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21. Silicone Gel in the Treatment of Cleft Lip Scars

photograph was taken with a surgical ruler placed on the lower lip at the six-month follow up clinic. The scar width measurements were obtained from the photographs (using the surgical ruler as the reference) by two independent raters and means calculated. A commercial photograph program for scar width measurement was utilized (Photoshop CS5 extended version 12.0; Adobe Systems Inc, San Jose, California). Scars were measured at two points: the First Point was 1 mm above the white roll; the Second Point

2017 Clinical Trials

22. Comparison of the Marginal Bone Loss in One-stage versus Two-stage Implant Surgery Full Text available with Trip Pro

approach. The baseline parallel periapical radiography was provided immediately after the surgery. Six months after the functional loading, another radiographic image was provided by using the same technique and machine. Marginal bone loss was calculated by using Adobe Photoshop CS5 software. Data were statistically analyzed with SPSS software. p values less than 0.05 were considered as significant.The mean Bone loss on the mesial and distal surfaces of implants inserted through one-stage surgery

2017 Journal of dentistry Controlled trial quality: uncertain

23. The Discoloration effect of White Mineral Trioxide Aggregate (WMTA), Calcium Enriched Mixture (CEM), and Portland Cement (PC) on Human Teeth Full Text available with Trip Pro

randomly divided into 4 experimental (n=20) and one control (n=10) groups. The tooth crowns in experimental groups 1 to 4 were filled with White MTA, PC, CEM cement and MTA-PG, respectively; and in group 5, the teeth were kept empty. After incubation, digital photographs of teeth were acquired at 4 time points (before, immediately after placing the materials, 3 and 6 months afterwards). Images were transferred to Adobe Photoshop CS4 and CIE L*a*b color space was used for tooth shade assessment. One-Way

2017 Journal of clinical and experimental dentistry

24. Changes in Sunken Eyes Combined with Blepharoptosis after Levator Resection Full Text available with Trip Pro

images were converted to black and white using image-processing software (Adobe Photoshop), and the AES was calculated using ImageJ software. In addition, margin reflex distance, eyebrow height (EBH), and AES were measured before and 3 months after surgery to assess the changes in the eyelids.Preoperative AES was significantly correlated to age (P < 0.0001; r = 0.8062). Sunken eyes were remarkably improved after levator resection in all patients. Mean margin reflex distance significantly increased

2017 Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Global Open

25. Extraction of maxillary canines: Esthetic perceptions of patient smiles among dental professionals and laypeople. (Abstract)

. The photographs were blinded for extraction choice and standardized for size and brightness using computer software (Adobe Photoshop CC version 14.0; Adobe Systems, San Jose, Calif). The work file was converted to an editable pdf file and e-mailed to the assessors. The assessor panel consisted of 30 members (10 orthodontists, 10 dentists, and 10 laypeople), who were purposely selected. The measures were rated on a 10-point Likert scale.The attractiveness ratings were not statistically significantly different

2017 American journal of orthodontics and dentofacial orthopedics

26. The anatomical variation of the circulus arteriosus cerebri in a cadaver cohort representing the population dynamics of the Western Cape. (Abstract)

and anomalies) in a cadaver cohort representing the population of the Western Cape. Thirty-nine subjects (female n = 11, male n = 28) who had died of causes unrelated to brain trauma, were obtained from Stellenbosch University. Additionally, a pilot study was done on 20 specimens. The CAC were removed and fixed for three weeks in 10% buffered formaldehyde. Digital images were taken and the vessels were measured using Adobe Creative Suite 5: Extended edition (Photoshop). The normal diameter (type 1

2017 British Journal of Neurosurgery

27. Intraradicular Appearances Affect Radiographic Interpretation of the Periapical Area. (Abstract)

lengths, radiodensities, and numbers of voids were presented to observers for evaluation of the periapical areas. Intracanal areas of the images were altered by using Adobe Photoshop to create 3 test image groups. Each observer reviewed 2 control images and 1 image from each test image group. Responses were recorded in a 5-point Likert-type scale. Within each test image group, the periapical areas were identical. Kruskal-Wallis, Mann-Whitney U, and Cliff's delta statistical tests were used to analyze

