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61. Donald Trump triggers deep-seated human instincts

Donald Trump triggers deep-seated human instincts Donald Trump triggers deep-seated human instincts Donald Trump triggers deep-seated human instincts | | October 19, 2016 78 Shares My dad is a locally famed and sincere career politician. All my life I have seen him value public service over personal wealth. As a young lawyer, he worked in Washington DC for the Department of Justice during the civil rights movement, and he often shares stories of his tour of duty in 1960’s Alabama. After (...) I see it. One colleague, a physician, has taken to disparaging remarks about other physicians’ ethnicity. Another told me a blatant racial joke. I have a physician colleague who religiously brings me extreme right wing presidential campaign propaganda which is often constructed in the form of a joke. I repeatedly tell him, “I don’t think it’s funny.” Worse than that, I think it’s part of the problem. Again, these colleagues are fellow physicians. They have attained arguably the highest

2016 KevinMD blog

63. A day in the life of a clinical librarian

revalidation in my clinical areas. If you weren’t a Librarian, what would you be? If I hadn’t been a Librarian, I would have liked to have been a Lawyer! Tell us a joke or a non-work fact about yourself I love jokes, however I always struggle to remember them. One I heard last week made me chuckle – why did the Mexican push his wife over the cliff?………drum roll……………TEQUILA!!! Thanks so much, Cathryn! It's been great hearing all about your world of clinical librarianship! Want to read more? Catch up on all

2016 Clinical Librarian Blog

64. Patient Modesty: Volume 77

male patients are not accommodated if requested. Most class action lawsuits are initiated by one person only. PT At , Anonymous said... Ref: At Thursday, September 15, 2016 7:40:00 AM, Blogger Biker in Vermont You nailed it perfectly, but let's redouble our campaign efforts anyway. Male modesty in a medical setting is important. BJTNT At , Anonymous said... After typing into any search engine " lawyers who specialize in class action lawsuits" brought up some interesting websites. Although I just (...) if a “holistic” approach better appreciates the individual and their preferences. Have no idea. Thoughts? - AB At , Anonymous said... The joint commission has no control over gender diversity in the workplace. If you are a medical facility or a hospital you pay the Joint commission to come out every other year and survey your hospital. Then you can hang on a placard that you are joint commission accredited. It is a big joke. The joint commission loves donuts too. They have no power to do anything. A perfect

2016 Bioethics Discussion Blog

65. The argument for time based billing

written repeatedly for the past 14 years, patients need us to spend the proper time attending to their needs. Time-based billing has made sense for many years, yet the idea never gains traction in the US. Please read the JAMA Internal Medicine article and let us know what you think. Share this: Like this: Like Loading... Comments (7) Dr Dave said on 31-05-2016 Since I HATE anything to do with lawyers and any actual antics they play billing like them skeves me to no end. The shear fact that more time (...) equals more money is counter to the fact that we should be based on helping patients not determined by time clock who pays more. SURE lawyers have justified their “time and materials” approach to billing but then so do plumbers and Rotor Rooter neither of which I feel appropriate assimilating. We need to be paid for experience and expertise and with that if I can answer a problem in 7 minutes as opposed to another who takes 20 does that mean I am to be penalized or should I just sit and chat while

2016 db's Medical Rants blog

67. Patient Modesty: Volume 74

, etc.)? Remember the old joke, " Q: What do you call the person who graduates last in his class from med school? A: Doctor. " Why should all patients, even those in in the healthcare field, NOT just accept the first doctor or surgeon available? Studies of the effects of physician gender on patient care have been limited by selected samples, examining a narrow spectrum of care, or not controlling for important confounders. ...Physician gender potentially affects the physician-patient relationship

2016 Bioethics Discussion Blog

68. Why not make antibiotics over the counter?

? I don’t know, but here’s something I do. I’ve had patients storm out because I’ve said no, and I take the chance of a negative review right then and there when it happens. Not to mention a lawsuit, should some complication arise, and a lawyer takes on the case of “why weren’t antibiotics prescribed.” Should we basically cater to patient requests? We take a risk when we say no, in this increasingly customer-service based field, so why not just have them over-the-counter? We’ve all seen (...) the relevant cartoon. It’s posted on my personal Facebook page, sent by a good friend just the other day. A mug, held by the hand of a doctor, states, “Don’t confuse my medical degree with your Google search.” Sigh. If this were only a joke. I have had several interactions in the office where a patient, after saying hello and being asked the common office conversation starter, “Why are you here today?” answers with, “I’m here to get a Z-pak for my bronchitis.” Basically, the patient here makes

2016 KevinMD blog

70. Patient Dignity (Formerly: Patient Modesty): Volume 92

. This is problematic, one a plaintiffs lawyer would easily seize on. “How do you know what an appropriate exam is, what is your training for conducting this exam?” “Do you stay in the room the entire time or are you asked to leave for various reasons?” “Who do you report suspicions too, what is the policy for reporting and to whom do you report?” “Do you document your observation or does the provider do that?” etc. Certainly small practices will not be able to or bother with providing chaperone training and having (...) approach would be successful by itself. This was the first time that this garment was being used; and, I wasn't sure how well a novel approach would be accepted by hospital personnel. Possibly, I was the topic of discussions, protocol meetings or jokes. I don't know. Throughout the entire process I was not hostile nor belligerent. I tried to politely "nail everything down" before the operation day. Nevertheless, my son and I were ready to pull the iv and walk (hobble) in the event of a last minute

