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41. Patient Modesty: Volume 79

a colonoscopy without sedation was a total non-event, I will admit that swallowing the ultrasound device for the TEE was not easy or pleasant. Once it was all the way in it wasn't a big deal. Taking it out was a little tough but it comes out much faster than it goes in. Initially it was just me and the two nurses (female) and then the tech (female) came in to get the equipment set up. The older nurse then tells the tech that I won't be sedated so we can't be talking about how cute he is. She was joking (...) largest hospital in the State. I would think they'd be more efficient cost-wise than what I experienced. Again, I know the nurse was just joking about talking about me. It is just that such a comment carries with it the proverbial grain of truth that they do talk. At , Anonymous said... Hello Renee, Is there a reason that your doctors don't seem to elaborate on your condition IN PLAIN ENGLISH w/o the medicaleze? At your subsequent meetings, please ask all medical personnel to discussion your situation

2017 Bioethics Discussion Blog

42. The doctor fired for having cancer speaks up

I was an intern) to get it worked up. But it was getting really, really bad. I was feeling really sick a lot and something had to be wrong so I really had to push to go to these appointments. For example, one time I went to get an MRI, but the MRI machine broke and then I had to go again the next day. And then when I told my team and my attending the MRI machine broke, they made some joke about my weight. And I was like, “No it’s actually cause there’s some helium tank in it that broke (...) and it was the telephone number to a lawyer, and I’m like, “This is all just so bizarre.” So then, I really didn’t want to get the legal system involved, but there’s got to be somebody that can help me. So then I started writing to the university president and he didn’t reply to me either. So I just got to this place where I decided to just fix everything on my own. So I made it a QI [Quality Improvement] project to create a system that I call PWP (which is physician wellness program). So that if anybody else has

2017 KevinMD blog

43. Stanislaw Burzynski in NEWSWEEK: How long can his “unprecedented medical malfeasance” continue?

charges huge sums of money as "case management fees" to administer antineoplastons, how he downplays the toxicity of his magic antineoplastons, and how he has misinterpreted imaging studies. She even quotes Burzynski's lawyer's famous remark about how Burzynski's clinical trials were a "joke" designed to let him treat whomever he wanted to treat with antineoplastons. Wilner also asks a question that we all ask: Why does the FDA let these studies go on? The response is unsatisfying. First, as with most (...) Burzynski. It turns out that Cohen is like a lot of Burzynski patients about whom I've blogged. She appears to have been helped by conventional medicine but credits Burzynski, although it's not clear to me whether she is joking or not, as the passage is somewhat ambiguous: Sandra Cohen is a Burzynski success story—sort of. She went to him seeking antineoplastons, and when she didn’t qualify, she reluctantly started on chemotherapy and later agreed to surgery. Five years later, she is cancer-free. “Dr

2016 Respectful Insolence

44. The Wilyman PhD

, governments, and corporations, so there is no ability to control all of the research and shut out those who are not just interested in a paycheck (probably most scientists). One of the best ways to become famous in medicine is to disprove orthodoxy. Andrew Wakefield wants people to believe that he was not engaging in fraud, but he is an example of capitalism at work. Wakefield was getting paid by lawyers to produce research to support a law suit. He was caught and struck off. In “Bacteria, Ulcers (...) at work. Wakefield was getting paid by lawyers to produce research to support a law suit. He was caught and struck off. In “Bacteria, Ulcers, and Ostracism? H. Pylori and the Making of a Myth” Dr. Kimball Atwood explains how the scientific process worked as expected in toppling one flawed theory and replacing it over a decade with valid evidence of a more complete theory. One of the greatest explainers of science was Richard Feynman, who explained about research in unconventional areas in his Nobel

