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101. Analytic assessment under ultraviolet light of actinic lentigines under bleaching treatment. (Abstract)

of a combination of bleaching agents on actinic lentigines. In the endeavor of improving sensitivity, the ultraviolet light-enhanced visualization (ULEV) method was used to derive analytical measurements of lentigo areas and darkness. The test product was a commercially available formulation associating glycolic acid, kojic acid, lipohydroxyacid, and a Vitreoscilla extract. The Analysis® Olympus and Adobe Photoshop® quantitative methods were applied to the ULEV pictures.Data indicated a rapid bleaching effect

2011 Journal of cosmetic dermatology Controlled trial quality: uncertain

102. Comparison of Intraocular Lens Decentration Parameters After Femtosecond and Manual Capsulotomies. Full Text available with Trip Pro

Comparison of Intraocular Lens Decentration Parameters After Femtosecond and Manual Capsulotomies. To evaluate a laser technique and manual technique to perform capsulorrhexis in cataract eyes.Anterior capsulotomy was performed with an intraocular femtosecond laser (LenSx Lasers Inc) in 54 eyes (FS group) and manual continuous curvilinear capsulorrhexis was performed in 57 eyes (CCC group). Circularity and area of capsulotomy and IOL decentration were measured using Photoshop CS4 Extended (...) (Adobe Systems Inc) 1 week after surgery. Average keratometry, axial length, and preoperative anterior chamber depth were examined with the Lenstar LS 900 (Haag-Streit AG).No statistically significant differences were noted between groups in axial length, preoperative refractive state, and in the area of capsulotomy. Circularity values were significantly better in the FS group (P=.032). We found incomplete overlap of capsulotomies in 28% of eyes in the CCC group and 11% in the FS group (P=.033

2011 Journal of Refractive Surgery

103. Femtosecond Laser Capsulotomy and Manual Continuous Curvilinear Capsulorrhexis Parameters and Their Effects on Intraocular Lens Centration. Full Text available with Trip Pro

of capsulotomies, and capsule overlap were measured with Adobe Photoshop (Adobe Systems Inc) 1 week, 1 month, and 1 year after surgery. Between-group differences of parameters and predictors of IOL decentration were determined with repeated measures analysis of variance, chi-square test, and logistic regression analyses.Vertical diameter of CCC was statistically significantly higher in the first week and month. Significantly higher values of capsule overlap over 1 year and circularity in the first week showed

2011 Journal of Refractive Surgery

104. Safety and Efficacy Study of Polydioxanone (PDS) Plates in Rhinoplasty

by the distance between the anterior most point of the intertragal notch to the nasal tip using measurements recorded from Adobe Photoshop evaluation of standardized photography at 12 months postoperatively as compared to baseline. Non-treating blinded evaluator satisfaction assessment [ Time Frame: 12 months post operative ] A non-treating blinded evaluator will assess satisfaction with a four-point categorical satisfaction scale (unsatisfied, satisfied, very satisfied, highly satisfied) of subject's grafts

2010 Clinical Trials

105. Epithelial Healing and Visual Outcomes Using Omega-3 Therapy Before and After Photorefractive Keratectomy (PRK) Surgery

(both EPH and DHA), 1000 mg of Flaxseed oil, and about 183 IU of vitamin E per day. Patients will be asking to follow up postoperatively after 2 days, 4 days, 1 week, 3 months and 6 months Other Names: TheraTears Omega 3 Outcome Measures Go to Primary Outcome Measures : Visual acuity, tear break up time, and corneal uptake will be assessed. Photographs will be taken. Calculation of the area in diameter will be assessed using Adobe Photoshop. Comparisons between each group will be made. [ Time Frame

2010 Clinical Trials

106. Video Bioinformatics Analysis of Human Embryonic Stem Cell Colony Growth Full Text available with Trip Pro

. The first segmented the image into the colony and background, the second enhanced the image to define colonies throughout the video sequence accurately, and the third measured the number of pixels in the colony over time. The three recipes were run in sequence on video data collected in a BioStation CT to analyze the rate of growth of individual hESC colonies over 48 hours. To verify the truthfulness of the CL-Quant recipes, the same data were analyzed manually using Adobe Photoshop software. When (...) the data obtained using the CL-Quant recipes and Photoshop were compared, results were virtually identical, indicating the CL-Quant recipes were truthful. The method described here could be applied to any video data to measure growth rates of hESC or other cells that grow in colonies. In addition, other video bioinformatics recipes can be developed in the future for other cell processes such as migration, apoptosis, and cell adhesion.

