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161. The association of maternal thyroid function with placental hemodynamics. Full Text available with Trip Pro

The association of maternal thyroid function with placental hemodynamics. What is the clinical association of maternal thyroid function with placental hemodynamic function?A higher free thyroxine (FT4) concentration in early pregnancy is associated with higher placental vascular resistance.Suboptimal placental function is associated with preeclampsia (which, in turn, further deteriorates placental hemodynamics and impairs the fetal blood supply), fetal growth restriction and premature delivery (...) . Studies have suggested that thyroid hormone (TH) has a role in placental development through effects on trophoblast proliferation and invasion.This study was embedded in The Generation R cohort, a population-based prospective study from early fetal life onwards in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. In total, 7069 mothers with expected delivery date between April 2002 and January 2006 were enrolled during early pregnancy.Thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH) and free thyroxine (FT4) concentrations were measured

2017 Human Reproduction

162. Thyroid hormones and changes in body weight and metabolic parameters in response to weight-loss diets: The POUNDS LOST trial. Full Text available with Trip Pro

participating in the 2-year Prevention of Obesity Using Novel Dietary Strategies (POUNDS) LOST randomized clinical trial. Changes in body weight and RMR were assessed during the 2-year intervention. Thyroid hormones (free triiodothyronine (T3), free thyroxine (T4), total T3, total T4 and thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH)), anthropometric measurements and biochemical parameters were assessed at baseline, 6 months and 24 months.Participants lost an average of 6.6 kg of body weight during the first 6 months (...) and subsequently regained an average of 2.7 kg of body weight over the remaining period from 6 to 24 months. Baseline free T3 and total T3 were positively associated, whereas free T4 was inversely associated, with baseline body weight, body mass index and RMR. Total T4 and TSH were not associated with these parameters. Higher baseline free T3 and free T4 levels were significantly associated with a greater weight loss during the first 6 months (P<0.05) after multivariate adjustments including dietary

2017 International Journal of Obesity Controlled trial quality: uncertain

163. Pembrolizumab and Magnetic Resonance Imaging With Ferumoxytol in Treating Patients With Non-small Cell Lung Cancer and Brain Metastases

resonance imaging (MRI) with ferumoxytol in predicting true vs pseudoprogression after stereotactic radiosurgery (SRS) and intravenous (IV) pembrolizumab in subjects with brain metastases from non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC). SECONDARY OBJECTIVES: I. Evaluate the safety and tolerability of pembrolizumab when given with SRS in subjects with brain metastasis. II. Evaluate progression free survival, overall survival, best response in brain disease, best response in systemic disease, and duration of best (...) tissue before and after therapy at the time of progression. IV. In subjects with measurable systemic lesions, investigate the feasibility of measuring vascular volume fraction (VVF), vessel size index (VSI) and vessel density index (VDI) as surrogate for response (true vs. pseudoprogression, as measured with Response Evaluation Criteria in Solid Tumors [RECIST] 1.1 criteria). OUTLINE: Patients receive pembrolizumab intravenously (IV) over 30 minutes on day 1. Courses repeat every 3 weeks for up to 2

2017 Clinical Trials

164. Ferumoxytol MRI in Assessing Response to Pembrolizumab in Patients With Brain Tumors From Melanoma and Glioblastoma

glioblastoma multiforme (GBM) receiving pembrolizumab with standard of care chemo-radiation. (Arm 2) SECONDARY OBJECTIVES: I. Determine the safety and toxicity of pembrolizumab when used in combination with standard of care stereotactic radiation (arm 1) and chemo radiation (arm 2). II. Determine the progression free survival (PFS), overall survival (OS), clinical response and duration of best response for each arm. TERTIARY OBJECTIVES: I. Compare the immune response as determined by the volume, pattern (...) . Investigate the feasibility of measuring vascular volume fraction (VVF), vessel size index (VSI) and vessel density index (VDI) as surrogate for response (true vs pseudoprogression, as determined by Response Evaluation Criteria in Solid Tumors [RECIST] 1.1 and immune related response criteria [irRC]). OUTLINE: Patients receive pembrolizumab intravenously (IV) over 30 minutes on day 1. Treatment repeats every 3 weeks for up to 2 years or 35 courses in the absence of disease progression or unacceptable

