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61. Routine Assessment and Promotion of Physical Activity in Healthcare Settings: A Scientific Statement From the American Heart Association Full Text available with Trip Pro

Routine Assessment and Promotion of Physical Activity in Healthcare Settings: A Scientific Statement From the American Heart Association Routine Assessment and Promotion of Physical Activity in Healthcare Settings: A Scientific Statement From the American Heart Association | Circulation Search Hello Guest! Login to your account Email Password Keep me logged in Search March 2019 March 2019 March 2019 March 2019 March 2019 February 2019 February 2019 February 2019 February 2019 January 2019 (...) a long and rich history of scientific statements on the role of exercise, PA, and sedentary behavior for primordial, primary, secondary, and tertiary prevention of CVD. PA and public health recommendations for adults, older adults, and children and youth, as well as the risk of exercise-related acute CVD events, and the role of exercise testing in various populations have also been published. , Other AHA statements have assessed the evidence on clinical and population-level lifestyle interventions

2018 American Heart Association

62. A Guide to Utilization of the Microbiology Laboratory for Diagnosis of Infectious Diseases: 2018 Update by the Infectious Diseases Society of America and the American Society for Microbiology Full Text available with Trip Pro

laboratory in infectious disease diagnosis calls for a close, positive working relationship between the physician/advanced practice provider and the microbiologists who provide enormous value to the healthcare team. This document, developed by experts in laboratory and adult and pediatric clinical medicine, provides information on which tests are valuable and in which contexts, and on tests that add little or no value for diagnostic decisions. This document presents a system-based approach rather than (...) , and blood and tissue parasite infections. Each section contains introductory concepts, a summary of key points, and detailed tables that list suspected agents; the most reliable tests to order; the samples (and volumes) to collect in order of preference; specimen transport devices, procedures, times, and temperatures; and detailed notes on specific issues regarding the test methods, such as when tests are likely to require a specialized laboratory or have prolonged turnaround times. In addition

2018 Infectious Diseases Society of America

63. Australian Airborne Pollen and Spore Monitoring Network Interim Standard and Protocols

10.5.1 7-day Sampler Head Drum Preparation 29 10.5.2 7-day Sampler Head Drum Changeover 30 10.5.3 24-hour Sampler Head Slide Preparation 30 10.5.4 24-hour Sampler Head Slide Changeover 30 10.6 Record Keeping (Sampling Log) 31 10.7 Mounting and Count Method 33 10.7.1 Preparing and Mounting the Slides (7-day Sampling Head) 33 Australian Pollen and Spore Monitoring Interim Standard and Protocols v2 AusPollen Partnership 4 10.7.2 Preparing the Slides (24-hour Sampler Head) 34 10.7.3 Pollen and Spore (...) Sampling Logs from Some of the Australian Pollen and Spore Monitoring Groups 55 26.5 Preparing Calberla’s stain (The University of Melbourne Undated) 57 26.6 Summary of Metadata Fields for the NEMSR 58 26.7 Other Network Quality Assurance and Standardisation Studies 62 26.8 Australian Airborne Pollen Data Repository Proposal (for the National Computational Infrastructure repository) (August 2017) 63 26.9 Pollen Monitoring Site Audit Checklist 66 27 References 73 Australian Pollen and Spore Monitoring

2018 Australasian Society of Clinical Immunology and Allergy

64. HTA of extending the HPV vaccination to boys

benefits of the vaccine for boys. An awareness campaign that addresses the information needs of parents and boys will be required prior to the roll-out of a gender-neutral vaccination programme. Given the significant move from female only to male and female vaccination, tailored information and communications must also be provided to professionals supporting the vaccine (such as doctors, nurses, pharmacists and teachers) to ensure they are fully informed and educated. If a decision is reached

2018 Health Information and Quality Authority

65. Relative effectiveness assessment of Femtosecond laser-assisted cataract surgery (FLACS) compared to standard ultrasound phacoemulsification cataract surgery

platforms 44 Table 8 Intended use for the five systems 50 Table 9 Technologies and procedures associated with cataract surgery (ref Alcon) 53 Table 10 Risk factors for age-related cataract (13) 58 Table 11 Diagnostic tests recommended in Europe and the US (13,77) 62 Table 12 Annual cataract surgical rates (per 1,000,000 people) in different years and countries. 64 Table 13 Age distribution of cataract surgeries in public hospitals in Austria, 2001, 2007, 2011 (81) 64 Table 14 Complications of cataract (...) no difference between study arms). Data from two studies (25,28) assessing refractive outcomes were used for the analysis and pooled estimate showed no difference between study groups. [D0006] At one week, one study found a marginally significant and not clinically relevant difference (less than 0.1 log MAR varia- tion) in favour of FLACS, while the second study found no statistically significant difference be- tween the two study arms. At one month, neither study found a statistically significant result

