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41. Consensus Statement on organization of routine and specialist obstetric ultrasound services in the context of COVID-19

. The suggested scan schedule presented in Table 3 may be considered in these patients. T abl e? 3 Modification of routine ultrasound examinations in women with suspected/probable/confirmed COVID-19 infection, according to whether they are hospitalized Scan Outpatient Hospitalized 11?+?0 to 13?+?6?weeks (also for dating) • Reschedule combined test in 2?weeks if still within gestational-age window* (unless local protocols differ) • Offer NIPT/serum screening and detailed scan 3–4?weeks following recovery (...) Diagnostic Obstetric Ultrasound Examinations. J Ultrasound Med 2018; 37: E13–E24. 8. Khalil A, Rodgers M, Baschat A, Bhide A, Gratacos E, Hecher K, Kilby MD, Lewi L, Nicolaides KH, Oepkes D, Raine-Fenning N, Reed K, Salomon LJ, Sotiriadis A, Thilaganathan B, Ville Y. ISUOG Practice Guidelines: Role of ultrasound in twin pregnancy. Ultrasound Obstet Gynecol 2016; 47: 247–263. 9. Salomon LJ, Alfirevic Z, Bilardo CM, Chalouhi GE, Ghi T, Kagan KO, Lau TK, Papageorghiou AT, Raine-Fenning NJ, Stirnemann J

2020 British Medical Ultrasound Society

42. Effectiveness of interventions to manage acute malnutrition in children under five years of age in low- and middle-income countries Full Text available with Trip Pro

. Search within Search term Search term SYSTEMATIC REVIEW Open Access Effectiveness of interventions to manage acute malnutrition in children under 5 years of age in low‐ and middle‐income countries: A systematic review Corresponding Author E-mail address: Division of Women and Child Health, Aga Khan University Hospital, Karachi, Pakistan Correspondence Jai K. Das, The Hospital for Sick Children, 555 University Ave, Toronto, Ontario M5G 1X8, Canada. Email: Division of Women and Child Health, Aga Khan (...) University Hospital, Karachi, Pakistan Division of Women and Child Health, Aga Khan University, Karachi, Pakistan Division of Women and Child Health, Aga Khan University, Karachi, Pakistan Centre for Global Child Health, The Hospital for Sick Children, Toronto, Ontario, Canada Corresponding Author E-mail address: Division of Women and Child Health, Aga Khan University Hospital, Karachi, Pakistan Correspondence Jai K. Das, The Hospital for Sick Children, 555 University Ave, Toronto, Ontario M5G 1X8

2020 Campbell Collaboration

43. Remote ECG interpretation consultancy services for cardiovascular disease

and decision-making for people with cardiovascular disease. The inno innovativ vative aspects e aspects are that with remote ECG interpretation, a person does not need to travel to hospital for a consultation with a cardiologist, potentially providing quicker and more accurate diagnoses. The intended place in ther place in therap apy y would be to replace referrals to secondary care for interpreting ECGs from people with suspected cardiovascular disease. The main points from the e main points from (...) disorders. T en electrodes are placed on the skin of the chest and limbs to measure the electrical activity of the heart from 12 angles. The signal is recorded for about 10 seconds. Holter/ambulatory ECG Holter/ambulatory ECG: a monitor is worn for a period ranging from a day to a week, to record heart activity. The number of leads varies between manufacturers. L Loop/e oop/ev vent monitoring ent monitoring: captures unusual heart activity over longer periods, in some cases up to 4 years. An ECG of any

2018 National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence - Advice

44. Choosing Wisely Canada recommendation - Don’t routinely do screening mammography for average risk women aged 40 – 49. Individual assessment of each woman’s preferences and risk should guide the discussion and decision regarding mammography screening in th

all cases are viral. Though cases of bacterial sinusitis can benefit from antibiotics, evidence of such cases does not typically surface until after at least seven days of illness. Not only are antibiotics rarely indicated for upper respiratory illnesses, but some patients experience adverse effects from such medications. Don’t order screening chest X-rays and ECGs for asymptomatic or low risk outpatients. There is little evidence that detection of coronary artery stenosis in asymptomatic patients (...) . Don’t advise non-insulin requiring diabetics to routinely self-monitor blood sugars between office visits. While self-monitoring of blood glucose (SMBG) for patients with diabetes is recommended by certain groups to help monitor glycemic control, for most adults with type II diabetes who are not using insulin, many studies have shown that routine SMBG does little to control blood sugar over time. Don’t order thyroid function tests in asymptomatic patients. The primary rationale for screening

