (Smith, 2001) and the onset of functional limitations or impairment

2014 Home Modification Information Clearinghouse

31. Diagnostic Agreement of iFR and QFR.

for the assessment of coronary stenosis relevance. This option consists of an FFR-iFR® specific patient interface module (PIM-FFR) which can be connected to the Volcano system - VOLCANO s5 or s5i™ platform equipped with iFR® option. QFR® (CE-Marked) is an angio-based FFR estimation using the analytical Software QAngio XA 3D from Medis medical imaging B.V., The Netherland Outcome Measures Go to Primary Outcome Measures : Diagnostic performance of QFR in comparison to iFR [ Time Frame: 1 hour ] reported (...) Party): Christoph Jensen, MD Associate Prof., Contilia Clinical Research Institute Study Details Study Description Go to Brief Summary: A Prospective, observational, single center diagnostic study to investigate the the diagnostic agreement between QFR and the pressure wire-based iFR in a real world setting. Condition or disease Intervention/treatment Fractional Flow Reserve, Myocardial Coronary Artery Disease Diagnostic Test: QFR and iFR Detailed Description: During coronary angiography

2018 Clinical Trials

32. Neuronal populations in the occipital cortex of the blind synchronize to the temporal dynamics of speech (PubMed)

(corresponding to syllabic rate), irrespective of speech intelligibility. Crucially, enhanced synchronization to the intelligibility of speech was selectively observed in primary visual cortex in EB, suggesting that this region is at the interface between speech perception and comprehension. Moreover, EB showed overall enhanced functional connectivity between temporal and occipital cortices that are sensitive to speech intelligibility and altered directionality when compared to the sighted group (...) Neuronal populations in the occipital cortex of the blind synchronize to the temporal dynamics of speech The occipital cortex of early blind individuals (EB) activates during speech processing, challenging the notion of a hard-wired neurobiology of language. But, at what stage of speech processing do occipital regions participate in EB? Here we demonstrate that parieto-occipital regions in EB enhance their synchronization to acoustic fluctuations in human speech in the theta-range

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2018 eLife

33. Accelerated Development of the First-Order Central Auditory Neurons With Spontaneous Activity (PubMed)

Accelerated Development of the First-Order Central Auditory Neurons With Spontaneous Activity In developing sensory systems, elaborate morphological connectivity between peripheral cells and first-order central neurons emerges via genetic programming before the onset of sensory activities. However, how the first-order central neurons acquire the capacity to interface with peripheral cells remains elusive. By making patch-clamp recordings from mouse brainstem slices, we found that a subset (...) as synaptic pruning towards mature phenotypes compared to those without SFs. Our results imply that SFs of the first-order central neurons may reciprocally promote their wiring and firing with peripheral inputs, potentially enabling the correlated activity and crosstalk between the developing brain and external environment.

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2018 Frontiers in molecular neuroscience

34. Liquid-Metal Enabled Droplet Circuits (PubMed)

or the quantum tunneling effect. The conductive wires serve as electron transfer stations when the distance between two separate liquid-metal droplets is far beyond that which quantum tunneling effects can support. The unique advantage of the current droplet circuit lies in the fact that it allows parallel electron transport, high flexibility, self-healing, regulation and multi-point connectivity without needing to worry about the circuit break. This would extend the category of classical electrical circuits (...) conceptual electrical circuit, termed as droplet circuit, to fulfill the special needs described above. Such unconventional circuits are immersed in a solution and composed of liquid metal droplets, conductive ions or wires, such as carbon nanotubes. With specifically-designed topological or directional structures/patterns, the liquid-metal droplets composing the circuit can be discrete and disconnected from each other, while achieving the function of electron transport through conductive routes

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2018 Micromachines

35. Development of Adaptive Deep Brain Stimulation for OCD

to influence the disease. A pack implanted in the chest, called the neurotransmitter, keeps the electrical current coursing to the brain through a wire that connects the neurotransmitter and electrodes. It is believed deep brain stimulation may restore balance to dysfunctional brain circuitry implicated in OCD. The goal of this study is to enhance current approaches to DBS targeting in the brain and to use a novel approach to find a better and more reliable system for OCD treatment. Phase Ia is to gather (...) Intervention/treatment Experimental: Activa PC+S DBS implant for OCD all subjects will receive surgical implantation of DBS system Device: Activa PC+S DBS implant for OCD DBS system consists of the Activa PC+S Neurostimulation System: Model 37604 Activa PC+S Neurostimulator Model 37087 DBS Extension Model 37441 Patient Programmer Model 8181 Sensing Programmer Model 8180 Sensing Programmer Software Nexus D2/D3 System Nexus D2/D3 Application Programming Interface (API) Dow Corning Medical Adhesive, Medtronic

