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4361. Use of smoking cessation products: A survey of patients in community pharmacies Full Text available with Trip Pro

Use of smoking cessation products: A survey of patients in community pharmacies At 17.3%, smoking rates in Manitoba continue to exceed the national average. In this province, a total health care spending of more than $200 million per year has been attributed to smoking. This study examined the use of smoking cessation agents, including nicotine replacement products and prescription medications, in a sample of smokers in the city of Winnipeg.A simple multiple-choice questionnaire (...) was administered to willing individuals attending 2 community pharmacies in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Data on demographics, smoking habits, previous attempts of smoking cessation and previous and current use of over-the-counter and prescription smoking cessation products were collected anonymously.Of the 2237 individuals who were approached, 586 were smokers (26.2%) and 180 responded to the survey (30.7%); 48.9% were female. A majority of smokers (32.8%) reported smoking 16 to 25 cigarettes per day. More than 90

2017 Canadian Pharmacists Journal : CPJ

4362. Effect on Helicobacter pylori eradication therapy against gastric cancer in Japan Full Text available with Trip Pro

of chronic gastritis is positive for H. pylori. We examined the effect on gastric cancer death rate 4 years after expansion of health insurance coverage.We conducted an epidemiological study and analyzed trends in prescription for H. pylori eradication therapy. We used the electronic medical claims database from Hokkaido, Japan to evaluate the impact of expansion of national health insurance coverage for H. pylori eradication therapy on deaths from gastric cancer.Data on deaths from gastric cancer were (...) obtained from the Japanese Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare and the Cancer Statistics in Japan (2015). Analysis of electronic claims records was performed using the National Database, mainly focusing on Hokkaido. Prescriptions for H. pylori eradication therapy and the number of patients treated for gastric cancer were also extracted from the Hokkaido database.Approximately 1.5 million prescriptions for H. pylori eradication therapy were written annually. Gastric cancer deaths fell each year: 48

2017 Helicobacter

4363. Direct oral anticoagulants: analysis of worldwide use and popularity using Google Trends Full Text available with Trip Pro

Direct oral anticoagulants: analysis of worldwide use and popularity using Google Trends Four direct oral anticoagulants (DOACs) have been approved for clinical use by many medicines regulatory agencies around the world. Due to increasing use of these drugs in routine practice, we planned an original study to investigate their worldwide diffusion using a popular Web-search engine.Two electronic searches were performed using Google Trends, the former using the keywords "warfarin" AND "heparin (...) " AND "fondaparinux", and the latter using the keywords "warfarin" AND "dabigatran" AND "rivaroxaban" AND "apixaban" AND "edoxaban", both using the search criterion "prescription drug". No language restriction was applied, and the searches were carried out from the first date available in Google Trends (January 1st, 2004) to present time (June 1st, 2017).The median Google Trends score of warfarin (i.e., 86) was consistently higher than that of heparin (54; P<0.001), fondaparinux (6; P<0.001), dabigatran (11; P

2017 Annals of Translational Medicine

4364. Factors Influencing Allopurinol Initiation in Primary Care Full Text available with Trip Pro

Factors Influencing Allopurinol Initiation in Primary Care Despite guidance on appropriate initiation, urate-lowering therapy is prescribed for only a minority of patients with gout. Electronic health records for 8,142 patients with gout were used to investigate the effect of age, sex, comorbidities, number of consultations, and meeting internationally agreed eligibility criteria on time to allopurinol initiation. Time to first prescription was modeled using multilevel Cox proportional hazards

