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141. Heart Failure in the Era of Precision Medicine: A Scientific Statement From the American Heart Association

Cardiovasc Genet . 2011 ; 4:359–366. doi: 10.1161/CIRCGENETICS.110.959205 Fox ER, Musani SK, Barbalic M, Lin H, Yu B, Ogunyankin KO, Smith NL, Kutlar A, Glazer NL, Post WS, et al. . Genome-wide association study of cardiac structure and systolic function in African Americans: the Candidate Gene Association Resource (CARe) study. Circ Cardiovasc Genet . 2013 ; 6:37–46. doi: 10.1161/CIRCGENETICS.111.962365 Meder B, Rühle F, Weis T, Homuth G, Keller A, Franke J, Peil B, Lorenzo Bermejo J, Frese K, Huge (...) . doi: 10.1371/journal.pgen.1006034 Hershberger RE, Givertz MM, Ho CY, Judge DP, Kantor PF, McBride KL, Morales A, Taylor MRG, Vatta M, Ware SM . Genetic evaluation of cardiomyopathy: a clinical practice resource of the American College of Medical Genetics and Genomics (ACMG). Genet Med . 2018 ; 20:899–909. doi: 10.1038/s41436-018-0039-z Cirino AL, Seidman CE, Ho CY . Genetic testing and counseling for hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. Cardiol Clin . 2019 ; 37:35–43. doi: 10.1016/j.ccl.2018.08.003 Towbin

2019 American Heart Association

142. Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus and Heart Failure (Full text)

via vascular smooth muscle cell proliferation and inflammation ( ). DM is also associated with more atherogenic dyslipidemia, in which low-density lipoprotein cholesterol particles are more atherogenic, and with endothelial dysfunction, which promotes leukocyte and platelet adhesion, thrombosis, inflammation, and coronary plaque ulceration. Figure 1. Pathophysiology of heart failure in diabetes mellitus. The hyperglycemia, insulin resistance, and hyperinsulinemia that often accompany diabetes (...) side effects: fluid retention, bladder cancer (pioglitazone), increased LDL cholesterol (rosiglitazone), bone fractures Insulin Human insulins: regular, NPH Analog insulins: Rapid-acting: aspart, lispro, glulisine, inhaled Long-acting: glargine, detemir, degludec Premixed insulins SC Human: low Analog: high Yes Weight gain Can use at any eGFR but may require lower doses and frequent monitoring with worsening renal function Do not affect progression of kidney disease Common side effects: weight gain

2019 American Heart Association PubMed abstract

143. Clinical Practice Guidelines for the Perioperative Nutrition, Metabolic, and Nonsurgical Support of Patients Undergoing Bariatric Procedures

Association (OMA) Obesity Management Algorithm (14), and the Pharmacological Management of Obesity guidelines from the Endocrine Society (15). In 2017, the American Gastroenterological Association (AGA) issued a Practice Guide on Obesity and Weight Management, Education, and Resources (POWER) that emphasized a comprehensive approach to assessment, treatment, and prevention (16). This AGA guideline is particularly important for the increasing number of gastroenterologists who are performing endoscopic (...) document that reflects the state of the field at the time of publication. Because rapid changes in this area are expected, periodic revisions are inevitable. We encourage medical professionals to use this information in conjunction with their best clinical judgment. The presented recommendations may not be appropriate in all situations. Any decision by practitioners DOI:10.4158/GL-2019-0406 © 2019 AACE. 6 to apply these guidelines must be made considering local resources and individual patient

2019 American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists

144. Pruritus

), scabies (Salavastru, Chosidow et al. 2017), adult palliative care (Siemens, Xander et al. 2016)]. The health care systems in many countries and their social economic situation with ever diminishing financial resources increase the need for guidelines. These recommendations are based on a consensus of participating countries, while also 6 allowing for adaptation to country-specific treatment modalities and health care structures. Furthermore, it should be borne in mind that several topical and systemic

2019 European Dermatology Forum

145. AACE/ACE Guidelines for Management of Growth Hormone Deficiency in Adults and Patients Transitioning from Pediatric to Adult Care