2019 CPG Infobase

45. Safe nurse staffing levels in acute hospitals

for different types of nursing wards 233 Table 24 – Example of the calculation of safe nurse staffing establishment at ward level 233 16 Safe nurse staffing levels in acute hospitals KCE Report 325 Table 25 – Proposed and implemented patient-to-nurse ratios in California 243 Table 26 – Summary of the impact of the ratio legislation in California 245 Table 27 – Example of the patient-to-nurse minimal staffing ratios as proposed in Act H.R. 2392 in the House of Representatives USA 251 Table 28 – Budget impact (...) care. 38 Although the evidence about healthcare assistants is not as well established as that about nurse staffing levels, it clearly shows that healthcare assistants cannot act as substitutes for RNs. 43 Nursing work environment The complexity of the staffing – outcome relationship is also illustrated by the body of evidence that links factors of the nursing work environment (e.g. shift lengths, physician-nurse relationships, leadership style) with patient outcomes. It is possible

2020 Belgian Health Care Knowledge Centre

46. British guideline on the management of asthma

establish whether or not the airflow obstruction reverses to normal with treatment. Evidence of a symptomatic response, ideally using objective measures of asthma control and lung function, should be sought at a follow-up visit. If there is significant reversibility or improvement in symptom scores, confirm the diagnosis of asthma and record the basis on which the diagnosis was made. Continue to treat as asthma, but aim to find the minimum effective dose of therapy. If the patient remains asymptomatic (...) development group 152 17.3 Acknowledgements 154 17.4 Consultation and peer review 154 Abbreviations 156 Annexes 158 References 1721 1 | Introduction 1 Introduction 1.1 The need for a guideline Asthma is a common condition which produces a significant workload for general practice, hospital outpatient clinics and inpatient services. It is clear that much of this morbidity relates to poor management, particularly around the use of preventative medicine. 1.1.1 Background In 1999 the British Thoracic Society

2019 SIGN

47. Towards integrated antenatal care for low-risk pregnancy

: Prenatal Care, Organization and Administration, Prenatal Education, Patient Care Team, Belgium NLM Classification : WQ175 Language : English Format : Adobe® PDF™ (A4) Legal depot : D/2020/10.273/78 ISSN: 2466-6459 Copyright : KCE reports are published under a “by/nc/nd” Creative Commons Licence How to refer to this document? Benahmed N, Lefèvre M, Christiaens W, Devos C, Stordeur S. Towards integrated antenatal care for low-risk (...) The gynaecologist density is the number of active gynaecologists by 10 000 inhabitants. 21 e These amounts correspond to fees negotiated for midwives on 1 January 2019 No relationship between the use of midwives and the geographical distribution of gynaecologist density d was observed. Very few low-risk pregnant women (0.3%) were exclusively followed by midwives (and possibly by GPs, but not by gynaecologists) and did probably not benefit from ultrasounds; 44% had an exclusive pregnancy follow-up performed

2020 Belgian Health Care Knowledge Centre

48. Inotuzumab ozogamicin for treating relapsed or refractory B-cell acute lymphoblastic leukaemia

model Administr Administration costs based on INO-V ation costs based on INO-VA ATE TE 1022 and 9.5 1022 and 9.5 inpatient da inpatient days in both arms ys in both arms are preferred are preferred 3.13 The company's model assumed that administering inotuzumab ozogamicin would need 3 outpatient visits and no inpatient days per cycle, compared with Inotuzumab ozogamicin for treating relapsed or refractory B-cell acute lymphoblastic leukaemia (TA541) © NICE 2019. All rights reserved. Subject to Notice (...) of rights ( conditions#notice-of-rights). Page 14 of 31no outpatient visits and 6.2 inpatient days for standard care (based on the summary of product characteristics). The ERG stated that the company's assumptions underestimated the cost of administering inotuzumab ozogamicin because no inpatient days were included. The clinical expert agreed with the ERG and also highlighted that patients having standard care often need an extended stay in hospital. The ERG's