2017 Annals of family medicine

4365. Exploring the Uptake of Long-Acting Reversible Contraception in South Dakota Women and the Importance of Provider Education Full Text available with Trip Pro

contraception and the importance of the provider in promoting this type of contraception.This was a cross-sectional study of female patients who had been prescribed contraception at one of five locations in a South Dakota hospital system. Records were obtained through electronic health records for a six-month period. Descriptive analysis was performed using chi-square with counts and percentages. Logistic regression was used to determine differences in LARC prescriptions by patient age and provider title.A (...) total of 2,174 individual patients were included in analysis. Of the 378 (17.4 percent) who were prescribed LARC methods, most (78.6 percent) were prescribed an IUD. Younger women (aged 11-19) were less likely to be prescribed LARCs compared to women aged 30-34. There were also significant differences in LARC prescriptions by provider type. Futhermore, we noted differences in LARC prescriptions for a provider who received a specific education and training on LARC from the American College

2017 South Dakota medicine : the journal of the South Dakota State Medical Association

4366. Feasibility of Homeopathic Treatment for Symptom Reduction in an Integrative Oncology Service Full Text available with Trip Pro

Feasibility of Homeopathic Treatment for Symptom Reduction in an Integrative Oncology Service Homeopathy has the potential to reduce symptoms related to cancer treatment. The present study examined the feasibility of a homeopathic consultation and treatment program, provided as part of an integrative oncology service.The electronic medical files of patients undergoing a homeopathic consultation in an integrative oncology service clinic were examined retrospectively. Adherence to the homeopathic (...) treatment regimen and perceived response to the treatment were evaluated.The files of 124 patient (34 males, 90 females) were examined, of which two-thirds reported acquiring and self-administering the homeopathic remedy as prescribed, and nearly three-quarters reporting a beneficial effect. Adherence to the homeopathic treatment regimen was greatest among patients attending a second visit, as opposed to having only telephone/e-mail follow-up ( P < .005). An association was found between a perceived

2017 Integrative cancer therapies

4367. Epidemiology of Patient Harms in New Zealand: Protocol of a General Practice Records Review Study Full Text available with Trip Pro

, after weighting. Stratification by practice size and rurality will allow comparisons between 6 study groups (large, medium-sized, small; urban and rural practices). Records of equal numbers of patients from each study group will be included in the study because there may be systematic differences in patient harms in different types of practices. Eight general practitioner investigators will review 3 years of electronic general practice health records (consultation notes, prescriptions (...) the incidence, distribution, severity, and preventability of the harms patients experience due to their health care, from the whole-of-health-system lens afforded by electronic general practice patient records."Harm" is defined as disease, injury, disability, suffering, and death, arising from the health system. The study design is a stratified, 2-level cluster, retrospective records review study. Both general practices and patients will be randomly selected so that the study's results will apply nationally

2017 JMIR Research Protocols

4368. Present state and issues in IORT Physics Full Text available with Trip Pro

dosimetry of the three technologies was reviewed. Several issues were found in the calibration and the use of dosimetry detectors and phantoms for low energy X-rays which require further investigation. The uncertainties in the different steps of dose determination were estimated, leading to an estimated total uncertainty of around 10-15% for IORT procedures. The dose inhomogeneity caused by the prescription of electrons at 90% and by the steep dose gradient of kV X-rays causes additional deviations from (...) Present state and issues in IORT Physics Literature was reviewed to assess the physical aspects governing the present and emerging technologies used in intraoperative radiation therapy (IORT). Three major technologies were identified: treatment with electrons, treatment with external generators of kV X-rays and electronic brachytherapy. Although also used in IORT, literature on brachytherapy with radioactive sources is not systematically reviewed since an extensive own body of specialized

2017 Radiation oncology (London, England)

4369. Impact of telemonitoring approaches on integrated HIV and TB diagnosis and treatment interventions in sub-Saharan Africa: a scoping review Full Text available with Trip Pro

early diagnosis and care delivery systems, uptake and retention to medications/services and improving patients' survival and quality of life. Conclusion: Telemonitoring/mhealth (electronic phone text/video/materials messaging)acceptability, access and uptake are crucial in monitoring and improving uptake, retention,adherence and coverage in both local and national integrated HIV and TB programs and interventions. Moreover, telemonitoring is crucial in patient-providers-health professional (...) partnership, real-time quality care and service delivery, antiretroviral and anti-tuberculous drugs improvement, susceptibility monitoring and prescription choice, reinforcing cost effective HIV and TB integrated therapy model and survival rate.

