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121. Recommendations for the Delivery of Psychosocial Oncology Services in Ontario

to PSO services for patients and their families across Ontario. JOANNE M. Patient and Family Advisor, Chair of the PSO PFA Committee 4 | Executive Summary Executive Summary RECOMMENDATIONS FOR THE DELIVERY OF PSYCHOSOCIAL ONCOLOGY SERVICES IN ONTARIO one ORGANIZATION, STRUCTURE AND PHILOSOPHY OF THE PSO PROGRAM 1.1 Psychosocial Oncology is reflected as a distinct program within the internal organizational structures of all Regional Cancer Programs in order to enhance cohesion and communicate (...) Regional Cancer Programs continue to consistently use symptom screening tools as a component of the screen for PSO needs. 2.2 All sites develop an inter-professional approach for responding to clinically significant screening for all issues and/ or elevated symptom screen scores. Teams consider secondary assessment tools for elevated scores. 2.3 Symptom screens be addressed routinely at clinic visits; the symptom scores should be acknowledged followed by assessment, interventions and referral

2018 Cancer Care Ontario

122. Do general health checks prolong lifespan?

of the RCTs for adults under the age of 65 [20], only inactivated vaccines and live attenuated vaccines showed symptomatic effects. The number needed to treat to benefit was 70 showing only one person escaped influenza when 70 persons were vaccinated. There is no effect of split vaccine used in Japan. When you have influenza If you visit an outpatient clinic for consultation, there may be sick people or patients with high risk or elderlies in the waiting room. You may give your influenza to these people (...) , Ueshio 5-1-20, Tennouji, Osaka JAPAN E-mail: C M ED HECK The Informed Prescriber 2018 Vol.4 No.10 18) Strandberg TE, Salomaa VV, Vanhanen HT, Naukkarinen VA, Sarna SJ, Miettinen TA. Mortality in participants and non-participants of a multifactorial prevention study of cardiovascular diseases: a 28 year follow up of the Helsinki Businessmen Study. Br Heart J 1995: 74: 449-454. Https:// PMC484055/ 19

2018 Med Check - The Informed Prescriber

123. Bictegravir / emtricitabine / tenofovir alafenamide / fumarate (Biktarvy) - HIV Infections

inhibitor resistant IPC In-process control IQ inhibitory quotient IQ95 inhibitory quotient of 95% IR Infrared ISE Integrated Summary of Efficacy ISS Integrated Summary of Safety IV intravenous KF Karl Fischer titration LC-MS/MS liquid chromatography/tandem mass spectrometry LDH lactate dehydrogenase LDL low-density lipoprotein LLOQ lower limit of quantitation LOCF last observation carried forward LSM least-squares mean M = E missing = excluded M = F missing = failure MedDRA Medical Dictionary (...) coefficient of variation 3TC lamivudine ABC abacavir AE adverse event AIDS acquired immunodeficiency syndrome ALT alanine aminotransferase ANOVA analysis of variance anti-HBe antibody against hepatitis B e antigen anti-HBs antibody against hepatitis B surface antigen ART antiretroviral therapy ARV antiretroviral ATV atazanavir AUC area under the concentration versus time curve AUClast area under the concentration versus time curve from time zero to the last quantifiable concentration AUCtau area under

2018 European Medicines Agency - EPARs

124. Multimorbidity: a priority for global health research

meeting, ‘Multiple morbidities as a global health challenge’, held on 7 October 2015. 16 This workshop recognised that multimorbidity was likely to be a global health challenge, and acknowledged that realisation of the Sustainable Development Goals, 17 and other broader development targets, is likely to require more research on multimorbidity. On this basis, an international working group project was established to explore in greater depth the challenges and evidence gaps associated

