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41. Cystic fibrosis: diagnosis and management

intravenous antibiotic services, including intravenous access. 1.3.13 Specialist physiotherapists should assess and advise people with cystic fibrosis at clinic, at inpatient admissions, during pulmonary exacerbations and at their annual review. Assessment and advice could cover airway clearance, nebuliser use, musculoskeletal disorders, exercise, physical activity and urinary incontinence. 1.3.14 Specialist dietitians should assess and advise people with cystic fibrosis about all aspects of nutrition (...) 4 of 43Recommendations Recommendations People have the right to be involved in discussions and make informed decisions about their care, as described in your care. Making decisions using NICE guidelines explains how we use words to show the strength (or certainty) of our recommendations, and has information about prescribing medicines (including off-label use), professional guidelines, standards and laws (including on consent and mental capacity), and safeguarding. This guideline incorporates

2017 National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence - Clinical Guidelines

42. Productive healthy ageing: interventions for quality of life

websites for information on local walking and cycling opportunities, local leisure facilities, etc. The Ramblers, a charity promoting the benefits of walking, provides information on local walking opportunities across the country. ? Increase number of people meeting physical activity guidelines ? Reduce the number of inactive adults ? Improve sleep quality ? Improve strength and mobility ? Improve weight ? Improve physical, mental and emotional health A Menu of Interventions for Productive Healthy (...) Government Licence v3.0. To view this licence, visit OGL. Where we have identified any third party copyright information you will need to obtain permission from the copyright holders concerned. Published: March 2019 PHE publications PHE supports the UN gateway number: GW-113 Sustainable Development Goals A Menu of Interventions for Productive Healthy Ageing 3 Contents About Public Health England 2 Introduction 4 Productive healthy ageing 6 Falls prevention 7 Dementia 10 Physical activity 14 Social

2019 Public Health England

43. Individualised funding interventions to improve health and social care outcomes for people with a disability

, intellectual or developmental disability, level of mental health problem, disorder or illness, or dementia), residing in any country and any type of residential setting (own home, group home, residential care setting, nursing home, hospital, institution). Studies in any language were included. Minors and older people without a lifelong disability (i.e. no disability in 10 years prior to reaching the age of 65) were excluded, as were privately funded individualised funding interventions. Data collection (...) , 4) Health Services Research, Journal of Integrated Care, 5) Journal of Health Services Research & Policy, 6) International Journal of Mental Health Systems, and 7) International Journal of Mental Health Systems. Key terms were used to search these journals resulting in the addition of two titles to full-text screen (Appendix 1). 3.3 Data collection and analysis 3.3.1 Data extraction and study coding procedures As outlined in the protocol, titles were reviewed initially in Endnote by the lead

2019 Campbell Collaboration

44. Impact of financial inclusion in low- and middle-income countries: a systematic review of reviews

both responsible for all aspects of this review, starting from initiating to implementing it as well as quality assurance. John Eyers (JE) led the development of the search strategy which was implemented by Ada Sonnenfeld (AS). AS was the lead research assistant managing the remaining team of research assistants consisting of Daniela Anda Leon, Esther Winslow, Raj Popat and Miriam Berretta. Daniela Anda Leon led the data management and data analysis work. Esther Winslow and Miriam Berretta assisted (...) 0213 Oslo, Norway 4 The Campbell Collaboration | Table of contents PLAIN LANGUAGE SUMMARY 6 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY/ABSTRACT 8 Background 8 Objectives 9 Search methods 10 Selection criteria 10 Data collection and analysis 11 Results 11 Authors’ conclusions 13 BACKGROUND (SEE MECIR CHECKLIST, ITEMS 1 AND 3) 16 The problem, condition or issue 16 The intervention 18 How the intervention might work 19 Why it is important to do the review 25

2019 Campbell Collaboration

45. Improving outdoor air quality and health: review of interventions

factors means air quality remains a major issue for the public’s health. Walking, cycling and other forms of active travel are great for improving health and reducing air pollution, but too often people are put off by the risk of exposure to high concentrations of pollutants. With an estimated effect equivalent to 28,000 – 36,000 deaths each year attributable to human-made air pollution in the UK, more action is clearly needed. This report from Public Health England contributes by providing evidence (...) practice in the future. Interventions from the rapid evidence assessments on traffic-related pollution Reducing emissions from existing vehicles: planning for active travel and public transport. Interventions that tackle immediate emissions from the existing vehicle fleet include driving restrictions (which have sometimes been used during episodes of high air pollution), abatement retrofit (though cost is a potential barrier, particularly for private vehicles), and anti-idling enforcement. Promoting

