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12741. Home enteral nutrition reduces complications, length of stay, and health care costs: results from a multicenter study. Full Text available with Trip Pro

Home enteral nutrition reduces complications, length of stay, and health care costs: results from a multicenter study. Home enteral nutrition (HEN) has always been recognized as a life-saving procedure, but with the ongoing economic crisis influencing health care, its cost-effectiveness has been questioned recently.The unique reimbursement situation in Poland enabled the otherwise ethically unacceptable, hence unavailable, comparison of the period of no-feeding and long-term feeding (...) and the subsequent analyses of the clinical value of the latter and its cost-effectiveness.The observational multicenter study in the group of 456 HEN patients [142 children: 55 girls and 87 boys, mean (±SD) age 8.7 ± 5.9 y; 314 adults: 151 women and 163 men, mean age 59.3 ± 19.8 y] was performed between January 2007 and July 2013. Two 12-mo periods were compared. During the first period, patients were tube fed a homemade diet and were not monitored; during the other period, patients received HEN. HEN included

2014 American Journal of Clinical Nutrition

12742. Maternal prepregnancy obesity and insulin treatment during pregnancy are independently associated with delayed lactogenesis in women with recent gestational diabetes mellitus. Full Text available with Trip Pro

and risk factors associated with delayed OL in a racially and ethnically diverse cohort of postpartum women with recent GDM.We analyzed data collected in the Study of Women, Infant Feeding and Type 2 Diabetes After GDM Pregnancy (SWIFT), which is a prospective cohort of women diagnosed with GDM who delivered at Kaiser Permanente Northern California hospitals from 2008 to 2011. At 6-9 wk postpartum, delayed OL was assessed by maternal report of breast fullness and defined as occurring after 72 h (...) postpartum. We obtained data on prenatal course and postdelivery infant feeding practices from electronic medical records and in-person surveys. We used multivariable logistic regression models to estimate associations of delayed OL with prenatal, delivery, and postnatal characteristics.The analysis included 883 SWIFT participants who initiated breastfeeding and did not have diabetes at 6-9 wk postpartum. Delayed OL was reported by 33% of women and was associated with prepregnancy obesity (OR: 1.56; 95

2014 American Journal of Clinical Nutrition

12743. Associations of maternal obesity and psychosocial factors with breastfeeding intention, initiation, and duration. Full Text available with Trip Pro

, maternal confidence in, and behavioral beliefs about breastfeeding; 2) BMI and these psychosocial factors predict outcomes of intention to breastfeed, ever breastfed, and the duration of breastfeeding; and 3) BMI and psychosocial factors are associated with these breastfeeding outcomes independent of each other.Participants (n = 2824) in the Infant Feeding Practices Study II provided data on psychosocial characteristics and breastfeeding outcomes. In this prospective cohort study, data were analyzed

2014 American Journal of Clinical Nutrition

12744. Ontogeny of taste preferences: basic biology and implications for health. Full Text available with Trip Pro

difficulty initially accepting flavors not found in formula, such as those of fruit and vegetables. Regardless of early feeding mode, infants can learn through repeated exposure and dietary variety if caregivers focus on the child's willingness to consume a food and not just the facial expressions made during feeding. In addition, providing complementary foods low in salt and sugars may help protect the developing child from excess intake later in life. Early-life experiences with healthy tastes (...) Ontogeny of taste preferences: basic biology and implications for health. Health initiatives address childhood obesity in part by encouraging good nutrition early in life. This review highlights the science that shows that children naturally prefer higher levels of sweet and salty tastes and reject lower levels of bitter tastes than do adults. Thus, their basic biology does not predispose them to favor the recommended low-sugar, low-sodium, vegetable-rich diets and makes them especially

2014 American Journal of Clinical Nutrition

12745. Brominated flame retardants in breast milk and behavioural and cognitive development at 36 months. Full Text available with Trip Pro

