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3141. Opioid/Benzodiazepine Polydrug Abuse

responding when the pattern is broken (No-Go). We will use percentage of correctly inhibited responses for each presentation. Neurocognition [ Time Frame: Each neurocognitive test will be administered once during the 3.5 hour clinical assessment. ] Hopkins Verbal Learning Test-Revised (Computerized Assessment) Immediate and delayed memory will be assessed. Neurocognition [ Time Frame: Each neurocognitive test will be administered once during the 3.5 hour clinical assessment. ] Addiction Stroop Task (...) presented at random inter-trial intervals [ITI]) that will be used to assess attentional lapses; this objective, validated measure of sleepiness. Neurocognition [ Time Frame: Each neurocognitive test will be administered once during the 3.5 hour clinical assessment. ] Go/No-Go Task Immediate and Delayed Memory Task (Computerized Assessment) will assess response inhibition. Participants are told to press a button to respond to stimulus X or Y presented in an alternating pattern (Go) and to withhold

2018 Clinical Trials

3142. The FIRM Trial

participation Subject is willing and able to comply with the study protocol including return for all follow-up evaluations Exclusion Criteria: Subject has a significant pre-existing foot injury or deformity There has been loss of fixation or reduction prior to enrollment Subject was treated with a primary tarsometatarsal joint fusion Subject has a delay in initial treatment greater than 21 days from time of injury Subject has an active infection in the area of surgical approach Subject has concomitant (...) cognitive impairment or language difficulties that would impede the valid completion of questionnaires Subject is pregnant or planning on becoming pregnant in the following year Contacts and Locations Go to Information from the National Library of Medicine To learn more about this study, you or your doctor may contact the study research staff using the contact information provided by the sponsor. Please refer to this study by its identifier (NCT number): NCT03694288 Contacts Layout

2018 Clinical Trials

3143. Developing a Management Approach for Patients With "Late-Onset" Pompe Disease

to document muscle architecture of the calves, para-spinal muscles and tongue [ Time Frame: 1.5 years ] This outcome measure will be tested qualitatively by simple ultrasound examination. Medical records will be tracked for 1.5 years to document speech and swallow progression [ Time Frame: 1.5 years ] This outcome measure will be tested individually by using videofluoroscopic study, Preschool Language Scale-Fourth Edition(PLS4), Receptive-Expressive Emergent Language Test Third Edition(REEL3), Pediatric (...) features may go unrecognized in childhood without vigilant clinical examination and assessments with appropriate functional tests. In our clinical experience, children with the "late-onset" GAA variant may present much earlier in life and adult patients with LOPD consistently report a much earlier symptom onset and a significant diagnostic delay. These patients have shown improvement after initiation of ERT but have motor impairments adversely affecting their quality of life and growth from early

2018 Clinical Trials

3144. Improving Family Quality of Life Through Training to Reduce Care-Resistant Behaviors by People With AD and TBI

. In order to separate the effects of time alone from the effects of the coaching intervention, one group will be randomized to delayed intervention following a 6 week wait time. This will allow the investigative team the opportunity to compare the natural history of the outcome variables in an "untrained" portion of the sample to the effects of training over a similar time period. Study Design Go to Layout table for study information Study Type : Interventional (Clinical Trial) Estimated Enrollment (...) : 150 participants Allocation: Randomized Intervention Model: Parallel Assignment Intervention Model Description: Caregivers will be randomized in a 1:1 ratio for immediate intervention vs. a 6 week delayed intervention Masking: None (Open Label) Primary Purpose: Supportive Care Official Title: Improving Family Quality of Life Through Training to Reduce Care-Resistant Behaviors by People With Alzheimer Dementia and Traumatic Brain Injury (NeuroNS) Study Actual Study Start Date : February 1, 2017

2018 Clinical Trials

3145. The recency ratio is related to CSF Amyloid Beta 1-42 levels in MCI-AD. Full Text available with Trip Pro

, and the 40/42 ratio) and tau (total and phosphorylated), and memory measures (Rr, delayed recall, and total recall) derived from the Rey's Auditory Verbal Learning Test.Results indicated that Rr was the most sensitive memory score to Aβ42 levels in MCI-AD, while no memory score correlated significantly with any biomarker in controls.This study shows that Rr is a sensitive cognitive index of underlying amyloid β pathology in MCI-AD.© 2018 John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.