, a dedicated resource for the rating of evidence, mapping of grades, and general oversight of the entire CPG production process. A critical improvement in the 2017 AACE/ACE CPG production strategy is to create documents that are easier to use and less cumbersome. Nevertheless, as with all white papers and increasing diligence on the part of the writing team, it is inevitable that an element of subjectiv- ity will be encountered in certain areas and clinical discre- tion must be recognized by the reader (...) (patient-oriented evidence that matters versus disease-oriented evidence; social acceptability) Resource availability (limited or sufficient) Risk to benefit Abbreviation: HCP = healthcare professional. a Each of these elements pertains to the recommendation statement with the evidence considered in aggregate. The element may be positive or negative, and therefore modify a final recommendation grade. Recommendation qualifiers are provided in online supplementary material from Mechanick et al (53

2019 American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists

146. 2019 AHA/ACC Clinical Performance and Quality Measures for Adults With High Blood Pressure: A Report of the American College of Cardiology/American Heart Association Task Force on Performance Measures (Full text)

should be collaborative decisions made between a clinician and a patient. SM-6 Demonstration of infrastructure and personnel that assess and address social determinants of health of patients with HBP CDU It is important to tailor advice to an individual’s socioeconomic and educational status, as well as cultural, work, and home environments. SM-7 Use of team-based care to better manage HBP CDU RCTs and meta-analyses of RCTs of team-based HBP care involving nurse or pharmacist intervention

2019 American Heart Association PubMed abstract

147. Global Vascular Guidelines for patients with chronic limb-threatening ischemia (Full text)

lipoprotein cholesterol LMICs Low- and middle-income countries LS Lumbar sympathectomy MACE Major adverse cardiovascular event MALE Major adverse limb event MRA Magnetic resonance angiography OPG Objective performance goal PAD Peripheral artery disease PBA Plain balloon angioplasty PFA Profunda femoris artery PLAN Patient risk estimation, limb staging, anatomic pattern of disease PROM Patient-reported outcomes measure PSV Peak systolic velocity PT Posterior tibial PVR Pulse volume recording RCT Randomized

2019 Society for Vascular Surgery PubMed abstract

148. Sudden Hearing Loss (Full text)

presents with sudden hearing loss. (KAS 7) Clinicians should educate patients with sudden sensorineural hearing loss about the natural history of the condition, the benefits and risks of medical interventions, and the limitations of existing evidence regarding efficacy. (KAS 13) Clinicians should counsel patients with sudden sensorineural hearing loss who have residual hearing loss and/or tinnitus about the possible benefits of audiologic rehabilitation and other supportive measures. These strong (...) of treatment and also within 6 months posttreatment is added. KAS 13—This statement on audiologic rehabilitation includes patients who have residual hearing loss and/or tinnitus who may benefit from treatment. Addition of an algorithm outlining KASs Enhanced emphasis on patient education and shared decision making with tools provided to assist in same Keywords , , , , , Introduction Sudden hearing loss (SHL) is a frightening symptom that often prompts an urgent or emergent visit to a clinician

2019 American Academy of Otolaryngology - Head and Neck Surgery PubMed abstract

149. Methodology for Creating Expert Consensus Decision Pathways

already be addressed in Clinical Practice Guidelines, but additional expert consensus guidance may be needed where evidence is limited or evolving, and/or suf?cient data is lacking to support practicing clinicians in making treatment decisions. Whilenospeci?cnumberofExpertConsensusDecision Pathways has been established for a given year, the oversight committee considers the limitations in resources and the acuity of the need for guidance in determining which topics will be pursued and which (...) Related to Heart House Roundtables Expert Consensus Decision Pathways Published in 2016 Non-Statin Therapies For LDL-Cholesterol Lowering in the Management of Atherosclerotic Cardiovascular Disease Risk Expert Consensus Decision Pathways Published in 2017 Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement in the Management of Adults With Aortic Stenosis Periprocedural Management of Anticoagulation in Patients With Nonvalvular Atrial Fibrillation Focused Update: Non-Statin Therapies For LDL-Cholesterol Lowering

2019 American College of Cardiology

150. High-Throughput Sequencing in Respiratory, Critical Care, and Sleep Medicine Research (Full text)

on Genetics and Genomics Show All... PubMed: Abstract Section: High-throughput, “next-generation” sequencing methods are now being broadly applied across all fields of biomedical research, including respiratory disease, critical care, and sleep medicine. Although there are numerous review articles and best practice guidelines related to sequencing methods and data analysis, there are fewer resources summarizing issues related to study design and interpretation, especially as applied to common, complex (...) the main conclusions of the workshop, specifically addressing the application of these methods in respiratory, critical care, and sleep medicine research. This workshop report may serve as a resource for our research community as well as for journal editors and reviewers of sequencing-based manuscript submissions in our research field. Keywords : ; ; ; ; ... Show All Contents Overview Workshop Agenda Principles of Study Design Study Designs and Phenotyping for Genetic Epidemiology Biobanks Health

