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121. Test your medicine knowledge: Reducing the personal risk of developing rheumatoid arthritis

Test your medicine knowledge: Reducing the personal risk of developing rheumatoid arthritis Smoking is increased risk of developing rheumatoid arthritis Test your medicine knowledge: Reducing the personal risk of developing rheumatoid arthritis | | July 11, 2015 7 Shares Test your medicine knowledge with the , in partnership with the . A 29-year-old woman is evaluated during a routine examination. She seeks advice in reducing her personal risk of developing rheumatoid arthritis, because her (...) , joint stability, and physical performance, and weight reduction reduces joint stress on weight-bearing joints. Key Point Smoking is associated with an increased risk of developing rheumatoid arthritis, and cessation is recommended for this and other health reasons. This content is excerpted from with permission from the (ACP). Use is restricted in the same manner as that defined in the MKSAP 16 Digital license agreement. This material should never be used as a substitute for clinical judgment

2015 KevinMD blog


pushes the leading edge forward. The contraction, in turn, is regulated by stress in the cytoskeleton. To test this hypothesis, finite element models for a crawling cell are presented. These models are based on nonlinear poroelasticity theory, modified to include the effects of active contraction and growth, which are regulated by mechanical feedback laws. Results from the models agree reasonably well with published experimental data for cell speed, actin flow, and cytoskeletal deformation (...) A POROELASTIC MODEL FOR CELL CRAWLING INCLUDING MECHANICAL COUPLING BETWEEN CYTOSKELETAL CONTRACTION AND ACTIN POLYMERIZATION Much is known about the biophysical mechanisms involved in cell crawling, but how these processes are coordinated to produce directed motion is not well understood. Here, we propose a new hypothesis whereby local cytoskeletal contraction generates fluid flow through the lamellipodium, with the pressure at the front of the cell facilitating actin polymerization which

2011 Journal of mechanics of materials and structures PubMed abstract

123. Tissue length modulates “stimulated actin polymerization,” force augmentation, and the rate of swine carotid arterial contraction (Full text)

by reduced prior S3 cofilin phosphorylation without changes in Y118 paxillin or cross-bridge phosphorylation. At long tissue length (1.4 L(o)), force augmentation was not observed, and there were no prior changes in Y118 paxillin, S3 cofilin, or cross-bridge phosphorylation. There were no significant differences in the cross-bridge phosphorylation transients before and after the force augmentation protocol at all three lengths tested. Tissues contracted faster at longer tissue lengths; contractile rate (...) correlated with prior Y118 paxillin phosphorylation. Total stress, per se, predicted Y118 paxillin phosphorylation. These data suggest that force augmentation is regulated by stimulated actin polymerization and that stimulated actin polymerization is regulated by total arterial stress. We suggest that K(+) depolarization first leads to cross-bridge phosphorylation and contraction, and the contraction-induced increase in mechanical strain increases Y118 paxillin phosphorylation, leading to stimulated

2011 American Journal of Physiology - Cell Physiology PubMed abstract

124. Understanding Contradictory Data in Contraction Stress Tests. (Abstract)

Understanding Contradictory Data in Contraction Stress Tests. The literature shows contradictory results regarding the role of composite shrinkage and elastic modulus as determinants of polymerization stress. The present study aimed at a better understanding of the test mechanics that could explain such divergences among studies. The hypothesis was that the effects of composite shrinkage and elastic modulus on stress depend upon the compliance of the testing system. A commonly used test (...) apparatus was simulated by finite element analysis, with different compliance levels defined by the bonding substrate (steel, glass, composite, or acrylic). Composites with moduli between 1 and 12 GPa and shrinkage values between 0.5% and 6% were modeled. Shrinkage was simulated by thermal analogy. The hypothesis was confirmed. When shrinkage and modulus increased simultaneously, stress increased regardless of the substrate. However, if shrinkage and modulus were inversely related, their magnitudes