2018 Bioethics Discussion Blog

71. Patient Modesty: Volume 89

communities people don’t run to the emergency room when they have a runny nose. I’ve worked in those small rural hospitals and once knew an old timer physician that was so old that the state took his drivers license away due to his poor vision. It didn’t stop him from working, he walked to the hospital and did house calls, on foot. Come to large cities like Phoenix or Houston and you will find 4 urgent care centers in one square mile. I call urgent care centers Quack in a Shack. What a joke! With my

2018 Bioethics Discussion Blog

74. Cancer quackery, Republican presidential candidates, and political influence

more likely is that Dr. Carson did some investigating into Burzynski's clinical trials, which Burzynski's own lawyer at the time, Richard Jaffe, described in a book as basically , the end being to be able to give patients whatever antineoplaston therapy Burzynski wanted to. Indeed, Jaffe even described one of Burzynski's trials as a "joke." It wouldn't have taken much digging to have discovered the issues and Burzynski's history of having charged patients huge amounts of money to administer

2015 Respectful Insolence

76. Does Big Grape Juice Control Nutrition Research? An Interview with Michele Simon

example from this conference, take the news that makes the vitamins in the vegetables more available to your body. Amazing, right? It’s actually not news: fat-soluble vitamins are more available to your body when you eat them with fat. The same researcher who did this work has shown the same effect with other foods, including oils. So why are eggs getting the press? (which most of the news articles aren’t reporting): the American Egg Board. Public health lawyer has been thinking about it too. (written (...) same or even better nutritional value by consuming whole fruit, but those sectors don’t have the same funding sources, and they’re not going to make as much money as Welch’s from slapping a claim on a 100% sugar vehicle. It’s a joke to me to even be talking about juice as a source of antioxidants given the sugar content, which likely negates any alleged health benefit. So we’re talking about corporate ties and funding and so on. Now, there’s funding and there’s influence , and they’re related

2015 PLOS Blogs Network

77. Twitter as an amplifier of antivaccine messages

Twitter.” So far, you might ask yourself: So what? How is this different from any other interest group trying to harness the power of social media to get its message heard? To some extent, it's not, but one thing Diresta and Lotan note as distinguishing this effort from those of other interest groups is just how much Twitter is used to attack and bully legislators who voted for the bill. They are particularly ruthless about going after these people: Tweetiatrician” doctors, lawyers, and pro-vaccine (...) some evil, lying corruption of malignant narcissists and stone-cold sociopaths (as they often accuse everyone else of being), then the very first thing it needs to do for itself is run about a billion gallons of drano down its very extensive sewers and completely clean them out. Because they're an absolute joke criticising everyone else when . to post comments By has (not verified) on 09 Jun 2015 to post comments By Mrs Woo (not verified) on 09 Jun 2015 to post comments By Kelly M Bray

2015 Respectful Insolence

78. Responding to parts 2-3 of New England Journal of Medicine’s series on pharma-MD relations

physicians and industry, the evidence suggesting that these conflicts have negative effects on patient care. She went through considerable theoreticizing, invoking authoritative psychologists and even a lawyer. But for all her more than 9,000 words, I think she missed the big picture. That is that the pursuit of the next blockbuster drug, the test that can screen millions, has become the end for much medical research. Even then, effectiveness and safety have become secondary at best. Take stomach ulcers (...) , I wondered if it might be some kind of elaborate joke: but sadly it seems not. I hate to see it when a clearly talented young writer is encouraged to write below standard, and at great length for no obvious reason. is an attempt to describe people who worry about conflicts of interest as beyond rationality. …Is Lisa actually suggesting that the pharmaceutical industry just flushes away used American flags and has never harmed anyone or concealed harm? But there I go—I am responding to wholly

2015 HealthNewsReview

79. Science is about embracing your knockers

the size of the breast.” That’s fair. I don’t trust claims without evidence, especially not unlikely ones about a magic cream that makes your breasts expand. Maybe it does work – I don’t particularly care either way – but when I asked the company to send me any evidence they had, or any information on ingredients, they flatly refused to send me anything at all. This is especially odd, since I’ve seen the letter that Rodial’s lawyers sent, and they tell Dr Nield: “Our client on request would have (...) started playing games. So, initially they refused to give me ( ) any evidence for their grand claims, or even say what the ingredients were. Now they’ve quietly changed the contents of their “ ” page: previously it linked to the Daily Mail story (which was weird, since this was the article that their lawyers claimed was libellous, but on the page they linked to is saying “CHECK OUT THE FABULOUS PRESS FOR BOOB JOB ON THE DAILY MAIL”); now it says “CLICK HERE TO SEE THE BOOB JOB KEY INGREDIENT CLINICALS

2010 Bad Science

80. Ghostwriters in the sky

being offered £20k for being such a ghost writer. The young lady in question thought her father a fool. Lets just hope that adequate legislation prevents this soon and that she was joking. AdamJacobs said, September 20, 2010 at Ghostwriting is undeniably a bad thing, and when it distorts the science in biomedical publications, it is a particularly bad thing. When faced with stories of it, those working in the world of clinical research seem to divide into 2 groups in the way they respond: 1. Take (...) of lawyers to work with FTW. And “ghostwriting” of sorts continues in the bench sciences as post-docs slave away, only to see their boss appear as first author. Everyone knows this, but it is a part of the indentured servitude status quo, with little recourse. So, these things happen regularly, without mechanisms in place to provide any sort of accountability or check. This is all simply a state of affairs in the private, not public, world of science and scientific publishing, where we hope we are all

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2010 Bad Science

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