2019 American Thoracic Society PubMed abstract

151. 2019 ACC/AHA Guideline on the Primary Prevention of Cardiovascular Disease

. Nutrition and Diet 18 3.2. Exercise and Physical Activity 21 4. Other Factors Affecting Cardiovascular Risk 24 4.1. Adults with Overweight and Obesity 24 4.2. Adults with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus 26 4.3. Adults with High Blood Cholesterol 29 4.4. Adults with High Blood Pressure or Hypertension 35 4.5. Treatment of Tobacco Use 41 4.6. Aspirin Use 45 5. Cost and Value Considerations 47 6. Conclusion 48 Appendix 1. Search Criteria 50 Appendix 2. Author Relationships With Industry and Other Entities (...) by consideration of a sodium-glucose cotransporter 2 inhibitor or a glucagon-like peptide-1 receptor agonist. 7. All adults should be assessed at every healthcare visit for tobacco use, and those who use tobacco should be assisted and strongly advised to quit. 8. Aspirin should be used infrequently in the routine primary prevention of ASCVD because of lack of net benefit. 9. Statin therapy is first-line treatment for primary prevention of ASCVD in patients with elevated low- density lipoprotein cholesterol

2019 American Heart Association

152. Measurement of Blood Pressure in Humans (Full text)

. For example, the UK National Institute for Health and Care Excellence guideline recommends that patients obtain ≥14 daytime readings for an ABPM recording to be considered complete. The 2016 Canadian Hypertension education program guidelines criteria for a successful ABPM include requiring that at least 70% of planned readings are valid, with a minimum of 20 daytime and 7 nighttime readings, while the 2018 European Society of Cardiology/ESH guideline requires 70% of planned readings to be valid. , Until

2019 American Heart Association PubMed abstract

153. Primary Prevention of Cardiovascular Disease

Recommendations for ASCVD Prevention Efforts 11 2.1. Patient-Centered Approaches to Comprehensive ASCVD Prevention 11 2.2. Assessment of Cardiovascular Risk 14 3. Lifestyle Factors Affecting Cardiovascular Risk 18 3.1. Nutrition and Diet 18 3.2. Exercise and Physical Activity 21 4. Other Factors Affecting Cardiovascular Risk 24 4.1. Adults with Overweight and Obesity 24 4.2. Adults with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus 26 4.3. Adults with High Blood Cholesterol 30 4.4. Adults with High Blood Pressure or Hypertension (...) in the routine primary prevention of ASCVD because of lack of net benefit. 9. Statin therapy is first-line treatment for primary prevention of ASCVD in patients with elevated low- density lipoprotein cholesterol levels (=190 mg/dL), those with diabetes mellitus, who are 40 to 75 years of age, and those determined to be at sufficient ASCVD risk after a clinician–patient risk discussion. 10. Nonpharmacological interventions are recommended for all adults with elevated blood pressure or hypertension. For those

2019 American College of Cardiology

154. AACE/ACE Comprehensive Type 2 Diabetes Management Algorithm (Full text)

and Drug Administration; GLP1 = glucagon-like peptide 1; HDL-C = high-density-lipoprotein cholesterol; HeFH = heterozygous familial hypercholesterolemia; LDL-C = low-density-lipoprotein cholesterol; LDL-P = low-density-lipoprotein particle; Look AHEAD = Look Action for Health in Diabetes; NPH = neutral protamine Hagedorn; OSA = obstructive sleep apnea; PCSK9 = proprotein convertase subtilisin-kexin type 9 serine protease; RCT = randomized controlled trial; SU = sulfonylurea; SGLT2 = sodium-glucose (...) algorithm panel. Lifestyle therapy begins with nutrition counseling and education. All patients should strive to attain and maintain an optimal weight through a primarily plant-based meal plan high in polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fatty acids, with limited intake of saturated fatty acids and avoidance of trans fats. Patients with overweight (body mass index [BMI] 25 to 29.9 kg/m 2 ) or obesity (BMI ≥30 kg/m 2 ; see Obesity section) should also restrict their caloric intake with the goal

2019 American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists PubMed abstract

155. Recent Innovations, Modifications, and Evolution of ACC/AHA Clinical Practice Guidelines: An Update for Our Constituencies (Full text)