2017 Journal of Endodontics


the control group. The study group was further divided into silicone oil and gas tamponade subgroups. Cross-sectional IOL images were captured using a Pentacam HR (Oculus, Germany) and tilt and decentration were calculated with Adobe Photoshop software (Adobe, San Jose, CA).The mean angle of tilt and decentration at the vertical meridian were significantly higher in both tamponade groups than in the control group (P < 0.05 for all). No significant difference was observed among the groups regarding IOL

2017 Retina Controlled trial quality: uncertain

29. Correlation between Visible Length of the Iris and the Length of the Maxillary Central Incisor Using Digital Image Analysis- A Pilot Study Full Text available with Trip Pro

analysed using Adobe Photoshop creative cloud software. The data was statistically evaluated and results were tabulated. Karl Pearson's Coefficient of Correlation was utilized to detect if any association existed between the two variables.The mean value of length of central incisor was 10.39 mm and the mean value of the visible length of iris was found to be 12.9 mm. A Pearson correlation analysis revealed an r-value <0.3 indicating minimal association between the two variables with a p-value >0.01

2017 Journal of clinical and diagnostic research : JCDR

30. Nerves of Steel: a Low-Cost Method for 3D Printing the Cranial Nerves Full Text available with Trip Pro

, or utilizing a combination of the widely available software Adobe Photoshop, as well as a freeware software, OsiriX Lite.

2017 Journal of Digital Imaging

31. Early AMD-like defects in the RPE and retinal degeneration in aged mice with RPE-specific deletion of Atg5 or Atg7 Full Text available with Trip Pro

of floxed Atg5 or Atg7 resulted in RPE-specific inactivation of the Atg5 or Atg7 gene. Plastic and thin retinal sections were analyzed with light and electron microscopy for histological changes. Photoreceptor outer segment (POS) thickness in plastic sections was measured using the Adobe Photoshop CS4 extended ruler tool. Autophagic adaptor p62/SQSTM1 and markers for oxidatively damaged lipids, proteins, and DNA were examined with immunofluorescence staining of cryosections. Fluorescence signals were

2017 Molecular vision

32. Clinical Decision Support Model to Predict Occlusal Force in Bruxism Patients Full Text available with Trip Pro

splints were measured in pixels (P) and in red (R), green (G), and blue (B) values using Adobe Photoshop software (Adobe Systems, San Jose, CA, USA). The occlusal force (F) was measured using T-Scan III (Tekscan Inc., South Boston, MA, USA). The multiple regression equation was applied to predict F from the P and RGB. Model evaluation was performed using the datasets from 10 new patients. The patient's occlusal force measured by T-Scan III was used as a 'gold standard' to compare with the occlusal

2017 Healthcare informatics research

33. Clinical Applications of a CT Window Blending Algorithm: RADIO (Relative Attenuation-Dependent Image Overlay) Full Text available with Trip Pro

Clinical Applications of a CT Window Blending Algorithm: RADIO (Relative Attenuation-Dependent Image Overlay) A methodology is described using Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Extendscript to process DICOM images with a Relative Attenuation-Dependent Image Overlay (RADIO) algorithm to visualize the full dynamic range of CT in one view, without requiring a change in window and level settings. The potential clinical uses for such an algorithm are described in a pictorial overview, including applications

2017 Journal of Digital Imaging

34. Evaluation of Remineralizing Efficacy of Combination Varnishes on White Spot Lesions in ECC Children

effectively remineralizes the white spot lesion Other Name: Enamel Pro Drug: 5% Sodium Fluoride Varnish ffor children with ECC, this varnish effectively remineralizes the white spot lesion Other Name: Profluorid Outcome Measures Go to Primary Outcome Measures : Dimension and Activity of white spot lesions. [ Time Frame: 6 months ] The dimension of white spot lesions were measured with photographs using Adobe photoshop software. After prolonged air drying of 5 sec, the activity of white spot lesions were

2017 Clinical Trials

35. Perioperative Arnica montana for Reduction of Ecchymosis in Rhinoplasty Surgery. Full Text available with Trip Pro

ecchymosis in rhinoplasty surgery.Subjects scheduled for rhinoplasty surgery with nasal bone osteotomies by a single surgeon were prospectively randomized to receive either oral perioperative A. montana (Alpine Pharmaceuticals, San Rafael, Calif) or placebo in a double-blinded fashion. Ecchymosis was measured in digital "three-quarter"-view photographs at 3 postoperative time points. Each bruise was outlined with Adobe Photoshop (Adobe Systems Incorporated, San Jose, Calif), and the extent was scaled