2017 Health promotion perspectives

4370. Development of Clinical Data Mart of HMG-CoA Reductase Inhibitor for Varied Clinical Research Full Text available with Trip Pro

Development of Clinical Data Mart of HMG-CoA Reductase Inhibitor for Varied Clinical Research The increasing use of electronic medical record (EMR) systems for documenting clinical medical data has led to EMR data being increasingly accessed for clinical trials. In this study, a database of patients who were prescribed statins for the first time was developed using EMR data. A clinical data mart (CDM) was developed for cohort study researchers.Seoul St. Mary's Hospital implemented a clinical (...) data warehouse (CDW) of data for ~2.8 million patients, 47 million prescription events, and laboratory results for 150 million cases. We developed a research database from a subset of the data on the basis of a study protocol. Data for patients who were prescribed a statin for the first time (between the period from January 1, 2009 to December 31, 2015), including personal data, laboratory data, diagnoses, and medications, were extracted.We extracted initial clinical data of statin from a CDW

2017 Endocrinology and Metabolism

4371. Sodium-Glucose Co-transporter 2 (SGLT2) Inhibitor: Comparing Trial Data and Real-World Use Full Text available with Trip Pro

as those included in the trial, and will therefore be likely to experience the same cardiovascular benefit. We aimed to identify and describe the proportion of people with T2DM from a representative English national population who have the comparable high cardiovascular risk to those included in the EMPA-REG trial.A cross-sectional analysis of cardiovascular risk in people with T2DM and a subgroup prescribed SGLT2 inhibitors. Patients were identified from the Royal College of General Practitioners (...) Research and Surveillance Centre database. Cardiovascular risk factors were identified from electronic patient records.From 1,238,909 patients at 128 GP practices, we identified 60,327 adults with T2DM (mean age 66.1 years, SD 13.9) of whom 55.6% were male. From these 1642 (2.7%) people had been initiated on an SGLT2 inhibitor (mean age 58.1 years, SD 10.4; 58.8% male). In the complete T2DM group only 15.7% (95% CI 15.5-16.0%) had the same high cardiovascular risk as those included in the EMPA-REG

2017 Diabetes Therapy

4372. Quality improvement of community pharmacy services: a prioritisation exercise Full Text available with Trip Pro

and a stakeholder group comprising community pharmacists, policy makers, lay and pharmacy organisation representatives. A modified nominal group technique (NGT) was used for topic generation (August 2013) followed by an electronic Delphi survey (eDelphi), October-December 2013) and topic rationalisation (December 2013) based on feasibility, acceptability, and potential impact for practice improvement.In total, 63 items were identified during the modified NGT which were categorised into 20 topics to form (...) the starting point of the eDelphi. In total, 74 individuals (mostly community pharmacists) indicated an interest in the eDelphi, which achieved response rates of 63.5%, 67.6%, and 70.3%, respectively in Rounds 1, 2, and 3. Consensus was achieved with six topics: promoting the appropriate sale and supply of over-the-counter medicines; patient counselling for prescribed medication; pharmaceutical care to promote medication adherence; promotion and delivery of a Minor Ailment Scheme; pharmaceutical care

2017 The International journal of pharmacy practice

4373. Automated Adherence Reminders for High Risk Children With Asthma: A Research Protocol Full Text available with Trip Pro

