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Progestin Androgenic Activity

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121. Topical Treatment for Sexual Pain, Vulvar Pain, in Postmenopausal Women Not Taking Estrogens or Similiar Hormones

: Parallel Assignment Intervention Model Description: Randomized, Double Blinded, Placebo Controlled Masking: Quadruple (Participant, Care Provider, Investigator, Outcomes Assessor) Masking Description: Double Blinded Primary Purpose: Treatment Official Title: 5% Sinecatechins Ointment, a Botanical Drug Derived From Green Tea, for the Treatment of Significant to Severe Secondary Provoked Vestibulodynia in Sexually Active, Post-Menopausal Women With Vulvovaginal Atrophy Actual Study Start Date : August 30 (...) with the gynecologist. In addition, 2 short questionnaires will be filled out online on a HIPAA compliant web based survey at the end of week 1,2,4 and 5. Other: Placebo Aquaphor Active Comparator: 5% Topical sinecatechins ointment 30 postmenopausal women not using estrogen will apply one 0.5cm strand of 5% sinecatechins topical ointment once daily to their vulvar vestibule for a total of 6 weeks. They will come for three office visits with the gynecologist, who will exam their vulvar vestibule and perform a Qtip

2018 Clinical Trials

122. Intracrine Regulation of Estrogen and Other Sex Steroid Levels in Endometrium and Non-gynecological Tissues; Pathology, Physiology, and Drug Discovery Full Text available with Trip Pro

estrogen metabolisms, and to a lesser extent that of progestogens and androgens, in the lower female genital tract, including the physiological control of endometrial functions, receptivity, menopausal status and related pathological conditions. An overview of the intracrine regulation in extra gynecological tissues such as the lungs, gastrointestinal tract, brain, colon and bone is given. Current therapeutic approaches aimed at interfering with these metabolisms and future perspectives are discussed. (...) actively modify the intra-tissue steroid concentrations. This allows fine-tuning the exposure of responsive tissues and organs to estrogens and other steroids in order to best respond to the physiological needs of each specific organ. Deviations in such intracrine control can lead to unbalanced steroid hormone exposure and disturbances. Through a systematic bibliographic search on the expression of the intracrine enzymes in various tissues, this review gives an up-to-date view of the intracrine

2018 Frontiers in pharmacology

123. Physiology and Pathophysiology of Steroid Biosynthesis, Transport and Metabolism in the Human Placenta Full Text available with Trip Pro

Physiology and Pathophysiology of Steroid Biosynthesis, Transport and Metabolism in the Human Placenta The steroid hormones progestagens, estrogens, androgens, and glucocorticoids as well as their precursor cholesterol are required for successful establishment and maintenance of pregnancy and proper development of the fetus. The human placenta forms at the interface of maternal and fetal circulation. It participates in biosynthesis and metabolism of steroids as well as their regulated exchange (...) polypeptide 2B1 (OATP2B1). Maternal-fetal glucocorticoid transport has to be tightly regulated in order to ensure healthy fetal growth and development. For that purpose, the placenta expresses the enzymes 11β-HSD 1 and 2 as well as the transporter ABCB1. This article also summarizes the impact of diverse compounds and diseases on the expression level and activity of the involved transporters, receptors, and metabolizing enzymes and concludes that the regulatory mechanisms changing the physiological

2018 Frontiers in pharmacology

124. Combining in vitro reporter gene bioassays with chemical analysis to assess changes in the water quality along the Ammer River, Southwestern Germany Full Text available with Trip Pro

processes and the moderately degradable chemicals tramadol and sotalol as indicators for potential in-stream attenuation processes. The battery of bioassays covers seven environmentally relevant modes of action, namely estrogenicity, glucocorticogenic activity, androgenicity progestagenic activity and oxidative stress response, as well as activation of the peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor and the aryl hydrocarbon receptor, using the GeneBLAzer test battery and the AhR-CALUX and AREc32

2018 Environmental Sciences Europe

125. New Insights on Steroid Biotechnology Full Text available with Trip Pro

New Insights on Steroid Biotechnology Nowadays steroid manufacturing occupies a prominent place in the pharmaceutical industry with an annual global market over $10 billion. The synthesis of steroidal active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) such as sex hormones (estrogens, androgens, and progestogens) and corticosteroids is currently performed by a combination of microbiological and chemical processes. Several mycobacterial strains capable of naturally metabolizing sterols (e.g., cholesterol

2018 Frontiers in microbiology

126. Effects of Sex Steroids on Fish Leukocytes Full Text available with Trip Pro

and the adaptive immune system of fish by regulating the main leukocyte activities and transcriptional genes. They activate nuclear oestrogen receptors and/or G-protein coupled oestrogen receptor. Less understood is the role of androgens in the immune system, mainly due to the complexity of the transcriptional regulation of androgen receptors in fish. The aim of this manuscript is to review our present knowledge concerning the effect of sex steroid hormones and the presence of their receptors on fish (...) leukocytes, taking into consideration that the studies performed vary as regard the fish species, doses, exposure protocols and hormones used. Moreover, we also include evidence of the probable role of progestins in the regulation of the immune system of fish.

