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141. Patient Modesty: Volume 89

medical facility you will be asked to sign an agreement that you will not share any patient information on social media. Folks, as I recall Hipaa was passed in 1995, those laws were meant to protect patient information and patient privacy with hugh fines and imprisonment. Yet, nurses posting on Allnurses tell others that well don’t tell them you have a Facebook account and/or we’ll always make your settings to private that way you don’t get busted. You see the notion that there is no advocacy (...) the patient's former occupation and possible asbestos exposure. ..Maurice. At , Anonymous said... Maurice Pleural effusion can also be attributable to CHF, renal disease or a fall. I shudder to think people coming to a diagnosis with occupation first in mind. That the diagnosis could be arrived at after some investigation clinically or after a series of diagnostic tests. I might mention that prior to Hipaa laws in 1995 much of patient information from medical offices was placed in dumpsters. With names

2018 Bioethics Discussion Blog

142. The difference between care and service is significant

, this was in the days before HIPAA and caller ID, so scattered charts on the dining table and calling patients from the home phone was just the way he did business. The point of this story is not to bemoan the current state of medicine, where it feels like doctors spend 75 percent of their time battling with the electronic medical record, 15 percent of their time battling with insurance companies for authorizations, 10 percent of their time apologizing to patients for running late, 10 percent documenting patient

2018 KevinMD blog

143. How to create an app as a physician

in the medical world, it seems as if there’s so much room to innovate. Creating an app as a physician Perhaps you’re an OB/GYN and you’re trying to find a HIPAA compliant way to communicate with patients off-hours, then you might create something like Call Simplified. Or perhaps you’re a Urologist and want to help your patients better track their daily urinary tract symptoms, medication, and behavioral patterns, as well as offer personalized tips for UTI prevention, then you might create UTI Tracker. Maybe

2018 KevinMD blog

144. Secure smartphone application-based text messaging in emergency department, a system implementation and review of literature. (PubMed)

inter-hospital communication and patient outcomes.We conducted a systematic literature review in PubMed, MEDLINE using the keywords Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) Compliant Group Messaging (HCGM), text paging communication, secure hospital text message, HIPAA text message, and secure hospital communication. The search considered studies published until January 2018. Only English-language studies were included. We reviewed the reference lists of included articles

2018 American Journal of Emergency Medicine

145. How writing fiction can free physicians

— and sometimes required of medical students. This is a commendable trend, though the exercise can be affected by issues with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), designed to protect patient privacy, and other confidentiality issues. And students may feel too vulnerable to share their deep-seated emotions; some of them have told me that, concerned about “setting off alarms,” they started “dumbing down” their mandatory writing in order to avoid worried calls from advisors who

2018 KevinMD blog

147. How did EHR designers get control of health care?

only get consent from the patient for us to view their records at another hospital that uses the same EHR when the patient is physically in front of us at an appointment? Why can’t this be changed? If my patient tells me over the phone that they went to another hospital with a medical emergency, shouldn’t there be a button that they can click in their secure HIPAA-compliant patient portal that authorizes me to see those records? Why is it they have to come in for me to print out a paper copy

2018 KevinMD blog

149. Intern year is still universally hard. Intern year is also universally great.

is racing with the thoughts of the day: Did I remember to replete all my patients? Did I order all the correct labs for tomorrow? Did I toss the extra lists and stickers into the HIPAA bins? And don’t forget, you still have to read and practice your hand skills. I remember back to my first medical school course: “Introduction to the Profession.” We read When the Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down; we wrote letters to ourselves to open after four years of medical school; we had small group discussions

2018 KevinMD blog

150. Are patients using social media to attack physicians?

reasons, know going in that they can become a target. It’s part of the job description. In fact, you know you’re actually starting to make a difference once the hateful Tweets start flying. But what about those physicians or practices that become unwilling targets on social media? What recourse do they have? What can be done? Unfortunately, not much. We are simply playing by a different set of rules. Physicians need to always be mindful of HIPAA laws and patient privacy. If a patient is unhappy (...) with their physician and takes to Twitter or Facebook to post hateful comments, that physician cannot publicly defend themselves. They can’t even acknowledge that they know the patient or that the visit took place as that violates HIPAA. They have to sit back and take their medicine. This type of patient behavior is inappropriate on many levels. Social media affords anyone a platform and ability to type whatever they wish, regardless of merit or truth. Anonymous accounts are the worst offenders, offering strong

2018 KevinMD blog

151. Future Osteoporotic Fracture Risk related to Lumbar Vertebral Trabecular Attenuation Measured at Routine Body CT. (PubMed)

