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81. The Influence of Two Different Hepatectomy Methods on Transection Speed and Chemokine Release From the Liver

surface of the resected liver will be photographed together with a 4 cm² reference scale in an exact 90° angle. The area of the liver transection surface will be calculated in cm² by setting the measured pixels of the cut surface in relation to the reference scale using Adobe Photoshop. The transection speed will expressed in cm²/min Secondary Outcome Measures : Perioperative cytokine concentrations [ Time Frame: day -1, d0, d1, d3 ] Intraoperative blood loss in ml [ Time Frame: during surgery

2013 Clinical Trials

82. Comparison of the Effects of Carboxytherapy and Radiofrequency on Skin Rejuvenation

then fixed, cut in paraffin (5 µm) and stained with Picro sirus and Weigert. Morphological analyses were acquired using a Zeiss Axiophot® microscope, and they were processed using Adobe Photoshop®. Study Design Go to Layout table for study information Study Type : Interventional (Clinical Trial) Actual Enrollment : 8 participants Allocation: Non-Randomized Intervention Model: Parallel Assignment Masking: None (Open Label) Primary Purpose: Basic Science Official Title: Comparison of the Effects (...) and Radiofrequency at the same day of a single session [ Time Frame: same 1 day of a single session treatment ] Evaluation of elastic fiber and collagen remodeling from skin treated or not with Carboxytherapy and Radiofrequency. Samples were obtained from one patient who underwent abdominoplasty surgery. The samples were fixed, processed to paraffin and stained with Picro sirus and Weigert. Images were acquired using a Zeiss Axiophot® microscope, and they were processed using Adobe Photoshop®. Secondary Outcome

2013 Clinical Trials

83. The effect of different taper preparations on the ability of sonic and passive ultrasonic irrigation to reach the working length in curved canals. (Abstract)

taper, and group 2, instrumented to size 30, 0.08 taper. Both groups were irrigated with a contrast solution and divided in 2 subgroups of 15 samples each: Groups 1A and 2A were activated with passive ultrasonic irrigation (PUI), whilst groups 1B and 2B were activated with sonic irrigation (SI). Radiographs were taken to evaluate the penetration of the contrast solution up to working length. This evaluation was performed using Adobe Photoshop CS5. Results were analysed with the chi-square test

2013 International endodontic journal Controlled trial quality: uncertain

84. Grayscale median analysis of primary stenosis and restenosis after carotid endarterectomy. Full Text available with Trip Pro

carotid endarterectomy (CEA).Retrospective data were collected and analyzed from all patients undergoing CAS from November 2005 to August 2010. Available preoperative images amenable to GSM analysis were processed in Adobe Photoshop (version CS4; San Jose, Calif). Statistical analysis included t-test, Fischer exact test, and generation of a receiver operating characteristic curve.With at least 29 days of follow-up, 212 patients underwent 228 CAS procedures. There were 189 stents placed for primary

2013 Journal of Vascular Surgery

85. Changes in subfoveal choroidal thickness and choroidal extravascular density by spectral domain optical coherence tomography after haemodialysis: a pilot study. Full Text available with Trip Pro

before and after HD. The SFCT was measured manually using Image J software, and the relationships between the change in SFCT and in the systemic parameters after HD were evaluated. The changes in choroidal extravascular density of the OCT image after HD were evaluated by comparing brightness value obtained with Adobe Photoshop software.The mean SFCT of all eyes increased significantly from 276.94±58.73 µm to 288.29±65.57 µm (p=0.003). In the univariate generalised estimating equation (GEE), the SFCT

2013 British Journal of Ophthalmology

86. Digital method for lip print analysis: A New approach Full Text available with Trip Pro

Digital method for lip print analysis: A New approach To evaluate the uniqueness and to define a standard method for the analysis of lip prints.Lip prints of 100 students were taken using Scotch tape without any distortion. These prints were then scanned for the digital analysis. Using Adobe Photoshop 7 software an attempt was made to trace each and every line using Suzuki and Tsuchihashi's classification. Weighted value scoring system was used to check for the uniqueness of the lip prints.No

2013 Journal of forensic dental sciences

87. Higher P-Wave Dispersion in Migraine Patients with Higher Number of Attacks Full Text available with Trip Pro

, and dispersion) from 12-lead ECG recording during pain-free periods. ECGs were transferred to a personal computer via a scanner and then used for magnification of x400 by Adobe Photoshop software.P-wave durations were found to be similar between migraine patients and controls. Although P WD (P-wave dispersion) was similar, the mean value was higher in migraine subjects. P WD was positively correlated with P max (P < 0.01). Attacks number per month and male gender were the factors related to the P WD (P

