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82. Xpert Carba-R to identify people carrying carbapenemase producing organisms

(transport container with dual swab): £37 per pack of 50 GeneXpert molecular diagnostic system (1–16 modules) including computer system and barcode scanner costs from £18,077 for a single-module system to £121,308 for a 16-module system. List prices for optional accessories (excluding VAT) are: uninterruptible power supply for the GeneXpert system: £1522 laser printer with USB cable: £110 GeneXpert 16-cartridge tray: £8 GeneXpert 32-cartridge tray: £12. The GeneXpert system has an anticipated lifespan (...) versions can run several on-demand and independent tests using different test cartridges at any time. A computer which runs the GeneXpert DX software and stores the results – the software is used to input the patient and test information, to monitor the automated test process, and to view, print and export the results as well as to generate reports. A barcode scanner is included to automate data entry. The computer and barcode scanner are supplied with the GeneXpert system. The single-use Xpert Carba-R

2016 National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence - Advice

83. The Cost of the School Day

and to explore it further with children, young people and staff in schools. 19:00 Learning a t home Although most home learning tasks cost nothing, some children don’t have basic resources required at home. Homework requiring computers, internet access, software and printers means that some children and young people struggle to access the resources needed to complete homework. Practice in lending resources and assumptions around ICT access varies between and within schools. Some children lack calm quiet

2015 Glasgow Centre for Population Health

84. Cellvizio confocal endomicroscopy system for characterising pancreatic cysts

of view of 325 micrometres, and a lateral resolution of 3.5 micrometres (at 1,000 times magnification). The AQ-Flex 19 can be sterilised and reused for up to 10 examinations in multiple patients, but the locking devices used to secure its position inside the endoscopic needle are single-use only. Confocal processor with Cellvizio software. This is a computer used to record and store images and video sequences. Cellvizio software 2.2 has a digital imaging and Cellvizio confocal endomicroscopy system (...) for printing. Peripherals (included): keyboard pointing device (trackball) footswitch (to start and stop the laser emission and imaging). A separate button switches the LSU on and off screen video converter isolation transformer printer. Peripherals (optional): sterilisation tray external hard drive (for data transfer). Accessories: These include the single-use confocal miniprobe locking device, Cletop-S confocal miniprobe connector cleaning system, storage box, protective caps (intended to protect

2016 National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence - Advice

85. CORTRAK 2 Enteral Access System for placing enteral feeding tubes

A receiver unit er unit – This tracks the electromagnetic signal from the transmitting stylet throughout the placement procedure. The receiver unit is attached by a cable to the monitor unit, which then provides a graphical display of the feeding tube tip location relative to the receiver unit and track. An optional printer is available for printing adhesive labels to attach to patient records, detailing the anterior view of the tube track along with patient and operator details. In practice, CORTRAK 2 (...) EAS can be operated in 2 modes: accounts mode and anonymous mode. There is also an administrative mode which allows access to additional system features not needed during placements. In accounts mode each operator is assigned a unique account consisting of a login name and a password which must be used to perform or review placements. The monitor unit can save video files to an external USB flash drive. These files may subsequently be reviewed on a computer for reference and training purposes

2016 National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence - Advice

86. Meeting the support needs of patients with complex regional pain syndrome through innovative use of wiki technology: a mixed-methods study

URL Indexing Status Subject indexing assigned by CRD MeSH Complex Regional Pain Syndromess; Computing Methodologies Language Published English Country of organisation England English summary An English language summary is available. Address for correspondence HS&DR Programme, National Institute for Health Research, Evaluation, Trials and Studies Coordinating Centre, University of Southampton, Alpha House, Enterprise Road, Southampton, SO16 7NS, UK Tel: +44 23 8059 4304 Email: hsdrinfo (...) AccessionNumber 32014001295 Date abstract record published 31/10/2014 Health Technology Assessment (HTA) database Copyright © 2019 Queen's Printer and Controller of HMSO Homepage Options Print PubMed record Original research Share Message for HTA database users

2014 Health Technology Assessment (HTA) Database.

87. Navigation accuracy after automatic- and hybrid-surface registration in sinus and skull base surgery. (PubMed)

Navigation accuracy after automatic- and hybrid-surface registration in sinus and skull base surgery. Computer-aided-surgery in ENT surgery is mainly used for sinus surgery but navigation accuracy still reaches its limits for skull base procedures. Knowledge of navigation accuracy in distinct anatomical regions is therefore mandatory. This study examined whether navigation accuracy can be improved in specific anatomical localizations by using hybrid registration technique.Experimental phantom (...) study.Operating room.The gold standard of screw registration was compared with automatic LED-mask-registration alone, and in combination with additional surface matching. 3D-printer-based skull models with individual fabricated silicone skin were used for the experiments. Overall navigation accuracy considering 26 target fiducials distributed over each skull was measured as well as the accuracy on selected anatomic localizations.Overall navigation accuracy was <1.0 mm in all cases, showing the significantly