Future Osteoporotic Fracture Risk related to Lumbar Vertebral Trabecular Attenuation Measured at Routine Body CT. We sought to determine if vertebral trabecular attenuation values measured on routine body computed tomography (CT) scans obtained for a variety of unrelated indications can predict future osteoporotic fractures at multiple skeletal sites. For this Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)-compliant and Institutional Review Board (IRB)-approved retrospective cohort

2018 Journal of Bone and Mineral Research

153. President Trump:Diagnosis and, if Necessary Therapy: Doing it Ethically

a loathsome disease (medical conditions have a special requirements in society). You are absolutely free to do such a thing. You are also free to drive a car without a license while under the influence of alcohol. In both situations you are also NOT immune to consequences. The person that you opine on may have their physician who examined them come up with a different diagnosis sue you for malpractice for misdiagnosis, HIPAA violations for public disclosure of his personal protected health information

2018 Bioethics Discussion Blog

154. Diagnostic Performance and Interreader Agreement of a Standardized MR Imaging Approach in the Prediction of Small Renal Mass Histology. (PubMed)

Diagnostic Performance and Interreader Agreement of a Standardized MR Imaging Approach in the Prediction of Small Renal Mass Histology. Purpose To assess the diagnostic performance and interreader agreement of a standardized diagnostic algorithm in determining the histologic type of small (≤4 cm) renal masses (SRMs) with multiparametric magnetic resonance (MR) imaging. Materials and Methods This single-center retrospective HIPAA-compliant institutional review board-approved study included 103

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2018 Radiology

155. History of cervical insufficiency increases the risk of pelvic organ prolapse and stress urinary incontinence in parous women. (PubMed)

has not previously been evaluated. Our objective was to determine whether a history of cervical insufficiency is associated with an increased risk of pelvic organ prolapse and stress urinary incontinence after controlling for confounders.The study used de-identified clinical data from a large multi-institution electronic health records HIPAA-compliant data web application, Explorys Inc. (Cleveland, Ohio, USA). Women with a history of at least one prior delivery after at least 20 weeks' gestation

2018 Maturitas

156. Outcome of Architectural Distortion Detected Only at Breast Tomosynthesis versus 2D Mammography. (PubMed)

Outcome of Architectural Distortion Detected Only at Breast Tomosynthesis versus 2D Mammography. Purpose To compare the outcome of architectural distortion (AD) without associated mass only on digital breast tomosynthesis (DBT) with AD seen at two-dimensional (2D) mammography and to evaluate if the incidence of malignancy is influenced by the presence of a correlate at ultrasonography (US). Materials and Methods This retrospective study had institutional review board approval and was HIPAA

2018 Radiology

157. What is the perfect fee-for-service system?

on today’s clunky electronic medical record systems to collect such data, further shifts a doctor’s focus towards compliance and away from patient care. The result is rampant burnout in the medical community, not better care. The first step towards better care in the U.S. is the removal of the excessive administrative burdens created by the U.S. government (E&M payment coding, HIPAA, MACRA, etc.), and insurance companies (prior authorizations, excessive denials). The next step is to develop usable

2018 KevinMD blog

158. Initiative for Early Lung Cancer Research on Treatment: Development of Study Design and Pilot Implementation. (PubMed)

Research for Treatment, to compare treatments for stage I NSCLC. HIPAA compliant institutional review board approval was obtained and we performed a feasibility study of the first 206 surgical patients.Lobectomy was performed in 89 (43.2%) patients, and sublobar resection was performed in 117 (56.7%) patients. Mediastinal lymph node resection was performed in 173 (84.0%) patients, 8 had N1 and 3 N2 lymph node metastases. Patients stated that both the surgeon's opinion (93%) and the patient's own

2018 Journal of Thoracic Oncology

159. Predonation Volume of Future Remnant Cortical Kidney Helps Predict Postdonation Renal Function in Live Kidney Donors. (PubMed)

Predonation Volume of Future Remnant Cortical Kidney Helps Predict Postdonation Renal Function in Live Kidney Donors. Purpose To determine whether the predonation computed tomography (CT)-based volume of the future remnant kidney is predictive of postdonation renal function in living kidney donors. Materials and Methods This institutional review board-approved, retrospective, HIPAA-compliant study included 126 live kidney donors who had undergone predonation renal CT between January 2007

2018 Radiology

160. deidentify (PubMed)

deidentify The increased adoption of Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems offers new opportunities for clinical research. The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) mandates that medical records need to be stripped of personal identifiers in order to be shared. One particular challenge is how to handle free-text medical records. While many methods have been developed, there is a dearth of software tools than can be easily used by practitioners. We present deidentify

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2018 AMIA Annual Symposium Proceedings

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