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181. Management of Cardiovascular Diseases during Pregnancy

and offspring complications 3174 3.3.3 Pregnancy heart team 3176 3.4 Cardiovascular diagnosis in pregnancy 3176 3.4.1 Electrocardiography 3176 3.4.2 Echocardiography 3176 3.4.3 Exercise testing 3177 3.4.4 Ionizing radiation exposure 3177 3.4.5 Chest radiography and computed tomography 3177 3.4.6 Cardiac catheterization 3177 3.4.7 Magnetic resonance imaging 3177 3.5 Genetic testing and counselling 3177 3.5.1 Pre-natal diagnosis 3178 3.6 Foetal assessment 3178 3.6.1 Screening for congenital heart disease 3178 (...) Ventricular tachycardia 3203 9.7 Bradyarrhythmias 3204 9.7.1 Sinus node dysfunction 3204 9.7.2 Atrioventricular block 3204 9.8 Interventions 3204 9.8.1 Electrical cardioversion 3204 9.8.2 Catheter ablation 3204 9.8.3 Implantable cardioverter-defibrillator and pacing 3204 9.9 Recommendations 3206 10. Hypertensive disorders 3207 10.1 Diagnosis and risk assessment 3207 10.1.1 Blood pressure measurement 3207 10.1.2 Laboratory tests 3207 10.2 Definition and classification of hypertension in pregnancy 3207 10.3

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2018 European Society of Cardiology

182. Pneumonia induced by benzodiazepines

effects and Editorial C M ED HECK -The Informed Prescriber Translated from the Editorial in Med Check-TIP (in Japanese) May 2018 ; 18 (77) increase infectious diseases. Even if the substance is not tested in humans and adverse effects are not known yet, increase of infection can be predicted from its fundamental mechanisms of action. Secondly, in Japan, a large-scale database system is needed to study harms of drugs. All studies that showed association between benzodiazepines and pneumonia analysed (...) cells. It also inhibits MTP in the intestinal epithelial cells leading to their steatosis. ?Animal toxicity tests showed that one tenth of human dose of lomitapide induced liver cell steatosis and single cell necrosis of liver cells. Liver cancer and intestinal cancer (normally very rare) were also observed by administering one third of human dose of lomitapide in another animal toxicity test (male mice). ? It also causes diarrhea due to poor lipid absorption in the small intestine leading

2018 Med Check - The Informed Prescriber

183. ShortGuide: Fetal movements

that women may recognise only 40% FM near term 14 · Maternal–anxiety/stress 18,19 , mental distraction 20 , exercise 21 , medication use · Placenta position 22 · Fetal–anterior position of the fetal spine (presentation has no effect on maternal perception 11 ); akinesia syndromes 5 short GUIDE Queensland Clinical Guidelines Fetal movements Available from: © State of Queensland (Queensland Health) 2018 Page 2 of 5 Assessing fetal movements Aspect Consideration Assessing fetal (...) transfusion assessment · Consider testing for feto-maternal transfusion 5 by flow cytometry or Kleihauer-Betke test o Perform urgently if signs of fetal anaemia or if sudden cessation of FM · Feto-maternal transfusions o Cause fetal anaemia o Are typically silent events 31,32 o May not be suspected based on CTG 33 or USS unless severe anaemia has occurred o Massive feto-maternal transfusion has been reported in up to 4% stillbirths and 0.04% neonatal deaths 34,35 · Recurrent, small to moderate feto

2019 Queensland Health

184. Deployment of personnel to military operations: impact on mental health and social functioning

of scenarios. Military deployment is defined as performing military service in an operation at a location outside the home country for a limited time period, pursuant to orders. The review included studies that reported outcomes for individuals who had been deployed. This review looked at the effect of deployment on mental health outcomes. The mental health outcomes are: post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), major depressive disorder (MDD), common mental disorders (depression, anxiety and somatisation (...) . These experiences may lead to severe mental stress. The adverse impact on mental health is the psychological cost of war, and it is of interest to policymakers to learn the magnitude of these effects. This review sets out to synthesise available evidence about the consequences of deployment for deployed military personnel in the mental health and social functioning domains. OBJECTIVES The objective of this review is to synthesise the consequences of deployment to military operation on the mental health