2017 Annals of plastic surgery Controlled trial quality: uncertain

36. RGB(Red- Green-Blue) Measurement of the Nasal Mucosal Image

Description Go to Brief Summary: The aim of this study was to evaluate the color values of the nasal mucosa, which is easily assessable by a direct, non-invasive, objective photographic measurement, for the purpose of presenting a diagnostic objective parameter of allergic rhinitis (AR). All patients and controls were examined by the same 4 mm 0⁰endoscope and light source, and all endoscopic photographs of the septum and both inferior turbinates were taken. Adobe Photoshop Elements 7.0 program was used (...) with standardized points at the anterior part of the nasal mucosa on both sides (2 points each right and left sides of the anterior septum and 2 points each anterior part of the inferior turbinates). These points were numbered 1 and 2 over the right inferior turbinate; 3 and 4 over the right side of the anterior septum; 4 and 5 over the left inferior turbinate; 6 and 7 over the left side of the anterior septum. Adobe Photoshop Elements 7.0 program was used to measure the numerical values of the red-green-blue

2017 Clinical Trials

37. Impact Of Digital Photography & Conventional Method On The Accuracy Of Dental Shade Matching In The Esthetic Zone

Photography using (Photoshop) Software: 0 to 1: no difference in perception 1 to 2: only perceptible to a trained observer 2 to 3.5: perceptible difference 3.5 to 5: marked difference Device: Digital photography using software Photoshop When taking the image, a gray card is used for subsequent exposure calibration in Adobe Camera Raw (which is packaged with Photoshop). Images are then opened into Photoshop. The "INFO" panel must be open. Click on the small eyedropper in the Info panel window and click (...) of Dental Shade Selection in the Aesthetic Zone Device: Digital photography using software Photoshop Device: Vita 3D master shade guide Not Applicable Detailed Description: Randomized control trial, 2 groups will be included. Group 1: Color matching using Vita 3D master, using modified (USPHS) criteria Group 2: Color matching using digital photography using (Photoshop adopt) the assessment will be through a questionnaire for the patient satisfaction outcome using Visual analogue scale Study Design Go

2017 Clinical Trials

38. Comparing the Zeiss Callisto Eye and the Alcon Verion Image Guided System Toric Lens Alignment Technologies. (Abstract)

system to the parallel guidance lines generated by the Callisto Eye system. Measurements of each hemi-meridian were quantified using Adobe Photoshop 2015 CC software (Adobe Systems, San Jose, CA). The numbers of degrees separating these alignment meridians were calculated, entered into a database, and analyzed.The authors found that of 98 captured images of 16 eyes, the two technologies were identical in 0 eyes (θ1 = θ2 = 0), similar by 3° in 52 (53%) captured images (θ1 ≠ θ2 ≠ 0), and different

2017 Journal of Refractive Surgery

39. Coronal and Intraradicular Appearances Affect Radiographic Perception of the Periapical Region. (Abstract)

using an online survey format, 2 pairs of digital periapical radiographic images were evaluated by 2 groups (A and B) of endodontist readers for the presence of a periapical finding. The images in each pair were identical except that 1 image of each image pairs had coronal restorations and/or root canal fillings altered using Adobe Photoshop software (Adobe Systems, San Jose, CA). The periapical areas were not altered. Using a 5-point Likert scale, the endodontist readers were asked to "Please

2017 Journal of Endodontics

40. Correlation analysis of oral lesion sizes by various standardized criteria. Full Text available with Trip Pro

these measurements to 1) RECIST criteria, 2) scalar digital measurements using a standardized measuring device within the photograph, and 3) pixel number.RECIST criteria correlated (r-squared=0.8535, p<0.0001) with bi-dimensional measurements. Digitized measures in photographs correlated with bi-dimensional measurements (r-squared=0.6661, p=0.0007), but were time consuming. There was minimal to no correlation between pixel number in Adobe Photoshop and the other measures.Bi-dimensional measurement of oral

2016 American Journal of Otolaryngology

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