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121. How to improve the Organisation of Mental healthcare for older adults in Belgium?

depot: D/2018/10.273/31 ISSN: 2466-6459 Copyright: KCE reports are published under a “by/nc/nd” Creative Commons Licence How to refer to this document? Adriaenssens J, Farfan-Portet M-I, Benahmed N, Kohn L, Dubois D, Devriese S, Eyssen M, Ricour C. How to improve the Organisation of Mental healthcare for older adults in Belgium?. Health Services Research (HSR) Brussels: Belgian Health Care Knowledge Centre (KCE). 2018. KCE Reports 301 (...) – Estimated number of consultations per 100 000 residents per age category (2008-2015) 156 Figure 40 – Number of visits to GP per patients (2008-2015) 157 KCE Report 301 How to improve the Organisation of Mental healthcare for older adults in Belgium? 9 LIST OF TABLES Table 1 – Crude percentage of the population of mental health indicators from the National Health Survey 25 Table 2 – Alzheimer Europe regarding number of people with dementia in Belgium 26 Table 3 – Number of suicide per 100 000 residents

2018 Belgian Health Care Knowledge Centre

122. Payment methods for hospital stays with a large variability in the care process

Payments) IPPS Inpatient prospective payment system LFSS Social Security Financing Act LOS Length-of-Stay MDC Major Diagnostic Categories MS-DRG Medicare Severity – Diagnosis Related Group NCSP NOMESCO Classification of Surgical Procedures NHS National Health Service England ONDAM Objectif National des Dépenses d'Assurance Maladie (National Health Insurance Expenditure Objective) OPCS Office of Population Consensus and Surveys OPPS Outpatient PPS OPS Operationen- und Prozedurenschlüssel (German (...) the centralisation of specific services at particular providers? • How are outliers defined and what mechanisms for reimbursement exist? In most countries outpatient care, mental care, long-term care, rehabilitation and ambulatory emergencies are not financed through DRG-based hospital payments. Therefore they are outside the scope of this study which has a focus on acute care. The same applies to payments for non-patient related hospital activities such as research or training. Finally, an evaluation of whether

2018 Belgian Health Care Knowledge Centre

123. Community-based approaches to adolescent obesity

-to-face, weekly 90min sessions C: Face-to-face, one visit to receive educational material I: Mindful Eating Intervention – mindfulness meditation, and combined instruction, discussion and eating skills practice C: Nutrition and exercise information handouts 6 weeks program duration 6 weeks FU (I & C) 10 weeks FU (I only) n=37 (I n=14; C n=23) IC: 14- 17yo IC: girls 100%F IC: BMI >90 th %ile Mean BMI (all): 35.7±7.6 kg/m 2 Mean BMI (I): 37.7±7.6 kg/m 2 Mean BMI ©: 34.3±6.2 kg/m 2 NR IC: Latino (...) . 2015 49 RCT, II Strong NS US, University research setting Face-to-face group sessions (1.5h ea) Nutr + PA + Beh + Cog E: enhanced, smaller groups activities to practice peer support skills, Peer support between sessions via Facebook: chats (10- 15 min with group leader or peer), and check-in with 3 peers S: standard (program 16 w program, weekly for 1 m, then fortnightly for 1 m, then monthly for 2 m measures during and post- program at 4 w + 16 w Randomis ed n = 41 (E: n = 23 S: n = 18) Outcome

2017 Sax Institute Evidence Check

124. Homelessness at Transition

to the inclusions of an acknowledgement of the source. It may not be reproduced for commercial USge or sale. Reproduction for purposes other than those indicated above requires written permission from the copyright owners. Enquiries regarding this report may be directed to the: Manager Knowledge Exchange Program Sax Institute Phone: +61 2 91889500 Suggested Citation: Conroy, E, Williams, M. Homelessness at transition: An Evidence Check rapid review (...) : inadequate housing for needs or delays in transfer to more suitable housing; safety concerns within the household or neighbourhood; and financial difficulties in part due to tenancies being established with debt. • Chronic homelessness may influence tenancy sustainment via social isolation. • Substance use and other mental health problems, including hoarding and squalor, were mentioned in a few studies but the evidence regarding these factors is equivocal. • Few insights were available about risk factors

