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241. Diagnosis and Management of Acute Pulmonary Embolism

of anticoagulation therapy after a ?rst episode of PE. Major trauma, surgery, lower limb fractures and joint replace- ments, and spinal cord injury, are strong provoking factors for VTE. 9,15 Cancer is a well-recognized predisposing factor for VTE. The risk of VTE varies with different types of cancer; 16,17 haemato- logical malignancies, lung cancer, gastrointestinal cancer, pancreatic cancer and brain cancer carry the highest risk. 18,19 Moreover, cancer is a strong risk factor for all-cause mortality

2014 European Society of Cardiology

242. Aortic Diseases

be clinically silent in many cases, a broad rangeofsymptomsmayberelatedtodifferentaorticdiseases: † Acutedeep,achingorthrobbingchestorabdominalpainthatcan spread to the back, buttocks, groin or legs, suggestive of AD or otherAAS,andbestdescribedas‘feelingofrupture’. † Cough, shortness of breath, or dif?cult or painful swallowing in largeTAAs. † Constantorintermittentabdominalpainordiscomfort,apulsat- ing feeling in the abdomen, or feeling of fullness after minimal foodintakeinlargeAAAs. † Stroke, transient

2014 European Society of Cardiology

243. Guidelines for caring for an infant, child, or young person who requires enteral feeding

with children. Also included are indications for use and potential risks. Type of Enteral Feeding Device Placement and Use Indications Potential Risks Orogastric Tube A feeding tube passed through the mouth directly into the stomach Bolus/continuous feeds More commonly used in neonates Inability to maintain adequate oral intake of nutrition / medicines/fluids Fractured base of skull Difficulty in obtaining aspirate to check position Aspirate may have a pH reading above 5.5 due to medications Accidental (...) not in use. If there are any difficulties in obtaining aspirate from nasogastric tube refer to NPSA flow chart (Appendix 4 ) 6 31 32 33 34 35 ? The position of nasogastric/ naso-jejunal/ naso-duodenal tube must be rechecked following episodes of vomiting, retching or coughing spasms or when there is a suggestion of tube displacement. Position should also be checked if there are indications of any new or unexplained respiratory symptoms. ? The position of gastrostomy/ jejunal devices must be checked

2015 Regulation and Quality Improvement Authority

245. Relapsing granulomatosis with polyangiitis provoked by trauma: A case report. Full Text available with Trip Pro

Relapsing granulomatosis with polyangiitis provoked by trauma: A case report. The precise cause of granulomatosis with polyangiitis (GPA) remains unclear. Herein we present a case of refractory GPA occurring after trauma.A 43-year-old man suffered fractures of the left orbital in an accident, and then received surgical repair. At a postoperative follow-up, he developed maxillary sinusitis. Seven months later, he was hospitalized with symptoms of cough, high-grade fever, and loss of weight.He

2019 Medicine

248. Cigarette Smoking: Health Risks and How to Quit (PDQ®): Health Professional Version

illnesses accounted for an estimated 480,000 deaths each year.[ , ] ( ) On average, these deaths occur 12 years earlier than would be expected, so the aggregate annual loss exceeds 5 million life-years.[ ] These deaths are primarily due to smoking’s role as a major cause of cancer, cardiovascular diseases, and chronic lung diseases. The known adverse health effects also include other respiratory diseases and symptoms, nuclear cataract, hip fractures, reduced female fertility, and diminished health (...) syndrome, lower respiratory tract illnesses, otitis media, middle ear effusion, exacerbated asthma, and respiratory effects such as cough, wheeze, and dyspnea.[ ] Environmental tobacco smoke has the same components as inhaled mainstream smoke, although in lower absolute concentrations, between 1% and 10%, depending on the constituent. Carcinogenic compounds in tobacco smoke include the polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs), including the carcinogen benzo[a]pyrene (BaP) and the nicotine-derived

