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61. A Study to Evaluate the Efficacy of the Investigational Products on Complete Spontaneous Bowel Movements in Participants Who Normally Have ≤ 3 Complete Spontaneous Bowel Movements Per Week But Are Otherwise Healthy

control and have a negative urine pregnancy test result. All birth control must have been in use for a minimum of three months and the participant must have one regular menstrual cycle in the last 30 days. Acceptable methods of birth control include: Hormonal contraceptives including oral contraceptives, hormone birth control patch (Ortho Evra), vaginal contraceptive ring (NuvaRing), injectable contraceptives (Depo-Provera, Lunelle), or hormone implant (Norplant System) Double-barrier method

2018 Clinical Trials

62. Trial of Local Consolidation Therapy (LCT) After Osimertinib for Patients With EGFR Mutant Metastatic Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer (NSCLC)

have a negative serum or urine pregnancy test; and (3) must agree to use adequate contraception for a minimum of two weeks prior to receiving study medication until 3 months after discontinuation of the study medication. NOTE: Acceptable methods of contraception include total and true sexual abstinence, hormonal contraceptives that are not prone to drug-drug interactions (IUS Levonorgestrel Intra Uterine System (Mirena), Medroxyprogesterone injections (Depo-Provera)), copper-banded intra-uterine

2018 Clinical Trials

63. G-Penâ„¢ Compared to Lilly Glucagon for Hypoglycemia Rescue in Adults With Type 1 Diabetes

and for 7 days after the last dose of study glucagon. Acceptable contraception includes birth control pill / patch / vaginal ring, Depo-Provera, Norplant, an IUD, the double barrier method (the woman uses a diaphragm and spermicide and the man uses a condom), or abstinence. Breastfeeding: Nursing mothers will be allowed into the study. However, breast feeding during the during inpatient study visits and for 48 hours after each dose of study drug is not allowed. HbA1c >9.0% at Screening. BMI > 40 kg/m2

2018 Clinical Trials

64. Equivalence Study to Compare Two Strengths of Creon in China

days immediately after the last dose of study drug. Medically acceptable methods of birth control include bilateral tubal ligation or the use of either a contraceptive implant, a contraceptive injection (e.g. Depo-Provera™), an intrauterine device, or an oral contraceptive taken within the past three months where the subject agrees to continue using during the study or to adopt another birth control method, or a double-barrier method which consists of a combination of any two of the following

2018 Clinical Trials

65. A Study of the Safety, Engraftment, and Action of NB01 in Adults With Moderate Acne

adequate contraception (e.g., total abstinence, intrauterine device (IUD), barrier method with spermicide, surgical sterilization or surgically sterilized partner, Depo-Provera®, Norplant®, or NuvaRing® for the duration of the Screening Period and during study participation. All oral contraceptive and hormonal implants will need to have been initiated and on a stable dose for at least 3 months prior to the screening period. Women of childbearing potential are defined as any female who has experienced

2018 Clinical Trials

66. Osimertinib in Treating Participants With Stage I-IIIA EGFR-mutant Non-small Cell Lung Cancer Before Surgery

are: Total sexual abstinence (abstinence must be for the total duration of the trial and the follow-up period) Vasectomized sexual partner plus male condom (with participant assurance that partner received post-vasectomy confirmation of azoospermia) Tubal occlusion plus male condom Intra-uterine device - provided coils are copper-banded, plus male condom Intra-uterine system (IUS) levonorgestrel IUS (e.g., Mirena), plus male condom Medroxyprogesterone injections (Depo-Provera) plus male condom

2018 Clinical Trials

67. Relative Bioavailability Study of Zoloft Oral Solution to Zoloft Tablets

, progesterone releasing intrauterine devices [IUDs], vaginal ring, and postcoital contraceptive methods), and hormone replacement therapy must have been discontinued at least 28 days prior to the first dose of investigational product. Depo Provera must have been discontinued at least 6 months prior to the first dose of investigational product. Consumption of grapefruit or grapefruit related citrus fruits (eg, Seville oranges, pomelos) or juices within 7 days prior to dosing. Blood donation (excluding plasma

2018 Clinical Trials

68. Prevalence and factors influencing modern contraceptive use among HIV-positive women in Kilimanjaro region, northern Tanzania (PubMed)

-positive women attending Care and Treatment Clinics (CTC) in the selected districts. Multivariate logistic regression analysis was used to determine independent predictors of modern contraceptive use.In total 672 HIV-positive women were enrolled. Their mean age was 36.4 years (±7.7). Fifty four percent (362) were currently using modern contraceptives, and the most common method used was male condoms 76% (275) followed by Depo-Provera 28% (101). A total of 33% (121) of the users reported dual

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2018 Contraception and Reproductive Medicine

69. VGX-3100 and Electroporation in Treating Patients With HIV-Positive High-Grade Anal Lesions

must agree to use adequate contraception (oral contraceptive pills, intrauterine device, Nexplanon, Depo-Provera, or permanent sterilization, etc., or another acceptable method as determined by the investigator) prior to study entry, for the duration of study participation, and 4 months after completion of VGX-3100 administration; should a woman become pregnant or suspect she is pregnant while she or her partner is participating in this study, she should inform her treating physician immediately

2018 Clinical Trials

70. Collection of Breath and Sweat to Identify Indicators of Hypoglycemia

and for the two weeks following the study. Acceptable contraception methods include: Oral contraceptive pill (OCP) Intrauterine Device (IUD, hormonal or copper) Male condoms Female condoms Diaphragm or cervical cap with spermicide Contraceptive patch (such as OrthoEvra) Contraceptive implant (such as Implanon, Nexplanon) Vaginal ring (such as NuvaRing) Progestin shot (such as Depo-Provera) Male partner with a vasectomy proven to be effective by semen analysis Abnormal EKG consistent with coronary artery