, , , , , , , , , , , , and March 2017 , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , and April 2017 April 23, 2019 Vol 139, Issue 17 Article Information Metrics Download : 687 © 2019 by the American College of Cardiology Foundation and the American Heart Association, Inc. PubMed Originally published March 20, 2019 Keywords Subjects Title Title Title Title Circulation AHA Journals Journal Information Subjects Features Resources & Education For Authors & Reviewers National Center 7373 Greenville Ave. Dallas, TX 75231 Customer Service 1-800 (...) . Guidelines on bradycardia and cardiac conduction delay and blood cholesterol management were the first to be written de novo in this format. Elements of the modular knowledge chunk are shown in ; an example of the general appearance of the modular knowledge chunk is given in . Table 1. The Modular Knowledge Chunk Table of related recommendations with class of recommendation and level of evidence Synopsis Brief summary, which may include important background information, overarching management

2019 American Heart Association PubMed abstract

156. Prostate Cancer

prostate cancer: results from the REDUCE study. Prostate Cancer Prostatic Dis, 2013. 16: 254. 33. James, N.D., et al. Abiraterone for Prostate Cancer Not Previously Treated with Hormone Therapy. N Engl J Med, 2017. 377: 338. 34. YuPeng, L., et al. Cholesterol Levels in Blood and the Risk of Prostate Cancer: A Meta-analysis of 14 Prospective Studies. Cancer Epidemiol Biomarkers Prev, 2015. 24: 1086. 35. Vidal, A.C., et al. Obesity increases the risk for high-grade prostate cancer: results from

2019 European Association of Urology

157. Surgery to Reduce the Risk of Ovarian Cancer Information for Women at Increased Risk

Resources Centre for Genetics Education, NSW Health (Including family cancer clinic contacts and genetic support groups) Ovarian Cancer Australia Cancer Australia Australasian Menopause Society Cancer Council NSW REFERENCES 1. Cancer in Australia (2017) AIHW 2. Woodward et al. (2007). Annual surveillance by CA125 and transvaginal ultrasound for ovarian cancer in both high-risk (...) Surgery to Reduce the Risk of Ovarian Cancer Information for Women at Increased Risk Surgery to Reduce the Risk of Ovarian Cancer Information for Women at Increased Risk2 © Centre for Genetics Education NSW Health 2017 The Centre for Genetics Education NSW Health Level 5 2C Herbert St St Leonards NSW 2065 Ph: 02 9462 9599 Fax: 02 9906 7529 Email: Website: Copies of this booklet can be ordered from the Centre for Genetics Education or downloaded from

2019 European Society of Endocrinology

158. Treatment of Diabetes in Older Adults (Full text)

remark: This recommendation is most applicable to high-risk patients with any of the following characteristics: overweight or obese, first-degree relative with diabetes, high-risk race/ethnicity ( e.g. , African American, Latino, Native American, Asian American, Pacific Islander), history of cardiovascular disease, hypertension (≥140/90 mm Hg or on therapy for hypertension), high-density lipoprotein cholesterol level <35 mg/dL (0.90 mmol/L) and/or a triglyceride level >250 mg/dL (2.82 mmol/L), sleep (...) levels for reducing absolute cardiovascular disease events and all-cause mortality. (1|⊕⊕⊕⊕) Technical remark: The Writing Committee did not rigorously evaluate the evidence for specific low-density lipoprotein cholesterol targets in this population, so we refrained from endorsing specific low-density lipoprotein cholesterol targets in this guideline. For patients aged 80 years old and older or with short life expectancy, we advocate that low-density lipoprotein cholesterol goal levels should

2019 The Endocrine Society PubMed abstract

159. Achieving Health Equity in Preventive Services

, and provider training; and those using community resources through partnerships or outreach, such as patient navigators in the community, lay health workers, telephone or mail contacts, patient education, and engagement with community resources. Study populations included racial and ethnic minority groups including Hispanic, African-American, and Asian; and rural and low-income patients. Fifty studies (in 53 publications) evaluated the effectiveness of interventions to improve colorectal cancer screening (...) —patients and clinicians, health system leaders, and policymakers, among others—make well-informed decisions and thereby improve the quality of healthcare services. This report is not intended to be a substitute for the application of clinical judgment. Anyone who makes decisions concerning the provision of clinical care should consider this report in the same way as any medical reference and in conjunction with all other pertinent information, i.e., in the context of available resources

2019 Effective Health Care Program (AHRQ)

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