2017 Clinical Trials

165. Endocrinological Evaluations of a Neurofibromatosis Type 1 Cohort: Is it Necessary to Evaluate Autoimmune Thyroiditis in Neurofibromatosis Type 1? Full Text available with Trip Pro

neurofibromatosis type 1 and thyroid diseases.Case-control study.The study includes 78 consecutive patients diagnosed with neurofibromatosis type 1 between June 2010 and June 2014 and 50 healthy controls. Baseline demographic data were generated from patient examination record forms, including age, sex, height, and weight, as well as levels of free triiodothyronine, free thyroxine, thyroid-stimulating hormone, anti-thyroid peroxidase and anti-thyroglobulin levels.Mean age, sex, and body mass index were similar (...) in both groups (p>0.05). The mean levels of free triiodothyronine, free thyroxine, and thyroid-stimulating hormone were not statistically different between the neurofibromatosis type 1 and control groups. Similarly, no statistically significant difference was observed between the neurofibromatosis type 1 and control groups for anti-thyroid peroxidase and anti-thyroglobulin positivity (2.5% vs 0%, p>0.05).Screening for autoimmune thyroid disease and thyroid function seems to be unnecessary in patients

2017 Balkan medical journal

166. Pericardial Effusion as a Presenting Symptom of Hashimoto Thyroiditis: A Case Report Full Text available with Trip Pro

cause of the pericardial fluid excess was considered unlikely. Thyroid function testing revealed very high thyrotropin (TSH, 487 μIU/mL; normal range, 0.340-5.600 μIU/mL) and low serum-free thyroxine (fT4, 0.04 ng/dL; normal range, 0.54-1.24 ng/dL) levels. High thyroid peroxidase antibody titres in the blood were evidenced (>1500 UI/L; normal values, 0.0-9.0 UI/L). The thyroid ultrasound was consistent with thyroiditis. HT was diagnosed, and LT4 replacement therapy with levothyroxine sodium 1.78 µg (...) of HT is described. Case presentation: A four-year-old male child suffering for a few months from recurrent abdominal pain sometimes associated with vomiting underwent an abdominal ultrasound scan outside the hospital. This led to the identification of a significant pericardial effusion. At admission, his family history revealed that both his mother and maternal grandmother suffered from HT and that both were treated with l-thyroxine (LT4). The clinical examination did not reveal any pathological

2017 International journal of environmental research and public health

167. Effect of Roux-en-Y gastric bypass on thyroid function in euthyroid patients with obesity and type 2 diabetes. (Abstract)

Effect of Roux-en-Y gastric bypass on thyroid function in euthyroid patients with obesity and type 2 diabetes. The impact of bariatric surgery on thyroid hormone levels is poorly understood.To investigate changes in serum-free thyroxine (FT4) and thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH) after Roux-en-Y gastric bypass (RYGB) in euthyroid patients with obesity and type 2 diabetes.University Hospital, China.Eighty-one euthyroid Chinese patients with obesity and type 2 diabetes who underwent RYGB, and 20 (...) healthy volunteers were enrolled in this retrospective study. Participants were evaluated for changes in anthropometric parameters, metabolic indexes, FT4, and TSH at baseline and 6 months after surgery. Multiple linear regression analysis was used to identify factors that could predict changes in FT4 and TSH.Mean FT4 levels decreased from 16.26-14.59 pmol/L (P<.01), while TSH levels decreased significantly (2.19±1.09 mIU/L versus 1.97±1.12 mIU/L, P = .027) 6 months postsurgery. Multiple linear

2017 Surgery for Obesity and Related Diseases

168. Subclinical Hypothyroidism in Danish Lean and Obese Children and Adolescents Full Text available with Trip Pro

Childhood Obesity Biobank. The overweight/obese group (n=1796) consisted of study participants with a body mass index (BMI) standard deviation score (SDS) ≥1.28. The control group (n=1210) comprised lean children with a BMI SDS <1.28. All participants were characterized by anthropometrics (weight, height, and waist circumference) and fasting serum concentrations of thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH), free triiodothyronine, and free thyroxine (fT4) at baseline.The prevalence of SH was higher among

2017 Journal of clinical research in pediatric endocrinology

169. Factors Associated with the Prevalence of Thyroid Nodules and Goiter in Middle-Aged Euthyroid Subjects Full Text available with Trip Pro

Cohort study. Thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH), free thyroxine (FT4), and antithyroid peroxidase antibody (ATPO) levels, as well as anthropometric and metabolic parameters and smoking information, were evaluated. Results. In subjects with and without thyroid nodules, thyroid volume correlated with components of metabolic syndrome, body mass index (BMI), smoking, and TSH levels. In the nonnodular thyroid group, thyroid volume was also positively related to serum insulin and HOMA-IR, whereas

2017 International journal of endocrinology

170. Thyroid function/antibodies in sudanese women with polycystic ovarian disease Full Text available with Trip Pro

(thyroid-stimulating hormone, free tri-iodothyronine, and free thyroxine), anti-thyroid peroxidase, and anti-thyroglobulin antibodies were measured.While there were no significant differences in the age and haemoglobin levels of the two studied groups (55 women in each arm), body mass index was significantly higher in women with PCOS. There were no significant differences in the levels of thyroid-stimulating hormone, luteinizing hormone, follicle stimulating hormone, luteinizing hormone/follicle (...) stimulating hormone, anti-thyroid peroxidase, anti-thyroglobulin antibodies, cholesterol, triglycerides and low-density lipoprotein cholesterol between the cases and the controls. The mean±standard deviation of free tri-iodothyronine (3.50±0.2 vs. 3.38±0.3 pg/mL, P=0.040) and median (interquartile) high-density lipoprotein cholesterol (37.0 [34.0 to 42.0] vs. 35.80 [29.0 to 41.0] mg/dL, P=0.015) were significantly higher in PCOS patients compared with the control group. In linear regression, PCOS (0.151