2017 Sax Institute Evidence Check

125. Examining the Effects of Value-based Physician Payment Models

segments. In the first segment the primary-care physician acts as gatekeeper to speciality care and there are three payment types within this segment: 1) a capitation fee for each patient registered in the practice, which is based on age (under or over 65) and deprivation status (established through patients’ postal codes); 2) fees for each consultation and home visit; and 3) fees for practice nurses that provide mental health care (but the physician needs a contract in order to receive this payment (...) System) are used for outpatient ambulatory care. Medicare assigns bundled payment rates that are based on the median cost of services in the procedure group and geographical variation in wages.(38) It is important to note that there is significant variation in how state Medicaid agencies remunerate healthcare providers (e.g., Medicaid fees for an office visit can be five times higher in one state than another).(38) In addition, many state reimbursement methods employ a fee schedule that incorporates

2017 McMaster Health Forum

126. Sexual offender treatment for reducing recidivism among convicted sex offenders

to the library to download these resources, at: Better evidence for a better world Colophon Title Sexual offender treatment for reducing recidivism among convicted sex offenders: a systematic review and meta-analysis Institution The Campbell Collaboration Authors Schmucker, Martin Lösel, Friedrich DOI 10.4073/csr.2017.8 No. of pages 75 Last updated 28 July 2017 Citation Schmucker, M, Lösel, F. Sexual offender treatment for reducing recidivism among convicted sex (...) offenders: a systematic review and meta-analysis. Campbell Systematic Reviews 2017:8 DOI: 10.4073/csr.2017.8 ISSN 1891-1803 Copyright © M. Schmucker & F. Lösel This is an open-access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License, which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original author and source are credited. Roles and responsibilities Martin Schmucker and Friedrich Lösel contributed to the writing and revising

2017 Campbell Collaboration

127. Enhancing Equitable Access to Assistive Technologies in Canada

to assist in accessing primary care as well as transitioning across care settings. • Element 2 – Helping citizens get the most out of government-funded programs o This could include providing public financing based on need for different types of assistive technologies, streamlining existing government approaches that provide access to assistive technologies, and establishing transparent and flexible criteria to define what technologies are covered. o While there is no evidence evaluating public

2017 McMaster Health Forum

128. Identifying and Assessing Core Components of Collaborative-care Models for Treating Mental and Physical Health Conditions

from Ontario found that individuals with schizophrenia and diabetes received diabetes care that was significantly sub-optimal compared with those without schizophrenia in relation to guideline-concordant testing for HbA1c, lipid testing and eye exams);(16) • overuse of some types of services (such as increased rates of intensive-care-unit admissions, ambulatory care, and emergency department visits);(14; 16) and • high risk of medical errors.(17) While there are a number of reasons for the delivery (...) Association, which highlighted the advantages of collaboration between family physicians and psychiatrists,(21) as well as the Government of Canada’s Primary Health Care Transition Fund and the resulting establishment of the Canadian Collaborative Mental Health Initiative in 2004. These initiatives led to an increased awareness of the need for greater collaboration between primary care and mental health care, as well as an increased uptake of such initiatives in practice.(22; 23) However, while the focus

2017 McMaster Health Forum

129. Effectiveness and Harms of Spinal Manipulative Therapy for the Treatment of Acute Neck and Lower Back Pain

Research & Development Service Washington, DC 20420 Prepared by: Evidence-based Synthesis Program (ESP) West Los Angeles VA Medical Center Los Angeles, CA Paul G. Shekelle, MD, PhD, Director Investigators: Principal Investigator: Paul G. Shekelle, MD, PhD Co-investigators: Neil M. Paige, MD, MSHS Research Associates: Isomi M. Miake-Lye, BA Jessica M. Beroes, BS Marika Suttorp Booth, MS Roberta Shanman, MS Effectiveness and Harms of Spinal Manipulative Therapy Evidence-based Synthesis Program (...) for the Treatment of Acute Neck and Lower Back Pain i PREFACE Quality Enhancement Research Initiative’s (QUERI) Evidence-based Synthesis Program (ESP) was established to provide timely and accurate syntheses of targeted healthcare topics of particular importance to Veterans Affairs (VA) clinicians, managers and policymakers as they work to improve the health and healthcare of Veterans. The ESP disseminates these reports throughout the VA, and some evidence syntheses inform the clinical guidelines of large