2018 International Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry

3146. Improved interaural timing of acoustic nerve stimulation affects sound localization in single-sided deaf cochlear implant users. (Abstract)

stimulation was about 1 to up to 2 ms ahead of time for frequencies above 1.5 kHz. Hence, it was hypothesized that information transfer between the left and the right ear can be tuned by delaying the CI signal. The goal of the present study was to investigate whether such a delay in the CI signal affects binaural performance of CI users with SSD. For this purpose, sound source localization and speech perception in noise were tested in a sample of 12 CI users with SSD (mean age 51 ± 12 years). The tests (...) were performed for four different delay times of the CI signal applied spontaneously (0.5, 1, 2 and 4 ms) and for the base line condition "no delay" in the CI signal (i.e. everyday use). It was found that delaying the signal had a significant impact on sound source localization. Speech perception in noise was affected, but less pronounced than was sound localization. Regarding sound source localization, a signal delay of 1 ms applied to this particular CI device produced the best performance in our

2018 Hearing Research

3147. Becoming Children With Perinatal Anoxo-Ischemic Encephalopathy Without Indication of Therapeutic Hypothermia

Go to Intervention Details: Other: Questionaire Evaluation of psychomotor development in children with mild EAI without indication of therapeutic hypothermia. Precise analysis of the type (motor, sensory, language, epilepsy) and the severity of sequelae by sending a questionnaire to parents. Investigation of early, clinical and paraclinical prognostic factors of good or bad neurodevelopmental outcome. Evaluation of the height-weight growth and the cranial perimeter Outcome Measures Go to Primary (...) Outcome Measures : Existence of abnormalities [ Time Frame: maximum 1 years ] Abnormalities researched are : abnormal motor, sensory (auditory or visual), delayed psychomotor acquisition compared to the expected (norms), or epilepsy at 2 years. These anomalies will be collected by sending a questionnaire to the parents. Eligibility Criteria Go to Information from the National Library of Medicine Choosing to participate in a study is an important personal decision. Talk with your doctor and family

2018 Clinical Trials

3148. Autism spectrum disorder early in development associated with CHD8 mutations among two Chinese children. Full Text available with Trip Pro

(CHD8) gene are associated with an ASD sub-group.Here we describe two ASD cases in children with mild intellectual disability, early motor deficits, and speech delay, without distinct structural or EEG brain anomalies. Exome sequencing revealed a novel heterozygous nonsense/missense mutations(c.2647C > A/p.E883X and c.1677C > A/p.M559I respectively) in CHD8 gene.There were few cases in the literature reporting de novo mutation of CHD8 in ASD. As demonstrated in our patients, along with other

2018 BMC Pediatrics

3149. Novel MEF2C point mutations in Chinese patients with Rett (-like) syndrome or non-syndromic intellectual disability: insights into genotype-phenotype correlation. Full Text available with Trip Pro

, and 68 patients with non-syndromic ID. Targeted next-generation sequencing (NGS) was performed. Detailed clinical information was collected.Five heterozygous MEF2C gene mutations were identified, of which three were novel. The MEF2C mutant rate was 4.5% (5/112) in total, and 6.8% (3/44) in the RTT (-like) cohort. All patients with MEF2C gene mutation presented with cognitive impairment, gross motor delay, speech disorder and autistic features. Four patients had epilepsy, which responded well

2018 BMC Medical Genetics

3150. Predicting first-episode psychosis patients who will never relapse over 10 years. Full Text available with Trip Pro

) of patients who never relapsed included a duration of untreated psychosis (DUP) ⩽30 days, diagnosed with non-schizophrenia spectrum disorders, having less severe negative symptoms, and performing better in logical memory immediate recall and verbal fluency tests. A multivariate logistic regression analysis further suggested that the absence of any relapsing episodes was significantly related to better short-term verbal memory, shorter DUP, and non-schizophrenia spectrum disorders.Treatment delay