2019 Public Health England

46. Guidelines on Supraventricular Tachycardia (for the management of patients with)

and complications rates of catheter ablation for supraventricular tachycardia 23 Table 12 Classification of atrioventricular nodal re-entrant tachycardia types 30 Table 13 Recommendations for sports participation in athletes with ventricular pre-excitation and supraventricular arrhythmias 46 Table 14 European Working Group 2013 report on driving and cardiovascular disease: driving in arrhythmias and conduction disorders: supraventricular tachycardia 47 List of figures Figure 1 Differential diagnosis of narrow (...) Search Term Close search filter search input , , , , , , , , , , , , For the Supplementary Data which include background information and detailed discussion of the data that have provided the basis for the Guidelines see Table of contents 1 Preamble 5 2 Introduction 7 2.1 Evidence review 7 2.2 Relationships with industry and other conflicts of interest 7 2.3 What is new in the 2019 Guidelines? 7 2.3.1 Change in recommendations from 2003 to 2019 7 2.3.2 New recommendations in 2019 8 2.3.3 New revised

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2019 European Society of Cardiology

47. Caffeinated energy drinks and effects in UK young people

and adolescents aged 17 years and under. We aimed to review the existing systematic review research evidence on patterns of CED use in young people and assess the evidence on the effects of CEDs on their physical, mental and social health and wellbeing. Methods We conducted an overview of English-language systematic reviews published between 2013 and 2018, identified from database and citation searching. Descriptive data on study characteristics and effects were extracted and synthesised narratively (...) time points, with data on self-assessed mental health collected at the second data collection point only (n=2,307). The EFSA NDA Panel (2015) surveyed 31,070 children and young people (3 to 18 years old) from sixteen European countries, presenting findings specific to an unknown number of UK participants as a sub- group. v Prevalence Across six reviews, prevalence rates of CED consumption in young people vary widely and a variety of measures are reported. Overall, between half and two thirds of all

2019 EPPI Centre

48. Overview of pregnancy complications Zhang C, Solomon CG, Manson JE, et al. A prospective study of pregravid physical activity and sedentary behaviors in relation to the risk for gestational diabetes mellitus. Arch Intern Med. 2006 Mar 13;166(5):543-8. and prior gestational diabetes. Kim C, Berger DK, Chamany S. Recurrence of gestational diabetes mellitus: a systematic review. Diabetes Care (...) , but the onset of a depressive episode within 4 weeks of childbirth can be recorded via the postpartum-onset specifier in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5). American Psychiatric Association. Diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorders, 5th ed., (DSM-5). Washington, DC: American Psychiatric Publishing; 2013. There is evidence to suggest that the DSM-5 specifier is too narrow. Forty L, Jones L, Macgregor S, et al. Familiality of postpartum depression in unipolar

2018 BMJ Best Practice

49. Overview of pregnancy complications Zhang C, Solomon CG, Manson JE, et al. A prospective study of pregravid physical activity and sedentary behaviors in relation to the risk for gestational diabetes mellitus. Arch Intern Med. 2006 Mar 13;166(5):543-8. and prior gestational diabetes. Kim C, Berger DK, Chamany S. Recurrence of gestational diabetes mellitus: a systematic review. Diabetes Care (...) , but the onset of a depressive episode within 4 weeks of childbirth can be recorded via the postpartum-onset specifier in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5). American Psychiatric Association. Diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorders, 5th ed., (DSM-5). Washington, DC: American Psychiatric Publishing; 2013. There is evidence to suggest that the DSM-5 specifier is too narrow. Forty L, Jones L, Macgregor S, et al. Familiality of postpartum depression in unipolar

2018 BMJ Best Practice

50. Cardiac arrhythmias in coronary heart disease

recommendations that should be prioritised for implementation. 2.1 ARRHYTHMIAS ASSOCIATED WITH CARDIAC ARREST R Efforts to prevent sudden cardiac death should include: y risk factor intervention in those individuals who are at high risk for coronary heart disease y health promotion measures and encouragement of moderate-intensity physical activity in the general population. 2.2 ARRHYTHMIAS ASSOCIATED WITH ACUTE CORONARY SYNDROME R All patients with ST-elevation acute coronary syndrome should undergo (...) Psychosocial assessment and screening New 7.4 Psychosocial interventions Updated 8 Provision of information Updated 9 Implementing the guideline Updated 1.3 STATEMENT OF INTENT This guideline is not intended to be construed or to serve as a standard of care. Standards of care are determined on the basis of all clinical data available for an individual case and are subject to change as scientific knowledge and technology advance and patterns of care evolve. Adherence to guideline recommendations