2017 Veterans Affairs Evidence-based Synthesis Program Reports

130. A Guideline for the Clinical Management of Opioid Use Disorder

and evaluation, education and training, and clinical care guidance. With the support of the province of British Columbia, the BCCSU aims to help establish world leading educational, research and public health, and clinical practices across the spectrum of substance use. Although physically located in Vancouver, the BCCSU is a provincially networked resource for researchers, educators and care providers as well as people who use substances, family advocates, support groups and the recovery community. The CIHR (...) associated with elevated rates of relapse, HIV infection and overdose death. This includes rapid ( 1 month) outpatient or residential opioid agonist taper rather than rapid ( 75 mg/day) can be protective against overdose. 51,52 Methadone-based agonist treatment has been shown to reduce injection risk behaviours and the overall risk of hepatitis C and HIV infection among people who inject drugs. 14,53,54 Furthermore, among HIV-positive individ - uals, engagement in methadone-based agonist treatment

2017 Clinical Practice Guidelines and Protocols in British Columbia

131. 12-step programs for reducing illicit drug use

these resources, at: Better evidence for a better worldColophon Title 12-step programs for reducing illicit drug use Institution The Campbell Collaboration Authors Bøg, Martin Filges, Trine Brännström, Lars Jørgensen, Anne-Marie Klint Fredriksson, Maja Kärrman DOI 10.4073/csr.2017.2 No. of pages 149 Last updated February 2017 Citation Bøg M, Filges T, Brännström L, Jørgensen AMK, Fredriksson MK. 12-step programs for reducing illicit drug use: a systematic review (...) Campbell/ Danish National Centre for Social Research Herluf Trollesgade 11 DK-1052 Copenhagen K Denmark E-mail: Full list of author information is available at the end of the article. Campbell Systematic Reviews Editor-in-Chief Julia Littell, Bryn Mawr College, USA Editors Crime and Justice David B. Wilson, George Mason University, USA Charlotte Gill, George Mason University, USA Education Sandra Jo Wilson, Vanderbilt University, USA International Development Birte Snilstveit, 3ie

2017 Campbell Collaboration

132. Evidence Brief: Effectiveness of Models Used to Deliver Multimodal Care for Chronic Musculoskeletal Pain

Washington, DC 20420 Prepared by: Evidence-based Synthesis Program (ESP) Coordinating Center Portland VA Health Care System Portland, OR Mark Helfand, MD, MPH, MS, Director Investigators: Kim Peterson, MS Johanna Anderson, MPH Donald Bourne, BS Katherine Mackey, MD Mark Helfand, MD, MS, MPH Evidence Brief: Models of Multimodal Chronic Pain Care Evidence-based Synthesis Program i PREFACE The VA Evidence-based Synthesis Program (ESP) was established in 2007 to provide timely and accurate syntheses (...) these reports throughout VA and in the published literature; some evidence syntheses have informed the clinical guidelines of large professional organizations. The ESP Coordinating Center (ESP CC), located in Portland, Oregon, was created in 2009 to expand the capacity of QUERI/HSR&D and is charged with oversight of national ESP program operations, program development and evaluation, and dissemination efforts. The ESP CC establishes standard operating procedures for the production of evidence synthesis