2018 Academy of Medical Sciences

125. Comprehensive Care - Older people with frailty in hospital

with frailty in hospitals is developing and incomplete. We want to establish the current state of knowledge, including the gaps, in order to both inform staff who are deciding how to treat people on a day to day basis and to inform the future research agenda. We identified 53 NIHR funded studies which cover the journey through secondary care services. We looked at care provided at both emergency and elective attendances at hospital, and at the five syndromes associated with frailty (delirium, falls, Living (...) that the individual is living with frailty and trigger a full assessment. 10 NIHR Themed Review: Comprehensive Care immobility, continence problems and medicine management, (see below) together with the experience of care. The review explores how people working in secondary care services become aware that an older person is living with frailty (whether this is established before admission or on presentation at hospital), how the decision to admit is taken and how current needs are assessed. Whilst it does

2018 NIHR Dissemination Centre - Themed Reviews

126. Review of effective strategies to promote breastfeeding

Program Sax Institute Phone: +61 2 91889500 Suggested Citation: Smith JP, Cattaneo A, Iellamo A, Javanparast S, Atchan M et al. Review of effective strategies to promote breastfeeding: an Evidence Check rapid review brokered by the Sax Institute ( for the Department of Health, 2018. Disclaimer: This Evidence Check Review was produced using the Evidence Check methodology in response to specific questions from (...) aim 18 Methods 20 Search strategies 20 Peer-reviewed literature 20 Grey literature 20 Evidence grading 21 Limitations 22 Findings 23 Question 1: 24 Findings — Major recent comprehensive systematic reviews 25 Findings — Individual strategies and interventions 30 A. Public awareness/marketing 33 B. Public law and regulation 34 C. Welfare, justice and healthcare systems 35 D. Education and support, training in health systems 36 E. Relationships and networks 37 F. Family and other support 38 G. Other

2018 Sax Institute Evidence Check

127. Accountable care organisations

in the first three performance years ( 2% and 13% reporting losses of >2%. Higher expenditure benchmarks were weakly associated with savings in US Medicare programs. However, overall there were few clear predictors of what types of ACOs were making savings, which is possibly indicative of the early stages of implementation of these models in most settings. • Quality: Quality of care outcomes focused on hospital admissions/re-admissions, unnecessary emergency department visits, outpatient clinic services (...) reported outcomes on quality of care (Figure 3). Outcomes included hospital admissions/ readmissions, unnecessary emergency department visits, outpatient clinic services, processes of care, patient adherence rates to treatment plans, disease management and lowering mortality rates (Table 2.) Only nine models reported on mortality outcomes, with six reporting reductions in mortality rates or improvements in life expectancy and three reporting no difference. Five of these models had a matched control

2018 Sax Institute Evidence Check

128. The Patient Centred Medical Home: barriers and enablers to implementation

time allocated to undertake comprehensive assessments and holistic interventions. • Recognition of the time it takes to make changes • Separate visits for preventive care • The use of electronic medical records (provided they have a user-friendly interface). Health information technology: Benefits of health information technology are widely • Time, effort and other resources for implementation. • Available technology is inadequate to support quality initiatives • Training, specifically, • Applied (...) to real cases • Delivered over a period of time 11 THE PATIENT CENTRED MEDICAL HOME: BARRIERS AND ENABLERS TO IMPLEMENTATION | SAX INSTITUTE Component of change and why it’s important Barriers/challenges Enablers documented and are central to supporting PCMH functions. • May lead to worse performance on adoption • Ability to be used as a substitute for face-to-face visits. • Recognition of the time it takes to make changes by organisations providing grants/supporting change • Development

2018 Sax Institute Evidence Check

129. Peramivir (Alpivab) - Influenza, Human

. There are no licensed intravenous presentations of neuraminidase inhibitors in the EU although these may be available for compassionate use in severely ill patients, in whom their efficacy has not been established. Otherwise, treatment for severe influenza is supportive and may involve the need for assisted ventilation, circulatory support and antibacterial agents to treat or prevent secondary bacterial infections, such as staphylococcal pneumonia. In some countries amantadine and rimantadine (the adamantanes (...) 7 days 200 d C0 e 913140 308616 19.8x 3.1x IV continuous Infusion 2 weeks 1152 69277 h NC 1.51x NC IV bolus 4 weeks 120 g 675125 383234 14.8x 3.8x IV continuous Infusion 30-31 days 1440 NC 1975000 14.8x 3.8x Rabbit IV bolus 7 day 100 C0 e 159000 219000 3.4x 2.1x IV bolus 7 day 100 C0 e 454159 337718 9.9x 3.3x Monkey IM 2 weeks 54 197875 287193 4.3x 2.8x 52 weeks 54 206917 239176 4.5x 2.3x IV bolus 2 weeks 45 375000 249000 8.2x 2.4x 4 weeks 90 485000 541580 10.6x 2.5x IV continuous Infusion 30-31