Brominated flame retardants in breast milk and behavioural and cognitive development at 36 months. Polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDEs) are persistent flame retardants found in the environment, in household dust, and in humans. Breast feeding is a prominent route of exposure in infancy. PBDEs adversely affect neurodevelopment in animals. Here, we estimate associations between PBDEs in breast milk and behaviour and cognitive skills in children at 36 months of age.We prospectively studied 304 (...) mothers and their children. We measured PBDEs in breast milk collected at 3 months postpartum. At 36 months, we measured child behaviour with the parent-rated Behavioral Assessment System for Children 2 (n = 192), and cognitive skills with the Mullen Scales of Early Learning (n = 184). We analysed data with robust regression.We detected BDE-28, -47, -99, -100, and -153 in >70% of milk samples. For each congener, the highest quartile of breast milk PBDE concentration, vs. the lowest, was associated

2014 Paediatric and perinatal epidemiology

12746. Slow and Low Start of a Tacrolimus Once Daily Immunosuppressive Regimen

with uncontrolled infectious disease, particularly patients who are HIV-positive or suffer from chronic hepatitis B or C or tuberculosis patients with severe gastroenteric disorder, particularly severe diarrhea and symptoms of enteric malabsorption patients suffering from liver cirrhosis CHILD B or C or other severe liver disease (aspartate aminotransferase (ASAT), alanine aminotransferase (ALAT), GammaGT ≥ 3-fold increased) thrombopenia < 70,000/mm3 leukopenia < 2,500/mm3 participation in another clinical (...) trial within the last 4 weeks prior to inclusion estimated addiction or other disorders that do not allow the person concerned, the nature and scope and possible consequences of the clinical trial pregnant or breast-feeding women women of childbearing age, except women who meet any of the following criteria: post-menopausal (12 months natural amenorrhea or 6 months amenorrhea with serum > 40 U/ml, postoperatively (6 weeks after bilateral oophorectomy with or without hysterectomy), regular

2014 Clinical Trials

12747. Novel Trocarless, Scarless Technique for Left Lobe Liver Retraction in Laparoscopic Upper Gastrointestinal Surgeries: Simple, Cost-effective and with Better Cosmesis Full Text available with Trip Pro

of the left lobe of liver, which is described here. Device can be made both single sling and double sling, with help of an infant feeding tube and any routinely used suture material. Placement of device does not require any incision, special energy source, or instrument. It can help in SILS. Detailed technique is described in the text. Operative times did not change significantly. Exposure was excellent. No special instruments or energy devices are required; thus, it is cost-effective. Reducing one port

2014 The Indian journal of surgery

12748. Social and Public Health Perspectives of Promotion of Breastfeeding Full Text available with Trip Pro

of California, San Francisco. eng K23 HD059818 HD NICHD NIH HHS United States R40 MC26811 PHS HHS United States R40 MC26820 PHS HHS United States 5 K12 HD072222 HD NICHD NIH HHS United States P60 MD0006902 MD NIMHD NIH HHS United States P60 MD006902 MD NIMHD NIH HHS United States Journal Article Research Support, N.I.H., Extramural United States JAMA Pediatr 101589544 2168-6203 AIM IM Breast Feeding Female Health Promotion methods Humans Infant Infant Welfare Infant, Newborn Maternal Welfare 2014 8 5 6 0 (...) Social and Public Health Perspectives of Promotion of Breastfeeding 25089839 2015 01 27 2018 11 13 2168-6211 168 10 2014 Oct JAMA pediatrics JAMA Pediatr Social and public health perspectives of promotion of breastfeeding. 877-8 10.1001/jamapediatrics.2014.907 Flaherman Valerie J VJ Department of Pediatrics, University of California, San Francisco2Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics, University of California, San Francisco. Fuentes-Afflick Elena E Department of Pediatrics, University