2016 Life in the Fast Lane Blog

45. The violent rhetoric of the antivaccine movement, “I didn’t really mean it” edition

. to post comments By Eric Lund (not verified) on 20 Jul 2016 to post comments By on 20 Jul 2016 to post comments By Denice Walter (not verified) on 20 Jul 2016 to post comments By Rich Bly (not verified) on 20 Jul 2016 I am not a lawyer, but I do read newspapers. to post comments By Fendlesworth (not verified) on 20 Jul 2016 to post comments By Denice Walter (not verified) on 20 Jul 2016 : The RNC schedule doesn't name Van Ettern's business, but she is an independent contract employee with Youngevity (...) ) on 25 Jul 2016 to post comments By JP (not verified) on 25 Jul 2016 to post comments By Politicalguineapig (not verified) on 25 Jul 2016 to post comments By Cypher (not verified) on 31 Jul 2016 Its becoming a sad joke. Actually, the inability of anti-vaccine proponents to accept reality is the sad joke. to post comments By Liz Ditz (not verified) on 31 Jul 2016 to post comments By herr doktor bimler (not verified) on 31 Jul 2016 to post comments By Kevin Stacy (not verified) on 01 Aug 2016 to post

2016 Respectful Insolence

46. The violent rhetoric of the antivaccine movement, VAXXED edition

Wakefield, , have been touring the country along with fellow antivaccine activist and Wakefield admirer Polly Tommey (and, at some stops, ) to and crappy at screenings of their movie and who . Bigtree has also been teaming with lawyers eager to exploit parents of autistic children by suing for “vaccine injury” to , Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-UT), who just so happens to represent a district in a state that is the in the US. While doing these Q&As, Tommey and Bigtree have been demonstrating that , with Tommey (...) comments By Helianthus (not verified) on 25 Jul 2016 Also, who cares if it gives crazy people a platform? You do not combat repulsive ideas with censorship. Let them speak, let them make fools out of themselves. Debunk them. Shame them. As our host probably knows, it is not a hard to do when facts are on your side. Holocaust deniers are a joke. to post comments By Amethyst (not verified) on 25 Jul 2016 .* * See also the . to post comments By Narad (not verified) on 25 Jul 2016 to post comments

2016 Respectful Insolence

47. An antivaccine activist explains how she uses Facebook reporting algorithms to harass and silence pro-science bloggers

joke, but it is not. Three weeks ago, and describing how a particularly vicious, nasty antivaccine troll named Heather Murray had successfully gamed Facebook reporting algorithms intended to report abuse in order to silence pro-science bloggers. It is, unfortunately, a tactic that I first heard about over two years ago, when antivaccine activists affiliated with what was then called the Australian Vaccination Network (AVN) to target pro-science bloggers and activists associated with a group whose (...) 300. We WILLNOT STAND FOR THIS we are THOUSANDS, and MAYBE TENS OF THOUSANDS STRONG at this point. So we would like to know...are you with us..or against us. We are willing to help make a video with all kinds of intelligent free-thinking people. We have doctors and lawyers, and scientists, and biologists all that DONOT vax and we have the SCIENCE to back it up. What say you all? Please let us know ASAP as we are hoping to be able to POST ON THIS PAGE OUR BODY, OUR KIDS BODIES, OUR CHOICE. And we

2016 Respectful Insolence

48. Patient Dignity (Formerly:Patient Modesty): Volume 97

I have received for years during routine office visits, then again I'm at the disposable age [and male]. Everything else in my recent routine health care involves lab panels that AI is superior at analyzing and prescribing. The patient's medical history [EHR/EMR] is automatically retained and available to everyone not limited by HIPAA [joke]. Most prescriptions will be available when the patient leaves the booth from a system similar to technology used in warehouses for over 20 years, again

2019 Bioethics Discussion Blog

49. Patient Dignity (Formerly: Patient Modesty): Volume 93

of approaches which will begin and lead to a CURE of this systemic disease. We read here about the symptoms and course and pathologic basis-- now is time to work towards that cure. I am sure that all our commentators know lawyers and physicians. A first step is to make an effort to notify them what is being discussed here and have them join this thread with their views and perhaps their professional suggestions of how to proceed. ..Maurice. At , Anonymous said... PT, thanks for your support. It is much

