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161. Personalised psychiatry

markers, and so further aspects around mental health could be added to these measurements. 10 Sramek J, Murphy M & Cutler N (2016). Sex differences in the psychopharmacological treatment of depression. Dialogues Clin Neurosci. 18(4), 446-457. The Academy of Medical Sciences 12 Early life and environmental measures A key message was the need to work more effectively across the social care and education system, particularly targeting children and adolescents, since these early stages of life can greatly (...) influence trajectories for mental health. Mental health questionnaires have been trialled across primary and secondary schools, providing a valuable source of data on risk factors. Integrating these measures as routine practice into the education and social care system will be essential for prevention and early intervention strategies. In addition, delegates described the need for more robust and extensive data collection on addiction (e.g. drugs or alcohol). The behavioural and lifestyle changes

2017 Academy of Medical Sciences

162. Cognitive Impairment - Part 1: Symptoms To Diagnosis

patients presenting with cognitive concerns and manage the majority of these patients and support their caregivers. TARGET POPULATION Older adults (65 years of age and greater) EXCLUSIONS Children Younger adults ( 53 years 4 Education >10 years 0 7-9 years 2 0-6 years 3 Sex Female 0 Male 1 Systolic Blood Pressure 140 mm Hg 2 Body Mass Index 30 kg/m 2 2 Total Cholesterol 6.5 mmol/L 2 Physical Activity Active 0 Inactive 1 TOTAL PATIENT HISTORY This should focus on how the illness developed and whether (...) there were any precipitating factors (e.g., vascular event). Background health information (e.g., medical problems, medications, alcohol and other recreational drug use, social history including years of education and presence of potential caregivers, family history) should be ascertained. 12 FAMILY/CAREGIVER INTERVIEW A separate history should be obtained from someone who knows the patient well to determine whether the cognitive and non-cognitive complaints represent a change from prior performance

2017 Toward Optimized Practice

163. Improving the health of the public by 2040

anticipate ongoing improvements to the health of the UK public as a result of enhanced knowledge, technological developments, and innovation in health and social care. We can also expect rises in educational attainment, levels of employment and yearly earnings, all of which are likely to contribute to health gains. Set against this are changes that present grave challenges to our health and to the sustainability of our health and social care systems, both nationally and globally. We face a growing (...) and ageing population with multiple morbidities and more years spent in ill health, resource depletion, persistent inequalities, climate change, a rise in obesity and sedentary behaviour, and emerging and resistant infectious diseases. Our aspiration for 2040, around a generation’s time, is for health gains which significantly exceed those we might expect based on current trajectories; for a future in which the UK population experiences substantial and ongoing improvements in physical health, mental

2017 Academy of Medical Sciences

164. Metformin Use in Patients with Historical Contraindications or Precautions

; produces “rapid response evidence briefs” at the request of VHA senior leadership; collaborates with HSR&D Center for Information Dissemination and Education Resources (CIDER) to develop a national dissemination strategy for all ESP products; and interfaces with stakeholders to effectively engage the program. Comments on this evidence report are welcome and can be sent to Nicole Floyd, ESP CC Program Manager, at Recommended citation: Crowley MJ, Diamantidis CJ, McDuffie JR, Cameron (...) % · Vildagliptin (100mg): A1c change -0.64% a Average dose is reported for the sample overall; dose for older adult subgroup is not known. Cholesterol and Weight Two trials (386 patients) reported the effects of metformin on cholesterol and weight in older adults. 54,55 A study with low ROB conducted a post-hoc analysis of 212 adults >65 years of age with inadequate control on a sulfonylurea who were randomized to pioglitazone or metformin. 55 At 52 weeks, the change in LDL cholesterol did not differ

2017 Veterans Affairs Evidence-based Synthesis Program Reports

165. Examining the Effects of Value-based Physician Payment Models

are the last approach and moves beyond resource-based or historical budgets by adjusting for risk factors (e.g., age, gender) or based on case-mix measure by disease-related groups.(5) The most recent innovative payment reforms aim to improve care coordination, efficiency, quality, access, and health outcomes. These types of payment models are add-on payments (e.g., pay-for-performance), bundled payments (e.g., for episodes of care or managing chronic conditions) and population-based payments (e.g., groups (...) >> Insight >> Action In addition, the Academic Alternative Relationship Plan remunerates physicians who are in teaching, research or administrative roles. The aim of the plan is encourage physicians to provide clinical, education, research and leadership services.(15) It is anticipated that master agreements for the plans will be in place sometime in 2017 and these will help physicians move away from fee-for-service and into alternative payment models.(15) Within primary care in Ontario (the second