2018 Psychological Medicine Controlled trial quality: uncertain

3151. Penile cancer information on the internet: a needle in a haystack. Full Text available with Trip Pro

Penile cancer information on the internet: a needle in a haystack. Penile cancer is a disease with high morbidity and mortality and is rare in developed countries. In the developing world, the incidence is significantly higher, and accounts for 1-2% of malignant disease in men. Penile cancer is associated with delayed diagnosis, often due to psychological factors. Web based resources are especially important when obtaining information from health professionals is challenging, such as when (...) symptoms are embarrassing or stigmatised.To assess the quality of information about penile cancer on the internet and to compare the quality of information from developed countries with developing countries.Health on the Net (HON) principles were applied to websites using the Google search engine imbedded with HON toolbar. This was used to assess 750 websites in English, French, German, Spanish and Portuguese by two independent examiners using the key word 'penile cancer' in all languages. The first

2018 BJU international

3152. A Healthy Relationships Program for Vulnerable Youth

). Several lessons include homework activities that encourage communication between students and a caring adult. No Intervention: Delayed intervention (control group) These students will receive the business-as--usual condition (e.g., the standard health education that is provided by the school during the study period), and will receive the intervention once the study period has concluded. Outcome Measures Go to Primary Outcome Measures : Rates of vaginal or anal sex without condoms [ Time Frame: 9 (...) Outcome Measures: Sexual consent attitudes [ Time Frame: 3 months post intervention ] Using a Likert-type scale, overall agreement or disagreement towards communicating verbal and nonverbal willingness to engage in sexual activity. Sexual consent attitudes [ Time Frame: 9 months post intervention ] Using a Likert-type scale, overall agreement or disagreement towards communicating verbal and nonverbal willingness to engage in sexual activity. Sexual boundaries attitudes [ Time Frame: 3 months post

2018 Clinical Trials

3153. Maternal Iodine Intake in Pregnancy and Childhood Neurodevelopment At 18 months. (Abstract)

(Bayley-III), in 699 children at 18 months. Maternal iodine intake and urinary iodine concentration (UIC) were assessed at study entry (<20 weeks' gestation) and at 28 weeks' gestation. Maternal iodine intake in the lowest (<220 μg/day) or highest (≥391 μg/day) quartile was associated with lower cognitive, language, and motor scores (mean differences ranged from 2.4 (95% confidence interval (CI): 0.01, 4.8) to 7.0 (95% CI: 2.8, 11.1) points lower) and higher odds (odds ratios ranged from 2.7 (95% CI (...) : 1.3, 5.6) to 2.8 (95% CI: 1.3, 5.7)) of cognitive developmental delay (Bayley-III score <85) compared with mothers with an iodine intake in the middle quartiles. There was no association between UIC in pregnancy and Bayley-III outcomes regardless of whether UIC and the outcomes were analyzed as continuous or categorical variables. Both low and high iodine intakes in pregnancy were associated with poorer childhood neurodevelopment in this iodine-sufficient population.

2018 American Journal of Epidemiology

3154. Cephalic de-mucosalized superiorly-based pharyngeal flap: A modified mucosa-preserving technique for velopharyngeal insufficiency. (Abstract)

Cephalic de-mucosalized superiorly-based pharyngeal flap: A modified mucosa-preserving technique for velopharyngeal insufficiency. Superiorly-based pharyngeal flap (PF) is the most frequently employed surgical technique to correct velopharyngeal insufficiency (VPI). Bared posterior pharyngeal wall might prolong the period of convalescence with throat pain and discomfort. Delayed donor site healing problems and subsequent fibrosis with downward migration of the transposed flap might be one (...) weeks and no patients showed flap dehiscence, infection or palatal fistula. Postoperative speech assessment showed significant improvement of velopharyngeal function, resonance balance, and reduction in nasal emission.The modified technique provides an immediate self-mucosa cover to the superior part of the posterior pharyngeal wall, thus it could promote primary healing at the donor site with a short period of convalescence. CDPF separates the two opposing raw surfaces of the flap and the posterior

2018 International Journal of Pediatric Otorhinolaryngology

3155. Professionalism lapses and hierarchies: A qualitative analysis of medical students' narrated acts of resistance. (Abstract)

encountering situations that contradict their ethical, moral, and professional understandings of appropriate medical practice - so called 'professionalism dilemmas.' A qualitative analysis of over 1500 narratives from interviews, focus groups, and questionnaires with 808 medical students in the UK and Australia highlights how students draw on a number of direct and indirect, verbal and bodily, instantaneous and delayed forms of resistance to counter the professionalism lapses of their seniors, which