2018 National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence - Technology Appraisals

49. Optimisation of RIZIV – INAMI lump sums for incontinence

). For women, pregnancy, delivery and parturition factors e.g. instrumental delivery and birth weight, are risk factors for UI in the post- partum period. Further, body mass has been established as an important risk factor for UI while other modifiable factors include smoking, diet, depression, constipation, urine tract infections, and strenuous exercise (e.g. jumping). Although associated with UI, they are not considered established independent risk factors. In older women, physical function and moderate (...) The management of UI is often a combination of options, including conservative, pharmacological and surgical management [13] . The care pathways are described further below. After an initial assessment (history, physical examination, laboratory tests) establishing a presumptive diagnosis, and excluding underlying organ-specific conditions requiring specialist intervention, as well as assessing the level of bother and desire for intervention from information obtained from the patient or caregivers

2020 Belgian Health Care Knowledge Centre

50. Canadian guidelines on opioid use disorder among older adults

Disorder Among Older Adults Summary of Recommendations and Grades W e used the GRADE approach (Grading of Recommendations, Assessment, Development and Evaluation) as a method of grading the quality of evidence and the strength of recommendations . In following the GRADE process, the initial step was to grade the quality of available evidence supporting each recommendation . Subsequently, we identified the overall strength of the recommendation taking into account both the quality of the evidence (...) used a similar approach e .g . British Association for Psychopharmacology Guidelines (2012) . While such recommendations lack empirical evidence, we believe they are also useful and important . ***High quality evidence doesn’t necessarily imply strong recommendations, and strong recommendations can arise from low quality evidence. Note: Meta analyses and Randomized Controlled Trials are considered high quality vs. Observational studies which are considered low quality QUALITY OF EVIDENCE STRENGTH

2019 CPG Infobase

51. Health literacy: what lessons can be learned from the experiences of other countries?

in society. One of the conclusions of the IROHLA project was that incorporating health literacy in all policies in the area of health care or healthy ageing, is a precondition for effective health literacy intervention programmes. For example, public health programmes, as well as patient safety and health care quality programmes can benefit from easily understandable health information for the population and more accessible and acceptable e-health and m-health applications. KCE Report 322 Health literacy (...) , and higher odds for rehospitalisation). 3 The same studies revealed that health literacy must be conceived as a much broader concept, as not only reading and writing skills are important to access and interact with the healthcare system. People with low health literacy have problems with establishing contacts with healthcare professionals, accessing healthcare institutions, taking up their part in health related shared decisions, understanding the pathophysiology of a health condition, following

2020 Belgian Health Care Knowledge Centre

52. Canadian guidelines on benzodiazepine receptor agonist use disorder among older adults

the gradual withdrawal and discontinuation of BZRAs should be used. Clinicians and patients should share in: a) planning and applying a gradual dose reduction scheme supported by appropriate education of the patient; b) identifying and optimizing alternatives to manage the underlying health issue(s) that initiated or perpetuated the use of BZRAs; c) developing strategies to minimize acute withdrawal and managing rebound symptoms as needed; and d) establishing a schedule of visits for reviewing progress (...) Committee: Canadian Guidelines on Benzodiazepine Receptor Agonist Use Disorder Among Older Adults Dr. Christopher Frank, MD, FCFP(COE) Professor, Department of Medicine Queen’s University Dr. David Gardner, Pharm. D, MSc Professor of Psychiatry & Pharmacy Dalhousie University, Halifax, NS Morris Goldhar – C.E.T. Retired - Electronic Technologist, Person with Lived Experience Dr. Joanne M-W Ho MD, FRCPC, MSc Assistant Professor, Department of Medicine, Schlegel Clinical Research Scientist, Schlegel