2012 The Scientific World Journal

88. An Image Analysis Method for the Precise Selection and Quantitation of Fluorescently Labeled Cellular Constituents: Application to the Measurement of Human Muscle Cells in Culture Full Text available with Trip Pro

An Image Analysis Method for the Precise Selection and Quantitation of Fluorescently Labeled Cellular Constituents: Application to the Measurement of Human Muscle Cells in Culture The accurate measurement of the morphological characteristics of cells with nonuniform conformations presents difficulties. We report here a straightforward method using immunofluorescent staining and the commercially available imaging program Adobe Photoshop, which allows objective and precise information (...) to be gathered on irregularly shaped cells. We have applied this measurement technique to the analysis of human muscle cells and their immunologically marked intracellular constituents, as these cells are prone to adopting a highly branched phenotype in culture. Use of this method can be used to overcome many of the long-standing limitations of conventional approaches for quantifying muscle cell size in vitro. In addition, wider applications of Photoshop as a quantitative and semiquantitative tool

2012 Journal of Histochemistry and Cytochemistry

89. Interference of partial visual analysis of root filling quality and apical status on retreatment decisions Full Text available with Trip Pro

dentists.Twelve digitalized periapical radiographs were analyzed by 10 observers. The study was conducted at three time points at 1-week intervals. Radiographs edited with the Adobe Photoshop CS4 software were analyzed at three time points: first, only root filling quality was analyzed; second, only the periapical areas of the teeth under study were visualized; finally, observers analyzed the unedited radiographic image. Spearman's coefficient was used to analyze the correlations between the scores assigned

2012 Journal of Applied Oral Science

90. The contribution of endogenous and exogenous factors to female alopecia: a study of identical twins. (Abstract)

, and vertex hair loss were assessed from the photographs using Adobe Photoshop. Hair loss measures were then correlated with survey responses and testosterone levels between twin pairs. Two independent, blinded observers also rated the photographs for hair thinning.Factors associated with increased frontal hair loss included multiple marriages (p = 0.043); longer sleep duration (p = 0.011); higher severity of stress (p = 0.034); positive smoking history (p = 0.021); higher income (p = 0.023); absence

2012 Plastic and reconstructive surgery

91. A morphometric analysis of maxillary central incisor on the basis of facial appearance in Korea Full Text available with Trip Pro

, with normal dentofacial appearance. The MEDIA group consisted of 40 celebrities selected only on the basis of their soft-tissue facial appearance. The facial photographs of 40 celebrities were collected from the Internet websites. The width and length of the maxillary central incisor were measured using Adobe Photoshop® 7.0, a software for analysis, measurement and edition of photographs. Data were analyzed statistically using the Independent t-test at 5% statistical significance level.The mean ratio

2012 The journal of advanced prosthodontics

92. Blow-up: a free lunch? Full Text available with Trip Pro

Blow-up: a free lunch? We consider operations that change the size of images, either shrinks or blow-ups. Image processing offers numerous possibilities, put at everyone's disposal with such computer programs as Adobe Photoshop. We consider a different class of operations, aimed at immediate visual awareness, rather than pixel arrays. We demonstrate cases of blow-ups that do not sacrifice apparent resolution. This apparent information gain is due to "amodal occlusion."

2012 i-Perception

93. Formation of duodenal atresias in fibroblast growth factor receptor 2IIIb-/- mouse embryos occurs in the absence of an endodermal plug. Full Text available with Trip Pro

photographed and reconstructed into 3-dimensional display using Adobe Photoshop and Amira Visage software.Normal mouse duodenum does not form an endodermal plug, although a plug does form in the pyloric region of the stomach at E14.5. Fgfr2IIIb-/- embryos experience significant apoptosis in the duodenal region at E10.5, followed by the disappearance of the endoderm in the atretic precursor by E11.5. Thereafter, the mesoderm of the atretic precursor involutes over the next 2 days in the absence of further

2012 Journal of Pediatric Surgery

94. Effect of image compression and resolution on retinal vascular caliber. Full Text available with Trip Pro

compression. Using Adobe Photoshop, these images were compressed at progressively higher levels up to 147:1, and then retinal vascular caliber was measured at each level using semiautomated software. To examine resolution, 40 fundus photographs acquired on high-resolution film were scanned with settings corresponding to 10, 7, 5, 3, and 1 megapixel fundus cameras. After adjusting for scale factor, vascular caliber was measured at each level of resolution. Data were analyzed by comparing the calculated

