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181. 18F-FET PET in Childhood Brain Tumours

IntraUterineDevice (IUD), Mirena IUD, Implants, Depo Provera Injections; Persons who are detained officially or legally to an official institute Contacts and Locations Go to Information from the National Library of Medicine To learn more about this study, you or your doctor may contact the study research staff using the contact information provided by the sponsor. Please refer to this study by its identifier (NCT number): NCT03216148 Contacts Layout table for location contacts Contact: Uwe

2017 Clinical Trials

182. Directed Ablation of Uterine Fibroids Using a Noninvasive Approach

intracavitary) Patients with known endometrial hyperplasia. Patients planning or seeking additional therapies for the treatment of fibroids and/or abnormal uterine bleeding. Patients with other pelvic masses of unknown etiology. Patients who are postmenopausal. Patients with an active diagnosis of cancer of any type. Patients on hormone therapy such as Depo-Provera, Lupron, etc. Patients who within 6 months prior to enrollment had procedures or surgery for the fibroid(s) to be treated as part

2017 Clinical Trials

183. Efficacy of Glucagon In the Prevention of Hypoglycemia During Mild Exercise

include:Oral contraceptive pill (OCP), Intrauterine Device (IUD, hormonal or copper), Male condoms, Female condoms, Diaphragm or cervical cap with spermicide, Contraceptive patch (such as OrthoEvra), Contraceptive implant (such as Implanon, Nexplanon), Vaginal ring (such as NuvaRing), Progestin shot (such as Depo-Provera), Male partner with a vasectomy proven to be effective by semen analysis Current alcohol abuse (intake averaging > 3 drinks daily in last 30 days) or other substance abuse (use within

2017 Clinical Trials

184. Use of a Home-based PDG Urine Test to Confirm Ovulation

information, Layout table for eligibility information Ages Eligible for Study: 18 Years to 42 Years (Adult) Sexes Eligible for Study: Female Accepts Healthy Volunteers: Yes Criteria Inclusion Criteria: Females aged 18 to 42 years Have had a menstrual cycle length of 25-35 days for the past 3 months Are able to provide informed consent Are willing to complete a trial diary Exclusion Criteria: Have current or recent (in the past 6 months) use of any hormonal contraception (e.g. the Pill, Norplant, Depo (...) Provera injections) Have current or recent (in the past 6 months) breastfeeding Have use of emergency contraception (e.g. the morning after pill or Plan B) in the past two menstrual cycles Cannot medically receive frequent blood tests, for example due to a blood clotting disorder Are pregnant at the time of enrollment to study Plan to donate blood during the study Contacts and Locations Go to Information from the National Library of Medicine To learn more about this study, you or your doctor may

2017 Clinical Trials

185. Hybrid Closed Loop Insulin Delivery System in Hypoglycemia

. Oral contraceptives, intra-uterine devices, Norplant®, Depo-Provera®, and barrier devices with spermicide are acceptable contraceptive methods; condoms used alone are not acceptable. Treatment with any anti-diabetic medication other than insulin within 4 weeks of enrollment. Use of any investigational agents within 4 weeks of enrollment. Any medical condition that, in the opinion of the PI, will interfere with the safe completion of the study Contacts and Locations Go to Information from

2017 Clinical Trials

186. Proton Pump Inhibitor (PPI, Rabeprazole) Effect On Tablet Formulation Of Palbociclib

), and postcoital contraceptive methods) and hormone replacement therapy must have been discontinued at least 28 days prior to the first dose of palbociclib. Depo Provera must have been discontinued at least 6 months prior to the first dose of palbociclib. Blood donation (excluding plasma donations) of approximately 1 pint (500 mL) or more within 60 days prior to dosing. History of sensitivity to heparin or heparin induced thrombocytopenia. History of human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), hepatitis B

2017 Clinical Trials

187. Analysis of Olaparib Response in Patients With BRCA1 and/or 2 Promoter Methylation Diagnosed of Advanced Breast Cancer

. Intrauterine Device (IUD) PLUS male condom. Provided coils are copper-banded. Acceptable hormonal methods: Normal and low dose combined oral pills PLUS male condom. Cerazette (desogestrel) PLUS male condom. Cerazette is currently the only highly efficacious progesterone based pill. Hormonal shot or injection (e.g., Depo-Provera) PLUS male condom. Etonogestrel implants (e.g. Implanon or Norplan) PLUS male condom. Norelgestromin/ethinyl estradiol (EE) transdermal system PLUS male condom. Intrauterine system

