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161. Point-of-Care faecal occult blood testing

. To decrease the risk of false positive results, gFOB procedures recommend sampling from three consecutive stool samples. Most randomised controlled trial (RCT) evidence exists for the Hemoccult II test, but diagnostic test accuracy studies show other available gFOBs demonstrate similar accuracy (28, 29). False-positives can be caused by ingested haemoglobin from red meat, by some chemicals (plant peroxidases and vitamin C), and by bleeding from anywhere in the GI tract, leading to restrictions of diet (...) : 22634386. 61. Fraser CG, Digby J, McDonald PJ, Strachan JA, Carey FA, Steele RJC. Experience with a two-tier reflex gFOBT/FIT strategy in a national bowel screening programme. Journal of Medical Screening. 2012 Mar;19(1):8-13. PubMed PMID: 22156144. 62. Fraser CG, Mathew CM, Mowat NAG, Wilson JA, Carey FA, Steele RJC. Evaluation of a card collection- based faecal immunochemical test in screening for colorectal cancer using a two-tier reflex approach. Gut. 2007 Oct;56(10):1415-8. PubMed PMID: 17309886

2014 NIHR DEC Oxford

162. Patient Dignity (Formerly: Patient Modesty): Volume 95

over patients which goes hand in hand with providing a lack of dignity for the patient. So, Dr. B., this goes back to what I talked about before. If I am addressed by my first name then I make the judgment that medical person will also take other liberties. This, for me, is a red flag for me. In school, kids had to address me as MS.______. It was a show of respect. When nametags came into being, we wore them turned around bc the kids wanted to know our first names bc they would use them (...) to lungs and heart, auscultating the abdomen, checking reflexes etc, I do appreciate being told in advance what he is going to do, and if it isn't generally obvious why it's being done. All in all I see myself as a pretty compliant patient who generally defers to recommendations being made. I only become the patient that pushes back when they want to include sedation or if I feel they are not respecting my privacy (female staff when male staff can be an option and/or women in the room that don't need

2019 Bioethics Discussion Blog

166. Phenomenological approach to childhood cataract treatment in New Zealand using semi-structured interviews: how might we improve provision of care. (PubMed)

and deprivation amblyopia which (1) could be addressed by the medical community and (2) related to treatment adherence.Interviews were conducted by a non-clinician researcher in New Zealand (NZ) in a location chosen by informants. In NZ, the red reflex screening test is performed shortly after birth, and surgery to remove paediatric cataracts is publicly funded.Families of children who had a history of cataract in Auckland, NZ were posted an invitation to participate. Twenty families were interviewed.Our

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2019 BMJ open

167. Inotersen sodium (Tegsedi) - Amyloidosis

-LL Neuropathy Impairment Score-Lower Limb NIS-R NIS-reflexes NIS-S NIS-sensation of big toe and index finger NIS-W NIS-muscle strength n/N Number of subjects Norfolk QoL-DN Norfolk Quality of Life-Diabetic Neuropathy ns Not significant NSC Neuropathy Symptoms and Change NT-proBNP N-terminal prohormone of brain natriuretic peptide OAEI Other adverse events of interest OAT Organic anion transporter OATP1 Organic anion transporter protein OCT Organic cation transporter OLE Open-label extension OLT

2018 European Medicines Agency - EPARs

168. Masitinib mesylate (Alsitek) - Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis

include spasticity and exaggerated reflexes (hyperreflexia) including an overactive gag reflex. An abnormal reflex commonly called Babinski’s sign (the large toe extends upward as the sole of the foot is stimulated in a certain way) also indicates upper motor neuron damage. Symptoms of lower motor neuron degeneration include muscle weakness and atrophy, muscle cramps, and fasciculations. To be diagnosed with ALS, people must have signs and symptoms of both upper and lower motor neuron damage

2018 European Medicines Agency - EPARs

169. Exercise for preventing recurrent ankle sprain

General Practice Programs for educators Regional Training The Red Book provides the general practice team with guidance on opportunistic and proactive preventive care Guidelines by topic Key RACGP guidelines Handbook of Non-Drug Interventions (HANDI) Send a request for information, a loan, literature search, journal article, book chapter and one-on-one remote training sessions Library services eBooks Journals Databases and resources Subject portals Download the Standards for general practice (5th (...) the underlying causes of the sprained ankle. The purpose of the exercise is to re-establish and strengthen the muscles and protective reflexes of the ankle. Indication Patients aged 12 to 70 years experiencing recurrent ankle sprain after initial recovery. Precautions The clinical trials cited were designed to investigate efficacy not safety so safety was often not reported as part of the trial outcomes. Presumably, as with other exercise regimens, there is an inherent risk of exercise-related injury, falls