2010 Journal of visualized experiments : JoVE

107. Effects of four instruments on coronal pre-enlargement by using cone beam computed tomography. (Abstract)

was measured before and after the preparation by using computed tomography and Adobe Photoshop software.There was no statistically significant difference between the study groups (P > 05).All the instruments used for cervical preparation seemed to be safe and did not damage the dentin structure of the distal wall of mesial root canals of mandibular molars.Copyright (c) 2010 American Association of Endodontists. Published by Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

2010 Journal of Endodontics

108. Orthodontic appliance preferences of children and adolescents. Full Text available with Trip Pro

into a computer-based survey. Additional images of shaped brackets and colored elastomeric ties, as well as discolored clear elastomeric ties, were captured and incorporated onto existing survey images with Photoshop (Adobe, San Jose, Calif). The survey displayed 12 orthodontic appliance variations to 139 children in 3 age groups: 9 to 11 years (n = 45), 12 to 14 years (n = 49), and 15 to 17 years (n = 45). The subjects rated each image for attractiveness and acceptability. All images were displayed and rated

2010 American journal of orthodontics and dentofacial orthopedics

109. Hot or not--evaluating the effect of artificial tanning on the public's perception of attractiveness. (Abstract)

photograph was taken of each subject. Each image was uploaded onto a public website until it had been rated at least 100 times on a scale from 1 to 10. An average baseline, or untanned, rating of the image was calculated. The image was then given an artificial tan using a skin tanning protocol available for Adobe Photoshop. The tanned image was then re-uploaded onto the website and another average rating was calculated using the same criteria.The mean score±standard deviation was 6.3±2.3 for the untanned

2010 Dermatologic Surgery


instruments. The initial and final images were exported to Adobe Photoshop software and superimposed to detect the root canal wall differences (in mm) between them, in two points located 1 (A) and 5 (B) mm from the point where the working length was established. Data were subjected to analysis of variance to verify the existence of interaction among the factors: canal curvature, instrument size and curve location. Significant level was set at 5%.Regardless of the location and the canal curvature, F4

2009 Journal of Applied Oral Science

111. Association between estrogen receptor gene polymorphisms and breast density in postmenopausal women. (Abstract)

; the radiological density was determined by three independent observers, with two subjective evaluations based on the ACR-BIRADS(R) classification of mammographic patterns, 2003, and one computerized evaluation using the gray-scale histogram tool of the Adobe Photoshop(R) 7.0 software. Peripheral blood samples were obtained for DNA extraction, performed according to the GFX(R) Kit protocol (Amersham-Pharmacia). Polymerase chain reaction restriction fragment length polymorphism was carried out for an analysis

2009 Climacteric

112. Lateral flow immunoassay using europium chelate-loaded silica nanoparticles as labels. Full Text available with Trip Pro

used as labels in LFIA for detection of hepatitis B surface antigen (HBsAg). We performed quantification with a digital camera and Adobe Photoshop software. We also used 286 clinical samples to compare the proposed method with a quantitative ELISA.A detection limit of 0.03 microg/L was achieved, which was 100 times lower than the colloidal gold-based LFIAs and lower than ELISA. A precise quantitative dose-response curve was obtained, and the linear measurement range was 0.05-3.13 microg/L, within

2009 Clinical Chemistry

113. Evaluation of Actual vs Expected Photodynamic Therapy Spot Size. (Abstract)

photographs were taken of the PDT laser spot focused on the retina adjacent to the optic disc, using various spot sizes in combination with 3 different contact lenses and 2 different lasers. Spot size at the retina was determined by measuring the ratio of disc diameter to spot diameter in Adobe Photoshop (San Jose, California, USA) and applying this ratio to the OIS disc measurements.Spot size at the retina averaged 87% of expected spot size for the Coherent Opal laser (Coherent Inc, Santa Clara

2009 American Journal of Ophthalmology

114. A systematic correlation of angiography and high-resolution optical coherence tomography in diabetic macular edema. (Abstract)

Zeiss Meditec; resolution, 512x128 pixels, 5.8x5.8 mm, and high-resolution scans consisting of 4096 A scans) on the same day. Using Adobe Photoshop (CS2 Version 9.0; Adobe Systems Incorporated, San Jose, CA) a grid containing 15x7 fields was superimposed on the HD OCT en face image and a late-phase FA image according to retinal landmarks. In each patient, a standardized analysis of 105 subfields was performed to provide a characterization of the type of vascular leakage in FA and the associated