2018 EUnetHTA

66. Primary Biliary Cholangitis

Primary Biliary Cholangitis EASL Clinical Practice Guidelines: The diagnosis and management of patients with primary biliary cholangitis q European Association for the Study of the Liver ? Summary Primary biliary cholangitis (PBC) is a chronic in?ammatory autoimmunecholestaticliverdisease,whichwhenuntreatedwill culminate in end-stage biliary cirrhosis. Diagnosis is usually based on the presence of serum liver tests indicative of a chole- static hepatitis in association with circulating (...) imaging technique for all patients to exclude mechanical bile duct obstruction,masslesions(inandoutsidetheliver)andabnormal- ities of the gallbladder. It is sensitive, non-invasive, portable and relatively inexpensive. Its ?ndings, however, are operator- dependent and abnormalities of bile ducts may be missed. In the context of a normal abdominal ultrasound, a diagnosis of intrahepatic cholestasis is most likely. Serological tests Inpatientswithchronicintrahepaticcholestasis,determinationof serum AMA

2017 European Association for the Study of the Liver

67. Urban disaster risk governance: A systematic review

of this are deregulation and the transferring of responsibilities to the private sector and/or civil society (Castree 2008). Those skeptical of neoliberal arguments see this as ‘hollowing out’ 6 or ‘rolling back’ the state both horizontally, but also vertically to international institutions and local bodies (Rhodes 1997). In short, ‘state boundaries have become more politically and economically permeable to decisions and flows emanating from diverse, overlapping and integrated networks of power which operate beyond (...) with testing hypothesis or theories (Gough et al. 2013). Systematic reviews that configure findings tend to address research questions that are aimed at generating new theories or exploring the relevance of an existing theory. The studies included in a configurative synthesis tend to be heterogeneous (Gough et al. 2013). Characteristics of configurative synthesis include (Gough et al. 2013: 52-64): ? Concepts are the data for analysis; ? Conceptual analysis is within, rather than before and after

2017 EPPI Centre

68. Required hospital capacity in 2025 and criteria for rationalisation of complex cancer surgery, radiotherapy and maternity services

test ADH – HJA Hospital day-care billing data (‘Anonieme daghospitalisatie’/’Hospitalisation de jour anonyme’) AHRQ Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (United States) AIC Akaike Information Criterion AICc Corrected Akaike Information Criterion ALOS Average length of stay AP-HP Assistance Publique – Hôpitaux de Paris (France) APR-DRG All Patient Refined Diagnosis Related Group AR Admission Rate ARH Regional Hospital Agency (‘Agence Régionale de l’Hospitalisation’) (France) ARIMA Auto (...) Institute of Statistics and Economic Studies (‘Institut National de la Statistique et des Etudes Economiques’) (France) IORT Intraoperative Radiation Therapy IPA Activity Monitoring Indicators (‘Indicateurs de Pilotage de l’Activité’) (France) ISHMT International Shortlist for Hospital Morbidity Tabulation IT Information Technology KCE Belgian Healthcare Knowledge Centre KPSS Kwiatkowski-Phillips-Schmidt-Shin test LAPC Locally Advanced Pancreatic Cancer LINAC Linear Accelerator LOS Length of stay MAE

2017 Belgian Health Care Knowledge Centre

69. Implementing tools to support evidence-based practice: a survey and brief intervention study of the National Elf Service across Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust

at any time. To learn more about how we use cookies, please see our . Log in using your username and password For personal accounts OR managers of institutional accounts Username * Password * your user name or password? Search for this keyword Search for this keyword Main menu Log in using your username and password For personal accounts OR managers of institutional accounts Username * Password * your user name or password? You are here Implementing tools to support evidence-based practice: a survey (...) , presentations were delivered by the same person for each team, this being the director of the NES, André Tomlin. Procedure Prior to the intervention, mental health professionals from the AMHTs and EIS were asked to complete the baseline survey. The baseline survey was distributed in team business meetings, which all members of staff are required to attend and therefore it was hoped a large number of staff would be reached. The NES intervention was systematically rolled out across the selected teams