Automated Adherence Reminders for High Risk Children With Asthma: A Research Protocol The use of inhaled corticosteroid (ICS) medications has been shown to improve asthma control and reduce asthma-related morbidity and mortality. Two recent randomized trials demonstrated dramatic improvements in ICS adherence by monitoring adherence with electronic sensors and providing automated reminders to participants to take their ICS medications. Given their lower levels of adherence and higher levels (...) may choose whether or not to receive the text messages. Feasibility will be assessed by measuring (1) retention of the participants through the study phases and (2) perceived usefulness, acceptability, and preferences regarding the intervention components. Limited efficacy outcomes will include percent adherence to prescribed ICS regimen measured using Propeller Health sensors and change in parent-reported asthma control. We will perform an exploratory analysis to assess for discrete trajectories

2017 JMIR Research Protocols Controlled trial quality: uncertain

4374. Buprenorphine Treatment and Patient Use of Health Services after the Affordable Care Act in an Integrated Health Care System Full Text available with Trip Pro

Buprenorphine Treatment and Patient Use of Health Services after the Affordable Care Act in an Integrated Health Care System The Affordable Care Act (ACA) was expected to benefit patients with substance use disorders, including opioid use disorders (OUDs). This study examined buprenorphine use and health services utilization by patients with OUDs pre- and post-ACA in a large health care system. Using electronic health record data, we examined demographic and clinical characteristics (substance (...) more likely to have high-deductible benefit plans (p < .01). Use of psychiatry services was lower post-ACA (IRR: 0.56, p < .01), and high-deductible plans were also related to lower use of psychiatry services (IRR: 0.30, p < .01). The relationship between marijuana use disorder and prescription opioid use is complex, and deserves further study, particularly with increasingly widespread marijuana legalization. Access to psychiatry services may be more challenging for buprenorphine patients post-ACA

2017 Journal of psychoactive drugs

4375. Modified metformin as a more potent anticancer drug: Mitochondrial inhibition, redox signaling, antiproliferative effects and future EPR studies Full Text available with Trip Pro

Modified metformin as a more potent anticancer drug: Mitochondrial inhibition, redox signaling, antiproliferative effects and future EPR studies Metformin, one of the most widely prescribed antidiabetic drugs in the world, is being repurposed as a potential drug in cancer treatment. Epidemiological studies suggest that metformin exerts anticancer effects in diabetic patients with pancreatic cancer. However, at typical antidiabetic doses the bioavailability of metformin is presumably too low (...) complex I activity, inducing reactive oxygen species (superoxide and hydrogen peroxide) that stimulate redox signaling mechanisms, including the activation of adenosinemonophosphate kinase and inhibition of proliferation of pancreatic cancer cells. The potential use of the low-temperature electron paramagnetic resonance technique in assessing the role of mitochondrial complexes including complex I in tumor regression in response to metformin and mito-metformins in the in vivo setting is discussed.

2017 Cell biochemistry and biophysics

4376. Discriminative and Distinct Phenotyping by Constrained Tensor Factorization Full Text available with Trip Pro

Discriminative and Distinct Phenotyping by Constrained Tensor Factorization Adoption of Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems has led to collection of massive healthcare data, which creates oppor- tunities and challenges to study them. Computational phenotyping offers a promising way to convert the sparse and complex data into meaningful concepts that are interpretable to healthcare givers to make use of them. We propose a novel su- pervised nonnegative tensor factorization methodology (...) that derives discriminative and distinct phenotypes. We represented co-occurrence of diagnoses and prescriptions in EHRs as a third-order tensor, and decomposed it using the CP algorithm. We evaluated discriminative power of our models with an Intensive Care Unit database (MIMIC-III) and demonstrated superior performance than state-of-the-art ICU mortality calculators (e.g., APACHE II, SAPS II). Example of the resulted phenotypes are sepsis with acute kidney injury, cardiac surgery, anemia, respiratory