2010 Journal of Dental Research

125. Suspected neurological conditions: recognition and referral

. Suspected neurological conditions: recognition and referral (NG127) © NICE 2019. All rights reserved. Subject to Notice of rights ( conditions#notice-of-rights). Page 7 of 73Sudden-onset acute v Sudden-onset acute vestibular syndrome estibular syndrome 1.2.2 For adults with sudden-onset acute vestibular syndrome (vertigo, nausea or vomiting and gait unsteadiness), a HINTS (head-impulse–nystagmus–test-of- skew) test should be performed if a healthcare professional (...) with training and experience in the use of this test is available. 1.2.3 For adults with sudden-onset acute vestibular syndrome who have had a HINTS test: be aware that a negative HINTS test makes a diagnosis of stroke very unlikely refer immediately for neuroimaging if the HINTS test shows indications of stroke (a normal head impulse test, direction-changing nystagmus or skew deviation). 1.2.4 Refer immediately adults with sudden-onset acute vestibular syndrome in whom benign paroxysmal positional vertigo

2019 National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence - Clinical Guidelines

126. Urinary incontinence and pelvic organ prolapse in women: management

Surgery for women with both stress urinary incontinence and pelvic organ prolapse 34 1.10 Assessing complications associated with mesh surgery 35 1.11 Managing complications associated with mesh surgery 41 T erms used in this guideline 45 Recommendations for research 49 Key recommendations for research 49 Other recommendations for research 50 Rationale and impact 51 Organisation of specialist services 51 Collecting data on surgery and surgical complications 52 Urodynamic testing 52 Pelvic floor muscle (...) pelvic floor muscles 1.3.4 Undertake routine digital assessment to confirm pelvic floor muscle contraction before the use of supervised pelvic floor muscle training for the treatment of urinary incontinence. [2006, amended 2013] [2006, amended 2013] Urine testing Urine testing 1.3.5 Undertake a urine dipstick test in all women presenting with urinary incontinence to detect the presence of blood, glucose, protein, leucocytes and nitrites in the urine. [2006] [2006] 1.3.6 If women have symptoms

2019 National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence - Clinical Guidelines

129. Examining the Effects of Prenatal Education

., counselling, acting as a confidante, helping to reduce stress and anxiety), instrumental support (e.g., home visits, telephone calls, home or transport help), or informational supports (e.g., appropriate use of social services, advice and health education).(18) Similarly, one recent high-quality review found that providing women who are living in low- income settings with group prenatal education reduced stressors and anxiety around pregnancy.(13) Finally, one older medium-quality review found antenatal (...) education programs provided in the first 27 weeks of pregnancy reduced the transmission of syphilis from mother to child.(19) The review included studies that examined women being tested or treated for syphilis before the third trimester and compared outcomes among this group to those studies that focused on women being tested or treated during the third trimester.(19) Screening and treatment earlier in the pregnancy were found to have an impact in general on the risk of all adverse outcomes

2020 McMaster Health Forum

130. Navigating later life transitions: An evaluation of emotional and psychological interventions

to others, how would you describe yourself? personality cards exercise this exercise, based on the myers briggs t ype indicator (mbti), gives an insight into your predominant personality type, which are divided into 16 different ones identifying our predominant personality type can help us to understand: What motivates us, what stresses us and how we can support ourselves to be the best we can be. identifying individual drivers individual, complete the drivers questionnaire to look at what drives you (...) : personality types this exercise was designed by a colleague in third age. it is not a verified psychometric test and as such we introduce it in a light-hearted way. it has proven to be very accurate in helping participants to identify their most dominant personality traits: t ype a: practical/resourceful t ype b: business-like/managerial t ype c: creative/artistic t ype d: social and caring t ype e: methodical/systematic. this exercise allows participants to reflect on personality; how personality type

2020 Publication 4890973

131. What research has been done to understand substance misuse within the UK student population, and what interventions have been introduced as a result?

that they currently use drugs • There was low use of, and low knowledge about, drugs such as modafinil, Ritalin or Adderall • Students mainly used drugs for recreational purposes, but other motives included enhancement for sports or academia, the ability to sleep/reduce stress, or to manage illnesses • 16% of the universities surveyed, incorrectly advised students that the use of drugs is a criminal offence • Public health policies should include social interventions aimed at generating recreational alternatives (...) to be drunk to have a good time • One-third (of 7855) students said that their drinking had caused an injury,10-15% had been in a fight, and coping motives were linked to stresses relating to university life and a social drinking culture • Some students had recently engaged in social non -drinking – benefits were seen as improved health, increased self - esteem and higher quality social life, but some felt it hindered the bonding process; some students were also hostile to social non -drinking • Alcohol

