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41. Study to Evaluate the Efficacy and Safety of GSK239512 in Alzheimer's Disease

for bilateral testing. During the testing, the participant wore a blind fold (a black sleeping mask was supplied with the kit). It was recommended that testing be performed in a well-ventilated room with little or no odor and no disturbances during testing. This test consists of a total of 12 pens and 12 multiple choice answers. Participants were presented with each of the 12 pens at an interval of 30 seconds between each and asked to identify each odorant. For each odorant, the Participant was able (...) to choose from 4 possible answers as to what the smell was. Participants had to identify the item that best described the presented odor. Participants had to choose an item even when they do not perceive an odor or do not feel that their decision was correct. Items identified by participants were noted on the recording sheet. The number of correct answers were recorded. Change from BL is the value at indicated time point minus the BL value Plasma concentrations of GSK239512 over period [ Time Frame: Up

2009 Clinical Trials

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