2014 JAMA pediatrics

12749. Reply to EM Satter Full Text available with Trip Pro

Reply to EM Satter 25142892 2015 02 09 2018 12 02 1938-3207 100 3 2014 Sep The American journal of clinical nutrition Am. J. Clin. Nutr. Reply to EM Satter. 987-8 10.3945/ajcn.114.092049 Rollins Brandi Y BY Center for Childhood Obesity Research 129 Noll Laboratory The Pennsylvania State University University Park, PA 16802 E-mail: Loken Eric E Department of Human Development and Family Studies The Pennsylvania State University University Park, PA 16802. Savage Jennifer S JS (...) Department of Nutritional Sciences The Pennsylvania State University University Park, PA 16802. Birch Leann L LL Department of Foods and Nutrition The University of Georgia Athens, GA 30602. eng Letter Comment United States Am J Clin Nutr 0376027 0002-9165 AIM IM Am J Clin Nutr. 2014 Sep;100(3):986-7 25142891 Am J Clin Nutr. 2014 Feb;99(2):249-57 24284443 Body Mass Index Feeding Behavior Female Humans Hunger physiology Parenting 2014 8 22 6 0 2014 8 22 6 0 2015 2 11 6 0 ppublish 25142892 100/3/987

2014 The American journal of clinical nutrition

12750. EAGLE: Evaluating Genotypes Using Intravitreal Aflibercept Injection

, or endophthalmitis in either eye Aphakia, ACIOL, or unstable PCIOL Uncontrolled glaucoma in the study eye (defined as intraocular pressure ≥30 mmHg despite treatment with anti-glaucoma medication) Pregnant or breast-feeding women Sexually active men* or women of childbearing potential** who are unwilling to practice adequate contraception during the study (adequate contraceptive measures include stable use of oral contraceptives or other prescription pharmaceutical contraceptives for 2 or more menstrual cycles (...) prior to screening; intrauterine device [IUD]; bilateral tubal ligation; vasectomy; condom plus contraceptive sponge, foam, or jelly, or diaphragm plus contraceptive sponge, foam, or jelly) Any other condition that the investigator believes would pose a significant hazard to the patient if the investigational therapy were initiated *Contraception is not required for men with documented vasectomy. **Postmenopausal women must be amenorrheic for at least 12 months in order not to be considered of child

2014 Clinical Trials

12751. Dose Escalation Trial of Tefinostat for Cancer Associated Inflamation in Hepatocellular Carcinoma (HCC)

. Histologically or cytologically confirmed malignant HCC refractory to standard therapy or for which no standard therapy exists. a. Patients with alcoholic cirrhosis may be included dependent on clinical judgement as to their ability to conform to the protocol. Patient is not a transplant candidate. Hepatitis is controlled by antiviral therapy (PEG-IFN, ribavirin, telaprevir, etc). Prophylactic Lamivudine for HBV carriers. Child-Pugh classification A or B7. Adequate bone marrow, hepatic and renal function (...) will substantially increase the risk associated with the patient's participation in the study. Psychiatric disorders or altered mental status precluding understanding of the informed consent process and/or completion of the necessary studies. Gastrointestinal disorders that may interfere with absorption of the study drug. Patients requiring palliative radiotherapy within the last 4 weeks of study entry. Uncontrolled hypercalcaemia (>CTCAE v4.03 grade I). Pregnant or breast-feeding women. Patients who have

2014 Clinical Trials

12752. Pilot Study of Cabazitaxel and Paclitaxel in HER2 Negative Breast Cancer

pregnancy test for all women of child bearing potential Exclusion Criteria: Grade ≥2 oral mucositis or peripheral or sensory neuropathy History of other malignancy History of severe hypersensitivity ≥grade 3 to polysorbate 80- containing drugs and taxanes Clinically significant cardiovascular disease Any acute or chronic medical condition Acute infection requiring systemic antibiotics or antifungal medication Sex hormones Administration of any live vaccine within 8 weeks Concurrent or planned treatment (...) with strong inhibitors or strong inducers of cytochrome P450 3A4/5 Participation in another clinical trial with an investigational drug within 30 days of randomisation Pregnant or breast feeding women Contraindications to the use of corticosteroid treatment HER2 Positive breast cancer Previous Paclitaxel chemotherapy in the adjuvant setting Previous cytotoxic chemotherapy for metastatic disease Palliative radiotherapy for metastatic disease within 4 weeks of randomisation Symptomatic brain metastases

