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281. A Pharmacokinetics, Safety and Efficacy Study of Tafenoquine (TQ) in Pediatric Subjects With Plasmodium Vivax (P. Vivax) Malaria

of combined oral contraceptive consisting of spermicide with either condom or diaphragm; Use of intrauterine device with a documented failure rate of <1% per year; Use of depo provera injection; Male partner who is sterile prior to the female subject's entry into the study and is the sole sexual partner for that female. The subject and/or the subject's parent(s)/legal guardian(s) agree to G6PD genotyping in the context of a subsequent hemolytic anemia AE. The subject and parent(s)/legal guardian(s

2015 Clinical Trials

282. Study of Prolantaâ„¢ in Recurrent or Persistent Epithelial Ovarian Cancer

potential who are not using a medically accepted means of contraception (e.g., intrauterine device, oral contraceptive, implant, Depo-Provera®, or barrier devices with spermicide) when engaging in sexual intercourse. History or evidence upon physical examination of central nervous system (CNS) disease, including primary brain tumor, seizures not controlled with standard medical therapy, any brain metastases or history of cerebrovascular accident, transient ischemic attack or subarachnoid hemorrhage

2015 Clinical Trials

283. Acute and Short-term Effects of CBD on Cue-induced Craving in Drug-abstinent Heroin-dependent Humans

of intoxication and as verified by a drug screen Participating in a another pharmacotherapeutic trial in the past 3 months Being pregnant of breastfeeding Not using or irregularly using appropriate methods of contraception such as hormonal contraceptives (e.g., Depo-Provera, Nuva-Ring), an intrauterine device (IUD), or double barrier method (combination of any two barrier methods used simultaneously, e.g., condoms, spermicide, diaphragms) Contacts and Locations Go to Information from the National Library

2015 Clinical Trials

284. Evaluation of a Need to Know (N2K): A New Sex Education Program for High School Students

questions: A: In the past 3 months, have you had sexual intercourse without you or your partner using a condom, even once? Yes or No B: In the past 3 months, have you had sexual intercourse without using an effective method of birth control, even once? Yes or No Condoms Birth control pills The shot (Depo Provera®) The patch The ring (NuvaRing®) IUD (Mirena or Paragard® or Skyla®) Implant (Implanon® or Nexplanon®) Secondary Outcome Measures : Delay sexual initiation - Survey question [ Time Frame: 1 year (...) or contraception non-use was measured by asking the following two survey questions: A: In the past 3 months, have you had sexual intercourse without you or your partner using a condom, even once? Yes or No B: In the past 3 months, have you had sexual intercourse without using an effective method of birth control, even once? Yes or No Condoms Birth control pills The shot (Depo Provera®) The patch The ring (NuvaRing®) IUD (Mirena or Paragard® or Skyla®) Implant (Implanon® or Nexplanon®) Delay sexual initiation

2015 Clinical Trials

285. Assessing the Disintegration, Safety, and Acceptability of Placebo Vaginal Inserts for the Delivery of Vaginal Products

hormonal contraceptive method in the last 30 days (oral, transdermal, transvaginal, implant, or hormonal intrauterine contraceptive device) Injection of Depo-Provera in the last 6 months Current use of copper intrauterine device (IUD) Currently breastfeeding or having breastfed an infant in the last two months, or planning to breastfeed during the course of the study History of sensitivity/allergy to any component of the study products Symptomatic reproductive tract infection (RTI) Chronic or acute

2015 Clinical Trials

286. Role of GLP-1 in Hyperinsulinemic Hypoglycemia Post-bariatric Surgery

of abstinence for at least one month prior to study or use two types of contraceptives, hormonal implant or Depo Provera) Active, uncontrolled psychiatric disease Participating in other studies or have received investigational medications within the past month or 5 half-lives of the drug, whichever is longer. Contacts and Locations Go to Information from the National Library of Medicine To learn more about this study, you or your doctor may contact the study research staff using the contact information