2020 Publication 4890972

132. Estimate of the economic costs and literature review of the benefits of dedicated research time for Hospital Consultants in the NHS

by the Academy and also by snowballing of references from literature reviewed. A total of 28 eligible papers were identified through these techniques. ii 3. RESULTS From a review of existing guidelines and other literature it is apparent that although the Consultant Contract provides for ‘supporting clinical activities’, which could include dedicated time for research, in reality most Consultants do not have time to carry out research on top of their requirement to provide direct clinical care. The exception (...) is for Consultant Clinical Academics whose contracts allow for 0.5 whole time equivalent (WTE) academic activities. It was, therefore, assumed that to provide 20% of Consultants with 20% of dedicated research time would require backfilling of an equivalent amount of time for direct clinical care. The cost estimate was made on the basis that an average Teaching Hospital Trust has around 415 Consultants and an average District General Hospital Trust has around 182 Consultants. In an average week the provision

2020 Academy of Medical Sciences

133. Remote ECG interpretation consultancy services for cardiovascular disease

of the heart and is used to diagnose cardiovascular disorders. Remote ECG interpretation consultancy services provide expert analysis of ECGs to support clinical decision-making. The services can receive and interpret ECGs – along with other information – using telephone and digital methods. This briefing describes 6 services that are available in the UK (see table 1). There are 3 main types of ECG: 12-lead ECG 12-lead ECG: the standard diagnostic test used in primary care for a number of cardiovascular (...) or a fixed monthly fee of £77 per 1,000-practice population, irrespective of the number of tests done. Holter analysis: Holter analysis: 24 hours: £45 per report 48 hours: £70 per report 72 hours: £95 per report 7 days: £120 per report. Consultant cardiologist e-consultation: Consultant cardiologist e-consultation: £42 per report. Holter analysis prices are based on the duration of the ECG is recording. Smart T elecardiology Fees for 12-lead ECG interpretation start at £3 for a technician's report and £8

2018 National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence - Advice

134. Canadian guidelines on opioid use disorder among older adults

arising from contract, negligence, or any other cause of action, to any party, for the publication contents or any consequences arising from its use. The views expressed herein do not necessarily represent the views of Health Canada. We encourage the copy and distribution of these guidelines; provided that the appropriate attribution is given. Please see the suggested citation below. Suggested citation: Canadian Guidelines on Opioid Use Disorder Among Older Adults. Canadian Coalition for Seniors (...) , with an emphasis on signs of intoxication or withdrawal and the sequelae of substance use. Laboratory and other investigations (including urine drug tests) should be performed as appropriate for the medical conditions identified. Reassessment is essential and should be conducted episodically throughout long-term care. [GRADE Quality: Moderate; Strength: Strong]7 Canadian Guidelines on Opioid Use Disorder Among Older Adults QUESTION E: In older adults with or at risk for an OUD, what considerations

2019 CPG Infobase

135. Canadian guidelines on benzodiazepine receptor agonist use disorder among older adults

in the creation of this publication disclaim any liability arising from contract, negligence, or any other cause of action, to any party, for the publication contents or any consequences arising from its use. The views expressed herein do not necessarily represent the views of Health Canada. We encourage the copy and distribution of these guidelines; provided that the appropriate attribution is given. Please see the suggested citation below. Suggested citation: Canadian Guidelines on Benzodiazepine Receptor

2019 CPG Infobase

136. Patient-specific blister packaging - rapid report

) V, Statutory Health Insurance, external experts who are involved in the Institute’s research commissions must disclose “all connections to interest groups and contract organizations, particularly in the pharmaceutical and medical devices industries, including details on the type and amount of any remuneration received”. The Institute received the completed Form for disclosure of potential conflicts of interest from each external expert. The information provided was reviewed by a Committee (...) the service of patient-specific blister packaging have 2 options: They can either perform the blister packaging themselves at the pharmacy or commission a contract manufacturer (known as blister centre) to do so [2,3]. Solid oral dosage forms such as tablets or capsules are generally suitable for blister packaging [4]. The blister packaging of these drugs is performed manually or automatically, usually using a computerized process. Blister packaging is suitable for outpatient and inpatient care and being