2018 Campbell Collaboration

185. Our data-driven future in healthcare

stewards Individuals in NHS organisations, or those acting on their behalf, who are responsible for the stewardship and curation of patient data, including controlling how, when and by whom it is collected, stored, accessed or otherwise used. Patient data Health-related information about patients that is created or used as part of their NHS care (such as a healthcare professional’s notes and care records, vital signs, laboratory test results, medical images and letters). For the purposes of this report (...) professionals and patients. 5. Enable safe and effective health and social care. 6. Support people to manage their own health. 7. Enable research and innovation. Principle A. Purpose, value and benefitsUpholding the social contract and ethos of the NHS Society expects that the NHS, and those working for it, will act in the interests of ‘public good’. This may be characterised as a ‘social contract’ between the NHS, patients and society that reflects social values. 23 This is consistent with the NHS

2018 Academy of Medical Sciences

186. Enhancing Health Promotion and Disease Prevention in Networked Primary Care

sexual health services in high schools; 2) chronic obstructive pulmonary disease screening (COPD); 3) group counselling in nutrition (e.g., low-cost healthy eating), mental health (e.g., anxiety and stress management) and system navigation for older adults; and 4) outreach services (e.g., diabetic clinic and healthy-aging clinic).(10) Select comparator countries In Australia and New Zealand, Primary Health Networks and Primary Health Organizations assume the responsibility of assessing and meeting (...) Primary Health Care Network supports primary care in the region.(10) • The network includes two nurse practitioners, two social workers, one dietitian and one respiratory therapist.(10) • Programs and services provided by the network include: o clinical sexual health services in high schools; o COPD screening; o group counselling in nutrition (e.g., low-cost healthy eating), mental health (e.g., anxiety and stress management) and system navigation for older adults; and o outreach services (e.g

2018 McMaster Health Forum

187. Withdrawal Management Services in Canada: The National Treatment Indicators Report

, as well as agency-level interventions like performance contracting (Carroll, Triplett, & Mondimore, 2009; Chutuape, Katz, & Stitzer, 2001; Haley, Dugosh, & Lynch, 2011; McLellan, Weinstein, Shen, Kendig, & Levine, 2005; Nielsen & Nielsen, 2018). Reducing delays at this point in the care continuum is an important opportunity to improve the quality of care. Repeated Readmissions to Withdrawal Management Services As with any service modality for substance use, readmission to WM services

2019 Canadian Centre on Substance Abuse

188. Developing a Value Framework for Genetic Diagnosis: Part I A Systematic Review of Outcomes Hierarchies and Measurement Approaches

as well as oversight of the process. The Chair of the Committee / TEP is Marc Williams, MD, FAAP, FACMG. Linda A Bradley, PhD, FACMG and Glenn E. Palomaki, PhD performed the review. Funding for the review was provided by the ACMG Foundation through a contract with Women & Infants Hospital of Rhode Island. Methods The initial scope of this review was modified during article selection and review to fit available resources, by deferring review of KQ 6 on costs and economics (the denominator of value (...) be controversial, based on views of different stakeholders. Purpose and Scope of the Review This qualitative systematic review was commissioned by the American College of Medical Genetics Foundation for the American College of Medical Genetics (ACMG) Ad Hoc Committee on the Value of Genetic Diagnosis (contracted May 1, 2011). The ACMG Mission Statement is to “Improve Health Through Medical Genetics”, and one of five stated goals is to “Maintain structure and integrity of ACMG and its value to members

2019 American College of Medical Genetics and Genomics

189. Human Papillomavirus (HPV), Cervical Screening and Cervical Cancer

/04.” (Cancer Research UK, 2014b) Key findings supporting the UK NSC recommendations • The HPV vaccination offered to girls aged 12 to 13 strengthens the rationale for primary HPV screening. The vaccination will offer prevention of HPV and result in a falling number of women who remain at risk of [contracting] HPV and developing cervical cancer. • A primary test for HPV will save more lives by determining a woman’s risk earlier. Work to assess extending the screening interval with HPV screening (...) informed of the reason for the procedure and the implications for their future health and wellbeing. A screening test should be taken in such a way as to provide an adequate sample for assessment, with the minimum of distress or discomfort. The importance of action, regular screening and effective follow up cannot be over emphasised – early diagnosis and treatment saves lives, plus reduces stress and anxiety for the woman and her family. Access to services should be local and easily accessible

