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4441. Multidisciplinary Team Care in Rheumatoid Arthritis

] Medication adherence Patient experience (using the standard hospital electronic patient experience survey, e-PES) [ Time Frame: 3 months ] patient experience Foot pain (using the Manchester foot disability index, MFI) [ Time Frame: 3 months ] Foot pain Proportion of patients who achieve adherence to guidelines for vaccination [ Time Frame: 6 months ] vaccination Proportion of patients who achieve adherence to guidelines for cardiovascular risk management [ Time Frame: 6 months ] Cardiovascular risk (...) assessment Proportion of patients who achieve adherence to guidelines for bone health optimisation [ Time Frame: 6 months ] Bone health Proportion of patients who achieve adherence to guidelines for cancer screening [ Time Frame: 6 months ] Cancer screening Utilisation of healthcare resources (clinic visits, laboratory, imaging, procedures, prescriptions, calls to the nurse helpline) measured as total dollar cost (from the hospital perspective) [ Time Frame: 6 months ] Utilisation of resources Days off

2017 Clinical Trials

4442. Computerized Antibiotic Stewardship Study

a system designed to help doctors to use antibiotics more appropriately. Under COMPASS (COMPuterized Antibiotic Stewardship Study), doctors in three Swiss hospitals will receive tips on the use of antibiotics that are integrated directly into electronic health record and will also be given regular feedback on their use of antibiotics. Parallel to this, data on the antimicrobial prescription practices of a control group which is not using the system will be collected. Condition or disease Intervention (...) University of Geneva, Switzerland Ente Ospedaliero Cantonale, Ticino, Switzerland Information provided by (Responsible Party): Benedikt Huttner, University Hospital, Geneva Study Details Study Description Go to Brief Summary: Prescribing antibiotics frequently poses problems in practice, since patients don't always receive the right dosage of the right antibiotic for the right period of time. This promotes the emergence and spread of antibiotic resistance. The investigators of this trial aim to develop

2017 Clinical Trials

4443. Medication Usage and Patient Reported Outcomes Evaluation Via myBETAapp in Patients With Multiple Sclerosis Treated With Betaferon: a Pilot Study

Betaferon box contains a "Mixject" number, which is a product specific number unrelated to the study. Only patients prescribed Betaferon for their MS will be able to use the myBETAapp and participate in the study). Patients must be using the myBETAapp. Electronic informed consent must be obtained. Exclusion Criteria: -There are no exclusion criteria for participation in this study. Contacts and Locations Go to Information from the National Library of Medicine To learn more about this study, you or your

2017 Clinical Trials

4444. The Life STORRIED Study

): University of Pennsylvania Study Details Study Description Go to Brief Summary: To compare the effectiveness of 3 strategies to inform patients of their risks associated with misuse of opioid prescriptions after treatment in the ED from renal colic or musculoskeletal back pain. Randomization will be to 3 arms for the Randomized Practical Control Trial across 3 sites (A) standardized general risk information sheet only (B) standardized general risk information sheet plus a visual probabilistic risk tool (...) (C) standardized sheet plus narrative enhanced probabilistic risk tool. Condition or disease Intervention/treatment Phase Opioid Dependence Communication Risk Behavior Narrative Medicine Other: Probabilistic Risk Communication Tool (PRT) Other: Narrative Enhanced Risk Tool (NERT) Not Applicable Detailed Description: Amid a devastating public health crisis, in which 19,000 overdose deaths per year in the United States are due to prescription opioids, the investigators ask the following questions

2017 Clinical Trials

4445. Pepped on Pre-exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP): A Counseling and Problem-Solving PrEP Adherence Intervention for Stimulant Using Men Who Have Sex With Men (MSM).

prescribed PrEP through the Miriam Hospital, the study participants will be randomly assigned to one of two treatment conditions. In the intervention condition, participants will receive a two-stepped intervention which could include up to 10 free BA and risk reduction (RR) counseling sessions. Participants assigned to the comparison condition will receive the standard of care for PrEP treatment at the Miriam Hospital, which includes information about PrEP and how to obtain it, assistance from medical (...) as associated factors, including depression, as barriers to optimal PrEP adherence. No Intervention: Standard of Care PrEP adherence counseling from the Miriam Hospital PrEP Clinic. Outcome Measures Go to Primary Outcome Measures : PrEP Uptake [ Time Frame: Baseline Stage 2 ] >80% of participants who complete Stage 1 baseline and report PrEP initiation (verified by prescription) will progress to Stage 2 Baseline. Improve rate of PrEP adherence [ Time Frame: Daily beginning at Stage 2 Baseline up to the four

2017 Clinical Trials

4446. Provider Training in Increasing Patient Tobacco Cessation Counseling and Referrals for Patients With Cancer Undergoing Radiation Therapy