2018 Social Science & Medicine

3156. Neuropsychological function at first episode in treatment-resistant psychosis: findings from the ÆSOP-10 study. Full Text available with Trip Pro

with delayed-onset treatment resistance (p values<0.01-0.001) and those born outside the UK (p values<0.05).Verbal intelligence and fluency are impaired in patients with TR psychosis compared with those who respond to treatment. This differential is already detectable - at a group level - at the first illness episode, supporting the conceptualisation of TR psychosis as a severe, pathogenically distinct variant, embedded in aberrant neurodevelopmental processes. (...) , derived from principal component analysis: verbal intelligence and fluency, visuospatial ability and executive function, and verbal memory and learning (p values⩽0.001). Compared with treatment responders, TR cases showed deficits in verbal intelligence and fluency, both in the extended psychosis sample (t = -2.32; p = 0.022) and in the schizophrenia diagnostic subgroup (t = -2.49; p = 0.017). Similar relative deficits in the TR cases emerged in sub-/sensitivity analyses excluding patients

2018 Psychological Medicine

3157. Effects of Liraglutide on the Cognitive Function in Patients With Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus

from performance on the following measures: (1)Digit Span Test(DST);(2) Rey Auditory Verbal Learning(RAVL);(3) Long-Delay Free Recall(LDFR);(4) Trail Making Test(TMT);(5) Animal Naming Test(ANT);(6) Clock Drawing Test(CDT);(7)Minimum Mental State Examination(MMSE);(8)Memory and executive screening(MES);(8)functional near-infrared spectroscopy. Secondary Outcome Measures : Changes of systolic blood pressure and diastolic blood pressure [ Time Frame: Baseline,4weeks,8weeks,12weeks(End of Trial

2018 Clinical Trials

3158. Compare the Effectiveness of Modified Toy Cars Training With Various Intensity of Postural Combinations: a Randomized Controlled Trial

and diagnosed as motor delay (>1.5 sd). They will be randomly assigned to one of the following four groups: ROC-sit group (n=23), ROC-stand group (n=23), ROC training with 45-min sitting and 25-min standing (n=23), and the ROC training group with 25-min sitting and 45-min standing (n=23). The whole study duration will be 24 weeks, including 12-week intervention and 12-week follow-up; the total amount of treatment will be equal for the four groups. Standardized assessments are provided for a total three (...) will be selected for coding. The following behaviors will be coded, including driving categories (independent mobility, assisted mobility, caregiver mobility), visual attention to the switch and stopping categories (independent stop, stops with verbal cues, stops with tactile contacts). Socialization [ Time Frame: 40 minutes/per week for a total of 12 weeks ] The behaviors of social interactions are obtained during the most active 30 minutes of driving and the most active 10 minutes of the recorded 20-minute

2018 Clinical Trials

3159. Comparing the Effects of Instability Resistance Training Versus Aerobic Training on Cognitive and Motor Improvements Found in Parkinson's Disease Participants

tested after 8 weeks of intervention (post-test measured on consecutive week after last week of intervention) ] sustained attention, working memory, and immediate and delayed free recall verbal memory is measured using the Parkinson's Disease Cognitive Rating Scale (score total out of 134-the perfect score. The closer to 134, the the better results) gait variability [ Time Frame: change from baseline gait functions tested after 8 weeks of intervention (post-test measured on consecutive week after (...) in body sway/movement and force production increased when performing exercises. Other: Exercise Two types of training exercises, AET and IRT, will be used as the interventions in this study. Participants will either be assigned to the AET group or the IRT group, where they will participate in the respective training intervention group for 8 consecutive weeks. Outcome Measures Go to Primary Outcome Measures : executive function (memory, language and concentration) [ Time Frame: change from baseline

2018 Clinical Trials

3160. Mind the Gap (AIR-B3)

interventions for children with autism are not reaching minority communities. For many families, the complexity of the services system leads to a long wait after the initial diagnosis before accessing intervention. This means that the children have delayed access to treatment. Mind the Gap is a study that seeks to provide immediate and culturally appropriate support for families who have just received diagnosis but have yet to receive treatment. This support will be provided in families' native languages (...) will receive assistance with navigating the training program and accessing the system from a trained peer parent coach. Peer coaches will, as much as possible, be culturally and language-matched with the participant family. Behavioral: Access to services via peer coaching This intervention will allow for half of the participants, randomly selected, to get help navigating the system of acquiring services for their child. These participants will be assisted by a coach who are also parents of a child

2018 Clinical Trials

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