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Headache in Pregnancy

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5141. Headache during pregnancy. (PubMed)

Headache during pregnancy. A questionnaire was submitted to 430 women 3 days after delivery, asking mainly about features of headache before and during pregnancy, and their possible modification or recurrence; moreover, delivery modalities and the condition of the newborn were evaluated. One-hundred-and-twenty-six (29.3%) were found to be primary headache sufferers (IHS criteria, 1988), 81 of whom had migraine without aura (MO), 12 migraine with aura (MA), and 33 tension-type headache (TH (...) ). In all three groups, about 80% showed complete remission or a higher than 50% decrease in the number of attacks. The improvement was more evident after the end of the first trimester; this trend was common to the three primary headaches considered. In our series of primary headaches, there was only one case (MO) which began during pregnancy. In a subgroup of pluripara, headache maintained the improvement presented in the first pregnancy also during the following gravidic periods in about 50% of cases

1997 Cephalalgia : an international journal of headache

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