2018 European Medicines Agency - EPARs

130. Opioid Use Disorder - Diagnosis and Management in Primary Care

a specific meaning within the addiction medicine community. It describes the short-term process commonly known as detoxification or “detox” and does not simply refer to the management of withdrawal symptoms. Withdrawal management (inpatient or outpatient) often involves use of a short-term opioid agonist taper but does not include transition to stable, long-term opioid agonist treatment. In this guideline, “withdrawal management alone” refers to a short-term detox (days or weeks) typically administered (...) in an inpatient or intensive outpatient program, which does not bridge to long-term continuing addiction treatment. Due to serious safety risks, including increased risk of relapse, and increased high risk behaviours that may lead to serious harms and overdose death, withdrawal management alone is not recommended . 2–4 Opioid Agonist Treatment may also be called “opioid replacement therapy” or “opioid substitution therapy”. Opioid agonist treatment includes the use of buprenorphine/naloxone, methadone, slow

2018 Clinical Practice Guidelines and Protocols in British Columbia

131. Treating Opioid Use Disorder During Pregnancy: Guideline Supplement

to comprehensive specialist pregnancy and prenatal care • If applicable, access to postpartum and neonatal care, as well as onsite accommodation or visitation provision for patient’s child(ren). 61 Keeping mothers and children together should be among primary considerations when selecting a treatment setting for this population. Effective discharge planning is also crucial to ensure positive long-term residential treatment outcomes. 59,62 The residential facility should communicate outpatient care providers (...) , education and training, and clinical care guidance. With the support of the province of British Columbia, the BCCSU aims to help establish world leading educational, research and public health, and clinical practices across the spectrum of substance use. Although physically located in Vancouver, the BCCSU is a provincially networked resource for researchers, educators, and care providers as well as people who use substances, family advocates, support groups, and the recovery community. Perinatal

2018 British Columbia Perinatal Health Program

132. Sodium zirconium cyclosilicate (Lokelma) - Hyperkalemia

of hospitalised patients, and the incidence ranges from 1 to 10%. There is no agreed definition of hyperkalaemia, since the raised level of potassium at which a treatment should be initiated has not been established. The European Resuscitation Council guidelines consider hyperkalaemia to be a serum potassium (S-K) level > 5.5 mmol/L, with mild elevations defined as 5.5 to 5.9 mmol/L, moderate as 6.0-6.4 mmol/L, and severe as = 6.5 mmol/L. The guidelines also note that extracellular potassium levels (...) the active substance, sodium zirconium cyclosilicate. The specifications have been established according to physico-chemical characteristics and properties of the crystalline active substance. The finished product is released to the market based on the above release specifications, through traditional final product release testing. The analytical methods used have been adequately described and appropriately validated in accordance with the ICH guidelines. Satisfactory information regarding the reference