2018 Biology

127. The Effect of Fasting on ICSI Outcomes in Patients With Polycystic Ovary Syndrome

adequate water and non calorie beverages intake daily (2-3 liters) Subjects are instructed to wait for spontaneous menses, or to be prescribed progestins orally (as Norethisterone 5mg) twice daily for 21 days starting from the fifth day of menses. Patients should continue taking oral metformin 500-1000 mg daily, until confirmation of pregnancy. The next visit is scheduled on day 2 of next cycle when transvaginal ultrasound is done to confirm that endometrial thickness <5mm, no ovarian cyst (...) by ultrasound. Body mass index (BMI) and waist/hip ratio (WHR) are calculated. Blood samples are taken for Fasting insulin , fasting plasma glucose, Homeostatic model assessment (HOMA) index, lipid profile ( Triglycerides (TGs), total cholesterol, High density Lipoprotein (HDL), Low density Lipoprotein (LDL), free and total testosterone , Sex Hormone Binding Globulin (SHBG), Free Androgen index (FAI), AntiMullerian Hormone (AMH), Basal Follicle Stimulating Hormone (FSH), Luteinizing Hormone (LH), Estradiol

2018 Clinical Trials

128. Liraglutide 3mg (Saxenda) on Weight, Body Composition, Hormonal and Metabolic Parameters in Obese Women With PCOS

contraceptives, GnRH analogues, glucocorticoids, anabolic steroids, C-19 progestins) including herbal medicines for at least 8 weeks. Use of anti-androgens that act peripherally to reduce hirsutism such as 5-alpha reductase inhibitors (finasteride, spironolactone, flutamide) for at least 4 weeks Prior history of a malignant disease requiring chemotherapy Family or personal history of familial medullary thyroid carcinoma or multiple endocrine neoplasia type 2 Known hypersensitivity or contraindications to use (...) -obesity medication combined with lifestyle changes on body weight and composition and androgen excess in obese women diagnosed with PCOS are lacking. The investigators aim to elucidate the most efficacious weight reduction regime in obese PCOS women. The investigators further hope to determine which treatment(s) addressing the multifaceted disturbances of this disorder in patients with PCOS and obesity emerges as the preferable therapy. Condition or disease Intervention/treatment Phase Pre Diabetes

2018 Clinical Trials

129. Investigating Magnesium Glycinate in Structure/Function Role of Hot Flashes.

the Active Monitoring Phase of the study). ECOG Performance Status (PS) = 0, 1. Exclusion Criteria: Pregnancy (Assessed on Intake Questionnaire. Positive Answer exclusionary) Any of the following current (≤4 weeks prior) or planned therapies: Antineoplastic chemotherapy (anti-HER2 agents allowed) Androgens Estrogens (any delivery route) Progestogens Tamoxifen, raloxifene and aromatase inhibitors are allowed, but patient must have been on a constant dose for at least 28 days and must not be expected

2018 Clinical Trials

130. A Trial of Personalized Acupuncture, Standardized Acupuncture, Letrozole and Placebo on Live Birth in Women With PCOS

will be connected to an electrical stimulator: ST25 bilaterally, ST29 bilaterally, SP6 bilaterally, LR3 bilaterally. Other: Acupuncture Women in this groups will receive acupuncture treatment three times a week. Acupuncture treatment will start on days 3-5 after a spontaneous period or after a withdrawal bleeding following progestin. Each treatment session will last for 30 min, with a maximum of 48 treatment sessions over 16 weeks. Active Comparator: Letrozole Letrozole will be started on day 3-5 after (...) and EXCA1 of both types will be connected to electrical stimulator. Moreover, the points CV6, CV12 and ST25 for yang deficiency of spleen and kidney will receive moxibustion with needles, and CV8 will only receive ginger-salt-indirect moxibustion without acupuncture. Other: Acupuncture Women in this groups will receive acupuncture treatment three times a week. Acupuncture treatment will start on days 3-5 after a spontaneous period or after a withdrawal bleeding following progestin. Each treatment