2018 Evidence-Based Mental Health

70. Low back pain and radicular pain: evaluation and management

highlighted however the potential utility of a combination of clinical tests and confirmed that a history taking and a clinical examination (including testing motor) is needed to exclude the presence of symptoms or signs suggestive of possible serious underlying pathology (red flags). This is linked with another NICE recommendation based on consensus and included in the NICE chapter on imaging: “Think about alternative diagnoses when examining or reviewing people with low back pain, particularly

2017 Belgian Health Care Knowledge Centre

71. An in situ study of the habits of users that affect office chair design and testing. (Abstract)

to participate in 8-hr assessments of office seating habits. Overall results were compared with current chair testing and design assumptions. Data were collected through written survey and through data logging of seat and back contact pressure and duration with the use of the X-SENSOR pressure mapping device and software. Additionally, I day per participant of caster roll distance was recorded with the use of a caster mounted digital encoder. Participants were grouped by body mass index (BMI) and weight (BMI (...) <35 and weight < 102 kg or BMI >35 and weight >102 kg).It was determined that a significant difference did exist between the groups in mean seat time per shift (p < .001), back cycles per shift (p < .002), seat cycles per shift (p < .01), and caster distance rolled per shift (p < .001).Several key parameters and assumptions of current chair test methods and design specifications may no longer be valid for the upper quartile of weight range of the current U.S. population.The data collected

2011 Human factors Controlled trial quality: uncertain

72. Social prescribing evidence map: technical report

programmes 24 5.3 Horticultural programme 31 5.4 Exercise referral schemes 32 5.5 Commercial weight loss programmes 50 5.6 Referral for welfare rights advice 52 6 Discussion 53 6.1 Overview of evidence characteristics 53 6.2 Testing assumptions within the theory of change 54 7 Conclusion 58 8 References 60 Appendix: EVIDENCE MAP – SUMMARY TABLES 65 3 1 Purpose The Public Health Wales Observatory Evidence Service has produced this evidence map and narrative summary to enable the Primary and Community Care (...) in social prescribing initiatives in Wales should be encouraged to maintain a lesson log to help facilitate onward dissemination of learning no matter what is ultimately achieved. 5 Key messages about the research evidence base ? Many evaluations report that a substantial proportion of those referred do not take up or do not engage with or complete the intervention offered. Research could be undertaken to identify barriers and facilitators influencing uptake and adherence, actions to mitigate

2017 Public Health Wales Observatory Evidence Service

73. Screening for Hepatitis C Virus: A Systematic Review

of screening for hepatitis C virus (HCV) infection in asymptomatic, non-pregnant, treatment-naive adults; and (2) to assess the published research evidence on the ability of available antibody (Ab) and antigen (Ag) screening tests to identify people in the general population with chronic HCV infection. Methods Literature Search Strategy The literature search was performed by an information specialist using a peer-reviewed search strategy according to the PRESS checklist. Published literature was identified (...) ) who represented a cross-section of the general population. For the question on the clinical validity of screening with Ab and Ag tests to identify people with chronic HCV infection, screening tests of interest included Ab tests (e.g., enzyme-linked immunoassay [ELISA], chemiluminescent immunoassays [CLIA], chemiluminescent microparticle immunoassays [CMIA], microparticle enzyme immunoassays [MEIA]), and Ag tests (alone or combination Ab and Ag assays). The diagnostic test for active HCV infection

2017 CADTH - Health Technology Assessment

74. Anabolic Therapies for Osteoporosis in Postmenopausal Women: Effectiveness and Value

of independence (42%) and lost mobility (25%) as their top two concerns. 16 The primary concern among caregivers of patients with osteoporosis was that they would not be able to manage the care of their loved one (50%). Other notable findings included 60% of patients who had sustained a fracture reported not being referred for a bone density test, and fewer than half (47%) were prescribed a medication for osteoporosis. Among those prescribed a medication, 38% said that they never took it, primarily because

2017 California Technology Assessment Forum

75. Screening for Atrial Fibrillation: 2017 European Heart Rhythm Association (EHRA) Consensus Document

-specific modi- fiers, comorbidities, and issues of patient preference that might influ- ence the choice of particular tests or therapies were considered, as were frequency of follow-up and cost effectiveness. In controversial areas, or with regard to issues without evidence other than usual clin- ical practice, a consensus (with at least 85% agreement) was achieved by agreement of the expert panel. This document was prepared by the Task Force with representation from EHRA, Heart Rhythm Society (HRS (...) of stroke (because of the asymp- tomatic nature of AF) might thus even be more effective than what might be expected. Epidemiologicalconsiderations Effectiveness of screening depends on the target population, the test’s diagnostic accuracy, and cost-effectiveness. 31,32 Prevalence and incidence vary by baseline characteristics. It is thus of crucial import- ance to target the most at risk population to increase the screening efficiency. Two different strategies could theoretically be proposed: screening