2017 Scientific reports

4377. Psychotropic Drug-Related Fall Incidents in Nursing Home Residents Living in the Eastern Part of The Netherlands Full Text available with Trip Pro

psychotropic drugs or drug classes is needed.The goal of this study was to delineate the associations between fall incidents and specific psychotropic drugs or drug classes.In this retrospective cohort study, electronic patient records, medication records and fall incident reports were collected for 1415 residents receiving somatic or psychogeriatric care in 22 nursing homes in the eastern part of the Netherlands from May 2012 until March 2015. Using a Cox proportional hazards model, we analysed (...) the magnitude of the association between psychotropic drugs and the risk of falling for users and non-users of the psychotropic drugs or drug classes.Antipsychotics (adjusted hazard ratio [aHR] 1.49; 95% confidence interval [CI] 1.12-2.00) and hypnotics and sedatives (aHR 1.51; 95% CI 1.13-2.02) increase the risk of falling. There was no difference between the risk incurred by typical and atypical antipsychotics. However, within these groups, there were differences between the most commonly prescribed drugs

2017 Drugs in R&D

4378. Lipids bearing extruded-spheronized pellets for extended release of poorly soluble antiemetic agent—Meclizine HCl Full Text available with Trip Pro

Lipids bearing extruded-spheronized pellets for extended release of poorly soluble antiemetic agent—Meclizine HCl Antiemetic agent Meclizine HCl, widely prescribed in vertigo, is available only in immediate release dosage forms. The approved therapeutic dose and shorter elimination half-life make Meclizine HCl a potential candidate to be formulated in extended release dosage form. This study was aimed to develop extended release Meclizine HCl pellets by extrusion spheronization using natural (...) controlled by three different combinations of lipids: (i) Geleol® and Compritol®, (ii) Geleol® and Carnauba wax and (iii) Geleol®, Compritol® and Carnauba wax. Scanning electron microscopy of Compritol® pellets showed smooth surface with pores, whereas, irregular rough surface with hollow depressions was observed in Carnauba wax pellets. Energy dispersive spectroscopy indicated elemental composition of lipid matrix pellets. Kinetics of (i) Geleol® and Compritol® pellets, explained by Korsmeyer-Peppas (R2

2017 Lipids in health and disease

4379. Medication regimen complexity in ambulatory older adults with heart failure Full Text available with Trip Pro

cardiomyopathy (NISCM).Medication lists were retrospectively abstracted from the electronic medical records of ambulatory patients aged 60-89 years with heart failure. Medications were categorized into three types - heart failure prescription medications, other prescription medications, and over-the-counter (OTC) medications - and scored using the pMRCI tool.The study evaluated 145 patients (n=80 young-old, n=65 old-old, n=85 ISCM, n=60 NISCM, mean age 73±7 years, 64% men, 81% Caucasian). Mean total pMRCI (...) significantly higher in patients with ISCM versus NISCM (pMRCI score 34.5±15.2 versus 28.8±12.7, P=0.009; medication count 14.1±4.9 versus 12.2±4.5, P=0.008), which was largely driven by other prescription medications.Medication regimen complexity is high in older adults with heart failure, and differs based on heart failure etiology. Additional work is needed to address polypharmacy and to determine if medication regimen complexity influences adherence and clinical outcomes in this population.

2017 Clinical interventions in aging

4380. Administrative Claims Data Versus Augmented Pregnancy Data for the Study of Pharmaceutical Treatments in Pregnancy Full Text available with Trip Pro

safety in pregnancy.Research on medication safety in pregnancy requires information on pregnancy episodes, mother-infant linkage, medication exposure, gestational age, maternal and birth outcomes, confounding factors, and (in some studies) long-term follow-up data. Claims data reliably identifies live births and possibly other pregnancies. It allows mother-infant linkage and has prospectively collected prescription medication information. Its diagnosis and procedure information allows estimation (...) of gestational age. It captures maternal medical conditions but generally has incomplete data on reproductive and lifestyle factors. It has information on certain, typically short-term maternal and infant outcomes that may require chart review confirmation. Other data sources including electronic health records and birth registries can augment claims data or be analyzed alone. Interviews, surveys, or biological samples provide additional information. Nationwide and regional birth and pregnancy registries

2017 Current epidemiology reports

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