2018 Clinical Trials

131. Would male hormonal contraceptives affect cardiovascular risk? Full Text available with Trip Pro

Would male hormonal contraceptives affect cardiovascular risk? The aim of hormonal male contraception is to prevent unintended pregnancies by suppressing spermatogenesis. Hormonal male contraception is based on the principle that exogenous administration of androgens and other hormones such as progestins suppress circulating gonadotropin concentrations, decreasing testicular Leydig cell and Sertoli cell activity and spermatogenesis. In order to achieve more complete suppression of circulating (...) gonadotropins and spermatogenesis, a progestin has been added testosterone to the most recent efficacy trials of hormonal male contraceptives. This review focusses on the potential effects of male hormonal contraceptives on cardiovascular risk factors, lipids and body composition, mainly in the target group of younger to middle-aged men. Present data suggest that hormonal male contraception can be reasonably regarded as safe in terms of cardiovascular risk. However, as all trials have been relatively short

2018 Asian journal of andrology

132. Cancer Driving Mutations in Endometriosis Lesions and Development of Progesterone Resistance

, estrogen replacement/supplemental therapy, androgens (Danazol, Cyclomen, Danocrine, testosterone) or progesterone. She may not be taking or be on Celebrex. Pregnant. Presence of pelvic infection. Mullerian anomalies with absence of a cervix. History of cancer of the reproductive tract. Presence of undiagnosed uterine bleeding. Treatment with intrauterine device (IUD) or progestin-containing intrauterine device. Contacts and Locations Go to Information from the National Library of Medicine To learn more (...) . Criteria Inclusion Criteria: Signed informed consent. Gender: female. Age: 18-45 years at the time of signing consent. Clinical or surgical diagnosis of endometriosis undergoing laparoscopy. Controls may not have clinical or surgical diagnosis of endometriosis. Regular menstrual cycles. BMI between 18-40 kg/m2. Sexually active or have had a previous vaginal exam that used a speculum. English speaking Exclusion Criteria: Use of any kind of steroidal therapy including oral contraceptives, Norplant

2018 Clinical Trials

133. Vaginal Progesterone Supplementation in Women With PCOS Undergoing Ovulation Induction With Letrozole

, 2018 Sponsor: Eastern Virginia Medical School Collaborator: Watson Pharmaceuticals Information provided by (Responsible Party): Laurel Stadtmauer, Eastern Virginia Medical School Study Details Study Description Go to Brief Summary: Aromatase inhibitors such as letrozole are hypothesized to maintain normal hypothalamic/ pituitary feedback mechanisms and in the case of OI (ovulation induction) in women with PCOS, may act to increase follicular sensitivity to FSH by increasing intrafollicular androgen (...) . In addition P has been shown to decrease LH pulse frequency which is elevated in PCOS and has been shown to down regulate endometrial androgen receptors. There have been retrospective studies showing progesterone supplementation seems to benefit both CC and letrozole treatment groups. In fact, this study showed the only pregnancies in the letrozole group were those in women who took P supplementation. However the number of cycles studied was small. There is a place for a randomized controlled trial (RCT

2018 Clinical Trials

134. Male contraception: where are we going and where have we been?

of a self-administered gel combination of testosterone and the progestogen Nestoroneâ . This user-initiated daily use method compliments the predominately injectable male contraceptive methods previously investigated. Aside from testosterone-progestogen combination treatments, novel long-acting steroids with both androgenic and progestogenic activity are in early clinical trials. These synthetic steroids have a similar effect as testosterone-progestogen hormonal contraceptives but allow the possibility

2019 Journal of Family Planning and Reproductive Health Care blog

135. Menopause Chapter 2: Midlife Body Changes

a thorough evaluation. (Level I) BODY WEIGHT Key Points The average amount of weight gained over the menopausal transition is 5 lb (2.3 kg). Weight gain is more likely to be related to aging and lifestyle changes than to menopause itself. Obesity is associated with a variety of adverse health conditions and more severe vasomotor symptoms during the menopause transition. A daily caloric deficit of 400 kcal to 600 kcal, regular physical activity, low fat intake, consumption of fruits and vegetables (...) ; bariatric surgery generally effects greater weight loss in the morbidly obese and higher rates of resolution of comorbid conditions than lifestyle or pharmacologic options. Recommendations for Clinical Care All adults should be screened for obesity and offered intervention based on their body mass index (BMI) and the presence of comorbidities. (Level I) Pharmacologic intervention should be considered as part of a comprehensive program including diet and physical activity in women with a BMI greater than

2014 The North American Menopause Society

136. Guidelines for the Prevention of Stroke in Women: A Statement for Healthcare Professionals From the American Heart Association/American Stroke Association Full Text available with Trip Pro

