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82. Defining Optimal Brain Health in Adults

orientation items, Digit Symbol Substitution Test, and Category Naming Test No effect of treatment on cognition PREDIMED 334 Men: 55–80 Women: 60–80 (67) 4.1 Mediterranean diet supplemented with extravirgin olive oil vs Mediterranean diet supplemented with mixed nuts versus control diet Mini-Mental State Examination, Rey Auditory Verbal Learning Test, Animals Semantic Fluency, Digit Span Subtest from the Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale, Verbal Paired Associates from the Wechsler Memory Scale (...) , and the Color Trails Test Improvement in cognition LIFE 1635 70–79 and 80–89 2 Moderate-intensity physical activity program vs educational workshops and upper-extremity stretching Digit Symbol Coding, Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale, and Hopkins Verbal Learning Test Among sedentary adults, a moderate-intensity physical activity program vs a health education program did not improve global or domain-specific cognitive function ACCORD-MIND indicates Action to Control Cardiovascular Risk in Diabetes; BP

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2017 American Heart Association

83. Developmental follow-up of children and young people born preterm.

Questionnaire (ASQ) 48-month questionnaire, to check for various aspects of development Reviewing previous assessments and information from all other relevant sources Using a standardised test to assess IQ, such as the Wechsler Preschool and Primary Scales of Intelligence 4th Edition (WPPSI) test GMFCS score if cerebral palsy has been diagnosed Ensuring that the child has been offered orthoptic vision screening as recommended by the National Screening Committee. After the 4-year assessment, provide (...) Impairments of hearing, vision, speech and language, and motor skills (as defined in Figure 3 in , version 1.0, 8 January 2008). At the assessment at 4 years (uncorrected age) (see "Further Developmental Assessment at 4 Years [Uncorrected Age] for Children Born Before 28 +0 Weeks' Gestation," above): Diagnosis of cerebral palsy GMFCS score if cerebral palsy is present Full scale IQ score SDQ total difficulty score, subscale scores and impact score Any formal clinical diagnoses of a developmental disorder

2017 National Guideline Clearinghouse (partial archive)

85. Supplemental Project to Assess the Transparency of Reporting Requirements: Tympanostomy Tubes in Children With Otitis Media

of Phonological Processing Disruptive Behavior Disorders Rating Scale Impairment Rating Scales Number of words in a grade-level passage read correctly in one minute Visual continuous performance test Wechsler Abbreviated Scale of Intelligence Woodcock Reading Mastery Tests-Revised-Normative Update Woodcock-Johnson III Tests of Achievement, Standard Battery Paradise 2001 11309632 Auditory Continuous Performance Test Child Behavior Checklist Children's Version of the Hearing in Noise Test Comprehensive Test (...) of Phonologial Processing Disruptive Behavior Disorders Rating Scale Impairment Rating Scales McCarthy General Cognitive index McCarthy Verbal Subscale Mean Length of Utterance in Morphemes Nonword repetition test Number of Different Words Oral Reading Fluency Test Parenting Stress Index Peabody Picture Vocabulary Test–Revised Percentage of Consonants Correct–Revised Screening Test for Auditory Processing Disorders Social Skills Rating System Visual Continuous Performance Test Wechsler Intelligence Scale

2017 Effective Health Care Program (AHRQ)

86. First- and Second-Generation Antipsychotics in Children and Young Adults: Systematic Review Update

with first-episode psychosis were significantly more impaired than patients at-risk for psychosis on CPT, CVLT, digit symbol, working memory and verbal fluency measures. Cognitive performance was not significantly correlated with length of manifestation of prodromal symptoms. CPT = continuous performance task; CVLT = continuous verbal learning test; IQ = intelligence quotient; PANSS = Positive and Negative Syndrome Scale Bipolar Disorder: Overview Nineteen studies compared SGAs with other drugs (...) disorders (5%). Only one study permitted concomitant psychotropic medications including stimulants. Table F summarizes the findings for outcomes having at least low SOE. Tic severity may be reduced in patients receiving SGAs (aripiprazole, risperidone, and ziprasidone). A 6-point reduction in tic severity using the Yale Global Tic Severity Scale’s total tic score has empirical evidence of clinical significance. 28 Table F. Summary of findings for tic disorders: Key intermediate outcomes having at least