/community tobacco cessation resources for patients ready to quit within six weeks, and have access to pharmacy residents for ad-hoc prescribing questions. PATIENT COACHING: Patients attend 4 phone or in-person motivational interviewing coaching sessions over 30-45 minutes for 6-8 weeks or longer as needed. Study Design Go to Layout table for study information Study Type : Interventional (Clinical Trial) Estimated Enrollment : 400 participants Intervention Model: Single Group Assignment Masking: None (...) interviewing techniques. Providers also undergo training to use public/community tobacco cessation resources for patients ready to quit within six weeks, and have access to pharmacy residents for ad-hoc prescribing questions. PATIENT COACHING: Patients attend 4 phone or in-person motivational interviewing coaching sessions over 30-45 minutes for 6-8 weeks or longer as needed. Other: Communication Skills Training Undergo motivational interviewing training Other: Medical Chart Review Undergo medical chart

2017 Clinical Trials

4447. Complex Multiple Risk Behavior Intervention in People Between 45 to 75 Years (EIRA Study)

to make a greater number of visits. Group intervention is carried out through health education workshops. These workshops take place 15-20 days after initiating the individual intervention and they are conducted by primary care providers in the health center. A group of 12-15 people attend in each workshop. Community intervention focuses mainly on the social prescription of resources and activities that are carried out in the community where the participant person resides. In addition the intervention (...) Frame: at the study entry and at 12 months. ] It will be measured in the routine clinical practice by validated electronic monitors and it will be expressed in units of mmHg. Effectiveness:change from baseline on lipid profile [ Time Frame: at the study entry and at 12 months. ] The lipid profile will include: low-density lipoprotein (LDL), high-density lipoprotein (HDL), triglycerides and total cholesterol. They will be expressed in units of mg/dl. Effectiveness: change from baseline on ankle

2017 Clinical Trials

4448. Opioid Physiology Project

: Physiological changes [ Time Frame: Physiological activity recording will start 24 to 48 hours before dental surgery date. Physiological activity will be stopped 2 days after discontinuation of opioid self-administration and will not exceed 30 days from surgery date. ] We will be measuring physiological changes from pre- to post-opioid administration through the Empatica E4 electronic wristband. This device measures 5 physiological parameters: Physical activity through an accelerometer measuring movement (...) study population will be recruited for the University of Tennessee College of Dentistry. Recruited populations will be opioid naive individuals that are scheduled for an upcoming dental surgery that will result in an opioid medication be prescribed for pain management. Criteria Inclusion Criteria: Adult (18 or over) Opioid naive Getting a dental surgery where clinicians will prescribe opioid medication Ability to consent English as primary language Willingness to wear biosensor Willingness

2017 Clinical Trials

4449. Patient Reported Outcomes inVestigation Following Initiation of Drug Therapy With Entresto (Sacubitril/Valsartan) in Heart Failure

study design will provide important evidence of potentially beneficial outcomes associated with the use of this therapy. Condition or disease Intervention/treatment Heart Failure, Systolic Drug: Sacubitril/Valsartan Detailed Description: This is a prospective cohort study of 1500 chronic HF patients that will also examine and describe retrospective electronic health record data. We will use the PCORnet (Patient Centered Outcomes Research Network, see "data sources" below) infrastructure to (1 (...) ) identify a cohort of chronic systolic HF patients initiated on sacubitril/valsartan (N=750) as well as a comparator group of similar HF patients not initiated on sacubitril/valsartan (N=750) but with background ACE/ARB therapy and (2) evaluate baseline and follow-up PROs via an electronic patient reported outcomes (ePRO) form in the eCOS database for 12 weeks. Study Design Go to Layout table for study information Study Type : Observational Estimated Enrollment : 1500 participants Observational Model

2017 Clinical Trials

4450. Ketamine in Borderline Personality Disorder

: Change in bias scores on the Implicit Association Tests (IAT) of death, escape and self harm imagery. [ Time Frame: Timepoints: at baseline and 1, 3, 7, 28 days after infusion. ] The Implicit Association Test measures implicit automatic associations by tracking the speed at which participants associate different groups of words. The scale is delivered electronically using an open-source software. Three distinct IATs will be administered to assess participant's implicit associations with death, escape (...) : All Accepts Healthy Volunteers: No Criteria Inclusion Criteria: Age 21-60 Clinical diagnosis of Borderline Personality Disorder Has suicidal ideation. Fluent in English Has a current mental health treater, and agrees for study to communicate with treater Exclusion Criteria: Current suicidal intent Med changes in last 4 weeks Any ketamine in any context in the last one year. Current prescription for topiramate, lamotrigine, or lithium. Psychotic disorder in self or first-degree relative Current

2017 Clinical Trials

4451. Multicenter Observational Prospective Study to Describe Irritable Bowel Syndrome in the Russian Federation

, male and female, aged from 18 up to 50 years with symptoms potentially indicative of IBS according to ROME IV criteria Criteria Inclusion Criteria: Male or female 18-50 y.o Patients suffering from Irritable bowel syndrome (abdominal pain and changes in bowel habit) as defined by Rome IV criteria and the absence of any relevant structural disease Patient's written authorization to provide data for the program Patients who are able to input him/herself data into patients' part of Electronic Data (...) in the abdomen / pelvic Pregnancy or lactation or the inability to use adequate contraception during the study; Other conditions that made the patients participation impossible (by investigator judgment) Previous enrollment in any other clinical study during the course of this study, including participation in a study within 30 days prior to informed consent. Prescribed by Health Care Professional(s) (HCP) and being currently treated or having been treated with spasmolytics within the 3 months prior