2018 SIGN

51. Optimisation of RIZIV – INAMI lump sums for incontinence

A frail older person is aged over 65 with a combination of impaired physical activity, mobility, balance, muscle strength, motor processing, cognition, nutrition, and endurance (including feelings of fatigue and exhaustion). Frail people usually have multiple chronic medical conditions, take multiple medications, require care from others and assistance to perform some or all of the personal daily activities (bathing, dressing, toileting, mobility) and are often homebound or institutionalised (...) – FOR PERSONS WITH A HANDICAP 96 3.2.1 VAPH – Flemish community 96 3.2.2 AWIPH – AVIQ-Handicap – French Community 99 3.2.3 PHARE (Personne Handicapée Autonomie Recherchée) 101 3.2.4 German Community 101 3.3 FINANCIAL INTERVENTIONS BY COMPLEMENTARY INSURANCE OF SICKNESS FUNDS 101 3.4 OTHER COMPENSATIONS 101 4 INCONTINENCE IN BELGIUM: DATA OVERVIEW 102 4.1 INTRODUCTION 102 4.2 METHODS 102 4.2.1 MZG-RHM 2014: hospitalisations for incontinence 102 4 Incontinence KCE Report 304 4.2.2 EPS 2008-2015: sample

2019 Belgian Health Care Knowledge Centre

52. Bariatric surgery: an HTA report on the efficacy, safety and cost-effectiveness

) respectively. ? The SR-MA by Zhou et al. 88 aimed to assess the effects of MBS on all- cause mortality, cardiovascular (CV) events, and cancer compared to non-surgical treatment. Eleven RCTs (n=890), 4 non-randomized controlled trials (n=4274) and 17 cohort studies (n=297 024) reporting one or more of the three outcomes at 1 year or longer were included. Data based on RCT suggested substantial uncertainty regarding the three outcomes. Pooling of the unadjusted data suggested statistically lower all-cause (...) , 2 and 3 years or more. Diastolic pressure differences were not statistically significant: -1.53 mmHg (95%CI -4.21 to 1.14), -1.10 mmHg (95%CI -4.70 to 2.50) and 1.75 mmHg (0.14 to 3.36) after 1, 2 and 3 years or more, respectively. 87 In the DSS trial, the primary endpoint was a composite triple endpoint of HbA1c 5 year), there are no solid mortality data from RCTs comparing metabolic and bariatric surgery with non-surgical treatment of obesity. Individual observational studies suggest a long

2019 Belgian Health Care Knowledge Centre

53. Sunlight exposure: risks and benefits

web pages on behaviour change, cancer, community engagement, diet, nutrition and obesity, physical activity, prisons and other secure settings and the NICE special report on Healthy Start vitamins: is a targeted or a universal approach more cost effective? See also the evidence reviews and information about how the guideline was developed, including details of the committee. [1] In the UK, 25 nmol/litre of serum 25-hydroxyvitamin D concentration is currently used as the lower threshold for vitamin (...) groups (see recommendation 1.1.1) and be consistent (see section 2). Address common misconceptions about keeping safe in the sun and the risks and benefits of sunlight exposure. Present a balanced picture of the risks and benefits, explaining how to enjoy the sun safely. Emphasise how the risks and benefits will vary depending on the individual. Relate to leisure activities and holidays as well as daily life. 1.1.10 Campaigns should: Use different channels to communicate simple and more complex

2016 National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence - Clinical Guidelines

54. Menopause

is important as obesity is a major risk factor for CHD and is associated with high blood pressure, heart attacks, heart failure and diabetes. Women should aim for a health body mass index (BMI) of 20–25. Exercise The following key points relate to the importance and benefits of exercise: • regular exercise is necessary to remain active, healthy and independent • physical activity reduces both the risk of developing CHD and of having a stroke by lowering blood pressure • exercise increases energy levels (...) ’ for procreation. Western society has a somewhat negative attitude towards women ageing, particularly with the so-called loss of femininity and the attractiveness associated with it. Culture, ethnic group and socio-economic status are all linked into the overall wellbeing of women and the symptoms that they may experience. Menopausal symptoms also vary significantly between countries and amongst different ethnic and religious groups within the same countries. Symptom data is difficult to compare because

2018 Royal College of Nursing

55. Review of effective strategies to promote breastfeeding

for quality review (NQR). The overall level of the evidence varied considerably for different categories of interventions, with platinum or gold evidence being available mainly for interventions based in healthcare settings. Hence, for important information about some interventions or strategies, it is necessary to draw on well conducted observational studies, before–after and national experimental studies including qualitative data, and on reports of experience, and expert guidelines particularly (...) 22 REVIEW OF STRATEGIES TO PROMOTE BREASTFEEDING | SAX INSTITUTE number of studies included in the Evidence Check, and limitations on data extraction within resource constraints. It is not possible or desirable to report the overall level of the evidence because of the diversity of study designs across the different intervention categories or settings, or risk groups. Such diversity in included study design is considered appropriate for enabling strategies or those targeting high-risk groups