2017 Effective Health Care Program (AHRQ)

88. Neurodevelopmental outcome at 5 years of age after general anaesthesia or awake-regional anaesthesia in infancy (GAS): an international, multicentre, randomised, controlled equivalence trial. (PubMed)

assessors. The primary outcome measure was full-scale intelligence quotient (FSIQ) on the Wechsler Preschool and Primary Scale of Intelligence, third edition (WPPSI-III), at 5 years of age. The primary analysis was done on a per-protocol basis, adjusted for gestational age at birth and country, with multiple imputation used to account for missing data. An intention-to-treat analysis was also done. A difference in means of 5 points was predefined as the clinical equivalence margin. This completed trial

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2019 Lancet Controlled trial quality: predicted high

89. L-acetylcarnitine for treating fragile X syndrome. (PubMed)

(GRADE) approach to rate the quality of the available evidence. Overall, the quality of the evidence was low due to the imprecision of results and high risk of other bias.Regarding the primary outcome of psychological and learning capabilities, both studies assessed the effect of interventions on children's verbal and non-verbal intellectual functioning using the Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children - Revised. The authors did not provide detailed data on those results but said that they found

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2015 Cochrane

91. Guideline on the management of premature ovarian insufficiency

at natural menopause: longitudinal analyses from SWAN. Am J Epidemiol 2013;178: 70-83. Hill EL, Graham ML, Shelley JM. Hysterectomy trends in Australia--between 2000/01 and 2004/05. Aust N Z J Obstet Gynaecol 2010;50: 153- 158. Huong DL, Amoura Z, Duhaut P, Sbai A, Costedoat N, Wechsler B, Piette JC. Risk of ovarian failure and fertility after intravenous cyclophosphamide. A study in 84 patients. J Rheumatol 2002;29: 2571-2576. Katsifis GE, Tzioufas AG. Ovarian failure in systemic lupus erythematosus

2015 European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology

92. Parent-infant Psychotherapy for Improving Parental and Infant Mental Health: A Systematic Review

, for example, Child-Adult Relationship Experimental-Index (CARE-Index) (Crittenden 2001), Emotional Availability Scales (EAS) (Biringen 1993), Parent-Child Early Relational Assessment (PC- ERA) (Clark 1985), Dyadic Parent-Child Interaction Coding System (DPICS) (Robinson 1981), Nursing Child Assessment of Feeding Scale (NCAFS) (Barnard 1978a), or the Nursing Child Assessment Teaching Scale (NCATS) (Barnard 1978b); Maternal Sensitivity Scale (MSS) (Ainsworth 1974), Atypical Maternal Behavior Instrument (...) ? Infant stress including, for example, salivary or urinary cortisol measured in standardised units such as micrograms per decilitre (µg/dL) or nanograms per millilitre (ng/mL). ? Infant development including, for example, social, emotional, cognitive and motor development using the Bayley Scales (Bayley 1969). *For the comparison of PIP versus control, we used the primary outcomes of parental depression at post-intervention and infant attachment at post-intervention and follow-up to complete Summary

2015 Campbell Collaboration

93. Ravicti - glycerol phenylbutyrate

organ class SPA special Protocol Assessment TEAE treatment-emergent adverse event TESAE treatment-emergent serious adverse event TID three times daily Tmax time to maximum plasma concentration UCD urea cycle disorder ULN upper limit of normal U-PAGN urinary PAGN U-PAGN 0-24 urinary phenylacetylglutamine excreted from 0–24 h US United States WASI ® Wechsler Abbreviated Scale of Intelligence WHO world health organization Assessment report EMA/676925/2015 Page 7/89 1. Background information (...) to as ornithine translocase deficiency HPN-100 glycerol phenylbutyrate, formerly glyceryl tri-(4-phenylbutyrate) HPN-100 GPB; assigned the compound code HPN-100 by Hyperion Therapeutics, Inc. IC50 concentration of inhibition by 50% ICH International Conference on Harmonisation IND investigational new drug IQ intelligence quotient ISE integrated summary of efficacy ISS integrated summary of safety ITT intent-to-treat K i inhibition constant LOQ limit of quantification LSM least squares mean MAA Market