2019 CPG Infobase

53. Management of referral, triage, waitlist and reassessment of cardiac patients during the COVID-19 pandemic

propose that patients are re-contacted to establish any change in status within 4-8 weeks if they have not been assessed in-person, informed by local practice. If necessary, a repeat remote follow-up visit may be scheduled by the consulting service to ensure stability and safety to continue waiting. ii. Elective priority: Follow-up testing with either in person or virtual follow-up can be deferred until resumption of normal clinical activity. Consultation and related testing will be significantly (...) , diagnostic testing and procedural backlogs will be important. Human resources issues will need to be considered. Short- and long-term effects of the COVID pandemic on patient outcomes warrants further study. New referrals Follow-up visits Physician or clinically skilled designate reviews referral to determine urgency of consultation Notify patient and referring provider of decision and clarify stability to inform urgency Obtain complete contact information for patient (e-mail address &/or (cell) phone

2020 Canadian Cardiovascular Society

54. Oncology Nursing Telepractice Standards

Telemedicine Association. (2014). Core operational Guidelines for Telehealth Services Involving Provider-Patient Interactions. Retrieved from docs/ata_core_provider.pdf 26.Lake, R., Georgiou, A., Li, J., Li, L., Byrne, M., Robinson, M., & Westbrook, J. I. (2017). The quality, safety and governance of telephone triage and advice services–an overview of evidence from systematic reviews. BMC Health Services Research, 17(1), 614. 27.Scott, D., Richard, E (...) Oncology Nursing Telepractice Standards Care Ontario Oncology Nursing Telepractice Standards Oncology Nursing Program August, 2019 Oncology Nursing Telepractice Standards 1 INTRODUCTION In 2017, the Oncology Nursing Program at Cancer Care Ontario completed a current state assessment across the province. The goal of the assessment was to gain a better understanding of the current landscape of oncology nursing in the outpatient setting, including nursing roles and models of nursing care delivery

2019 Cancer Care Ontario

55. Regional Models of Care for Systemic Treatment: Standards for the Organization and Delivery of Systemic Treatment

For information about this document, please contact Dr. Leta Forbes, the lead author, through the PEBC via: Phone: 905-527-4322 ext. 42822 Fax: 905 526-6775 E-mail: For information about the PEBC and the most current version of all reports, please visit the CCO website at http: or contact the PEBC office at: Phone: 905-527-4322 ext. 42822 Fax: 905 526-6775 E-mail: PEBC Report Citation (Vancouver Style): Forbes L (...) for CPOE and labelling.* For additional information, please see Computerized Prescriber Order Entry (CPOE) in the Outpatient Oncology Setting, Patient Safety Issues: Key Components of Chemotherapy Labelling, Systemic Treatment Computerized Prescriber Order Entry (ST CPOE: Best Practice Guideline for Intravenous and Oral Chemotherapy and Appendix 1 #3-5 . ? Ability to submit e-claims eligibility forms.* ? Potential for videoconference, remote web-based teaching as part of multidisciplinary cancer

2019 Cancer Care Ontario

56. Guidelines on Chronic Coronary Syndromes Full Text available with Trip Pro

Cardiovascular Society 12 Table 5 Pre-test probabilities of obstructive coronary artery disease in 15 815 symptomatic patients according to age, sex, and the nature of symptoms in a pooled analysis of contemporary data 16 Table 6 Definitions of high event risk for different test modalities in patients with established chronic coronary syndromes 21 Table 7 Lifestyle recommendations for patients with chronic coronary syndromes. 23 Table 8 Healthy diet characteristics 24 Table 9 Treatment options for dual (...) in asymptomatic apparently healthy subjects (primary prevention) and patients with established chronic coronary syndromes (secondary prevention) 21 Figure 7 The five As of smoking cessation 24 Figure 8 Suggested stepwise strategy for long-term anti-ischaemic drug therapy in patients with chronic coronary syndromes and specific baseline characteristics 28 Figure 9 Decision tree for patients undergoing invasive coronary angiography 36 Figure 10 Proposed algorithm according to patient types commonly observed