2017 Heart Rhythm Society

76. Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo (BPPV) Full Text available with Trip Pro

and neck extended 20° with the affected ear down, and (2) treat, or refer to a clinician who can treat, patients with posterior canal BPPV with a canalith repositioning procedure. The update group made a strong recommendation against postprocedural postural restrictions after canalith repositioning procedure for posterior canal BPPV. The update group made recommendations that the clinician should (1) perform, or refer to a clinician who can perform, a supine roll test to assess for lateral semicircular (...) : View or download all content the institution has subscribed to. Society If you have access to journal via a society or associations, read the instructions below Members of _ can log in with their society credentials below Username (required) Password (required) Society (required) Access to society journal content varies across our titles. If you have access to a journal via a society or association membership, please browse to your society journal, select an article to view, and follow

2017 American Academy of Otolaryngology - Head and Neck Surgery

77. Community monitoring interventions to curb corruption and increase access and quality of service delivery in low? and middle?income countries: a systematic review Full Text available with Trip Pro

levels are above 20 per cent and in same countries even 50 per cent (Service Delivery Indicators, 2015). Corruption has also impacted on service delivery in Brazil. Municipalities where corruption in education has been detected have test scores that are 0.35 standard deviations lower than those without corruption, as well as higher rates of dropout and failure. Moreover, teachers in corrupt municipalities are 10.7 per cent less likely to receive pedagogical training and less likely to have a computer (...) information on how to monitor providers. For example, Banerjee et al . (2010) conduct a randomised evaluation of three interventions to encourage beneficiaries’ participation in India's educational system. Prior to conducting the interventions, information was provided on the state of educational performance. They then a) provided information on existing institutions, Village Education Committees (VECs), to monitor schools, b) trained community members in a testing tool for children, and c) trained

2016 Campbell Collaboration

78. Deworming and adjuvant interventions for improving the developmental health and well?being of children in low? and middle?income countries: a systematic review and network meta?analysis Full Text available with Trip Pro

that mass deworming of children is advocated is that screening for infection and treating infected children is prohibitively expensive, costing at least six times the cost of deworming itself, because it requires collection of stool samples, repeat visits and laboratory testing with the Kato‐Katz method ( ). Cost‐effectiveness analysis for mass deworming should also consider economies of scale (Turner et al. 2016). Hygiene education and promotion and sanitation programmes are designed to reduce (...) estimates of the network depends on two assumptions: 1) that effects are transitive, and 2) there is consistency. Transitivity is the assumption that if the effect of A vs. C is greater than the effect of B vs. C then A is greater than B. Transitivity requires a common anchor intervention (in most cases, placebo) and balance of the distribution of effect modifiers across the different treatment comparisons. Transitivity is difficult to test since effect modifiers may not all be known or reported

2016 Campbell Collaboration

79. Obesity: working with local communities

be helpful. The local coordinator and public health teams should ensure the results of all monitoring and evaluation are made available to all those who can use them to inform their work, both in the local community and nationally. For example, log evaluation reports in the Obesity Learning Centre or healthy places databases, or the NICE shared learning database. The local coordinator and communications leads should ensure information from monitoring and evaluation is accessible and easy to use (...) that the impact on inequalities can be considered. All of the above should use simple tests to assess value for money (such as resources saved by working in partnership). All of the above should encourage a reflective

2012 National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence - Clinical Guidelines

80. Hetlioz - tasimelteon

that tasimelteon was considered to be a new active substance. The application submitted is composed of administrative information, complete quality data, non-clinical and clinical data based on applicants’ own tests and studies and/or bibliographic literature substituting/supporting certain tests or studies. Information on Paediatric requirements Pursuant to Article 7 of Regulation (EC) No 1901/2006, the application included an EMA Decision(s) P/0141/2014 on the agreement of a paediatric investigation plan (...) . Tasimelteon is a white to off-white crystalline powder, it is non hygroscopic, soluble in water across relevant pH values and freely soluble in alcohols, cyclohexane, and acetonitrile. Conducted in vivo studies demonstrate that tasimelteon is highly permeable substance. Photostability testing and testing on stress conditions demonstrated that the active substance degrades in light. Tasimelteon exhibits stereoisomerism due to the presence of two chiral centres. Active substance is manufactured as a single

2015 European Medicines Agency - EPARs

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