2015 European Medicines Agency - EPARs

94. Helicobacter pylori moderates the association between 5-MTHF concentration and cognitive function in older adults. (PubMed)

for associations between multiple folate-cycle factors, Helicobacter pylori seropositivity, and cognitive function assessed by the digit symbol coding subtest of the Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale-III. We then tested for interactions between each of the folate-cycle factors and Helicobacter pylori in the prediction of cognitive function.Although Helicobacter pylori seropositivity, 5-methyltetrahydrofolate, vitamin B-12, and homocysteine were not associated with performance on the digit symbol coding task

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2018 PLoS ONE

95. Child development in the context of biological and psychosocial hazards among poor families in Bangladesh. (PubMed)

caregiving experiences, and biological risks, namely poor growth (HAZ) and inflammation (C-reactive protein: CRP), and children's developmental outcomes. Child development was measured using the Mullen Scales of Early Learning (MSEL) at 6 and 27 months in one cohort, and using the MSEL and Wechsler Preschool and Primary Scale of Intelligence (WPPSI) at 36 and 60 months respectively in another cohort. In the younger cohort, we found that more inflammation (estimated by the child's CRP level at four months

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2019 PLoS ONE

96. Exposure to a musically-enriched environment; Its relationship with executive functions, short-term memory and verbal IQ in primary school children. (PubMed)

or executive sub-functions such as for example planning or working memory in primary school children.Cross-sectional.Exposure to a musically-enriched environment like listening to music at home, during play or when attending concerts was assessed using a comprehensive intake questionnaire administered to a sample of 176 primary school children. Furthermore, participants completed the verbal intelligence section of the Wechsler Intelligence Scale (WISC III), performed executive sub-function tasks

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2018 PLoS ONE Controlled trial quality: uncertain

97. Socioeconomic disparities and sexual dimorphism in neurotoxic effects of ambient fine particles on youth IQ: A longitudinal analysis. (PubMed)

pre-/early- adolescence (ages 9-11) and emerging adulthood (ages 18-20) in a demographically-diverse population (N = 1,360) residing in Southern California. Increased ambient PM2.5 levels were associated with decreased IQ scores. This association was more evident for Performance IQ (PIQ), but less for Verbal IQ, assessed by the Wechsler Abbreviated Scale of Intelligence. For each inter-quartile (7.73 μg/m3) increase in one-year PM2.5 preceding each assessment, the average PIQ score decreased (...) Socioeconomic disparities and sexual dimorphism in neurotoxic effects of ambient fine particles on youth IQ: A longitudinal analysis. Mounting evidence indicates that early-life exposure to particulate air pollutants pose threats to children's cognitive development, but studies about the neurotoxic effects associated with exposures during adolescence remain unclear. We examined whether exposure to ambient fine particles (PM2.5) at residential locations affects intelligence quotient (IQ) during

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2017 PLoS ONE

98. Comorbidities confounding the outcomes of surgery for third window syndrome: Outlier analysis (PubMed)

Experiences Scale; the Wide Range Assessment of Memory and Learning, including the 3 domains of verbal memory, visual memory, and attention/concentration; Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale; and the Delis-Kaplan Executive Function System. The control cohort was comprised of 17 participants who previously underwent surgery for third window syndrome that resulted in the expected outcomes of resolution of their third window syndrome symptoms and cognitive dysfunction.There was a high rate of psychological

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2017 Laryngoscope investigative otolaryngology

99. Use of Mobile Devices, Social Media, and Crowdsourcing as Digital Strategies to Improve Emergency Cardiovascular Care

assessors of patients with stroke was quantified. For each patient in the study, 1 physician determined the National Institutes of Health Stroke Scale directly from the bedside of the patient while the other used a video feed from the FaceTime app to score the patient from a remote location. Both studies demonstrated good interrater agreement between the local physician and the remote physician for most elements of the National Institutes of Health Stroke Scale. Kappa scores in both studies were similar

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2016 American Heart Association

100. Impact of Hypertension on Cognitive Function: A Scientific Statement From the American Heart Association

that duration of exposure also may play a role. Another recent study in members of ARIC showed that midlife hypertension was associated with a significantly greater decline in global cognitive function over 20 years. Similar findings were observed with higher SBP in whites but not in blacks. Late-Life BP Several studies have examined the association between late-life BP and cognitive function measured several years after BP was measured. Findings from these studies are inconsistent. Several large-scale (...) Longitudinal Study in whom cognitive change was assessed over a 21-year period. Recently, several genetic variants have been identified to determine cognitive performance in the domains of verbal memory, fluid intelligence (the general

2016 American Heart Association

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