2017 Clinical Trials

4452. Medicolegal Review of Methotrexate Administration to Viable Intrauterine Pregnancies. (Abstract)

Medicolegal Review of Methotrexate Administration to Viable Intrauterine Pregnancies. To examine 3 legal cases in which physicians prescribed methotrexate to women with a viable intrauterine pregnancy, presumed to be ectopic, resulting in adverse fetal outcomes.We conducted an electronic literature search for legal cases using the keywords “methotrexate” and “pregnancy” in the LexisNexis legal research engine as well as an Internet-wide search using the additional keyword “verdict.” We (...) manually searched the resultant list of identified cases and categorized the studies identified in the search by verdict, award amount, and outcome of the embryo exposed to methotrexate.The monetary awards are typically greater when the embryo exposed to methotrexate lives and requires continuous medical and custodial care as compared to when the fetus dies in utero or shortly after birth.Physicians who, with all good intentions, prescribe methotrexate to women with a viable pregnancy, presumed

2017 Journal of Reproductive Medicine

4453. Should we change how we treat mild asthma?

Should we change how we treat mild asthma? The AFP Community Blog: Should we change how we treat mild asthma? | Monday, September 23, 2019 - Jennifer Middleton, MD, MPH Inhaled corticosteroids are a mainstay for treating asthma; typically, they are prescribed on a scheduled basis, though . Two new studies may offer an alternative to scheduled inhaled corticosteroid dosing for patients with mild asthma. As described in the " ," these two randomized controlled trials compared the twice daily (...) years and older into three groups: twice daily placebo with an as needed terbutaline (a SABA) inhaler, twice daily placebo with as needed budesonide-formoterol, and twice daily budesonide with as needed terbutaline. Participants recorded daily peak expiratory flows, asthma symptoms, and nighttime awakenings using an electronic diary, and an electronic inhaler monitor recorded use of their as-needed inhaler. The researchers' primary outcome was "electronically recorded weeks of well-controlled asthma

2019 The AFP Community Blog

4454. Patient Dignity (Formerly:Patient Modesty):Volume 101

married gay people as people worthy of being on this planet although priests molesting children seems to okay as the Catholic church gives them shelter & protection forever. Why I mention this is bc the 1st ER hospital my husband went to put in MRs that were transferred electronically to the Catholic hospital where he was sent that he was a gay man w/ a husband, me his actual female wife. So for hours this Catholic hospital thought he was gay. He didn't know what they thought as he was too drugged

2019 Bioethics Discussion Blog

4456. Preserving Patient Dignity (Formerly: Patient Modesty):Volume 103

, and force procedures and vaccines upon one, including use of electronic monitoring afterwards. I can only hope climate change burns this fascist, violent, authoritarian nightmare to the ground! I see no other way, as most citizens of New China are fearful of real information and yeah, it's scary what is really going down! It's just so much easier to remain in ignorance, at least until they knock on one's door in the middle of the night! Yes, I have gotten much valid and useful health info from the web

2019 Bioethics Discussion Blog

4458. Patient Dignity (Formerly:Patient Modesty):Volume 102

Banterings, “I have made healthcare as irrelevant as possible in my life.” No physicals, no old sucker poisons, no cancer screenings. Fluoroquinolones thoughtlessly prescribed to me have caused rapid cataract genesis, something they are “famous” for. I am using a natural substance to try and dissolve the cataracts, and seem to be making progress after 6 months. Having fired the ba%^stard that was my optometrist, I now have to find a new one and will report if eyesight is better, which will indicate some

2019 Bioethics Discussion Blog

4459. Patient Dignity (Formerly:Patient Modesty): Volume 97

I have received for years during routine office visits, then again I'm at the disposable age [and male]. Everything else in my recent routine health care involves lab panels that AI is superior at analyzing and prescribing. The patient's medical history [EHR/EMR] is automatically retained and available to everyone not limited by HIPAA [joke]. Most prescriptions will be available when the patient leaves the booth from a system similar to technology used in warehouses for over 20 years, again (...) is going to stop all the meds and take his chances. He never wanted this procedure and does not want the prescription drug consequences their decision causes. The actions of the medical community and their godlike decrees have major and life altering consequences to its victims but they do not care and will continue to give themselves more power and control over their patient victims. This is the greatest power of modern medicine. The manner in which treatment is delivered has only worsened during

2019 Bioethics Discussion Blog

4460. Patient Dignity (Formerly:Patient Modesty):Volume 99

he did not get consent or the nurse is not going to say that she chose this patient to sexually abuse. The electronic systems make their coverup too easy. They literally just have to pick & click. This just reconfirms in our minds that it is not safe to seek hospital care where there is a chance they can use drugs to control & manipulate. Bc once they use drugs all the things you have done to maintain dignity & respect no longer matter to them. No, I do not think that any commencement speeches

2019 Bioethics Discussion Blog

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