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Muehrcke Line

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22. Overview of Nephrotic Syndrome

edema) Corresponding signs may develop, including peripheral edema and ascites. Edema may obscure signs of muscle wasting and cause parallel white lines in fingernail beds (Muehrcke lines). Other symptoms and signs are attributable to the many complications of nephrotic syndrome (see Table: ). Diagnosis Urine random (spot) protein/creatinine ratio ≥ 3 or proteinuria ≥ 3 g/24 h Serologic testing and renal biopsy unless the cause is clinically obvious Diagnosis is suspected in patients with edema

2013 Merck Manual (19th Edition)

23. List of cutaneous conditions

hypotrichosis) (dystrophia unguis mediana canaliformis, median canaliform dystrophy of Heller, solenonychia) (kinky hair disease, Menkes disease) (beaded hair) (Muehrcke's lines) (Fong syndrome, hereditary osteoonychodysplasia, HOOD syndrome) (ingrown nail, unguis incarnatus) (ram's horn nails) (nail biting) (alopecia unguium) (brittle nails) (emotional hyperhidrosis) (ringed hair) (pseudo pili annulati) (twisted hairs) (omega nails, trumpet nails) (tinea amiantacea) (felted hair) (postoperative alopecia (...) ) Conditions of the mucous membranes [ ] See also: Conditions of the involve the moist linings of the eyes, nose, mouth, genitals, and anus. (acatalasemia, Takahara's disease) (actinic cheilosis) (acute membranous gingivitis, acute necrotizing ulcerative gingivostomatitis, fusospirillary gingivitis, fusospirillosis, fusospirochetal gingivitis, necrotizing gingivitis, phagedenic gingivitis, trench mouth, ulcerative gingivitis, Vincent gingivitis, Vincent infection, Vincent stomatitis, Vincent's disease

2012 Wikipedia

24. Case report showed Muehrcke's nails, not Beau's lines Full Text available with Trip Pro

Case report showed Muehrcke's nails, not Beau's lines 12521984 2003 01 24 2018 11 13 1756-1833 326 7380 2003 Jan 11 BMJ (Clinical research ed.) BMJ Case report showed Muehrcke's nails, not Beau's lines. 105 Möhrenschlager Matthias M Abeck Dietrich D Ring Johannes J eng Letter England BMJ 8900488 0959-8138 AIM IM Antineoplastic Combined Chemotherapy Protocols therapeutic use Diagnosis, Differential Female Humans Lymphoma, Non-Hodgkin drug therapy Nail Diseases chemically induced diagnosis 2003 1

2003 BMJ : British Medical Journal

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