2018 European Medicines Agency - EPARs

133. Organisation of mental health care for adults in Belgium

organization. In: Mistiaen P, Cornelis J, Detollenaere J, Devriese S, Farfan-Portet MI, Ricour C (Editors) Organisation of mental health care for adults in Belgium. Health Services Research (HSR) Brussels: Belgian Health Care Knowledge Centre (KCE). 2019. KCE Reports 318. D/2019/10.273/50 Chapter 05: Laguesse R, Lambert M, Van Nuffel R, De Coen M, Van Speybroeck J, Bontemps C. Mapping mental health care services in Belgium. In: Mistiaen P, Cornelis J, Detollenaere J, Devriese S, Farfan-Portet MI, Ricour C (...) Mental Health Care adults Belgium KCE Report 318 CHAPTER 05 MAPPING MENTAL HEALTH CARE SERVICES IN BELGIUM 89 AUTHORS: LAGUESSE R 1 , LAMBERT M 1 , VAN NUFFEL R 2 , DE COEN M 2 , VAN SPEYBROECK J 2 , BONTEMPS C 1 89 1 LEXICON 89 2 INTRODUCTION 92 2.1 CONTEXT 92 2.2 HISTORY 92 2.3 BOUNDARIES OF MENTAL HEALTH CARE 93 3 METHOD 95 3.1 TYPE OF DATA AND STRUCTURE OF THEIR DESCRIPTION 95 3.1.1 Distribution of services/institutions by levels 95 3.1.2 Regions 95 3.1.3 Data 95 3.1.4 Overview of the situation

2019 Belgian Health Care Knowledge Centre

134. Asylum seekers in Belgium: options for a more equitable access to health care. A stakeholder consultation

den Bruel (KULeuven ) Stakeholders: Pascal Breyne (INAMI – RIZIV), Fabienne Crauwels (VVSG), Cécile Daron (Brulocalis), Régina De Paepe (Cabinet of the minister M. De Block), Tom De Spiegeleer (Mutualité Chrétiennes), Elvire Delwiche (SPF Justice – FOD Justitie), Isabelle Demaret (Cabinet of the minister A. Greoli), Florence Durieux (Mutualités Neutres), Jean Hermesse (Collège Intermutualiste National), Christel Heymans (INAMI – RIZIV), Annemarie Hoogewys (Fedasil), Wilhelmus Janssen (Fedasil (...) problems Language: English Format: Adobe® PDF™ (A4) Legal depot: D/2019/10.273/53 ISSN: 2466-6459 Copyright: KCE reports are published under a “by/nc/nd” Creative Commons Licence How to refer to this document? Dauvrin M, Detollenaere J, De Laet C, Roberfroid D, Vinck I. Asylum seekers in Belgium: options for a more equitable access to health care. A stakeholder consultation Health Services Research (HSR) Brussels: Belgian Health Care

2019 Belgian Health Care Knowledge Centre

135. Diagnosis and management of gonorrhoea and syphilis

, Syphilis, Chlamydia trachomatis NLM Classification: WA 110 Prevention and control of communicable diseases. Transmission of infectious diseases Language: English Format: Adobe® PDF™ (A4) Legal depot: D/2019/10.273/21 ISSN: 2466-6459 Copyright: KCE reports are published under a “by/nc/nd” Creative Commons Licence How to refer to this document? Jespers V, Stordeur S, Desomer A, Carville S, Jones C, Lewis S, Perry M, Cordyn S, Cornelissen T (...) , Crucitti T, Danhier C, De Baetselier I, De Cannière A-S, Dhaeze W, Dufraimont E, Kenyon C, Libois A, Mokrane S, Padalko E, Van den Eynde S, Vanden Berghe W, Van der Schueren T, Dekker N. Diagnosis and management of gonorrhoea and syphilis. Good Clinical Practice (GCP) Brussels: Belgian Health Care Knowledge Centre (KCE). 2019. KCE Reports 310. D/2019/10.273/21. This document is available on the website of the Belgian Health Care Knowledge Centre. KCE Report 310 Diagnosis and management of gonorrhoea

2019 Belgian Health Care Knowledge Centre

136. Programs and services for suicide prevention

to the inclusions of an acknowledgement of the source. It may not be reproduced for commercial usage or sale. Reproduction for purposes other than those indicated above requires written permission from the copyright owners. Enquiries regarding this report may be directed to the: Principal Analyst Knowledge Exchange Program Sax Institute Phone: +61 2 91889500 Suggested Citation: Maple M, Wayland S, Pearce T, Hua P. Services and programs for suicide (...) -based health care and are published online in the Cochrane Library. Comorbidity The presence of one or more additional diseases or disorders that co-occur with a primary disease or disorder Digitally-enhanced programs In this report this term refers to use of technology (apps, online platforms, connecting with people via the internet) as well as upscaling programs from face to face connection, to ongoing connection via a digital platform. E-health interventions Interventions delivered via an online

