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Lymphoid Hyperplasia

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201. Iclusig - ponatinib

, and can last over 10 years in some patients (Padmanabhan et al, 2008). However, if transition to AP-CML occurs, median survival is typically limited to under a year, while patients in BP-CML (which resembles acute leukaemia) usually live for only a few months. Most patients are diagnosed in CP-CML and may be asymptomatic or present with fatigue, anaemia, weight loss, night sweats, or splenomegaly. Acute lymphoblastic leukaemia (ALL) is a malignant proliferation of lymphoid cells. The majority of cases (...) . Three (1 male, 2 females) of 30 animals at 3 mg/kg/day in the toxicology portion of the study were found dead/sacrificed in moribund condition between Days 9 and 13. One animal (a male) of 30 animals at 1.5 mg/kg/day in the toxicology portion of the study was found dead on Day 28. 6 mg/kg: Hyperplasia of bone marrow. Minimal to marked necrosis of thymus. Sporadic necrosis of the glandular and non-glandular mucosa of the stomach. =3mg/kg: rough hair coats; inappetance; thinness; lethargy; hunched

2013 European Medicines Agency - EPARs

202. Istodax - romidepsin

2.3 3.0 Adult T cell leukaemia/lymphoma 1.0 2.0 Subcutaneous panniculitis-like T-cell lymphoma 0.5 1.3 Of the approximately 65,000 new cases of non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma (NHL) diagnosed in the US each year, with a similar incidence reported in the EU, PTCLs comprise between 5% and 10% of the cases (Armitage and Weisenburger, 1998; Jemal et al, 2007; Groves et al, 2000). These T-cell neoplasms account for approximately 10% to 15% of all lymphoid neoplasms (Armitage, 2006; Jaffe et al, 2001

2013 European Medicines Agency - EPARs

204. Inflectra - infliximab

forms. It is mainly produced by macrophages, as well as by a broad variety of other cell types including lymphoid cells, mast cells, endothelial cells, cardiac myocytes, adipose tissue, fibroblasts and neural tissue. TNFa exhibits a wide spectrum of activity, including coordinating host immune and inflammatory response to infectious, malignant and autoimmune conditions. Large amounts of TNFa have been shown to be released in response to liposaccharide, other bacterial components and interleukin-1

2013 European Medicines Agency - EPARs

205. Childhood Hodgkin Lymphoma Treatment (PDQ®): Health Professional Version

. [ ] Skinnider BF, Mak TW: The role of cytokines in classical Hodgkin lymphoma. Blood 99 (12): 4283-97, 2002. [ ] Steidl C, Shah SP, Woolcock BW, et al.: MHC class II transactivator CIITA is a recurrent gene fusion partner in lymphoid cancers. Nature 471 (7338): 377-81, 2011. [ ] [ ] Green MR, Monti S, Rodig SJ, et al.: Integrative analysis reveals selective 9p24.1 amplification, increased PD-1 ligand expression, and further induction via JAK2 in nodular sclerosing Hodgkin lymphoma and primary mediastinal (...) Defining strict CT or MRI size criteria for lymphomatous nodal involvement is complicated by several factors, such as size overlap between what proves to be benign reactive hyperplasia versus malignant lymphadenopathy, the implication of nodal clusters, and obliquity of node orientation to the scan plane. Additional difficulties more specific to children include greater variability of normal nodal size and the frequent occurrence of reactive hyperplasia. General concepts to consider in regard

2017 PDQ - NCI's Comprehensive Cancer Database

206. Zyclara - imiquimod

activity, i.e. hyperplasia of B- and T-cell lymphoid tissue, increased number of plasma cells, enlargement of spleen and lymph nodes, Kupffer cell hyperplasia, mononuclear/macrophage cell accumulation or proliferation. These included over-stimulation and in some animals subsequent down-regulation of lymphoid tissue. These effects were reversed during a recovery period during which animals were not dosed. There were no other target organs and a No Observed Adverse Effect Level (NOAEL) of 3 mg/kg (...) irritancy of 1% and 5% imiquimod creams has been assessed in rats and rabbits. In rabbits there was no vaginal irritation. In rats there was no histopathological evidence of vaginal irritation however there were monocytic infiltrates below the vaginal epithelium, increased spleen weight and lymphoid hyperplasia consistent with the pharmacological activity of the compound. 2.3.5. Ecotoxicity/environmental risk assessment Currently, the reference product is the only imiquimod-containing product

2012 European Medicines Agency - EPARs

207. Dacogen - decitabine

EBV+ lymphoblastic cells 0.026 Lavelle, 2003 RAJI lymphoid leukemia 0.054 Qin, 2007 ; Qin 2009 TF-1 leukemia 0.01 Qin, 2009 HAL leukemia 0.04 Qin, 2009 ML-1 leukemia 0.098 Qin, 2007 ; Qin, 2009 K562 leukemia 0.4 Qin, 2009 Jurkat leukemia 1.0 – 2 Qin 2007 ; Qin, 2009 Primary culture AML About 0.25 Motoji, 1985 OPM-2 EBV- myeloma 0.036 Lavelle, 2003 Primary culture CML 0.04-0.4 Limonta, 1993 Decitabine was also shown to induce morphological and functional differentiation in leukemia cell lines (see (...) , in the human lymphoid CCRF/CEM/0 line, decitabine decreased the methylation level to 47% of baseline at 0.3 µM, while the IC50 for cell survival attained 1 µM, suggesting a gap between the hypomethylating doses and the cytotoxic doses (Antonsson, 1987). • Solid tumor The activity of decitabine was assessed in different solid tumor models (breast, colon, prostate cancer). IC50 values varied from nM to the µM range (Qin, 2009). In HT-29 human colon cancer cells, the concentration of 1 µM of decitabine