2018 Sax Institute Evidence Check

56. Multimorbidity: a priority for global health research

: Socioeconomic status as a determinant of multimorbidity 89 Annex 9: Influence of tobacco and alcohol use on multimorbidity 90 Annex 10: Influence of physical activity on multimorbidity 91 Annex 11: List of ongoing intervention trials 93 References 95Executive summary The term multimorbidity broadly refers to the existence of multiple medical conditions in a single individual. For many regions of the world, there is evidence that a substantial, and likely growing, proportion of the adult population (...) conditions, such as coronary heart disease and cerebrovascular disease, which share a common aetiology (e.g. high blood pressure), frequently co-exist. In other cases – termed discordant multimorbidity – the co-existing conditions appear to be unrelated to each other or require different management approaches. In this regard, it is notable that there are data indicating that chronic physical and mental health conditions commonly co-exist. Some common clusters of conditions appear to vary by region

2018 Academy of Medical Sciences

57. International evidence-based guideline for the assessment and management of polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS)

that may influence the quality of the evidence: key statistical data; ? and classification of the importance of the outcomes. The quality of evidence reflects the extent to which our confidence in an estimate of the effect is adequate to support a particular recommendation [15] and was largely determined by the expert evidence synthesis team. Table 2: Quality (certainty) of evidence categories (adapted from GRADE [15]): High Very confident that the true effect lies close to that of the estimate (...) reviews, generating 166 recommendations and practice points. International best practice comprehensive methods for evidence review and guideline development were applied, aligned with the NHMRC and ESHRE requirements. A highly experienced team undertook evidence synthesis with a focus on study designs least susceptible to bias; a priori criteria for inclusion and appraisal of studies, stakeholder prioritised clinical questions and outcome measures, extraction of study data; quality appraisal and meta

2018 European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology

58. ESC/ESH Management of Arterial Hypertension

the detection and treatment of hypertension, and to improve the poor rates of BP control by promoting simple and effective treatment strategies. These joint 2018 Guidelines follow the same principles upon which a series of hypertension Guidelines were jointly issued by the two societies in 2003, 2007, and 2013. These fundamental principles are: (i) to base recommendations on properly conducted studies, identified from an extensive review of the literature; (ii) to give the highest priority to data from (...) people, whereas BP centiles are used in children and teenagers, in whom data from interventional trials are not available. Details on BP classification in boys and girls ≤ 16 years of age can be found in the 2016 ESH Guidelines for children and adolescents. 3.2 Classification of blood pressure Classification of BP BP = blood pressure. a Class of recommendation b Level of evidence. Classification of BP BP = blood pressure. a Class of recommendation b Level of evidence. 3.3 Prevalence of hypertension

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2018 European Society of Cardiology

59. Prepregnancy Counseling

small-for-gestational-age fetuses and low-birth-weight infants ( ). Ideally, weight should be optimized before a woman attempts to becoming pregnant (70), although the health benefits of postponing pregnancy need to be balanced against reduced fecundity with female aging (4, 69). Assess Exercise and Physical Activity Regular physical exercise improves cardiovascular health, reduces obesity and associated medical comorbidities, and improves longevity. Patients should exercise moderately at least 30 (...) 2013;8:e61627. Physical activity and exercise during pregnancy and the postpartum period. Committee Opinion No. 650. American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists. Obstet Gynecol 2015;126:135–42. Exposure to toxic environmental agents. Committee Opinion No. 575. American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists. Obstet Gynecol 2013;122:931–5. McDiarmid MA, Gehle K. Preconception brief: occupational/environmental exposures. Matern Child Health J 2006;10:123–8. Published online on December 20

2019 American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists

60. Professional Practice Guidelines for the Psychological Practice with Boys and Men

positive and negative ways (e.g., Arellano-Morales, Liang, Ruiz, & Rios-Oropeza, 2015; Kiselica, Benton-Wright, & Englar-Carlson, 2016). Although boys and men, as a group, tend to hold privilege and power based on gender, they also demonstrate disproportionate rates of receiving harsh discipline (e.g., suspension and expulsion), academic challenges (e.g., dropping out of high school, particularly among African American and Latino boys), mental health issues (e.g., completed suicide), physical health (...) or others (for reviews, see Pleck, 1981, 1995). The negative effects of gender role strain are mental and physical health problems for the individ- ual and within relationships (O’Neil, 2008, 2013; Pleck, 1995). Boys and men experience gender role strain when they (a) deviate from or violate gender role norms of masculinity, (b) try to meet or fail to meet norms of masculinity, (c) experience discrepancies between real and ideal self-concepts based on gender role stereotypes, (d) personally devalue

2019 American Psychological Association

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