2015 Clinical Trials

287. Evaluating the Safety, Tolerability, and Pharmacokinetics of Bedaquiline and Delamanid, Alone and in Combination, For Drug-Resistant Pulmonary Tuberculosis

control while receiving TB study medications and for 6 months after stopping TB study medications: Male or female condoms Diaphragm or cervical cap with spermicide, if available Intrauterine device (IUD) Oral contraceptives or Depo-Provera NOTE A: Female participants who are not of reproductive potential are eligible without requiring the use of contraceptives. Participant-reported history is acceptable documentation of menopause (i.e., at least one year amenorrheic), hysterectomy, or bilateral

2015 Clinical Trials

288. Strategy to Prevent the Onset of Clinically-Apparent Rheumatoid Arthritis

, Depo-Provera, or hormonal implants) during the treatment phase of the study; An ideal or actual body weight ≤ 24.4 kg (e.g., ≤53 lbs) at Screening Visit; Any of the following laboratory abnormalities at the Screening Visit: Serum Creatinine Clearance < 50ml/min (as calculated by the Cockcroft-Gault formula: Creatinine clearance (CrCl)= (140-age) X (Weight in kg) X (0.85 if female) / (72 X Creatinine)); Alanine Aminotransferase (ALT) > 2 times the upper limit of normal (ULN); Aspartate

2015 Clinical Trials

289. Acoustic Neuromodulation (ANM) for Youth With Anxiety Disorders

or a positive pregnancy test at Gate B. Sexually active girls must agree to use an effective form of birth control, either hormonal (BCP, Depo-Provera or Norplant), spermicide (foam or vaginal suppository) or a barrier method (condoms, diaphragm, cervical cap) or a combination of barrier/spermicide contraception in order to participate in the study. Child poses a significant risk for dangerousness to self or to others (Gates A, B, C). Child or parent is non-English speaking (unable to complete measures, IE

2015 Clinical Trials

290. The Female Sexual Functions With Progestogen-only Contraception

Details Study Description Go to Brief Summary: Female sexual dysfunction is age-related, progressive, and very common condition. The physiology of the female sexual function is a complex condition affected by emotional, medical and hormonal elements. Progestogen-only contraception relies on progestogens alone to achieve contraception. There are several progestogen only contraceptive methods include progestogen only pill (minipill), subdermal implants, Depo-Provera (DMPA) and levonorgestrel

2015 Clinical Trials

291. To Assess Bioequivalence of Loratadine Oral Solution/Syrup Versus Claritin Peach Syrup

for this study; Female subjects of childbearing potential must be using a medically acceptable form of birth control for at least 1 month prior to screening (3 months on oral contraceptives), e.g., oral or patch contraceptives, intrauterine device, injectable contraceptive (e.g. Depo-Provera), or a double barrier and have a negative pregnancy test at Screening and prior to study drug administration on Day 0 of Dosing Periods 1 and 2. Female subjects of non-childbearing potential must be amenorrheic

2015 Clinical Trials

292. Who has a repeat abortion? Identifying women at risk of repeated terminations of pregnancy: analysis of routinely collected health care data. Full Text available with Trip Pro

termination. In those who had repeat terminations, women who had an implant or Depo-Provera(®) were at increased odds of repeat termination in the 2-5 years interval compared to the 0-2 years after their initial termination.Teenage pregnancy, social deprivation, two or more previous livebirths or miscarriages at the time of the initial termination were identified as risk factors for repeat terminations. Post-termination contraception with implants and Depo-Provera® were associated with repeat termination

2015 Journal of Family Planning and Reproductive Health Care

293. PK Study of Rifampicin Interactions With DMPA and Efaviranz in TB

becomes even more important because it allows women to attain a level of health that will support healthy future pregnancies. Treatment options for TB may be limited in pregnancy because of concerns about teratogenicity. Millions of women around the world use depot medroxyprogesterone acetate (DMPA, trade name Depo-Provera) for prevention of pregnancy. DMPA is an intermediate-acting progesterone-only injectable contraceptive with a high efficacy rate. Unfortunately, DMPA's safety and effectiveness