2017 Clinical Trials

188. Assess the Influence of Cenobamate on the PK of Cytochrome P450 (CYP) Probe Drugs as a Means of Predicting Drug-drug Interactions

months prior to Screening) in combination with a barrier method Oral contraceptives, Depo-Provera, Norplant, Patch or intrauterine progesterone contraceptive for at least 90 days prior to screening in combination with a barrier method. Vasectomized partner (6 months minimum since vasectomy) Complete abstinence from heterosexual intercourse. However, if the subject becomes sexually active, 1 of the above methods must be utilized. If a female of non-childbearing potential - should be surgically sterile

2017 Clinical Trials

189. A Phase 1, Randomized Pharmacokinetics and Safety Study of Extended Duration Dapivirine Vaginal Rings

at Screening and Enrollment Per participant report at Screening, regular menstrual cycles with at least 21 days between menses Note: This criterion is not applicable to participants who report using a progestin-only method of contraception at Screening (e.g., Depo-Provera or levonorgestrel-releasing IUD) nor to participants using continuous combination oral contraceptive pills, as the absence of regular menstrual cycles is an expected, normal consequence in this context. Per participant report at Screening

2017 Clinical Trials

190. Menopause Effects on Vascular Function

using Depo-provera or an intra-uterine device (IUD) Pregnant, are planning on becoming pregnant, or are breast- feeding. History of stable or unstable angina Diabetes Neurological disease Lung disease Kidney or liver disease Cancer Hysterectomy Peripheral vascular disease History of blood clots Heart disease Fibroids High blood pressure Stroke Contacts and Locations Go to Information from the National Library of Medicine To learn more about this study, you or your doctor may contact the study

2017 Clinical Trials

191. Greater involvement of HIV-infected peer-mothers in provision of reproductive health services as "family planning champions" increases referrals and uptake of family planning among HIV-infected mothers. Full Text available with Trip Pro

points. FP uptake among mothers in need increased by over 31 percentage points (P < 0.001) from 47.2 to 78.5 percentage points during the intervention. There was a positive non-significant change in the weekly trend of referral β3 = 2.9 percentage points (P = 0.077) and uptake β3 = 1.9 percentage points (P = 0.176) during the intervention as compared to the pre-intervention but this was reversed during the post intervention. Over 57% (2494) mothers took up Depo-Provera injectable-FP method during

2017 BMC health services research

192. Management of Sickle Cell Disease in Pregnancy

of Sexual & Reproductive Healthcare guidance on postnatal hormonal contraception. 75 Contraceptive advice will often be the responsibility of primary care. Progestogen-containing contraceptives such as the progesterone only pill (Cerazette®, Organon Laboratories Ltd, Hoddesdon, UK), injectable contraceptives (Depo-Provera®, Pfizer Ltd, New York, USA) and the levenorgestrel intrauterine system (Mirena®, Bayer Schering Pharma AG, Berlin, Germany) are safe and effective in SCD. Estrogen-containing (...) contraceptives should be used as second-line agents. Barrier methods are as safe and effective in women with SCD as in the general population. There is only limited safety evidence on hormonal contraception in SCD; a Cochrane review 76 identified one randomised trial which showed that women taking intramuscular depo-medroxyprogesterone acetate (DMPA) were less likely to have a painful episode. 77 Evidence level 1- A systematic review analysing randomised and non-randomised studies demonstrated progestogens

2011 Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists

193. Cardiac Disease and Pregnancy

of irregular bleeding. Progestogen-only injectable (depot) injections of hormone (Depo-Provera®) These are intramuscular injections of progestogen which last for 12 weeks. Periods will often disappear, although they may be irregular or heavy for a while when you decide to stop the injections. The failure rate is low: only one pregnancy in 300 women per year. Injections might be a problem if you are on warfarin or have a needle phobia. Implant of progestogen (or Nexplanon®) This is a small implant which

2011 Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists

194. Primary care pediatrics is more than medicine : It is a calling

pediatrics stays fresh is that the bar on what a pediatrician does keeps moving. Many pediatricians of my parent’s generation do not offer SSRIs or birth control pills. In contrast, I was taught about managing mental health and birth control pills in residency. Since graduating, I have taught myself about Depo-Provera and now offer it. I am looking into getting Nexplanon training. I look forward to when genetic testing or microbiome management will be a part of my practice. The field grows and expands