2019 European Society of Cardiology

57. Shared decision making training programs for doctors: A Rapid Review

the use of shared decision making by healthcare professionals. Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews, (7). 2. Epstein, R. M., Duberstein, P. R., Fenton, J. J., Fiscella, K., Hoerger, M., Tancredi, D. J,& Kaesberg, P. (2017). Effect of a patient-centered communication intervention on oncologist-patient communication, quality of life, and health care utilization in advanced cancer: the VOICE randomized clinical trial. JAMA Oncology, 3(1), 92-100. 3. Gist, D. L., Bhushan, R., Hamarstrom, E., Sluka, P (...) was not set in a particular setting, [8] and the others were set across a range of primary and secondary settings. [9,10] The settings included: oncology; [2,5] psoriasis; [3] general surgery, [6] and a multicenter trial including a stroke unit, multiple sclerosis outpatient ward, stem cell transplantation unit, clinics of dentistry, radiation oncology, surgery, neurosurgery, and three clinics of gynecology. [4] Below is the summary of findings outlined by setting type (Table 2). The two randomised

2019 Monash Health Evidence Reviews

58. Supporting Rapid Learning and Improvement Across Ontario’s Health System

), and communities of practice appear promising to support problem-focused initiatives. • Element 2 – Support local area-focused rapid learning and improvement o This element could include: building local capacity (within health organizations and with front-line staff) and establishing dedicated staff to identify improvement priorities; determining what resources are available in (and beyond) local organizations and how they can be effectively harnessed to support rapid learning and improvement; and creating (...) of frequent service users; 2) experimentation with funding models (known as ‘bundled care’) to promote greater integration in healthcare delivery, drive high-quality and efficient care, and improve patient experiences and outcomes; and 3) the establishment of the Patients’ Ombudsman to champion fairness in health organizations across the province. In the research system, one step in this direction was the creation and operationalization of the Ontario Strategy on Patient-Oriented Research (SPOR) SUPPORT

2019 McMaster Health Forum

59. Diagnosis and Management of Acute Pulmonary Embolism Full Text available with Trip Pro

Plasminogen Activator for Occluded Coronary Arteries HAS-BLED Hypertension, Abnormal renal/liver function, Stroke, Bleeding history or predisposition, Labile international normalized ratio, Elderly (>65 years), Drugs/alcohol concomitantly HERDOO2 Hyperpigmentation, Edema, or Redness in either leg; D-dimer level ≥250 μg/L; Obesity with body mass index ≥30 kg/m 2 ; or Older age, ≥65 years H-FABP Heart-type fatty acid-binding protein HIV Human immunodeficiency virus HR Hazard ratio INR International (...) normalized ratio IU International units i.v Intravenous IVC Inferior vena cava LA Left atrium LMWH Low-molecular weight heparin(s) LV Left ventricle/ventricular MRA Magnetic resonance angiography NCT National clinical trial NOAC(s) Non-vitamin K antagonist oral anticoagulant(s) NT-proBNP N-terminal pro B-type natriuretic peptide NYHA New York Heart Association OBRI Outpatient Bleeding Risk Index o.d Omni die (once a day) OR Odds ratio PAH Pulmonary arterial hypertension PAP Pulmonary artery pressure PE

2019 European Society of Cardiology

60. Guidelines on Diabetes, Pre-Diabetes and Cardiovascular Diseases developed in collaboration with the EASD Full Text available with Trip Pro

, Gerasimos Filippatos, Diederick E Grobbee, Tina Birgitte Hansen, Heikki V Huikuri, Isabelle Johansson, Peter Jüni, Maddalena Lettino, Nikolaus Marx, Linda G Mellbin, Carl J Östgren, Bianca Rocca, Marco Roffi, Naveed Sattar, Petar M Seferović, Miguel Sousa-Uva, Paul Valensi, David C Wheeler, ESC Scientific Document Group, 2019 ESC Guidelines on diabetes, pre-diabetes, and cardiovascular diseases developed in collaboration with the EASD: The Task Force for diabetes, pre-diabetes, and cardiovascular (...) works by this author on: , Victor Aboyans France Search for other works by this author on: , Clifford J Bailey United Kingdom Search for other works by this author on: , Antonio Ceriello Italy Search for other works by this author on: , Victoria Delgado Netherlands Search for other works by this author on: , Massimo Federici Italy Search for other works by this author on: , Gerasimos Filippatos Greece Search for other works by this author on: , Diederick E Grobbee Netherlands Search for other works

2019 European Society of Cardiology

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