2018 Royal College of Nursing

190. Global Vascular Guidelines for patients with chronic limb-threatening ischemia

CLTI should be referred urgently to a vascular specialist. Accurately staging the severity of limb threat is fundamental, and the Society for Vascular Surgery Threatened Limb Classification system, based on grading of Wounds, Ischemia, and foot Infection (WIfI) is endorsed. Objective hemodynamic testing, including toe pressures as the preferred measure, is required to assess CLTI. Evidence-based revascularization (EBR) hinges on three independent axes: Patient risk, Limb severity, and ANatomic (...) in CLTI. The importance of multidisciplinary teams and centers of excellence for amputation prevention is stressed as a key health system initiative. Keywords: , , , , , , , , GVG Guideline writing group conflict of interest policy: industry relationships I. Introduction The organizations participating in the Global Vascular Guidelines are committed to the precept of developing trustworthy clinical practice guidelines through transparency and full disclosure by those participating in the process

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2019 Society for Vascular Surgery

191. Encorafenib (Braftovi) - unresectable or metastatic melanoma with a BRAF V600 mutation

discontinuation. See summary of product characteristics (SPC) for information on dose modifications for adverse events. 1-3 It is recommended that patients continue treatment with encorafenib and binimetinib until patients no longer derive benefit or the development of unacceptable toxicity. Before taking encorafenib and binimetinib, patients must have confirmation of BRAF V600 mutation using a validated test. The efficacy and safety of encorafenib in conjunction with binimetinib has not been established (...) ). For the respective groups, Kaplan-Meier estimates of 1 year event-free probability were 57% and 33%, and for 2 years 32% and 24%. 4, 7, 8 An updated analysis was conducted following a total of 231 PFS events (113 PFS events in the encorafenib plus binimetinib group and 118 PFS events in the vemurafenib group). At a median follow-up of 32.1 months, the HR for PFS was reduced to 0.51 (95% CI: 0.39 to 0.67, p<0.001). 5 A hierarchical statistical testing strategy was applied for the key secondary outcomes

2019 Scottish Medicines Consortium

192. Paediatric Urology

of undescended testes: European Association of Urology/European Society for Paediatric Urology Guidelines. J Pediatr Urol, 2016. 2. Stein, R., et al. Urinary tract infections in children: EAU/ESPU guidelines. Eur Urol, 2015. 67: 546. 3. Tekgul, S., et al. EAU guidelines on vesicoureteral reflux in children. Eur Urol, 2012. 62: 534. 4. Riedmiller, H., et al. EAU Guidelines on Paediatric Urology. Eur Urol, 2001. Nov; 40 (5): 589. 5. Guyatt, G.H., et al. GRADE: an emerging consensus on rating quality (...) techniques in managing children with undescended testes. J Urol, 1993. 150: 458. 56. Tasian, G.E., et al. Diagnostic performance of ultrasound in nonpalpable cryptorchidism: a systematic review and meta-analysis. Pediatrics, 2011. 127: 119. 57. Elder, J.S. Ultrasonography is unnecessary in evaluating boys with a nonpalpable testis. Pediatrics, 2002. 110: 748. 58. Wenzler, D.L., et al. What is the rate of spontaneous testicular descent in infants with cryptorchidism? J Urol, 2004. 171: 849. 59. Park, K.H

2019 European Association of Urology

193. Male Sexual Dysfunction

Deficiency: Recommendations From the Fourth International Consultation for Sexual Medicine (ICSM 2015). J Sex Med, 2016. 13: 1787. 92. Davis-Joseph, B., et al. Accuracy of the initial history and physical examination to establish the etiology of erectile dysfunction. Urology, 1995. 45: 498. 93. Ghanem, H.M., et al. SOP: physical examination and laboratory testing for men with erectile dysfunction. J Sex Med, 2013. 10: 108. 94. Bhasin, S., et al. Testosterone therapy in men with androgen deficiency (...) : reproducibility, evaluation criteria and the effect of sexual intercourse. J Urol, 1998. 159: 1921. 110. Hatzichristou, D.G., et al. Hemodynamic characterization of a functional erection. Arterial and corporeal veno-occlusive function in patients with a positive intracavernosal injection test. Eur Urol, 1999. 36: 60. 111. Sikka, S.C., et al. Standardization of vascular assessment of erectile dysfunction: standard operating procedures for duplex ultrasound. J Sex Med, 2013. 10: 120. 112. Pathak, R.A., et al