2019 Institute for Quality and Efficiency in Healthcare (IQWiG)

137. The promotion of well?being among children exposed to intimate partner violence: A systematic review of interventions (Full text)

been associated with reduced cognitive ability and educational achievement (Kitzmann, Gaylord, Holt, & Kenny, ), under‐immunization (Bair‐Merritt, Blackstone, & Feudtner, ), and both psychological (e.g., posttraumatic stress, depression, aggression; Evans, Davies, & DiLillo, ) and physical health problems (e.g., ischemic heart disease, obesity; Felitti et al., ). These negative developmental sequalae appear to be evident across nations and cultures; for example, the link between IPV exposure (...) , and specifically, by telling their stories and histories of IPV victimization, connecting events to emotional reactions, and enhancing self‐esteem, it is theorized that levels of traumatic stress will decrease, with subsequent improvements in parenting and child well‐being (Graham‐Bermann et al., ). Interventions taking a cognitive‐behavioral orientation share the basic premise that psychological distress is maintained by maladaptive cognitions, or general beliefs about oneself and the world, contributing

2019 Campbell Collaboration PubMed abstract

138. Hot spots policing of small geographic areas effects on crime (Full text)

of criteria including: (a) Reference information (title, authors, publication etc.) (b) Nature of description of selection of site, problems and so forth. (c) Nature and description of selection of comparison group or period (d) The unit of analysis (e) The sample size (f) Methodological type (randomized experiment or quasiexperiment) (g) A description of the hot spots policing intervention (h) Dosage intensity and type (i) Implementation difficulties (j) The statistical test(s) used (k) Reports (...) interventions at residential and commercial addresses (Sherman et al., ). More recently, Blattman et al. ( ) evaluated the impacts of increased police patrol and, separately, increased police patrol plus municipal services on high‐crime street segments in Bogotá, Colombia. In total, the 65 studies included in this review yielded 78 experimental and quasiexperimental tests of hot spots policing on crime. Across the 78 tests of hot spots policing, the specific types of hot spots policing interventions fit

2019 Campbell Collaboration PubMed abstract

139. Citizen engagement in public services in low? and middle?income countries: A mixed?methods systematic review of participation, inclusion, transparency and accountability (PITA) initiatives (Full text)

the political system; within the management and administration of public sector offices and institutions; and in the ways in which public officials and service providers engage with service users (external engagement) (Waddington, Stevenson, Sonnenfeld, & Gaarder, ). In this framing, good governance interventions attempt to influence the social contract that mediates the relationships between government and citizens, regarding who has access to what power and in return for what accountability for service (...) effective and equitable (USAID, ). PITA characteristics influence the functioning of the social contract and its systems throughout each of the three accountability domains, and thus, good governance interventions may target one or more of these (Figure ). For example, within the political system domain, the PITA characteristics have a direct impact on who has access to the electoral systems and who can contest the policy arena. Elected officials must exercise some basic level of downwards

2019 Campbell Collaboration PubMed abstract

140. The impact of care farms on quality of life, depression and anxiety among different population groups: A systematic review (Full text)

, for example, depression, anxiety, personality disorders, schizophrenia and posttraumatic stress disorders are a leading cause of disability in the occidental cultures (Murray et al., ). In some countries, such as the UK, the prevalence of major depression is increasing and imposing huge personal and economic costs (Centre for Mental Health, ). Likewise in Spain, although indicators of physical health have constantly improved during the last three decades, indicators of healthy habits (rates of cholesterol (...) be an increasingly attractive option. As such, there is great potential to increase the use of care farms as an intervention to bring beneficial outcomes to a range of different population groups. The growth in care farming in recent years is partly attributable to their commissioning successes with a range of health and social sector organisations through patient‐referral and contracts for provision of support to health, social‐care and probation clients. Their sustainability is important given the increasing

2019 Campbell Collaboration PubMed abstract

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