2013 Handbook of Non-Drug interventions (HANDI)

170. Breastfeeding problems

. Alcohol and smoking history. Associated insomnia, stress, anxiety, or depression. Infant history: Birth gestation, any birth trauma or known medical conditions or congenital abnormalities. Birth weight, weight gain, general health and behaviour (settled or crying). Behaviour at the breast (pulling, biting, coughing, breathlessness, sleepiness) which may be a consequence of nasal congestion, teething, or an overactive milk ejection reflex. Gastrointestinal symptoms which may suggest oversupply of milk (...) , redness, and fissuring. See the CKS topic on for more information. Candida infection typically causes bilateral burning nipple pain, itching, and hypersensitivity of the nipple, especially during and soon after feeds. There may be deep breast pain radiating into the breast and chest wall ( pain). The nipple may be red, shiny, swollen, or fissured. Typically the pain does not resolve despite improved positioning and attachment, or follows a period of pain-free breastfeeding. See the CKS topic

2017 NICE Clinical Knowledge Summaries

172. Nouriast (istradefylline)

and usage conditions in foreign countries etc. Parkinson’s disease (PD) is a progressive neurodegenerative disorder characterized by motor deficits including akinesia, rigidity, bradykinesia, and postural reflex impairment, resulting from the degeneration and loss of dopaminergic neurons projecting from the midbrain substantia nigra pars compacta to the striatum and a subsequent reduction in striatal dopamine content. Due to dopamine D 2 receptor-mediated inhibitory control over the GABAergic (...) (weighing 19-26 g, n = 3) were assessed by Irwin test. Istradefylline at =1 mg/kg increased stereotypy, motor activity, autonomic function, alertness, and response to stimulus and caused red skin and enlargement of the eyelids. An increase in respiratory rate was observed at =10 mg/kg. The effects of istradefylline (10-300 mg/kg) in male CD-1 mice (6 weeks of age, n = 4) were assessed by Irwin test. At =30 mg/kg of istradefylline, increases in touch response and grooming were observed continuously after

2013 Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices Agency, Japan

173. Lyxumia (lixisenatide)

after lixisenatide administration. 10 Aqueous solution containing 1.5% methylcellulose and 0.05% methyl red 9 3.(i).A.(1).2).(a).iii) Effects on blood glucose levels in ZDF rats ( A single subcutaneous dose of lixisenatide (1, 5, 10 µg/kg) or vehicle 11 was given to male obese Zucker Diabetic Fatty (ZDF) rats (11 weeks of age, 8 rats/group) under fasted conditions and a single subcutaneous dose of vehicle was given to male lean ZDF rats (11 weeks of age, 8 rats). Thirty minutes later (...) apathy, abnormal dispersion within the home cage, and slight to moderate impairment of the righting reflex were observed at =10 µg/kg, but these signs resolved by Study Day 2. Slight and transient clonic convulsion was observed in 1 rat at 50 µg/kg. Estimated blood concentrations following single intravenous doses of 1 and 10 µg/kg of lixisenatide are approximately 20 and 200 ng/mL, respectively, which are 19- and 190-fold of the C max following once daily subcutaneous administration of 20 µg

2013 Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices Agency, Japan

176. Cerliponase alfa (Brineura) - for treating neuronal ceroid lipofuscinosis type 2 (CLN2 disease)

Normal operating ranges PAR Proven acceptable ranges PDE Permitted Daily Exposure PLR Pupillary light reflex PQ Process qualification PV Process validation QOL Quality of life rhTPP1 Recombinant form of the human serine tripeptidyl peptidase 1 RP-HPLC Reverse Phase High-Performance Liquid Chromatography SAE Serious adverse event SAP Statistical analysis plan SAX Strong ion exchange SBP Systolic blood pressure SC Subcutaneous SCMAS Mitochondrial ATP synthase subunit c SDS-PAGE Sodium dodecyl sulfate (...) Assessment report EMA/312226/2017 Page 69/95 reported as study drug related and no action was taken with BMN 190 treatment. The nature of these changes is also not consistent with immunologically-induced effects on red blood cells or platelets. Overall, mean changes in median, maximum and minimum hematology values from baseline did not reveal any clinically significant trends. However, in the safety population as a whole, there was a trend towards a decrease in the platelet count over the study duration