2019 European Association of Urology

194. Management of Non-neurogenic Male LUTS

changes in post-void residual and voided volume among community dwelling men. J Urol, 2005. 174: 1317. 75. Sullivan, M.P., et al. Detrusor contractility and compliance characteristics in adult male patients with obstructive and nonobstructive voiding dysfunction. J Urol, 1996. 155: 1995. 76. Oelke, M., et al. Diagnostic accuracy of noninvasive tests to evaluate bladder outlet obstruction in men: detrusor wall thickness, uroflowmetry, postvoid residual urine, and prostate volume. Eur Urol, 2007. 52 (...) pressure using an experimental constant low-flow test. Neurourol Urodyn, 2012. 31: 557. 117. Van Mastrigt, R., et al. Towards a noninvasive urodynamic diagnosis of infravesical obstruction. BJU Int, 1999. 84: 195. 118. Pel, J.J., et al. Development of a non-invasive strategy to classify bladder outlet obstruction in male patients with LUTS. Neurourol Urodyn, 2002. 21: 117. 119. Shinbo, H., et al. Application of ultrasonography and the resistive index for evaluating bladder outlet obstruction

2019 European Association of Urology

195. Chronic Pelvic Pain

. Pitfalls of the medical paradigm in chronic pelvic pain. Baillieres Best Pract Res Clin Obstet Gynaecol, 2000. 14: 525. 82. Sharpe, M., et al. "Unexplained" somatic symptoms, functional syndromes, and somatization: do we need a paradigm shift? Ann Intern Med, 2001. 134: 926. 83. Malykhina, A.P. Neural mechanisms of pelvic organ cross-sensitization. Neuroscience, 2007. 149: 660. 84. Sanford, M.T., et al. The role of environmental stress on lower urinary tract symptoms. Curr Opin Urol, 2017. 27: 268. 85 (...) subtypes of chronic pelvic pain and how subtypes differ in health status and trauma history. Am J Obstet Gynecol, 2006. 195: 554. 90. Meltzer-Brody, S., et al. Trauma and posttraumatic stress disorder in women with chronic pelvic pain. Obstet Gynecol, 2007. 109: 902. 91. Iglesias-Rios, L., et al. Depression and Posttraumatic Stress Disorder Among Women with Vulvodynia: Evidence from the Population-Based Woman to Woman Health Study. Journal of Women's Health (15409996), 2015. 24: 557. 92. Anderson, A.B

2019 European Association of Urology

196. Neuro-urology

for primary care physicians. Med Clin North Am, 2011. 95: 111. 48. Çetinel, B., et al. Risk factors predicting upper urinary tract deterioration in patients with spinal cord injury: A retrospective study. Neurourol Urodyn, 2017. 36: 653. 49. Elmelund, M., et al. Renal deterioration after spinal cord injury is associated with length of detrusor contractions during cystometry-A study with a median of 41 years follow-up. Neurourol Urodyn., 2016. 50. Ineichen, B.V., et al. High EDSS can predict risk for upper (...) in children with neurogenic bladder-sphincter dysfunction? BJU Int, 2006. 98: 1295. 112. Musco, S., et al. Value of urodynamic findings in predicting upper urinary tract damage in neuro-urological patients: A systematic review. Neurourol Urodyn, 2018. 113. Linsenmeyer, T.A., et al. The impact of urodynamic parameters on the upper tracts of spinal cord injured men who void reflexly. J Spinal Cord Med, 1998. 21: 15. 114. McGuire, E.J., et al. Prognostic value of urodynamic testing in myelodysplastic