2017 McMaster Health Forum

166. Addressing the global challenge of multimorbidity: Lessons from the BRICS countries

care. While the threat of non-communicable diseases is widely recognised, multimorbidity adds considerably to their management. The presence of additional morbidities typically increases use of healthcare resources and further decreases patients’ quality of life. Crucially, multimorbidity adds to the complexity of patient management, and a fundamental rethink in how services are organised and offered to patients, and how healthcare professionals are educated and trained is required. Despite (...) summary Key Context With people living longer and surviving health challenges, increasing numbers of patients are living with a combination of chronic conditions. However, health systems, research and medical education are still primarily geared to the management of single conditions. Although it is an issue that primarily effects older generations, factors such as changing lifestyles and environmental degradation are leading to multimorbidity in the relatively young as well. Multimorbidity

2017 Academy of Medical Sciences

167. My Signals - General practice

new pharmaceuticals. We should start viewing system interventions like this as the game-changers we’ve been searching for.” “General practice sometimes feels as if it deals with the trivial. However, the study reported in this Signal shows the profound effect that good general practice can have on the health of our population and, again, shows the benefits of health systems thinking. This systematic review found organised activities, such as hypertension and cholesterol clinics and lifestyle (...) . It is helpful to be able to offer them a treatment which may reduce inflammation and swelling and limit nerve damage, more helpful still to have the efficacy of this confirmed.” Farida Ahmad Farida is the research lead GP at her practice in Bristol and is passionate about clinical evidence. She has particular interests in respiratory medicine, women’s health and medical education. As a clinical evidence fellow with Bristol Clinical Commissioning Group, Farida is exploring the use of evidence in practice

2017 NIHR Dissemination Centre - Highlights

168. Management of Acute Myocardial Infarction in patients presenting with ST-segment elevation (Full text)

Drug for Secondary Cardiovascular Prevention FOURIER Further Cardiovascular Outcomes Research with PCSK9 Inhibition in Subjects with Elevated Risk trial. GP glycoprotein GRACE Global Registry of Acute Coronary Events GRACIA Grupo de Análisis de la Cardiopatía Isquémica Aguda HDL-C high-density lipoprotein cholesterol HFA Heart Failure Association HR hazard ratio IABP intra-aortic balloon pump ICCU intensive cardiac care unit ICD implantable cardioverter defibrillator IMPROVE-IT Improved Reduction (...) of Outcomes: Vytorin Efficacy International Trial IRA infarct-related artery IU international units i.v. intravenous LBBB left bundle branch block LDL-C low-density lipoprotein cholesterol LGE late gadolinium enhancement LV left ventricle/ventricular LVAD Left ventricular assist device LVEF left ventricular ejection fraction MACE major adverse cardiac event MATRIX Minimizing Adverse Haemorrhagic Events by TRansradial Access Site and Systemic Implementation of angioX METOCARD- CNIC Effect of Metoprolol

2017 European Society of Cardiology PubMed

169. Asthma

expiratory flow (if not already carried out). Arrange specialist referral if occupational asthma is suspected. Provide self-management education and a (available from ) to the person or their parents/carers. Ensure that the person is up to date with all routine vaccinations, including all childhood immunizations, and the annual influenza vaccination. For more information, see the Prodigy topics on and . Provide advice about sources of information and support for people with asthma, such as the and Advise

2017 Prodigy

170. Diagnosis and Treatment of Peripheral Arterial Diseases (Full text)

-C High-density lipoprotein cholesterol HF-ACTION Heart Failure: A Controlled Trial Investigating Outcomes of Exercise Training HITS High-intensity transient signal HOPE Heart Outcomes Prevention Trial HR Hazard ratio IC Intermittent claudication ICA Internal carotid artery ICD Implantable cardioverter defibrillator ICSS International Carotid Stenting Study INR International normalized ratio INVEST INternational VErapamil-SR/Trandolapril Study LDL-C Low-density lipoprotein cholesterol LEAD Lower (...) of educational tools and implementation programmes for the recommendations including condensed pocket guideline versions, summary slides, booklets with essential messages, summary cards for non-specialists and an electronic version for digital applications (smartphones, etc.). These versions are abridged and thus, if needed, one should always refer to the full text version, which is freely available via the ESC Website and hosted on the EHJ Website. The National Societies of the ESC are encouraged to endorse