2015 Clinical Trials

294. An Open Label Study Evaluating the Effectiveness of Omega Q Plus® Resveratrol at Increasing Blood Levels of CoQ10

contraceptives, hormone birth control patch (Ortho Evra), vaginal contraceptive ring (NuvaRing), injectable contraceptives (Depo-Provera, Lunelle), or hormone implant (Norplant System). Double-barrier method. Non-hormonal intrauterine devices. Vasectomy of partner. Non-heterosexual lifestyle (same-sex relationship). CoQ10 levels between 0.5 mcg/mL - 1 mcg/mL Agree to maintain current level of physical activity, caffeine consumption habits, alcohol consumption habits, smoking habits and dietary habits (...) last menstruation). OR Females of childbearing potential must agree to use a medically approved method of birth control and have a negative urine pregnancy test result. Acceptable methods of birth control include:Hormonal contraceptives including oral contraceptives, hormone birth control patch (Ortho Evra), vaginal contraceptive ring (NuvaRing), injectable contraceptives (Depo-Provera, Lunelle), or hormone implant (Norplant System). Double-barrier method. Non-hormonal intrauterine devices

2015 Clinical Trials

295. Efficacy and Safety Study of Creon IR in Subjects With Pancreatic Exocrine Insufficiency Due to Cystic Fibrosis

of birth control throughout the study and for 7 days immediately after the last dose of study drug. Medically acceptable methods of birth control include bilateral tubal ligation or the use of either a contraceptive implant, a contraceptive injection (e.g., Depo Provera™), an intrauterine device, or an oral contraceptive taken continually within the past three months and which the subject agrees to continue using during the study or to adopt another birth control method, or a double-barrier method

2015 Clinical Trials

296. An Open-label Phase II Study of Lorvotuzumab Mertansine

forms of contraception are double barrier methods (condoms with spermicidal jelly or foam and diaphragm with spermicidal jelly or foam), oral, depo provera, or injectable contraceptives, intrauterine devices, and tubal ligation. Male patients with female partners who are of childbearing potential: Recommendation is for male and partner to use at least 2 effective contraceptive methods, as described above, during the study. Females must be surgically or biologically sterile or postmenopausal

2015 Clinical Trials

297. Treatment of Type I Diabetes by Islet Transplantation Into the Gastric Submucosa Study Protocol

for the duration of the study and 4 months after discontinuation. For male subjects: intent to procreate during the duration of the study or within 4 months after discontinuation or unwillingness to use effective measures of contraception. Oral contraceptives, Norplant®, Depo-Provera®, and barrier devices with spermicide are acceptable contraceptive methods; condoms used alone are not acceptable. Active infection including hepatitis B, hepatitis C, HIV, or TB. A positive skin test (PPD) in itself

2015 Clinical Trials

298. Dual Protection Project

medical conditions. The frequency and content of reproductive health is not standardized between clinicians, but it is expected that all clinicians will address sexuality during routine visits. Additionally, sexually active teens are encouraged to have urine screening tests for chlamydia, gonorrhea and pregnancy as indicated. Teens may also see a reproductive health educator at the clinic as well. Available contraceptive methods are oral contraceptive pills, contraceptive patches, Depo-Provera

2015 Clinical Trials

299. An Evaluation of the Effectiveness of a Proprietary Probiotic Blend on Functional Constipation

(Ortho Evra), vaginal contraceptive ring (NuvaRing), injectable contraceptives (Depo-Provera, Lunelle), or hormone implant (Norplant System) Double-barrier method (condoms with spermicide or diaphragm with spermicide) Non-hormonal intrauterine devices Vasectomy of partner Non-heterosexual lifestyle Subjects must have at least two of the following criteria based on subject self-reporting, for the past 3 months with the symptoms beginning at least 6 months ago: Two or more criteria must be met

2015 Clinical Trials

300. Pharmacokinetics of Two Intravaginal Rings (IVRs) Containing Different Dose Strengths of Vicriviroc (MK-4176) and MK-2048

: This criterion is not applicable to participants who report using a progestin-only method of contraception at screening (e.g., Depo-Provera or levonorgestrel-releasing IUD) nor to participants using continuous combination oral contraceptive pills, as the absence of regular menstrual cycles is an expected, normal consequence in this context. At screening, participant states a willingness to refrain from inserting any non-study vaginal products or objects into the vagina, including but not limited

2015 Clinical Trials

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