2019 European Association of Urology

197. 2019 ACC/AHA Guideline on the Primary Prevention of Cardiovascular Disease

Data Supplement ( summarize the evidence used to formulate recommendations. References selected and published in this document are representative and not all-inclusive. Avalere Health, a healthcare advisory services firm contracted by ACC/AHA, served as the document manager for this guideline to facilitate its development process. Avalere Health commissioned the Pacific Northwest Evidence-based Practice Center at Oregon Health (...) the quality of scientific evidence supporting the intervention on the basis of the type, quantity, and consistency of data from clinical trials and other sources (Table 1) (S1.5-1). Downloaded from by on April 25, 2019Arnett et al. 2019 ACC/AHA Guideline on the Primary Prevention of Cardiovascular Disease Page 9 of 98 Table 1. Applying Class of Recommendation and Level of Evidence to Clinical Strategies, Interventions, Treatments, or Diagnostic Testing in Patient Care (Updated

2019 American Heart Association

198. Urinary Incontinence

. 62. Sirls, L.T., et al. The effect of urodynamic testing on clinical diagnosis, treatment plan and outcomes in women undergoing stress urinary incontinence surgery. J Urol, 2013. 189: 204. 63. Nager, C.W., et al. A randomized trial of urodynamic testing before stress-incontinence surgery. N Engl J Med, 2012. 366: 1987. 64. van Leijsen, S.A., et al. Can preoperative urodynamic investigation be omitted in women with stress urinary incontinence? A non-inferiority randomized controlled trial (...) of urinary retention after a tension-free vaginal tape procedure for female stress urinary incontinence. J Urol, 2003. 170: 852. 69. Abdel-Fattah, M., et al. Pelvicol pubovaginal sling versus tension-free vaginal tape for treatment of urodynamic stress incontinence: a prospective randomized three-year follow-up study. Eur Urol, 2004. 46: 629. 70. Lemack, G.E., et al. Normal preoperative urodynamic testing does not predict voiding dysfunction after Burch colposuspension versus pubovaginal sling. J Urol

2019 European Association of Urology

199. Male Infertility

-ejaculated sperm. Hum Reprod, 2011. 26: 1752. 34. Carrell, D.T. The clinical implementation of sperm chromosome aneuploidy testing: pitfalls and promises. J Androl, 2008. 29: 124. 35. Johnson, M.D. Genetic risks of intracytoplasmic sperm injection in the treatment of male infertility: recommendations for genetic counseling and screening. Fertil Steril, 1998. 70: 397. 36. Clementini, E., et al. Prevalence of chromosomal abnormalities in 2078 infertile couples referred for assisted reproductive techniques (...) . 8: 111. 96. Krausz, C., et al. Genetics of male infertility: from research to clinic. Reproduction, 2015. 150: R159. 97. Zini, A., et al. Are tests of sperm DNA damage clinically useful? Pros and cons. J Androl, 2009. 30: 219. 98. Hendry, W., Azoospermia and surgery for testicular obstruction. In: Hargreave TB (ed). Male Infertility, in Hargreave TB (ed). Male Infertility. 1997, Springer Verlag: Berlin. 99. Hendry, W.F., et al. Exploratory scrototomy in 168 azoospermic males. Br J Urol, 1983. 55

2019 European Association of Urology

200. Telehealth for Acute and Chronic Care Consultations

Telehealth for Acute and Chronic Care Consultations Telehealth for Acute and Chronic Care Consultations Comparative Effectiveness Review Number 216 RComparative Effectiveness Review Number 216 Telehealth for Acute and Chronic Care Consultations Prepared for: Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality U.S. Department of Health and Human Services 5600 Fishers Lane Rockville, MD 20857 Contract No. 290-2015-00009-I Prepared by: Pacific Northwest Evidence-based Practice Center Portland (...) reduce heart attack mortality. o Remote consultations for outpatient care likely improve access and clinical outcomes. • More detailed telehealth consultation costs and outcomes data would improve modeling assumptions. • Future research should employ rigorous methods and standardized outcomes for consistent measurement of telehealth consultation effectiveness.iii This report is based on research conducted by the Pacific Northwest Evidence-based Practice Center (EPC) under contract to the Agency

2019 Effective Health Care Program (AHRQ)

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