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21. Factors associated with injuries occurring aboard vessels in Alaska: differences between residents and nonresidents. Full Text available with Trip Pro

to return to their homes under less than optimal traveling conditions.This study employed a retrospective, case-comparison analysis to identify differences in factors associated with recreational injuries acquired aboard watercraft that resulted in hospitalizations of residents and nonresidents of Alaska during 1991 to 2000. Tests of proportions were conducted to elucidate differences in demographic characteristics and injury precursors between the two subgroups. Specific injury outcomes were (...) other than their homes, and to experience postinjury disabilities.Alaska residents and nonresidents in this study showed significant differences in demographics, precipitating events, and injury outcomes. The findings lend support for targeted safety promotion programs.

2006 Journal of Travel Medicine

22. Waterbike injuries. Full Text available with Trip Pro

Waterbike injuries. Jet skiing is a rapidly growing sport. The craft incorporate safety features and the manufacturers issue detailed safety instructions. Racing is conducted with adequate attention to clothing, safety and insurance. However, casual use is widespread and is sometimes irresponsible. Serious injuries to riders are uncommon: dental and knee injuries are described. A case of renal contusion and a head injury were caused by other riders and two potentially fatal injuries illustrate (...) the risk for other water users. The number of injuries associated with the use of personal watercraft is likely to increase and may be influenced by appropriate organization or regulation.

1991 British Journal of Sports Medicine

23. Watercraft-related drownings among New York State residents, 1988-1994. Full Text available with Trip Pro

Watercraft-related drownings among New York State residents, 1988-1994. To describe environmental and personal risk factors associated with watercraft-related drownings. This information may be useful in developing boating safety programs, regulations, and enforcement priorities.A companion article in this issue (Unintentional Drownings Among New York State Residents, page 448) summarizes an investigation of 883 non-bathtub drownings among New York State residents for the years 1988 to 1994 (...) in watercraft-related drownings. In addition to continued education efforts, boating safety measures that deserve consideration include enforcement of current PFD and boating while intoxicated (BWI) regulations and expansion of BWI laws to apply to all boaters.

2003 Public Health Reports

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