2017 PDQ - NCI's Comprehensive Cancer Database

252. Labazenit - budesonide / salmeterol

the criteria for authorisation and did not recommend the granting of the marketing authorisation. 2. Scientific discussion 2.1. Introduction Asthma is defined by the Global Initiative for Asthma (GINA) as a chronic inflammatory disorder of the airways; chronic inflammation causes an associated increase in airway hyper-responsiveness that leads to recurrent episodes of wheezing, breathlessness, chest tightness, and cough, particularly at night or in the early morning. The episodes are usually associated

2013 European Medicines Agency - EPARs

255. Injectafer (VIT-45, ferric carboxymaltose injection; FCM)

detected high signal changes in both sacral wings and later also on the ileal side, indicating substantial bone edema. There were radiolucent lines in the sacral wings which raised suspicion of bilateral insufficiency fractures. Full body scintigraphy showed increased uptake in the anterior section of the frontal bone on both sides of the midline, in several ribs, both sacroiliac joints, and proximally in the left tibia. The verbatim reported by the Norwegian Health Authority was hypophosphatemic

2013 FDA - Drug Approval Package

256. Abusive Head Trauma and the Eye in Infancy

is very rare and is predominantly seen in severe injury (11);(18). Tangential injury causes more brain deformation, and shear may explain the propensity for retinal injury with a shaking injury (11). Retinal haemorrhages are not reported in household falls even with skull fractures and are only seen in severe motor vehicle accidents (19). Additional retinal findings like perimacular retinal folds, sub retinal, choroidal and vitreous haemorrhage may indicate application of greater severity of forces (5 (...) haemorrhages were seen in 10/110 children referred for possible AHT and all were found to have definite evidence of inflicted injury, on the basis of evidence of impact to skull, or other bony fractures and no relevant history (26). However severe haemorrhages are also reported where there is no evidence of impact. In 13/16 (81%) cases of admitted AHT severe haemorrhages were seen, whilst only 9/24 (38%) of these had evidence of impact (27), and similarly in another study severe haemorrhages were present

2013 Royal College of Ophthalmologists

257. Clinical guidance for responding to suffering in adults with cancer

. Maureen was given time to speak privately in a quiet space and to air her frustrations. The liaison nurse en- quired, “What has been the most difficult part of all this for you?” Maureen reported increasing dissatisfaction in recent weeks due to repeated delays and rescheduling of ap- pointments. She was “worn down by waiting,” which she found uncomfortable due to her uncontrolled cough and pain. She revealed that she felt fearful she would lose the support of friends who had driven her (...) was able to facilitate re-establishing rapport between Maureen and the reception staff. VIGNETTE - Ellen The following case describes one example of how someone may articulate and deal with suffering and how this may be overcome. Ellen had been diagnosed with disseminated breast cancer. After suffering a pathological fracture of her hume- rus, she recovered but embarked on frenetic activity: paying bills, replacing the fridge and getting carpets cleaned. Her GP wondered: “Why now and why the rush?” She

2014 Cancer Australia

258. Chest pain: What are the signs and symptoms of other causes of chest pain?

(inspiration is inhibited by pain on palpation) on examination. There may also be fever (evidence of sepsis) and jaundice (stone in the bile duct or external compression of the biliary ducts). To confirm a diagnosis of cholecystitis, see the scenario in the CKS topic on . Musculoskeletal causes of chest pain include: Rib fracture History — previous history of trauma or coughing. Symptoms — unilateral, sharp chest pain, worse with inspiration. Signs — bruising and tenderness on palpation over the affected

2017 NICE Clinical Knowledge Summaries

259. Elelyso - taliglucerase alfa

protuberance. Hepatocellular function is usually well preserved, although transaminases may be slightly elevated. Splenomegaly is associated with hypersplenism and pancytopenia, with anaemia and thrombocytopenia being most significant. Bone involvement is caused by accumulation in marrow macrophages, a decrease in osteoblast activity and bone mineralisation, and a relative increase in bone resorption. The resultant osteopoenia predisposes to vertebral compression and other pathological fractures. Pulmonary

2012 European Medicines Agency - EPARs

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