2017 Obstetrics & gynecology science

171. Thyroid function and ischemic heart disease: a Mendelian randomization study Full Text available with Trip Pro

Thyroid function and ischemic heart disease: a Mendelian randomization study To clarify the role of thyroid function in ischemic heart disease (IHD) we assessed IHD risk and risk factors according to genetically predicted thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH), free thyroxine (FT4) and thyroid peroxidase antibody (TPOAb) positivity. Separate-sample instrumental variable analysis with genetic instruments (Mendelian randomization) was used in an extensively genotyped case (n = 64,374)-control (n (...)  = 130,681) study, CARDIoGRAMplusC4D. Associations with lipids, diabetes and adiposity were assessed using the Global Lipids Genetics Consortium Results (n = 196,475), the DIAbetes Genetics Replication And Meta-analysis case (n = 34,380)-control (n = 114,981) study, and the Genetic Investigation of ANthropometric Traits (body mass index in 152,893 men and 171,977 women, waist-hip ratio in 93,480 men and 116,741 women). Genetically predicted thyroid function was not associated with IHD (odds ratio

2017 Scientific reports

172. The Relationship between Subclinical Thyroid Disease and Cardiovascular Disease Risk Score in Koreans Full Text available with Trip Pro

The Relationship between Subclinical Thyroid Disease and Cardiovascular Disease Risk Score in Koreans Subclinical hyperthyroidism and subclinical hypothyroidism are characterized by abnormal thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH) with normal free thyroxine. Subclinical thyroid diseases, to date, have received less attention compared with other thyroid diseases since they are asymptomatic. This study aimed to verify the association between subclinical thyroid diseases and cardiovascular diseases (...) stratification by gender. The TSH reference range was between 0.61 and 6.91 mIU/L in this study. TSH showed a positive association with the 10-year CVD risk score only in the female population (P = 0.001). There were significant differences in the least squares means of 10-year CVD risk score by the effect of subclinical hypothyroidism compared with euthyroidism (normal group) in females, after adjusting for body mass index, white blood cell, and urine iodine (P = 0.006 and Bonferroni corrected P = 0.012

2017 Journal of Korean medical science

173. Comparative analysis of thyroid function parameters in pregnant women Full Text available with Trip Pro

Comparative analysis of thyroid function parameters in pregnant women The aim of the present study was to investigate the serum levels of free triiodothyronine (FT3), free thyroxine (FT4) and thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH) during pregnancy and comparative analysis of serum markers levels in non-pregnant women and pregnant women. Pregnant women were divided into four groups according to their gestational age: 8-14, 15-20, 21-36 and ≥37 weeks. Non-pregnant women were divided into three groups (...) according to their age: 20-40, 41-55 and 56-85 years, and women of reproductive age (20-40 years) as control, which match their age and body mass index with pregnant women. The levels of serum markers were measured by magnetic microparticle chemiluminescence immunoassay and compared among different gestational weeks or with the control. In pregnant women, from 8-14 to ≥37 weeks, FT3 and FT4 levels declined, and significant differences were identified between each group, except for FT4 at 21-36 weeks

2017 Biomedical reports

174. Frequency of nodular goiter and autoimmune thyroid disease and association of these disorders with insulin resistance in polycystic ovary syndrome Full Text available with Trip Pro

factors affect these thyroid disorders.Ninety-seven women with PCOS and 71 healthy female volunteers were recruited into the study. Serum-free thyroxine, thyroid-stimulating hormone, anti-thyroperoxidase antibody and anti-thyroglobulin antibody levels were evaluated. Thyroid volume (TV) was calculated using ultrasonography.The body mass index (BMI), Waist/Hip ratio, homeostasis model assessment insulin resistance (HOMA-IR), fasting blood glucose, triglyceride and low-density lipoproteins, and fasting

2017 Journal of the Turkish German Gynecological Association

175. Prevalence of Acanthosis nigricans and Related Factors in Iranian Obese Children Full Text available with Trip Pro

in this study. Diagnosis of AN was done by clinical examination. Body mass index (BMI), fasting blood sugar, total cholesterol, triglycerides (TG), alanine aminotransferase, aspartate aminotransferase (AST), alkaline phosphatase, high- and low-density lipoprotein cholesterol, insulin, thyroid-stimulating hormone, free thyroxin (fT4), calcium, phosphorus and 25-hydroxyvitamin D were measured with routine techniques. Collected data were compared between cases with AN and without AN. Independent t-test

