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Scaphoid Shift Test

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41. Ligamentous hyperlaxity and dorsal wrist ganglions. Full Text available with Trip Pro

Ligamentous hyperlaxity and dorsal wrist ganglions. To determine whether symptomatic dorsal wrist ganglions are associated with generalized ligamentous hyperlaxity.Ninety-six patients (61 females) presenting to hand surgeons for a symptomatic dorsal wrist ganglions were prospectively enrolled in this case-control investigation. Beighton scores were calculated to quantify generalized ligamentous laxity in each patient, and a scaphoid shift test (scapholunate capsuloligamentous laxity evaluation (...) ) was performed. A positive scaphoid shift test was defined by both pain and a palpable clunk. Ninety-six individuals without ganglions were then enrolled to form an age and sex frequency-matched control cohort. The control group was similarly assessed for Beighton score and scaphoid shift test. Binary logistical regression was performed to assess the association of ganglions with generalized ligamentous hyperlaxity (Beighton score ≥ 4) while accounting for effects of age and sex.Patients with symptomatic

2013 Journal of Hand Surgery - American

42. Arthroscopic debridement and closed pinning for chronic dynamic scapholunate instability. (Abstract)

formation and closed pinning of the SL joint in patients unwilling to have an open procedure.Eleven patients (mean age, 37 y) presenting with persistent posttraumatic pain and weakness to the wrist were diagnosed with dynamic SL instability (positive Watson scaphoid shift test result, SL gapping on grip-view radiographs, arthroscopic findings of a Geissler grade III or IV SL tear) and treated. Range of motion, grip strength, radiographic measurements, and the Mayo wrist score were used to evaluate

2006 Journal of Hand Surgery - American

43. Radiographic observation of the scaphoid shift test. (Abstract)

Radiographic observation of the scaphoid shift test. The movements of the carpal bones during the scaphoid shift test were evaluated radiographically in 60 wrists. The clinical results were graded according to the degree of subluxation of the scaphoid and pain on the dorsum of the wrist. Lateral radiographs at rest and under stress were taken and the relative movements of the scaphoid with respect to the radius and lunate, and the rotation of the scaphoid and lunate were calculated. Dorsal (...) displacement of the scaphoid with respect to the radius was significantly associated with the clinical grade of subluxation. There was correlation between the amount of pain and the displacement of the scaphoid from the lunate, but not from the radius. The wrists with a painful shift test had greater relative displacement of the scaphoid from the lunate than those with painless subluxation. These observations support the view that pain associated with subluxation of the scaphoid during the shift test

2003 The Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery British Volume

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