2018 Clinical Trials

71. A Study of AK111 in Healthy Subjects

) containing either copper or levonorgestrel (e.g. Mirena) Male sterilization (vasectomy) Female sterilization (e.g. by bilateral tubal ligation ('tying tubes') or hysterectomy) A method for which the failure rate is between 5% and 10% in real life use, in combination with a barrier method (male condom): Injectable contraceptive (e.g. Depo Provera) Oral Contraceptive Pill (combined hormonal pill or progestogen-only 'mini-pill') Vaginal contraceptive ring (e.g. NuvaRing) Please note that condoms alone

2018 Clinical Trials

72. Evaluation of Efficacy, Safety and Tolerability of VeraCept IUD

use of VeraCept; A previously inserted intrauterine device (IUD) that has not been removed by the time the study IUD is placed; History of previous IUD complications, such as perforation, expulsion, or pregnancy with IUD in place; Pain with current IUD; Injection of hormonal contraceptive (e.g., Depo-Provera) within the last 10 months (if injection greater than 3 months ago, must have had 2 normal menstrual cycles since the last injection); Planned use of any non-contraceptive estrogen

2018 Clinical Trials

73. Does Cediranib With Paclitaxel, or Cediranib and Olaparib, Treat Advanced Endometrial Cancer Better Than Paclitaxel?

combined oral pills Hormonal shot or injection (eg, Depo-Provera) Intrauterine system device (eg, levonorgestrel-releasing intrauterine system -Mirena®) Norelgestromin/ethinyl estradiol transdermal system Intravaginal device (eg, ethinyl estradiol and etonogestrel) Cerazette (desogestrel). Cerazette is currently the only highly efficacious progesterone based pill. Side effects of previous treatments have not resolved to grade 1 or less, with the exception of alopecia that is considered related

2018 Clinical Trials

74. Effects of Seven Day Prucalopride Administration in Healthy Volunteers

Sufficiently fluent English to understand and complete the task Right handed Body Mass Index in the range of 18-30 Not currently taking any medications (except the contraceptive pill) Exclusion Criteria: Not fluent in English Any past or current Axis 1 DSM-V psychiatric disorder Current usage of psychoactive medication (except the contraceptive pill, the Depo-Provera injection or the progesterone implant) Current usage of any medication that will influence the MRI scan Current or past history of drug

2018 Clinical Trials

75. Study Comparing Emergency Contraception Effectiveness in Women Who Weight ≥ 80 kg

is postpartum or post-abortal, she must have experienced a menstrual bleed since the pregnancy ended If a subject recently used non-injectable hormonal contraception, one bleeding episode consistent with menses must have occurred since last use; Willing to avoid use of any hormonal or intrauterine contraception until the end of the study; For women with a recent history of Depo Provera use, the most recent injection must have been at least 6 months before study entry, and the subject must have had at least

2018 Clinical Trials

76. Effect of Benralizumab in Atopic Dermatitis

not be actively seeking pregnancy, and must use an effective form of birth control (confirmed by the Investigator). Effective forms of birth control include: true sexual abstinence, a vasectomized sexual partner, Implanon, female sterilization by tubal occlusion, any effective intrauterine device (IUD)/ levonorgestrel Intrauterine system (IUS), Depo-Provera™ injections, oral contraceptive, and Evra Patch™ or Nuvaring™. WOCBP must agree to use effective method of birth control, as defined above, from enrolment

2018 Clinical Trials

77. Treatment of Chronic Delta Hepatitis With Lonafarnib, Ritonavir and Lambda Interferon

of such women. Adequate contraception is defined as vasectomy in male sexual partners of female participants, tubal ligation in women, or use of two contraceptive methods such as condoms and spermicide combination with an intrauterine device or Depo-Provera, or Norplant. Significant systemic or major illnesses other than liver disease, including, but not limited to, congestive heart failure, renal failure (eGFR <50 ml/min), organ transplantation, serious psychiatric disease or depression (only if felt

2018 Clinical Trials

78. Safety and Acceptability Study of a Non-Hormonal Ring

in male partner Sterility or known history of sperm dysfunction in male partner Within two calendar months from the last pregnancy outcome. Note: If recently pregnant must have had at least two spontaneous menses since pregnancy outcome. Current use of any hormonal contraceptive or a copper IUD, or use of Depo-Provera within the last 120 days Currently breastfeeding or having breastfed an infant in the last two months, or planning to breastfeed during the course of the study Significant gynecological

2018 Clinical Trials

79. Safety Study of Intranasal Etripamil for the Termination of Spontaneous Episodes of PVST. NODE-302

of signed informed consent until 30 days after the last administration of study drug. Females of childbearing potential should have a negative urine pregnancy test result at the Qualification Visit and at the Follow-up Visit(s), and must use an approved form of contraception between the 2 visits. Approved forms of contraception include hormonal intrauterine devices and hormonal contraceptives (oral birth control pills, Depo Provera®, patch, or other injectables) together with supplementary double

2018 Clinical Trials

80. The Effects of Alcohol Consumption on Central Adiposity

Serious digestive disorders Conditions that affect metabolism or body weight (i.e. uncontrolled thyroid conditions, bariatric surgery, pregnancy, breastfeeding) Partial and/or full hysterectomy Hormonal pharmaceutical contraceptives including oral contraception (birth control pills), injectables (Depo-Provera), or the patch (Xulane) PCOS Use of medications that affect body weight or metabolism (i.e. atypical antipsychotics, weight loss medications). Not willing to store biospecimens for future use

2018 Clinical Trials

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