2017 Clinical Trials

36. Patient Safety in the Cardiac Operating Room: Human Factors and Teamwork

promotes efficiency. The connection between effective communication and improved team performance/outcome has been shown in cockpit crews, navy teams, and surgical teams. A recent meta-analysis provided definitive evidence of the criticality of information sharing for effective team performance. Systematic literature reviews indicate that communication is a key feature of successful teams and is essential for high-quality patient care. Good communication enables and facilitates other fundamental team

2013 American Heart Association

37. Exercise Standards for Testing and Training

exercise, although excess sweating can result in loosening of the contact between electrode and skin. Wrapping the torso with a 6-inch elastic bandage or with a fitted torso net can reduce noise produced by electrode and cable movement, especially in obese patients. Electrode placement for signal stability in large-breasted women can be difficult, sometimes requiring tradeoff of variable location and motion artifact. Hard-wired connecting cables between the electrodes and recorder should be light (...) guideline. When electrocardiographic changes occur with hyperventilation, this should be acknowledged in the test interpretation. Electrocardiographic Recording Skin Preparation An important factor governing the recording quality of an exercise ECG is the interface between electrode and skin. Removal of the superficial oils and layer of skin by gentle abrasion significantly lowers resistance, thus improving the signal-to-noise ratio. The areas for electrode application are first shaved and then rubbed

2013 American Heart Association

38. Guidelines for intensive care unit design

requirements include bedside renal dialysis or continuous renal replacement therapy, appropriately conditioned water and drain facilities must be provided, with the capacity to deliver deionized water if necessary. Water and drain connections should be separate from handwashing sinks and located so that dialysis equipment can be placed on either side of the patient’s bed. | Sharps and Device Disposal Management of sharps, such as needles, blades, wires, and devices soiled with body fluids, feces, and urine (...) ( ). On the other hand, the prescriptive guidelines will describe things that must be done in the design of such space that may not be understood by the clinician, such as space for cleaning supplies and storage. This document proposes to describe optimum conditions rather than minimum requirements. The bibliography includes many tools that will round out the document and the process, and should be used in connection with this document. The intent of these Guidelines is to offer a best practice approach

2012 Society of Critical Care Medicine

39. 2012 ACCF/SCAI Expert Consensus Document on Cardiac Catheterization Laboratory Standards Update

are less common now. Biplane coronary angiography may reduce total con- trast load in patient with CKD and is important in structural heart intervention. Hemodynamics are less stressed in most laboratories despite accurate hemodynamic measurements being critical in certain disease states (such as constrictive pericarditis). Intracoronary hemodynamics have most recently focused on the use of the pressure wire. The cardiac catheterization procedure can provide information regarding ventricular (...) in a number of situations, including atrial septal visualization during percutaneous patent foramen ovale (PFO) or atrial septal defect (ASD) closure, left-sided electrophysiological ablation studies, mitral valvulo- plasty, and LA appendage occluder deployment. In addition, there are now therapeutic options to aug- ment cardiac output using placement of an intra-aortic balloon pump or the use of catheters, either connected to a rotary pump or that have a rotary micropump within the catheter itself

2012 Society for Cardiovascular Angiography and Interventions

40. LARS for reconstructing damaged intra-articular cruciate knee ligaments

bones and muscles connected by tendons and ligaments. T endons join muscle to bone and allow movement in the knee joint, whereas ligaments connect bone to bone and provide stability of the joint. There are 2 types of ligament in the knee joint: the extra-articular ligaments that run down the side of the knee on the outside of the joint and the intra-articular cruciate ligaments that are within the knee joint and bathed in synovial fluid (eOrthopod 2015). Injuries to the knee joint are common (...) . The estimated incidence in the USA is 2.29 injuries per 1000 people (Gage et al. 2012). Damage to the ligaments is the most common type of injury, causing about 40% of all knee injuries. Of these ligament-specific injuries, approximately 50% involve individual intra-articular ligaments (Bollen 2000). There are 2 main intra-articular ligaments in the knee joint: the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) and the posterior cruciate ligament (PCL). Both ligaments connect the femur to the tibia. The ACL prevents too

2015 National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence - Advice

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