2018 Sax Institute Evidence Check

137. Prevention and early intervention for adults with mild to moderate depression Phone: +61 2 91889500 Suggested Citation: Kay-Lambkin F, Gilbert J, Pedemont L, Sunderland M, Dalton H et al. Prevention and early intervention for people aged 18 and over with, or at risk of, mild to moderate depression and anxiety: An Evidence Check rapid review brokered by the Sax Institute ( for Beyond Blue, 2018. Disclaimer: This Evidence Check Review was produced using the Evidence Check methodology in response to specific questions from the commissioning agency (...) for the depression RCTs (mild–moderate range) but confirmed the well-established finding across the treatment and epidemiological literature that comorbidity between depression and anxiety is high. Of interest is that the effects of cognitive behaviour therapy on anxiety extended to significant reductions in depressive symptoms, despite depression not being specifically targeted in the anxiety interventions. These effects were moderate to large, indicating a direct effect of anxiety treatments on mild–moderate

2018 Sax Institute Evidence Check

138. Enhancing Health Promotion and Disease Prevention in Networked Primary Care

, M.Sc., Lead, Evidence Synthesis, McMaster Health Forum Ahmed A. Belal, M.Sc., Research Assistant, Evidence Synthesis, McMaster Health Forum Eilish M. Scallan, M.Sc., Research Assistant, Evidence Synthesis, McMaster Health Forum Michael G. Wilson, PhD, Assistant Director, McMaster Health Forum, and Associate Professor, McMaster University Timeline Rapid syntheses can be requested in a three-, 10-, 30-, 60- or 90-business-day timeframe. This synthesis was prepared over a 30-businessday timeframe (...) primary care or have outlined plans to implement networked primary care in the health system. In Saskatchewan, the Ministry of Health in the most recent annual report has outlined actions to establish primary-care networks in Regina and Saskatoon.(4) Similarly, the Nova Scotia Health Authority’s guiding document for primary-care delivery outlines a Health Home model, which will use a population-health approach to primary care, and include wellness and chronic-disease management across a geographic

2018 McMaster Health Forum

139. Improving social and emotional wellbeing for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people

, discrimination, violence, victimisation, offending and social disadvantage. 6, 7 There also needs to be a focus on reducing these stressors (risks) and improving the capacity of community members and service staff to cope with these. Thus, the concept provides a holistic perspective on what are commonly understood as mental health concerns, and acknowledges the impact of the social and cultural determinants of health. Indigenous SEWB is ?rmly established as a national strategic priority. 8 Beyond Blue (...) to risk (i.e. understanding risk and mental health promotion, and developing tailored early intervention and prevention strategies); and 4) establishing improved engagement, screening, management and referral pathways. The latter is critically important: 80% of adolescents (10–24 years) from 114 primary healthcare services were not screened for social and emotional wellbeing concerns. Of those screened, no further action was taken for 14% of all clients for whom concerns were identified

2018 Sax Institute Evidence Check

140. Enhancing Health System Integration of Nurse Practitioners in Ontario

that nurse practitioners have longer consultations and patients request more follow-up visits, but all of the reviews cited limitations as a result of the quality and amount of evidence available. • Improved patient satisfaction for care provided by nurse practitioners was found in emergency departments, long-term care, as well as care provided in rural and remote communities, and no significant differences were found for oncology care provided by nurse practitioners and in a comparison of nurse (...) costs resulted from lower salaries and a reduced number of patient visits, and that families who were cared for by nurse practitioners spent half the amount compared to families who saw dermatologists (accounted for by time costs and out-of-pocket expenditures).(29) The primary study compared outcomes for patients with rheumatoid arthritis who were cared for by a team that included a nurse practitioner to those that did not include a nurse practitioner.(43) The longitudinal study found supportive

2018 McMaster Health Forum

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