2017 European Society of Cardiology PubMed

171. Identifying and Assessing Core Components of Collaborative-care Models for Treating Mental and Physical Health Conditions

of the collaborative-care models documented in the identified literature, but the four that were included in most studies and reviews (>75%) are screening for mental health using valid instruments, assessing and documenting baseline symptoms using valid instruments for mental health, providing patient and family education and other resources to support self-management (symptoms, treatment, self-management skills), and providing clinical support and supervision for the program. • The most compelling economic data (...) baseline symptoms using valid instruments for mental health; 3) providing patient and family education and self-management support resources (symptoms, treatment, self-management skills); and 4) providing clinical support and supervision for program. We provide an overview of the effects of each of these components below. Table 1. Frequency of implementation of components of collaborative-care across included models (71) Component of the intervention None (0%) Few (1-49%) Some (50-75%) Most (>75

2017 McMaster Health Forum

172. Identifying the Effects of Using Telecommunications Technology to Provide Clinical Care at a Distance

), difficulty of using the technology, or concerns regarding the privacy of data. • The majority of studies included did not or were unable to provide findings on the cost of care, but those that did reported cost-savings most frequently being attributable to a reduction in the use of resources, including emergency department visits and hospitalizations, reduction in travel costs, and increased efficiency by reducing time between consultations. Identifying the Effects of Using Telecommunications Technology (...) then used this extracted information to develop a synthesis of the key findings from the included reviews and primary studies. Identifying the Effects of Using Telecommunications Technology to Provide Clinical Care at a Distance 6 Evidence >> Insight >> Action The majority of studies included did not or were unable to provide findings on the cost of care. Those that did reported cost-savings most frequently being attributable to a reduction in the use of resources, including emergency department visits

2017 McMaster Health Forum

173. Use of patient-reported outcome and experience measures in patient care and policy

of healthcare which are, mostly, improving patients’ health, minimising disability and improving quality of life. [2, 3] The development and use of patient reported outcome measures (PROM) and patient reported experience measures (PREM) is growing to obtain this information (see 1.2 for a detailed description of these concepts). PROMs and PREMs co-exist next to other outcome measures (e.g. progression-free survival, cholesterol level, blood pressure) and are meant for the measurement of outcomes for which (...) empowerment PROMs and PREMs are usually applied in the context of a larger endeavour to improve patient participation, patient-centeredness and patient empowerment, alongside other instruments such as patient panels, qualitative interviews with patients, patient education and patient diaries. Patient empowerment is a broader concept than patient participation and patient-centeredness. [16] The relationship between these concepts was nicely summarized by Castro et al. as follows: ”by focusing on patient

2018 Belgian Health Care Knowledge Centre

174. Developing a National Pain Strategy for Canada

in preventing and managing chronic pain in primary and specialty care, which is where the rubber really hits the road for people living with or at risk for chronic pain. The Chronic Care Model’s six features – self-management support, decision support, delivery-system design, clinical information systems, health-system changes, and community resources – are used to frame this big picture. o Generally, we found evidence supporting the use of self-management programs, multidisciplinary and stepped care (...) , and clinical information systems to help manage chronic pain at the primary and secondary levels. We also found that embedding pain-management awareness into organizational structures may facilitate health-system changes. Finally, we found that citizen engagement can assist with the dissemination of information, process for developing interventions, and enhancing awareness and understanding. • Element 2 (Better prevention/education) – Reduce the emergence of chronic pain and its sequelae (including opioid

2017 McMaster Health Forum

175. Mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR) for improving health, quality of life and social functioning in adults

Campbell Library comprises: • Systematic reviews (titles, protocols and reviews) • Policies and Guidelines Series • Methods Series Go to the library to download these resources, at: Better evidence for a better world Colophon Title Mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR) for improving health, quality of life and social functioning in adults: a systematic review and meta-analysis Authors Michael de Vibe, Norwegian Public Health Institute, Oslo, Norway Arild (...) University, USA Angela Higginson, Queensland University of Technology, Australia Disability Carlton J. Fong, Texas State University, USA Education Sarah Miller, Queen’s University Belfast, UK International Development Birte Snilstveit, 3ie, UK Hugh Waddington, 3ie, UK Social Welfare Brandy Maynard, Saint Louis University, USA Knowledge Translation and Implementation Aron Shlonsky, University of Melbourne, Australia Methods Therese Pigott, Loyola University, USA Ryan Williams, AIR, USA Managing Editor