2017 European Medicines Agency - EPARs

177. Why is antivaccine activist Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. meeting with government health and science officials months after meeting with President Trump?

give Helen Branswell, who wrote this otherwise excellent report, a word of advice: RFK Jr. is not a "vaccine skeptic," leading or otherwise. He is antivaccine to the core and has been spewing antivaccine pseudoscience since at least 2005. Skepticism does not mean reflex rejection of the scientific consensus in favor of pseudoscience, but that is exactly what RFK Jr. does: Reject the scientific consensus and embrace pseudoscience. If there's something that reporters do that really grate on me, it's (...) Report by Kent Heckenlively: Basant Puri has promoted a supplement he sells (VegEPA) based on dodgy research. Ben Goldacre told the tale: Lots of dodgy stuff there for all three, plus the red flags of citing dubious studies. to post comments By on 27 Aug 2017 In reply to by Brian Deer (not verified) to post comments By Michael J. Dochniak (not verified) on 27 Aug 2017 to post comments By Michael J. Dochniak (not verified) on 27 Aug 2017 to post comments By Julian Frost (not verified) on 27 Aug 2017

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2017 Respectful Insolence

178. Cenegermin (Oxervate) - neurotrophic keratitis

that occurs as a result of partial or total impairment of trigeminal innervation, leading to a reduction (hypoesthesia) in or loss (anaesthesia) of corneal sensation (Bonini et al., 2003; Sacchetti et al, 2014; Semeraro et al, 2014). Impairment of corneal trigeminal innervation causes a reduction in the lacrimation reflex, as well as morphological and metabolic corneal epithelial disturbances, with subsequent development of recurrent or persistent epithelial defects. 2.1.2. Epidemiology As the underlying (...) of the disulphide bridges (Figure IB): Assessment report EMA/351805/2017 Page 15/104 A: amino acid sequence of rhProNGF mutated in the trypsin cleavage site (underlined). The pro-sequence is highlighted in red. The sequence of mature rhNGF is shown in green Figure 1 - Protein Sequence and disulphide bridges mapping NGF is essential for the survival and growth of sympathetic and sensory neurons and for differentiation of neurons in the central nervous system. NGF acts through specific high affinity (i.e

2017 European Medicines Agency - EPARs

179. Clinical practice guideline for the management of patients with Parkinson´s disease

by a series of cardinal clinical signs that identify it: bradykinesia, rigidity, trembling and alteration of postural reflexes, requiring at least 3 of these 4 symptoms to establish the diagnosis of the disease. Beyond these central core symptoms, the disease is associated with other clinical aspects that can also be considered to be motor, such as the phenomenon of “freezing”, disorders related to writing (micrographia), or facial hypomimia, but also, in PD, other non-motor symptoms also appear, which

2015 GuiaSalud

180. Venetoclax (Venclyxto) - Chronic, B-Cell Lymphocytic Leukemia

ingredients are: Tablet core: copovidone K value 28, colloidal anhydrous silica (E551), polysorbate 80 (E433), sodium stearyl fumarate, anhydrous calcium hydrogen phosphate (E342 (ii)). Assessment report EMA/725631/2016 Page 11/132 Film-coating: polyvinyl alcohol (E1203), titanium dioxide (E171), macrogol 3350 (E1521), talc (E553b), iron oxide yellow (E172). Additionally, for 50 mg strength, iron oxide red (E172) and iron oxide black (E172). The product is available in PVC/PE/PCTFE aluminium foil blisters (...) the markings “V” on one side and “100” on the other. The three strengths are dose proportional The composition of the venetoclax tablets includes venetoclax, copovidone, colloidal silicon dioxide, polysorbate 80, sodium stearyl fumarate, and calcium phosphate dibasic. The composition of the venetoclax film coating includes polyethylene glycol, talc, polyvinyl alcohol, titanium dioxide and either iron oxide yellow (for the 10 mg and 100 rng tablet) or iron oxide yellow, red and black (for the 50 mg tablet

2017 European Medicines Agency - EPARs

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