2014 Clinical Trials

12753. Branched-chain Amino Acid (BCAA) on Progression of Advanced Liver Disease

of liver disease. However, there are limited evidences in literature. The aim of this study is to evaluate the efficacy of oral branched-chain amino acid in patients with advanced liver cirrhosis. Condition or disease Intervention/treatment Phase Liver Cirrhosis Drug: Livact Phase 4 Detailed Description: This study is a multicenter retrospective cohort study involving thirteen centers in Korea nation-wide. The inclusion criteria are liver cirrhosis patients with Child-Pugh score 8 to 10. The major (...) exclusion criteria are abnormal serum creatinine level, and hepatocellular carcinoma with viable tumor. The investigators analyzed improvement of Model for End-Stage Liver Disease score, Child-Pugh score, incidence of cirrhosis-related complications, and event free survival. Study Design Go to Layout table for study information Study Type : Interventional (Clinical Trial) Estimated Enrollment : 1470 participants Allocation: Non-Randomized Intervention Model: Parallel Assignment Masking: None (Open Label

2014 Clinical Trials

12754. Study of Xeloxiri Regimen for Patients With Refractory Metastatic Colorectal Cancer

. Patients who have severe bone marrow failure. Patients undergoing renal dialysis. History of HIV infection. Seizure disorder requiring medication (such as steroids or anti-epileptics). Women who are pregnant or breast-feeding, or women of child-bearing potential who are unable or unwilling to practice a highly effective means of contraception. Substance abuse, medical, psychological or social conditions that may interfere with the patient's participation in the study or evaluation of study results

2014 Clinical Trials

12755. Eurosarc Trial of Linsitinib in Advanced Ewing Sarcoma

: Females: Pregnant or breast-feeding, or of childbearing potential unless effective methods of contraception are used. Males: Unless effective methods of contraception are used. Significant active cardiac disease including: History (within last 6 months) of significant cardiovascular disease unless the disease is well-controlled. Significant cardiac disease includes second/third degree heart block; clinically significant ischemic heart disease; superior vena cava (SVC) syndrome; poorly controlled (...) for Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C or HIV Contacts and Locations Go to Information from the National Library of Medicine To learn more about this study, you or your doctor may contact the study research staff using the contact information provided by the sponsor. Please refer to this study by its identifier (NCT number): NCT02546544 Locations Layout table for location information France Universitè Lyon 1 Claude Bernard Lyon, France Germany Pediatric Hematology and Oncology, University Hospital

2014 Clinical Trials

12756. A Study of Norepinephrine in Patients With Congenital Insensitivity to Pain and Anhidrosis

for each individual enrolled in the study. Because L-DOPS has never been used in the US in children or young adults, with this titration step investigators will also determine the safest dose for this population. Currently, L-DOPS is being used in our center to treat othostatic hypotension in autonomic failure. The titration step for this study starts with the dose of 100 mg and increases in an escalating manner up to a maximum of 600 mg a day (see investigational brochure attached). L-DOPS has been (...) developed in capsules for oral used and all the previous safety data has been performed using this route. Oral route is the one that will used during study. Carbidopa is well tolerated, safe in children and it has been used in this population in the US without severe adverse effects. Condition or disease Intervention/treatment Phase HSAN Type IV Drug: Droxidopa (L-DOPS) Drug: Placebo Phase 2 Study Design Go to Layout table for study information Study Type : Interventional (Clinical Trial) Actual

