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761. Management of sickle cell priapism with etilefrine (Full text)

Management of sickle cell priapism with etilefrine Intracavernous injections of etilefrine were effective in seven children with acute sickle cell priapism, and stuttering priapism resolved in five children after one to seven months of oral etilefrine. Compared with our previous reports in adults, etilefrine appears to be more effective in childhood.

2001 Archives of Disease in Childhood PubMed

762. Oral terbutaline for the treatment of priapism. (PubMed)

Oral terbutaline for the treatment of priapism. The widespread use of penile injections in the management of erectile dysfunction has led to an increased incidence of priapism. It has been suggested that terbutaline, a beta-agonist, might be beneficial in treating priapism in this setting. We randomized 24 patients with prolonged erections to a prospective, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial. We did not find any benefit of oral terbutaline over placebo in these patients.

1994 The Journal of urology

763. Clitoral priapism: a rare condition presenting as a cause of vulvar pain. (PubMed)

Clitoral priapism: a rare condition presenting as a cause of vulvar pain. Priapism of the clitoris is a rare condition associated with prolonged erection of the clitoris causing engorgement, swelling, and pain to the clitoris and immediate adjacent area.A 47-year-old woman presented complaining of vulvar and clitoral pain. Self-reported findings of a swollen and tender clitoris had been confirmed by physical examination during an episode of priapism, otherwise there were no abnormal findings (...) on routine evaluation. The history and findings of prolonged clitoral swelling, tenderness, and pain of the clitoris and adjacent area were considered consistent with clitoral priapism, and discovered to be attributed to the use of trazodone hydrochloride, a heterocyclic antidepressant. The patient was initially treated with imipramine hydrochloride; however, it was the withdrawal of the medication instigating the condition that was the focal point in its management.Priapism of the clitoris

2002 Obstetrics and Gynecology

764. Management strategy for arterial priapism: therapeutic dilemmas. (PubMed)

Management strategy for arterial priapism: therapeutic dilemmas. We present 7 cases of arterial high flow priapism and propose management algorithms for the condition.We studied 2 children and 5 adults with posttraumatic arterial priapism. Blood gas analysis and color Doppler ultrasonography of the corpora cavernosa confirmed the diagnosis in 4 adults, while 1 patient had already undergone cavernous artery ligation in elsewhere. In the children perineal compression resulted in detumescence (...) , a sign that is proposed to be indicative of the diagnosis of arterial priapism (piesis sign) complementing physical examination. Mechanical compressive force was applied to the perineum of 1 boy, while the other received a watchful waiting program. All adults participated in an observation regimen except 1, who decided to undergo immediate embolization of the internal pudendal artery.Perineal compression led to the resolution of priapism in 1 child, while spontaneous resolution was noted in the other

2002 Journal of Urology

765. Traumatic priapism: an unusual cycling injury (Full text)

Traumatic priapism: an unusual cycling injury A case is reported of a 35 year old man who sustained an injury to the perineum in a cycling accident which resulted in a traumatic priapism. After confirmation of the diagnosis by Doppler sonography and angiography, therapeutic selective arterial embolisation was followed by successful detumescence of the penis and subsequent return of normal erectile function. It is suggested that percutaneous embolisation of the lacerated cavernosal artery

2000 British Journal of Sports Medicine PubMed

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