2019 Bioethics Discussion Blog

50. Patient Dignity (Formerly:Patient Modesty):Volume 99

request will address the issue. If you start with the 2X4 approach when it wasn't really needed you may find yourself needlessly labeled a problem patient. If anyone is going to be fired, best you be the one firing the doctor rather than the doctor firing you. At , Anonymous said... Dr B I hope you know my last comment was mostly a joke. Or sarcasm. The reflex test isn't likely what any of us are taking about anyway. I do blame my former family doctor for how long I had to suffer with my gallbladder (...) criminal they will deny wrongdoing. They do know how things are supposed to be done and will absolutely attest that is the way they did it. They also follow them around to observe as if they would sexually molest if their presence. The Medicare investigation is a joke. They only add to fire fuel that will make it grow. They shouldn't even bother to have such an oversight dept as it is totally useless. I doubt if they would recognize abuse even if it did happen in front of them. So what I have further

2019 Bioethics Discussion Blog

51. Preserving Patient Dignity (Formerly: Patient Modesty):Volume 104

& technologist fields by using incentives. We're not animals we're human beings and deserve to be treated as such. I don't see help coming from Washington as I've been beating that dead horse for months now. They are bought & paid for by the industry. Lawyers look at the healthcare system as a losing financial proposition so they won't take them to court. Right now I see a bleak future for men, their sons, and their grandsons if they need intimate medical care. Expect no dignity, no, respect, & absolutely

2019 Bioethics Discussion Blog

53. Preserving Patient Dignity (Formerly: Patient Modesty):Volume 103

iatrogenic trauma is malpractice and gross negligence. With what I do professionally, I have defense law firms that I use regularly in 15 states. I can call a lawyer at anytime from a facility and have one there within 2 hours. From my legal background, I will ask that certain information be included in my medical record (I would even do this with my lawyer on the phone as a witness, info that will set the facility and providers up for civil and criminal legal action. My friend up north is a web

2019 Bioethics Discussion Blog

54. Patient Dignity (Formerly:Patient Modesty):Volume 101

the person(s) behind the "prank" at Olympia Urology would prove far more effective in ensuring it doesn't happen again than a hollow threat from corporate to take action if it happens again. I will note that this story hasn't made it to allnurses. No surprise there. At , JR said... JR said: Lawyers in Washington must be a different breed than here in Indiana. In Indiana, they do not want cases that take actual work or someone didn't die. There simply is not enough money in it for them (...) of the people they hire. Because if they did, there wouldn't be so many voyeurs, and pervs running unchecked in the system as it stands today. Regards, NTT At , JR said... JR said: From the lawyers we have talked with most of them have said that the hospital from hell is very aggressive in lawsuits and it would drag on for years. One we talked to in depth was currently representing someone w/ a claim against hospital from hell. He said he would not take another as he had "won" after more

2019 Bioethics Discussion Blog

55. Patient Dignity (Formerly:Patient Modesty):Volume 98

on. There are just as many single mothers as there are addicts in these professions. There was a woman in the greater Philadelphia area who put herself through law school by stripping After graduation and trying to get established as a lawyer, she went back to stripping because it was more lucrative. Genital piercings are many times done for ones self. They may be shared with a partner, one that is also sharing themselves. Much of the modern body modification industry is a result of medicine's arrogance towards (...) that a religious hospital practices discrimination. Given that many doctors are condescending in their attitude towards staff, it is no small wonder that staff retaliate on selected patients. None of this is right or should be tolerated. At least here in the US, no one is forced to become a doctor so they need to get over themselves and the long years it takes to become one. It takes long years to become a lawyer or a school principal. I read on one catholic site they say they can tolerate a person believing

