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7921. Uric acid-iron ion complexes. A new aspect of the antioxidant functions of uric acid. (PubMed)

Uric acid-iron ion complexes. A new aspect of the antioxidant functions of uric acid. In order to survive in an oxygen environment, aerobic organisms have developed numerous mechanisms to protect against oxygen radicals and singlet oxygen. One such mechanism, which appears to have attained particular significance during primate evolution, is the direct scavenging of oxygen radicals, singlet oxygen, oxo-haem oxidants and hydroperoxyl radicals by uric acid. In the present paper we demonstrate (...) that another important 'antioxidant' property of uric acid is the ability to form stable co-ordination complexes with iron ions. Formation of urate-Fe3+ complexes dramatically inhibits Fe3+-catalysed ascorbate oxidation, as well as lipid peroxidation in liposomes and rat liver microsomal fraction. In contrast with antioxidant scavenger reactions, the inhibition of ascorbate oxidation and lipid peroxidation provided by urate's ability to bind iron ions does not involve urate oxidation. Association constants

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1986 Biochemical Journal

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