2012 European Medicines Agency - EPARs

210. Signifor - pasireotide

no longer suppress ACTH production and release. The most common pathologic finding in Cushing’s disease patients is bilateral hyperplasia of the adrenal cortex due to excessive stimulation of the adrenal glands by uncontrolled ACTH secretion by the pituitary adenoma. The primary clinical symptoms of Cushing’s disease are due to hypercortisolism. As a result, patients with Cushing's disease have increased morbidity and a mortality rate 4 times higher than age- and gender-matched subjects. Pituitary (...) ), thyroid (monkeys), pancreas (mice and rats), bone (rodents), liver (mice and rats), female reproductive organs (mice and rats), lymphoid and hematopoietic organs (mice, rats and monkey), vasculature (rats and monkey) and large intestine (monkey). Page 16/90 Injection site Irritation of the skin at the injection site was evident in all species used in the repeated dose toxicity studies. These changes consisted of inflammation (chronic partially active dermatitis), fibrotic changes, hyperkeratosis

2012 European Medicines Agency - EPARs

214. NovoThirteen - catridecacog

daily 4 weeks 15 [2505] NN DS 5 [835] Initial manufacturing site DS Reversible lymphoid hyperplasia in the spleen SBI 1249-175 (GLP) Monkey 1-2M/0-1F IV 0, 12.5, 17.5 3 days 3 days No NOAEL All monkeys but one died or were sacrificed moribund after 2 repeat doses, DIC SBI 1394-175 (GLP) Monkey 3-5M/3-5F IV 0, 0.3, 3, 6 daily, 2 weeks 6 [1002] none SBI 1266-175 (GLP) Monkey 3-5M/3-5F IV 0, 5, 8, 12.5 2 weeks, 4 weeks 8 [1336] Reversible lymphoid hyperplasia in the spleen; Mild glomerulopathy (in one

2012 European Medicines Agency - EPARs

217. [Multimodal analgesic analgesia in patients with obstructive sleep apnea hypopnea syndrome with multiple planar surgery]. (Abstract)

[Multimodal analgesic analgesia in patients with obstructive sleep apnea hypopnea syndrome with multiple planar surgery]. Objective:To observe the value of multimodal analgesia in patients with OSAHS undergoing multiplanar surgery.Method: A total number of 90 patients with obstructive sleep apnea hypopnea syndrome with tongue hypertrophy or hyperplasia of the root lymphoid tissue were collected. All patients underwent improved uvulatopharyngeal angioplasty (H-UPPP) and tongue root partial

2018 Lin chuang er bi yan hou tou jing wai ke za zhi = Journal of clinical otorhinolaryngology, head, and neck surgery Controlled trial quality: uncertain

218. Multicentric lymphoma in a Rottweiler dog with bilateral ocular involvement: A case report Full Text available with Trip Pro

) and blindness were detected. The pulse of the animal was normal (90 beats min-1) and obvious general lymphadenopathy was determined. Lymph nodes were firm, freely movable, and painless on palpation. Initial differential diagnosis of lymphoma included lymphoma, metastatic neoplasia, lymphoid hyperplasia, and lymphadenitis. In hematology and cytology tests, this case was suspected to lymphoma. Immunohistochemical staining of neoplastic lymph node revealed that nearly 20.00 - 25.00% of neoplastic cells were

2018 Veterinary Research Forum

219. Increased expression of hypoxia-inducible factor-1 alpha and its impact on transcriptional changes and prognosis in malignant tumours of the ocular adnexa Full Text available with Trip Pro

, 9 melanomas) and 30 patients with benign tumours of the ocular adnexa (13 papillomas, 7 reactive lymphoid hyperplasias (RLHs) and 10 nevi) as controls. We quantified HIF-1α protein expression by immunohistochemistry and assessed the association between HIF-1α and clinical outcome via Kaplan-Meier analysis. Furthermore, we assessed the expression of HIF-1α downstream factors by transcriptional sequencing using the MACE (massive analysis of cDNA ends) technology.SCCs revealed a strong HIF-1α

2018 Eye

220. Lacrimal gland tumors in Turkey: types, frequency, and outcomes Full Text available with Trip Pro

in 91 (91.9%) tumors and on a clinical and radiological basis in 8 (8.1%) tumors. Final diagnoses included idiopathic orbital inflammation (pseudotumor) in 46 (46.5%) lesions, pleomorphic adenoma in 14 (14.1%), adenoid cystic carcinoma in 12 (12.1%), granulomatous inflammation in 10 (10.1%), lymphoma in 5 (5.0%), benign reactive lymphoid hyperplasia in 3 (3.0%), dacryops in 3 (3.0%), carcinoma ex pleomorphic adenoma in 2 (2.0%), adenocarcinoma in 1 (1.0%), dermoid cyst in 1 (1.0%), cavernous

2018 International journal of ophthalmology

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