2019 Bioethics Discussion Blog

56. Patient Dignity (Formerly: Patient Modesty): Volume 94

how cowed the other doctors and medical staff were? I don't especially blame the other medical staff. There probably would have been some very real consequences had anyone of them stood up to that doctor. Afterwards Gift bearer couldn't get a lawyer to take her case either. At , said... PT, that new pricing transparency law will prove to be useless. I took a look at my local small town hospital's site. The list of billables has 21,199 items on it and doesn't include the charges for the doctors who (...) exceptions, wouldn't care for patients with the same respect and dignity. BJTNT At , said... JR, I am moving to educate personal injury lawyers about how mistreatment of patients creates side effects, thus allowing them to litigate. This will change the system when it costs them money. -- Banterings At , said... As I stated previously, the systematic mistreatment of patients by the profession of medicine rises to the level of a Human Rights' violation. Here is a case of organizations being held

2019 Bioethics Discussion Blog

57. Patient Dignity (Formerly: Patient Modesty): Volume 95

— A Toronto doctor has had her licence revoked after an intimate relationship with her cancer patient that included having sex while he was receiving treatment in hospital. Well, to be fair I might as well get into the contributing references, even as statistical outliers, regarding published "bad girls of medicine" and their "damaged male patients". ..Maurice. At , Ray B. said... You're correct Biker; Sparks is an ENT. Must have had a lapse. If I recall, there were jokes about her "work" going around

2019 Bioethics Discussion Blog

58. Guidelines for Psychological Practice with Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual Clients

for lesbian, gay, and bisexual people, many of whom may be tolerated only when they are “closeted” (DiPlacido, 1998). Minority stress can be experienced in the form of ongoing daily hassles (e.g., hearing antigay jokes) and more serious negative events (e.g., loss of employment, housing, custody of children, physical and sexual assault; DiPlacido, 1998). According to a probability sample study by Herek (2009), antigay victimization has been experi- enced by approximately 1 in 8 lesbian and bisexual indi

2012 American Psychological Association

59. False balance in reporting the case of a local mother jailed for contempt of court for reneging on an agreement to vaccinate her child

sentencing you to seven days in jail, and I also award Dad temporary physical custody while you are incarcerated and until enough time has passed for him to bring your son's vaccinations up to date as rapidly as medically necessary, which is the language in the order." . Judge then instructs Dad to pick up child at school and to set up the vaccinations per the order. She sets a status update hearing in a week. Mom starts to whine and discuss and judge shuts her down. "No. I'm done here." Mom's lawyer (...) flu shot last week, thanks. I get one every year. I'm also planning on getting vaccinated against shingles as it's no joke. A family member has scarred corneas due to shingles. It's a shame they make people wait until they are a certain age as shingles can strike anytime after someone has suffered a bout of chicken pox. to post comments By Dagian (not verified) on 08 Oct 2017 to post comments By Dagian (not verified) on 08 Oct 2017 to post comments By Johnny (not verified) on 08 Oct 2017 to post

2017 Respectful Insolence

60. When regulation is opaque, trust is all you have

an old story, after all, and the flow goes both ways. One of the pharmaceutical industry’s favourite lawyers has of the US Patent Office. FDA employees routinely flow in and out of pharmaceutical companies. The is built on the same phenomenon. These things aren’t a guarantee of a bad outcome: they’re a risk factor, like driving after 3 pints, and so we police them. Perhaps civil servants will be too friendly to industry, hoping for a lucrative commercial post one day. At the very least they bring (...) but think how it was 40 years ago. Regarding anti-science, the biggest problem is that while they think as themselves as whistleblowers, which could be true, the lack of scientific fundment makes their calls jokes easily debunked and when real science based critics over drugs are made they are not heard or disregarded. joshua said, March 22, 2011 at The EU Clinical Trial Register is now live Although the EMA are only slowly releasing the data onto the public site. Currently 2002 trials in the database

2011 Bad Science

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