2009 Ophthalmology

115. The Effect of Cataract Extraction on the Contractility of Ciliary Muscle

cataract extraction using ultrasound biomicroscopy (UBM).UBM will be performed with and without instilling 2 % pilocarpine, as well as before and 2 months after cataract extraction. Images of the ciliary body will be compared visually using Adobe Photoshop 7.0. Study Design Go to Layout table for study information Study Type : Interventional (Clinical Trial) Actual Enrollment : 15 participants Intervention Model: Single Group Assignment Masking: Double (Investigator, Outcomes Assessor) Primary Purpose

2008 Clinical Trials

116. Visibility of Site Marking for Surgical Time Out With Two Different Skin Preparation Solutions

random initials will be de-identified and placed in a "Powerpoint" presentation form. Ten orthopaedic surgeons will then read the site markings to identify the random initials and to tell whether the mark looks appropriate to perform a surgical timeout. The horizontal line will be digitally analyzed using Adobe Photoshop to quantitatively measure blackness of the mark. Condition or disease Intervention/treatment Phase Arthroplasty, Replacement, Hip Drug: CHG 2% w/v and IPA 70% v/v Drug: Iodophor 0.7

2008 Clinical Trials

117. Standardize and Compare Contrast-enhanced Ultrasonographic Digital Images Obtained with Different Technologies: How to Overcome the Subjectivity Full Text available with Trip Pro

and conspicuity index were then calculated and compared with Adobe Photoshop 6.0.Lesion/liver ratio and conspicuity index using CCI ranged from 1.3 to 7.1 (mean value, 3) and 19 to 127 (mean value, 58), respectively; by using CPS, we obtained results ranging from 2 to 19.1 (mean value, 8.9) and 57 to 164 (mean value, 109.2). Lesion/liver ratio and the conspicuity index for the lesions using CPS showed significantly (p < 0.0001) superior results than those obtained using CCI.The computed analysis

2006 Journal of Digital Imaging

118. Developing a methodology for three-dimensional correlation of PET–CT images and whole-mount histopathology in non-small-cell lung cancer Full Text available with Trip Pro

sectioning. Consecutive sections were laid out for photography and manually adjusted to maintain shape. Following embedding, the tissue blocks underwent whole-mount sectioning (4-mum sections) and staining with hematoxylin and eosin. Large histopathology slides were used to whole-mount entire sections for digitization. The correct sequence was maintained to assist in subsequent reconstruction. Using Photoshop (Adobe Systems Incorporated, San Jose, CA, U.S.A.), contours were placed on the photographic (...) images to represent the external borders of the section and the extent of macroscopic disease. Sections were stacked in sequence and manually oriented in Photoshop. The macroscopic tumour contours were then transferred to MATLAB (The Mathworks, Natick, MA, U.S.A.) and stacked, producing 3D surface renderings of the resected specimen and embedded gross tumour. To evaluate the microscopic extent of disease, customized "tile-based" and commercial confocal panoramic laser scanning (TISSUEscope

2008 Current Oncology

119. Efficacy and oral side effects of two highly concentrated tray-based bleaching systems. (Abstract)

colour was evaluated by measuring L*a*b* values generated from standardised digital image analysis with Adobe Photoshop of the facial surfaces of the right central maxillary incisor. Tooth hypersensitivity, with intensity graded from 0 (no hypersensitivity) to 10 (high hypersensitivity), was assessed chair-side using an air syringe. After bleaching therapy, both treatment groups demonstrated significant improvements in tooth colour (p < or = 0.05). A shift towards less yellow (-Deltab*) and brighter

2007 Clinical oral investigations Controlled trial quality: uncertain

120. Comparison of passive ultrasonic debridement between fluted and nonfluted instruments in root canals. (Abstract)

imported into Adobe Photoshop CS2 (Adobe Systems, San Jose, CA), and percentage of debris remaining was calculated. Analysis of variance and Student Newman-Keuls post hoc tests (p<0.05) showed that when comparing the entire canal, 3 minutes of activation with a file had significantly less debris remaining than 1 minute of activation with a spreader. There was a trend for 1 minute of activation with a file to have less debris than either 3 minutes or 1 minute of activation with a spreader. When

2007 Journal of Endodontics Controlled trial quality: uncertain

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