2018 KevinMD blog

195. His power over her was cultural. How could I do the right thing?

and about the times when she was most likely to get pregnant. In a bizarre reversal of the usual fertility counseling, I explained how to use cervical mucus and timing to try to avoid conception. Then I suggested that she have a Depo-Provera shot, which would prevent pregnancy for three months. “Yes,” she said. “But no one can know.” “It might show up on the insurance bill,” I warned. She felt that she couldn’t risk it. Finally, Eman told me to take out the IUD. “That is what I came here for, so I (...) will do it.” We decided to tell Ali that Depo-Provera was the birth-control method she’d chosen. Secretly I hoped that the shot’s effects might last for up to a year, as they sometimes do. I invited Ali and the children back into the room. “Three months?” Ali said. “No, we don’t need that. She can just take a pill for a week or two, while we decide.” “It sounds like you’ve already decided,” I wanted to say — but I bit my tongue. Alienating Ali wouldn’t help Eman, especially since I was still hoping

2017 KevinMD blog

196. Long-Acting Reversible Contraception and Condom Use Among Female US High School Students: Implications for Sexually Transmitted Infection Prevention. Full Text available with Trip Pro

compared with users of moderately effective contraceptive methods (ie, oral, Depo-Provera injection, patch, and ring contraceptives).To compare condom use between sexually active female LARC users and users of moderately effective contraceptive methods.Cross-sectional analysis using data from the 2013 national Youth Risk Behavior Survey, a nationally representative sample of US high school students in grades 9 through 12. Descriptive analyses were conducted among sexually active female students (n (...) intercourse. We created an indicator variable to distinguish those reporting use of (1) LARC (intrauterine device or implant), (2) oral contraceptives, and (3) Depo-Provera, patch, or ring.Among the 2288 sexually active female participants (56.7% white; 33.6% in 12th grade), 1.8% used LARC; 5.7% used Depo-Provera, patch, or ring; 22.4% used oral contraceptives; 40.8% used condoms; 11.8% used withdrawal or other method; 15.7% used no contraceptive method; and 1.9% were not sure. In adjusted analyses, LARC

2016 JAMA pediatrics

197. Trends in contraceptive practices among women in reproductive age at a health facility in Ghana: 2011–2013 Full Text available with Trip Pro

of a health facility for a three-year period from 2011 to 2013. Graphs and tables were used to present the trends in the use of various contraceptive methods for the study period.Depot Medroxyprogesterone Acetate (Depo-Provera) was the most accepted contraceptive method as well as the most protective method against unwanted pregnancies for the three-year period. However, male condom, estradiol valerate/norethindrone enanthate (Norigynon) and pills were the lowest among all the contraceptives used by women

2016 Contraception and Reproductive Medicine

198. Pilot Research as Advocacy: The Case of Sayana Press in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of the Congo Full Text available with Trip Pro

Sayana Press and other contraceptive methods at the community level through medical and nursing students. Sayana Press is similar in formulation to the injectable contraceptive Depo-Provera but contains a lower dose and is administered subcutaneously using a single-use syringe with a short needle called the Uniject system. The Uniject system allows Sayana Press to be administered by community health workers without clinical training or by self-injection. In this pilot, the advocacy objective

2016 Global Health: Science and Practice

199. A Novel Microbicide/Contraceptive Intravaginal Ring Protects Macaque Genital Mucosa against SHIV-RT Infection Ex Vivo Full Text available with Trip Pro

against HIV, HSV-2, HPV and unintended pregnancy. Our objective was to evaluate the anti-SHIV-RT activity of MZCL IVR in genital mucosa. First, macaque vaginal tissues were challenged with SHIV-RT in the presence of (i) MIV-150 ± LNG or (ii) vaginal fluids (VF); available from studies completed earlier) collected at various time points post insertion of MZCL and MZC IVRs. Then, (iii) MZCL IVRs (vs. LNG IVRs) were inserted in non-Depo Provera-treated macaques for 24h and VF, genital biopsies, and blood

2016 PloS one

200. Expression, regulation, and function of drug transporters in cervicovaginal tissues of a mouse model used for microbicide testing Full Text available with Trip Pro

and protein expression, in a tissue- and transporter-dependent manner. Depo-Provera-synchronized mice were dosed vaginally or intraperitoneally with (3)H-TFV, with or without MK571 co-administration, to delineate the function of cervicovaginal Mrp4. Co-administration of MK571 significantly increased the concentration of vaginally-administered TFV in endocervix and vagina. MK571 increased the concentration of intraperitoneally-administered TFV in the cervicovaginal lavage and vagina by several fold

2016 Biochemical pharmacology

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