2017 Campbell Collaboration

176. Effects of Dietary Sodium and Potassium Intake on Chronic Disease Outcomes and Risks

medical reference and in conjunction with all other pertinent information, i.e., in the context of available resources and circumstances presented by individual patients. This report is made available to the public under the terms of a licensing agreement between the author and the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality. This report may be used and reprinted without permission except those copyrighted materials that are clearly noted in the report. Further reproduction of those copyrighted (...) may increase is called the Tolerable Upper Intake Level (UL). The DRIs are for dietary intakes only (i.e., foods and dietary supplements) and are intended to cover the needs of almost all healthy persons. These values serve multiple purposes, including guidance for (a) health professionals for use in dietary counseling and for developing educational materials for consumers and patients, (b) scientists in designing and interpreting research, (c) ES-2 users of national nutrition monitoring, and (d

2018 Effective Health Care Program (AHRQ)

177. What are the estimated costs of childhood overweight and obesity on the island of Ireland?

Discussion 29 Conclusions 33 Recommendations 36 1 Introduction 37 Overview 37 2 Aims and objectives 41 3 Literature review 42 Prevalence of overweight and obesity among children 42 Childhood obesity, morbidity and body mass index (BMI) classification 43 Childhood obesity and risk of obesity, chronic disease, reduced quality of life and mortality in adult life 44 What are the estimated costs of childhood overweight and obesity on the island of Ireland? Childhood obesity and educational outcomes and school (...) 3. The effects of childhood overweight and obesity on the risk of obesity, chronic disease, reduced quality of life and mortality (death) in adult life 4. The effects of overweight and obesity on educational outcomes and school attendance in childhood 5. A review of the international literature on the direct and indirect lifetime costs of childhood overweight and obesity completed since the year 2000. ? To determine current annual direct healthcare costs amongst children attributable

2018 Institute of Public Health in Ireland

178. Communicating with Physicians to Influence Practice ? Rapid Review Update

compared to the control group. 25 Types of Messaging and Strategies Loss-framed messages (i.e. emphasizing what is lost by taking action or making a choice) in conjunction with narratives (i.e. in the form a story, testimonial, or entertainment education) were more effective than other types of messaging. Both ability strategies (e.g. additional resources or information; skills-building efforts to use and apply evidence) and reach strategies (e.g. telephone; postal mail/email; electronic/digital media (...) in influencing physician practice include: 1. Academic detailing; 2. Interactive continuing medical education; 3. Computerized decision support systems; 4. Local opinion leaders; 5. Multifaceted interventions; 6. Audit and feedback; 7. Printed educational materials; and 8. Electronic medical records reminders. Certain factors such as source, format, and content of information or feedback increase the effectiveness of these interventions. Didactic lecture-based continuing medical education and passive

2018 Peel Health Library

179. Financial Incentives for Changing Health Behaviours Among Adults: A Rapid Review

particularly for populations with high deprivation. 2. Share the findings of this rapid review with internal staff and managers as well as external stakeholders who may use financial incentives to change health behaviour. 3. Carefully consider the local context, community and political preferences, public health resources, as well as the research evidence in the development, promotion, implementation, and evaluation of interventions that use financial incentives. 4 Glossary of Terms I Aggregative rewards (...) rewards (i.e., lotteries) and a combination of the two. The review assessed overall behaviour change (i.e., smoking cessation, healthy eating and/or physical activity indicators, and physical activity) and whether each behaviour was attained and sustained. Measures of outcomes were smoking cessation (self-reported or objectively measured through biochemical verification); healthy eating/physical activity indicators (body weight, blood cholesterol, or haemoglobin levels); and physical activity (self

2018 Peel Health Library

180. Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile Dysfunction Erectile Dysfunction (ED) Guideline - American Urological Association advertisement Toggle navigation About Us About the AUA Membership AUA Governance Industry Relations Education AUAUniversity Education Products & Resources Normal Histology and Important Histo-anatomic Structures Urinary Bladder Prostate Kidney Renovascular Diseases Andrenal Gland Testis Paratesticular Tumors Penis Retroperitoneum Cytology Online Learning For Medical Students Exams/LLL/Certifications Exam (...) Prep Research Research Funding AUA Funding Research Education & Events Online Research Education Courses Research Resources Biorepositories and Other Resources Research Publications Research Career Opportunities Advocacy Scholar & Fellowship Programs Comment Letters & Resources International International Opportunities Annual Meeting Membership Collaborations Academic Exchanges Giving Back Practice Resources Coding and Reimbursement Practice Managers' Network (PMN) Patient Safety and Quality

2018 American Urological Association

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