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1221. Skin self-examination practices in a convenience sample of U.S. university students. (PubMed)

Skin self-examination practices in a convenience sample of U.S. university students. Melanoma skin cancer affects many young adults, yet few practice skin self-examination (SSE). We collected detailed information about young adult SSE practices, which can be used to guide the development of SSE interventions that target this age group.We surveyed 190 US university students to assess their SSE practices, including thoroughness of self-exams and reasons for not performing SSE.Just 33.2 (...) % of respondents had ever performed SSE, and only 5.8% had checked their entire body. The three most commonly cited reasons for failing to practice SSE were not knowing what to look for (55.9%), never thinking of it (54.3%), and not knowing it should be done (33.1%).Interventions to promote early melanoma detection must raise awareness about the importance of beginning SSE practice in young adulthood and conducting thorough self-exams. They should target all young adults, including those who already practice

2005 Preventive Medicine

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