2017 Veterans Affairs Evidence-based Synthesis Program Reports

133. Use of patient-reported outcome and experience measures in patient care and policy

-copyrights-for-kce-publications. How to refer to this document? Desomer A, Van den Heede K, Triemstra M, Paget J, De Boer D, Kohn L, Cleemput I. Use of patient-reported outcome and experience measures in patient care and policy. Health Services Research (HSR) Brussels: Belgian Health Care Knowledge Centre (KCE). 2018. KCE Reports 303. D/2018/10.273/40. This document is available on the website of the Belgian Health Care Knowledge Centre. KCE Report 303 Patient-reported outcome and experience measures 1 (...) of the current report. This evaluation is available on request (at KCE). actual use of PROMs and PREMs in daily practice is associated with a cost, the exploration of the potential value and the awareness creation have to be done first, before a principal decision on the implementation can be taken. Once a decision is taken, the required investments and operational costs need to be calculated to establish the implementation. During the last decades numerous instruments were developed by clinicians

2018 Belgian Health Care Knowledge Centre

134. Depression: Adult and Adolescent

are critical and contribute to the likelihood of good follow-through on treatment. Patient education should include: • The cause, symptoms and natural history of major depression • Shared decision making about treatment options • Information on what to expect during treatment • Follow-up (office visits, e-mail, and/or telephone) In addition to patient education, supportive care includes emotional support and guidance. Providers can engage in behavioral activation by encouraging patients to consider (...) this metric. 17 Utilization of PHQ-9 to Monitor Depression Symptoms Members 12 years of age or older who had an outpatient encounter for depression/dysthymia and had a documented PHQ-9 score at that visit or during the same assessment period. The measurement year is divided into three 4-month assessment periods. Adherence and response For antidepressant medications, adherence to a therapeutic dose and meeting clinical goals are more important than the specific drug selected. Successful treatment often

2017 Kaiser Permanente Clinical Guidelines

135. Pulmonary Embolism Diagnosis and Treatment

and document the shared decision making process: .petreatment We talked about medication and treatment options for your pulmonary embolism. We reviewed the risks and benefits of the medications, and talked about the advantages and disadvantages of outpatient treatment. You agreed to understanding the risks and benefits and have decided to do {NEW LIST: outpatient/inpatient} treatment. Here’s a summary of what we talked about for treatment during your visit: Advantages and disadvantages of outpatient (...) - inferiority level. The mean length of hospital stay was shorter by 3.4 days, and the duration of LMWH use was longer by 2.6 days in the outpatient management group. 14% of outpatients versus 6% of inpatients received home nursing visits for enoxaparin injection (n=348 versus 105 home visits). There were no significant differences between the two groups in hospital readmission rates, emergency department visits, or primary care visits. The results also show that outpatient care was well accepted

2017 Kaiser Permanente Clinical Guidelines

136. Policy on Patient Safety

, Campbell M, O’Malley L. Systematic review of patient safety interventions in dentistry. BMC Oral Health 2015;15(152):1-11. Saksena A, Pemberton MJ, Shaw A, Dickson S, Ashley MP. Preventing wrong tooth extraction: Experience in development and implementation of an outpatient safety checklist. Br Dent J 2014;217(7):357-62. Erratum in: Br Dent J 2014;217(10):585. Pahel BT, Rozier RG, Stearns SC. Agreement between structured checklists and Medicaid claims for preventiv edental visits in primary care (...) Comprehensive review and documentation of indication for medication order/administration. This includes a review of current medications, allergies, drug interactions, and correct calculation of dosage. Promoting a culture where staff members are empowered and encouraged to speak up or intervene in matters of patient safety. References Bailey E, Tickle M, Campbell S. Patient safety in primary care dentistry: Where are we now? Br Dent J 2014;217(7):333-44. World Health Organization. Patient safety

2018 American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry

137. Developing a National Pain Strategy for Canada

established, interconnected or sustainably supported – independent national initiatives focused on chronic pain, key examples of which include the: • Canadian Pain Care Forum, which is a national network of organizations seeking to improve the prevention and management of chronic pain; • Coalition for Safe and Effective Pain Management, which is a new national network of organizations seeking to optimize the use of non-pharmacological approaches to chronic-pain management; (24) • Canadian Pain Coalition (...) Mentorship Network for Pain & Addiction (50) • No publicly available evaluations identified (although expanded membership documented for the Atlantic Mentorship Network) Prince Edward Island • Atlantic Mentorship Network for Pain & Addiction created (see Nova Scotia above) (50) • As part of the Action Plan to Prevent and Mitigate Opioid-Related Overdoses and Deaths the province will establish a multi-stakeholder committee on pain management by December 2017 to consider changes to: • Money presumably