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2017 PLoS ONE

88. Jennifer Isherwood: A trainee’s perspective on delivering frontline care

incoming doctors • set a brief agenda at the start, ie, “We have admitted X number of patients. There are Y number still to be seen and I am concerned about Z number of patients. We will discuss each in more detail.” The latter two points rely on good team communication, informing a single, usually most junior, doctor about the required data to update the patient list. This will unlock a Pandora’s box of IT issues: finding a computer with connecting printer that works, having appropriate knowledge (...) doctors’ hospital lives is the computer system. Each doctor is armed with a plethora of logins, different for the fundamental IT programmes. The IT programmes used often differ between hospitals, which requires retraining and familiarisation every 6 to 12 months following the rotation of hospital sites. The processes for requesting investigations again change — some require discussion, some are on paper, others are all online. Assuming you can find a rare gem — otherwise known as an available computer

2017 The BMJ Blog

89. Individualized 3D printing navigation template for pedicle screw fixation in upper cervical spine. (PubMed)

computer software to design the navigation template for pedicle screw fixation in the upper cervical spine (atlas and axis). The upper cervical spine models and navigation templates were produced by 3D printer with equal proportion, two sets for each case. In one set (Test group), pedicle screws fixation were guided by the navigation template; in the second set (Control group), the screws were fixed under fluoroscopy. According to the degree of pedicle cortex perforation and whether the screw needed

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2017 PLoS ONE

91. Specification, implementation and management of information technology (IT) systems in hospital transfusion laboratories

/information-technology 1.4.5 Electronic Data Interchange (Interoperability) System to system communication is an essential requirement of healthcare computing. The LIMS will need to be able to communicate with the PAS, Electronic Request Systems (Order Comms), Electronic Blood Administration (tracking) Systems () and other hospital systems. Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) is the term used to describe the structured messages and protocols used for such communications in a way that the receiving system (...) can correctly interpret the value, meaning and context of the information sent from the transmitting system. Required EDI functionality should be identified, and EDI standards that are used within the national and local healthcare IT environment should be specified. Interfaces between computer systems, in particular between the PAS and LIMS must be configured and validated to ensure compatibility between the information formats used by each system. (NCA 2011) EDI may be uni-directional

2014 British Committee for Standards in Haematology

92. Transient Ischemic Attack: Where Can Patients Receive Optimal Care?

Contact 9 Medical Emergency Services as First Contact 11 Emergency Departments/TIA Clinics as the First Contact 12 Conclusions 19 Acknowledgements 20 Appendix 23 Final Literature Search – Stroke Mega-Analysis Rapid Review – TIA Clinics 23 References 26 Transient Ischemic Attack: A Rapid Review. January 2013; pp. 1–28. 5 List of Abbreviations ABCD 2 Age, Blood pressure, Clinical features, Duration, and Diabetes CI Confidence interval CT Computed tomography ED Emergency department EXPRESS Existing (...) Available from: Transient Ischemic Attack: A Rapid Review. January 2013; pp. 1–28. 28 Health Quality Ontario 130 Bloor Street West, 10 th Floor Toronto, Ontario M5S 1N5 Tel: 416-323-6868 Toll Free: 1-866-623-6868 Fax: 416-323-9261 Email: © Queen’s Printer for Ontario, 2013

2013 Health Quality Ontario

93. Nerve Blocks for Pain Management in Patients with Hip Fractures

Sep;19(3):155-9. (4) Kaye AD, Baluch A, Scott JT. Pain management in the elderly population: a review. Ochsner J. 2010;10(3):179-87. (5) Griffiths R, Alper J, Beckingsale A, Goldhill D, Heyburn G, Holloway J, et al. Management of proximal femoral fractures 2011. Anaesthesia. 2012;67:85-98. (6) Review Manager (RevMan) [Computer program]. Version 5.1. Copenhagen: The Nordic Cochrane Centre, The Cochrane Collaboration, 2011. (7) Shea BJ, Grimshaw JM, Wells GA, Boers M, Andersson N, Hamel C, et al (...) Fractures: A Rapid Review. April 2013; pp. 1–20 20 Health Quality Ontario 130 Bloor Street West, 10 th Floor Toronto, Ontario M5S 1N5 Tel: 416-323-6868 Toll Free: 1-866-623-6868 Fax: 416-323-9261 Email: © Queen’s Printer for Ontario, 2013

2013 Health Quality Ontario

94. Vasodilators for Inhospital Heart Failure Management

and Placebo Author, Year Allocation Concealment Blinding Complete Accounting of Patients and Outcome Events Selective Reporting Bias Other Limitations O’Connor et al, 2011 (16) No limitations a No limitations b No limitations c No limitations d No limitations a A centralized randomization procedure with a computer-generated randomization schedule was used to assign subject number and treatment code. Medication code numbers were preprinted on the study drug labels prior to distribution to sites. b Study (...) -6868 Fax: 416-323-9261 Email: © Queen’s Printer for Ontario, 2013