, several population-based studies have shown that knowledge and awareness of stroke warning signs and symptoms are somewhat higher in women than men. One study reported that although women were more likely than men to have heard of tissue-type plasminogen activator therapy for stroke, they were less likely to know that it must be administered within 3 hours. Population-based surveys of women conducted by the AHA have identified an overall poor level of knowledge about CVD and stroke, particularly (...) in hypertension and BP regulation are complex, because ovarian hormones influence BP considerably. Therefore, studies that examine vascular function and BP must take hormonal status into account. , Sex differences in sympathetic activity, vascular reactivity, water regulation (arginine vasopressin signaling), and autonomic control have been well documented, but most of these studies were performed in young women. Efforts to assess the effects of hormonal effects on the vasculature have examined specific

2014 American Heart Association

137. Treatment of pelvic pain associated with endometriosis: a committee opinion

premenstrual and menstrual phases of the cycle when E levels are low (7). This observation is consistent with the documented phenomenon of increased symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome immediately before and during menses, although bowel motility does not seem to change measurably in women with irritable bowel syn- drome during these time periods (17, 18). Progesterone also has an impact on pain, as evidenced by a general dampening effect on neuronal activity seen with the use of high-dose progestogens (...) HormonalContraceptives Combinedhormonalcontraceptiveshavebeenusedinbotha cyclicandacontinuousfashioninthetreatmentofsymptoms associated with endometriosis. Decidualization followed by atrophy of the endometrial tissue is the proposed mechanism of action (60). Whereas combined OCs containing the more androgenic progestogens (19-nortestosterone derivatives) traditionally have been used to treat endometriosis symp- toms,combinedOCscontainingthenewgenerationprogesto- gen, desogestrel, also have proven effective (61

2014 Society for Assisted Reproductive Technology

138. General practice management of type 2 diabetes 2014-15

2 diabetes to approach/reach these goals Diet Normal healthy eating. If concerns regarding cardiovascular risk, advise Mediterranean diet. Body mass index (kg/m 2 ) Therapeutic goal is 5–10% loss for people overweight or obese with type 2 diabetes. With BMI >35 and comorbidities or BMI >40, greater weight loss measures should be considered. Note that BMI is a difficult parameter to standardise between different population groups. Physical activity At least 30 minutes of moderate physical (...) activity on most if not all days of the week (total =150 minutes/week). Cigarette consumption 0 (per day) Alcohol consumption =2 standard drinks (20 g) per day for men and women. BGL 6–8 mmol/L fasting and 8–10 mmol/L postprandial. Ongoing self-monitoring of blood glucose is recommended for people with diabetes using insulin, with hyperglycaemia arising from illness, with haemoglobinopathies, pregnancy or other conditions where data on glycaemic patterns is required. Routine self-monitoring of blood

2014 Clinical Practice Guidelines Portal

139. Geriatric Trauma Management

Geriatric Trauma Management ACS TQIP GERIATRIC TRAUMA MANAGEMENT GUIDELINESTable of Contents Background and Introduction 3 Trauma Team Activation 3 Initial Evaluation 3 Specialized Geriatric Inpatient Care 5 Patient Decision-Making Capacity and Care Preferences 6 Discharge 7 Appendix I 9 Beers Criteria for Potentially Inappropriate Medication Use in Older Adults Appendix II 17 Legally Relevant Criteria for Decision-Making Capacity and Approaches for Assessment of the Patient Screening (...) with younger patients. An appreciation for the decreased physical reserve, presence of various comorbid diseases, and increased risk of elderly- specific complications such as delirium that are more common in elderly patients has prompted development of elderly-specific care protocols within the multidisciplinary trauma service model. The aim is to employ better risk assessment, adherence to key preventive strategies, active surveillance, and prompt recognition and treatment of complications when

2013 American College of Surgeons

140. Management of symptomatic vulvovaginal atrophy: 2013 position statement of The North American Menopause Society

dosage Vaginal creams 17A-estradiol Estrace Vaginal Cream a Initial: 2-4 g/d for 1-2 wk Maintenance: 1 g/1-3 times/wk c (0.1 mg active ingredient/g) Conjugated estrogens Premarin Vaginal Cream For VVA: 0.5-2 g/d for 21 d then off 7 d c For dyspareunia: 0.5 g/d for 21 d then off 7 d, or twice/wk c (0.625 mg active ingredient/g) Estrone Estragyn Vaginal Cream b 2-4 g/d (1 mg active ingredient/g) Intended for short-term use; progestogen recommended Vaginal rings 17A-estradiol Estring Device containing 2 (...) ,theeffectivenessandsafetyoftherapyfortheindividualpatient,andpatientpreference.Estrogentherapy is the most effective treatment for moderate to severe symptoms, although a direct comparison of estrogen and ospemifene is not available. Nonhormonal therapies available without a prescription provide sufficient relief for most women with mild symptoms. When low-dose estrogen is administered locally, a progestogen is not indicated forwomenwithoutauterusandgenerallyisnotindicatedforwomenwithanintactuterus.However,endometrialsafety

2013 The North American Menopause Society

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