2017 McMaster Health Forum

138. Effects of Dietary Sodium and Potassium Intake on Chronic Disease Outcomes and Risks

and Public Health Medicine School of Public Health Imperial College London, UK Sarah Ferranti, M.D., M.P.H. Director, Preventive Cardiology Program Assistant Professor of Pediatrics Harvard Medical School Boston, MA Johanna M. Geleijnse, Ph.D., FAHA* Professor in Nutrition and Cardiovascular Disease Wageningen University Wageningen, Netherlands John E. Hall, Ph.D.* Arthur C. Guyton Professor & Chair Department of Physiology & Biophysics Director, Mississippi Center for Obesity Research University (...) the methodology and findings will be found on the Effective Health Care Program Web site at Search on the title of the report. Persons using assistive technology may not be able to fully access information in this report. For assistance contact Suggested citation: Newberry SJ, Chung M, Anderson CAM, Chen C, Fu Z, Tang A, Zhao N, Booth M, Marks J, Hollands S, Motala A, Larkin JK, Shanman R, Hempel S. Sodium and Potassium Intake: Effects on Chronic Disease

2018 Effective Health Care Program (AHRQ)

139. Evidence-based Clinical Practice Guideline for Deprescribing Cholinesterase Inhibitors and Memantine

guideline for deprescribing cholinesterase inhibitors and memantine: 2018 2 © The University of Sydney ISBN Online: 978-0-6482658-0-1 ISBN Print: 978-0-6482658-1-8 Publication date: February 2018 Suggested citation: Reeve E, Farrell B, Thompson W, Herrmann N, Sketris I, Magin P, Chenoweth L, Gorman M, Quirke L, Bethune G, Forbes F, Hilmer S. Evidence-based Clinical Practice Guideline for Deprescribing Cholinesterase Inhibitors and Memantine. Sydney: The University of Sydney; 2018. The full guideline (...) monitoring during and after withdrawal of ChEIs and memantine is very important. ? Establish a plan for when and how follow-up is going to occur. This guideline recommends a face-to-face follow-up after four weeks; however, this should be tailored to the individual. This period is based on allowing time for the reappearance of dementia-related symptoms (re-emergence of the condition), the rate of clearance of the medications, and the ability to assess overall change in a condition that can have

2018 Clinical Practice Guidelines Portal

140. Effectiveness of Indoor Allergen Reduction in Management of Asthma

Institute–Penn Medicine Evidence-based Practice Center Plymouth Meeting, PA Investigators: Brian F. Leas, M.S., M.A., and Kristen E. D’Anci, Ph.D.* Andrea J. Apter, M.D., M.Sc. Tyra Bryant-Stephens, M.D. Karen Schoelles, M.D., S.M. Craig A. Umscheid, M.D., M.S.C.E. *Mr. Leas and Dr. D’Anci contributed equally to this report. AHRQ Publication No. 18-EHC002-EF February 2018 ii Key Messages Purpose of Review To evaluate the effectiveness of indoor allergen reduction interventions on asthma outcomes. Key (...) , M.S.L.I.S.; and Michael Phillips. We also thank AHRQ Task Order Officers Aysegul Gozu, M.D., M.P.H., and David W. Niebuhr, M.D., M.P.H., M.Sc.; and the following individuals at National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute: Janet M. DeJesus, M.S., and Michelle Freemer, M.D., M.P.H. We appreciate the collaboration of our colleagues at the other EPCs preparing reports for NHLBI, and particularly thank Diana Sobieraj and others at the University of Connecticut EPC, who provided the table and references

2018 Effective Health Care Program (AHRQ)

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