2014 Clinical Trials

12757. Effects of nurse home visitation on cigarette smoking, pregnancy outcomes and breastfeeding: a randomized controlled trial. (Abstract)

more women in the intervention group were still breast feeding their baby at six months post -birth (C: 6%; I: 13%, p=0.04).VoorZorg seemed to be effective in reducing cigarette smoking and in increasing breastfeeding duration. No effect was found on pregnancy outcomes.© 2013 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved. (...) Effects of nurse home visitation on cigarette smoking, pregnancy outcomes and breastfeeding: a randomized controlled trial. antenatal smoking is more prevalent among young women with low socio-economic status. The aim of our study is to assess whether the VoorZorg programme, compared to usual care, is effective in reducing cigarette smoking among young high risk pregnant women. Furthermore, the effect of VoorZorg on pregnancy outcomes and on breast feeding will be described.a randomised

2014 Midwifery Controlled trial quality: uncertain

12758. Nursing Education Intervention for Maternal Breastfeeding

, Universidad Miguel Hernandez de Elche Study Details Study Description Go to Brief Summary: An antenatal education intervention in primiparous women improves breastfeeding duration and reduces post-natal complications. Condition or disease Intervention/treatment Phase Breast Feeding Postpartum Breast Disorders Other: Preventive education Not Applicable Detailed Description: A randomized controlled clinical trial of an educational intervention was undertaken at a public hospital. the investigators compared (...) as nipple pain. This was supported by strategies designed to (1) prevent problems associated with breastfeeding (nipple lesions, cracks and mastitis), (2) perform breast-care procedures, (3) strengthen information about the advantages of maternal breastfeeding (nutritional support, importance as food for the baby, availability, post-partum recovery) and (4) provide asepsis and hygiene measures. The nurses encouraged participation and gave the education in personalized dialogue with the woman

2014 Clinical Trials

12759. Study of Efficacy and Safety of Grazoprevir (MK-5172) + Elbasvir (MK-8742) With or Without Ribavirin for Participants With Hepatitis C Genotype 1, 4, or 6 Infections Who Have Failed Prior Treatment With Pegylated Interferon + Ribavirin (MK-5172-068)

For participants with cirrhosis, participants who are Child-Pugh Class B or C or who have a Pugh-Turcotte (CPT) score >6, must be excluded Co-infected with hepatitis B virus Has had previous direct-acting antiviral treatment History of malignancy <=5 years prior except for adequately treated basal cell or squamous cell skin cancer or in situ cervical cancer or carcinoma in situ; or is under evaluation for other active or suspected malignancy Has cirrhosis and liver imaging showing evidence of hepatocellular (...) carcinoma (HCC) or is under evaluation for HCC Taking or plans to take any HIV therapy that includes a ritonavir-boosted or unboosted protease inhibitor, efavirenz or etravirine Currently participating or has participated in a study with an investigational compound within 30 days of signing informed consent and is not willing to refrain from participating in another such study during the course of this study Clinically-relevant drug or alcohol abuse within 12 months Pregnant, breast-feeding

2014 Clinical Trials

12760. An Efficacy and Safety Study of Grazoprevir (MK-5172) + Elbasvir (MK-8742) in the Treatment of Chronic Hepatitis C Virus Genotype 1, 4, or 6 Infection in Treatment-Naïve Participants Who Are on Opiate Substitution Therapy (MK-5172-062)

, participants who are Child-Pugh Class B or C or who have a Pugh-Turcotte (CPT) score >6 Is co-infected with hepatitis B virus Has cirrhosis and liver imaging within 6 months of Day 1 showing evidence of hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) or is under evaluation for HCC Currently using or intends to use barbiturates during the treatment period of this study Is a female and is pregnant or breast-feeding, or expecting to conceive or donate eggs from Day 1 or anytime during treatment, and 14 days after the last

2014 Clinical Trials

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