2017 Journal of clinical and diagnostic research : JCDR

176. High levels of Nesfatin-1 in relation to the dysfunction of the hypothalamic–pituitary–adrenal and hypothalamus–pituitary–thyroid axes in depressed patients with subclinical hypothyroidism Full Text available with Trip Pro

to the patients in terms of weight and body mass index. The Hamilton Depression Rating Scale was administered to both the groups. The enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay method was used to measure plasma Nesfatin-1, corticosterone, and TSH levels. A radioimmunoassay kit was used for the measurement of the plasma-free triiodothyronine and plasma-free thyroxine. The results showed that the Hamilton Depression Rating Scale scores and average Nesfatin-1, corticosterone, and TSH levels were significantly higher

2017 Neuropsychiatric disease and treatment

177. Iodine-131 therapy alters the immune/inflammatory responses in the thyroids of patients with Graves' disease Full Text available with Trip Pro

131I therapy remained significantly higher than in control subjects (P<0.01). Conversely, serum ICAM-1 levels in patients with GD were gradually increased in the 12 months following 131I therapy and reached a relatively stable level thereafter. Furthermore, the Pearson's correlation analysis indicated that the serum levels of IL-6, CXCL-10 and ICAM-1 were not associated with free triiodothyronine, the free thyroxine index, and thyroid-stimulating hormone in these patients. 131I therapy was able

2017 Experimental and therapeutic medicine

178. Association between thyroid autoimmunity and Helicobacter pylori infection Full Text available with Trip Pro

a health promotion center. A total of 5,502 subjects were analysed. Thyroid status was assessed by free thyroxine, thyroid stimulating hormone, and anti-thyroid peroxidase antibody (TPO-Ab). Immunoglobulin G (IgG) antibodies to H. pylori were measured as an indication of H. pylori infection. We compared the prevalence of TPO-Ab in subjects with and without H. pylori infection.H. pylori IgG antibodies were found in 2,875 subjects (52.3%), and TPO-Ab were found in 430 (7.8%). Individuals positive for H (...) . pylori Ab were older than those negative for H. pylori Ab (p < 0.01). The proportion of females was significantly higher in the TPO-Ab positive group (41.0% vs. 64.2%, p < 0.01). Prevalence of TPO-Ab positivity was higher in subjects with H. pylori infection (8.6% vs. 7.00%, p = 0.03), and this association was significant after adjusting for age, sex, and body mass index (odds ratio, 1.02; 95% confidence interval, 1.00 to 1.03; p = 0.04).In our study, prevalence of TPO-Ab positivity is more frequent

2017 The Korean journal of internal medicine

179. Levothyroxine for Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease (NAFLD)

, hyper/hypothyroidism, anxiety disorder, Graves' disease, thyroid/liver surgery, lactose intolerance, or malabsorption Baseline estimated glomerular filtration rate (eGFR) < 60 ml/min Currently on or within 6 months from the time of screening on either thyroxine, thiazolidinedione (TZD), oral T4/T3, anticoagulants (coumadin and warfarin), anti-viral drugs such as the protease inhibitors (ritonavir, indinavir, lopinavir), phenytoin, colestyramine, aluminium containing drugs (antacids, sucralfate (...) Baseline free T4 of more than the institution's specified reference range If a sole blood test result is deemed borderline according to the laboratory reference interval and not clinically significant, the investigator is authorized to exercise discretion. Contacts and Locations Go to Information from the National Library of Medicine To learn more about this study, you or your doctor may contact the study research staff using the contact information provided by the sponsor. Please refer to this study

2017 Clinical Trials

180. A Study to Investigate the Effect of Single Dose of AZD6094 (600 mg) on Cardiac Repolarization in Healthy Volunteers

bilirubin; at screening alone - free thyroxine and thyroid-stimulating hormone) as a criteria of safety and tolerability variables. A reduced safety laboratory screen will be done at Day -1 or pre-dose at Day 1 and at 48 hours post-dose for all treatment periods. Laboratory assessments of urinalysis [ Time Frame: At screening (28 days prior to Day 1 of treatment period 1), treatment periods (At pre-dose on Day -1 to Day 3 (48 hours post-dose) and follow-up (14 days after discharge from the treatment (...) Healthy Volunteers: Yes Criteria Inclusion Criteria: Participants must fulfill the following criteria: Provision of signed and dated, written informed consent prior to any study specific procedure. Healthy vasectomized male participants with suitable veins for cannulation or repeated venipuncture, non-Japanese vasectomized male participants aged 18 to 55 years (inclusive) or male participants over 40 (and up to 55) years old not intending to father children. Body mass index (BMI) between 18 and 30 kg

2017 Clinical Trials

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