2013 Health Quality Ontario

95. Chest X-rays for Diagnosing Pulmonary Infection as a Precipitant of Acute Heart Failure

lung ultrasound (sensitivity 93.4%, specificity 97.7%), (10) and high resolution computed topography (sensitivity 40%, specificity 95%). (11) As legislated in Ontario’s Excellent Care for All Act, Health Quality Ontario’s mandate includes the provision of objective, evidence-informed advice about health care funding mechanisms, incentives, and opportunities to improve quality and efficiency in the health care system. As part of its Quality- Based Funding (QBF) initiative, Health Quality Ontario (...) . A prospective multicentre diagnostic accuracy study. Chest. 2012 Jun 14. (11) Mink SN, Maycher B. Comparative manifestations and diagnostic accuracy of high-resolution computed tomography in usual interstitial pneumonia and nonspecific interstitial pneumonia. Curr Opin Pulm Med. 2012 Sep;18(5):530-4. (12) Shea BJ, Grimshaw JM, Wells GA, Boers M, Andersson N, Hamel C, et al. Development of AMSTAR: a measurement tool to assess the methodological quality of systematic reviews. BMC Med Res Methodol. 2007;7:10

2013 Health Quality Ontario

96. Coronary Revascularization in Ischemic Heart Failure Patients

tomography RCT Randomized controlled trial SPECT Single photon emission computed tomography SVR Surgical ventricular reconstruction Coronary Revascularization in Ischemic Heart Failure Patients: A Rapid Review. January 2013; pp. 1–28. 6 Background Objective of Analysis The objective of this analysis was to evaluate the effectiveness of coronary revascularization in ischemic heart failure (HF) patients. Clinical Need and Target Population Coronary artery disease (CAD), particularly the occurrence (...) Society of Echocardiography, the Heart Failure Society of America, and the Society of Cardiovascular Computed Tomography. J Am Coll Cardiol. 2009 Feb 10;53(6):530-53. Coronary Revascularization in Ischemic Heart Failure Patients: A Rapid Review. January 2013; pp. 1–28. 27 (22) Lawson EH, Gibbons MM, Ko CY, Shekelle PG. The appropriateness method has acceptable reliability and validity for assessing overuse and underuse of surgical procedures. J Clin Epidemiol. 2012 Nov;65(11):1133-43. (23) Levine GN

2013 Health Quality Ontario

97. Xpert MTB/RIF implementation manual

multidisease platform. The GeneXpert system was launched in 2004, and it simplifies molecular testing by fully integrating and automating the three processes required for real-time PCR-based molecular testing (that is, specimen preparation, amplification and detection). The system consists of an instrument, personal computer, barcode scanner and preloaded software; single-use disposable cartridges contain lyophilized reagents, buffers and washes. Target detection and characterization is performed in real (...) supply to avoid interruptions to the procedure and the subsequent loss of results, waste of cartridges and possible damage to or failure of the modules; • to be secured against theft, particularly the accompanying computer; • an ambient temperature of 15–30 °C in the room where the instrument is placed; • adequate storage space for the cartridges with an ambient temperature of 2–28 °C; • trained staff to perform the test; • biosafety precautions similar to those needed for direct smear microscopy

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2014 World Health Organisation Guidelines

98. Framework for conducting reviews of tuberculosis programmes

payments for national team members and support staff ? Make travel arrangements for national team members ? Make hotel reservations ? Hire interpreters, if needed ? Arrange meeting rooms for briefing, debriefing and preparing the final report ? Arrange for secretarial and administrative support as appropriate (for example, access to computers, printers, telephones, fax facilities, e-mail) ? Make arrangements for travel to sites within the country and notify the facilities that will be visited ? Arrange

2014 World Health Organisation Guidelines

99. March 2014 supplement to the 2013 consolidated guidelines on the use of antiretroviral drugs for treating and preventing HIV infection

and regularly evaluated. Other policy and programme considerations HIV self-testing may provide an additional pathway for people to obtain care and treatment. Ways to facilitate links to care following HIV self-testing include pre-test information, counselling, post-test referrals and follow-up such as face-to- face counselling, telephone hotlines (2,21), videos, Skype, short message service (SMS) (32) and computer programmes (33). An individual with a reactive self-test result should be advised to seek (...) of more robust maternal combination antiretroviral regimens, prolonged infant antiviral prophylaxis and improved sensitivity of current HIV DNA- and RNA-based polymerase chain reaction (PCR) assays. • HIV serological assays, including rapid diagnostic tests, are underused to detect HIV exposure, and their use should be encouraged to fast-track children to a definitive diagnosis, particularly if they are sick. • Key innovations such as SMS printers and improved laboratory systems can greatly reduce

2014 World Health Organisation HIV Guidelines

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