2012 Investigative Ophthalmology & Visual Science

95. The influence of maxillary central incisor height-to-width ratio on perceived smile aesthetics. (Abstract)

The influence of maxillary central incisor height-to-width ratio on perceived smile aesthetics. To determine the influence of varying the width-to-height ratio of maxillary central incisors on perceived smile aesthetics.Cross-sectional study.Postgraduate dental teaching hospital.A posed female smile was digitally modified using Adobe Photoshop(®). Three images were created; central incisors with normal form, tooth wear and delayed apical migration. For each image the length of the teeth

2012 British Dental Journal

96. Use of a photographic manipulation tool to assess corneal vascular response. (Abstract)

), on a daily wear basis for 9 months. At all scheduled visits, photographs were taken of the superior, inferior, temporal, and nasal limbal regions which were then imported into Adobe Photoshop. A red-free filter was applied to enhance the contrast of the blood columns. In each quadrant, the length of the longest visible blood column was measured and the blood columns that penetrated 0.5 mm into the cornea were counted. A control group of 11 non-lens wearers was recruited. Their photographs were taken (...) 14.0 ± 8.2; 9 months 6.5 ± 6.0). The control group showed no change over time for the maximum blood column length (p = 0.638) or the number of columns 0.5 mm (p = 0.341).A group of highly myopic subjects exhibited reduction in the maximum length and number of blood columns in the cornea when ref it with a highly permeable silicone hydrogel material. The use of photography, along with Adobe Photoshop software, provides a reliable way of measuring corneal vascular responses over time.

2012 Optometry and vision science : official publication of the American Academy of Optometry Controlled trial quality: uncertain

97. Use of standardized, quantitative digital photography in a multicenter Web-based study. (Abstract)

, and centimeter scale. The images were downloaded, transferred via the Web, and stored on servers at the principal investigator's home institution. Color adjustments to each photo were made using Adobe Photoshop 6.0 (Adobe, San Jose, Calif). In an initial pilot study, model hands marked with circles of known areas were used to determine the accuracy of the planimetry technique. Two-dimensional digital planimetry using SigmaScan Pro 5.0 (SPSS Science, Chicago, Ill) was used to calculate wound area from (...) the digital images.Digital photography is a simple and cost-effective method for quantifying wound size when used in conjunction with digital planimetry (SigmaScan) and photo enhancement (Adobe Photoshop) programs. The accuracy of the SigmaScan program in calculating predetermined areas was within 4.7% (95% CI, 3.4%-5.9%). Dorsal hand burns of the initial 20 patients in a national study involving several centers were evaluated with this technique. Images obtained by individuals denying experience

2011 Eplasty Controlled trial quality: uncertain

98. Histomorphometry of the Ligaments Using a Generic-Purpose Image Processing Software, a New Strategy for Semi-Automatized Measurements Full Text available with Trip Pro

Histomorphometry of the Ligaments Using a Generic-Purpose Image Processing Software, a New Strategy for Semi-Automatized Measurements Gold chloride technique can be combined with Adobe Photoshop® software to yield a quantitative assessment of the different areas in heterogeneous structures as are ligament. A semi-automatized method based on the sum of two- and three-dimensional morphological criteria upon colorimetric criteria allows the identification and measurement of the area occupied

2011 Journal of Digital Imaging

99. Rotational stability and posterior capsule opacification of a plate-haptic and an open-loop-haptic intraocular lens. (Abstract)

loop-haptic acrylic IOL (Acri.Lyc 53N) in the other eye. Retroillumination images were taken 1 hour, 1 week, and 1, 6, and 12 months postoperatively. Intraocular lens rotation was measured using standard software (Adobe Photoshop). The amount of PCO was assessed subjectively at the slitlamp and objectively using an automated image-analysis software (AQUA).The study enrolled 80 eyes of 40 patients. The IOL rotation measurements showed excellent reproducibility, with a deviation of less than 0.8

2011 Journal of cataract and refractive surgery Controlled trial quality: uncertain

100. Endogenous Progenitors Cell Therapy for Diabetic Foot Ulcers

Frame: 4 weeks ] Quantification of sensory nerve function in patients with symptoms of, or the potential for, neurologic damage or disease photogrammetry (Photoshop CS3, Adobe Systems) [ Time Frame: 4 weeks ] used to document wound appearance glomerular filtration rate (GFR, estimated by 24 hr. urine creatinine measurement) [ Time Frame: 4 weeks ] to estimate renal function diabetic retinopathy (digital ophthalmologic examination) [ Time Frame: 4 weeks ] to evaluate for development

2011 Clinical Trials

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