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141. Abiraterone acetate (Zytiga) - for the treatment of newly diagnosed high risk metastatic hormone sensitive prostate cancer

survival analyses reported statistically significant differences favouring treatment with abiraterone. Additionally, quality of life outcomes and secondary outcomes were supportive of the co-primary outcomes. 2-4 Overall survival data were immature at the time of the primary analysis (34% overall event rate) and subsequent therapies and treatment cross-over are likely to confound the final analysis. At the time of final analysis of LATITUDE, there was an imbalance in the number of patients who received (...) -5 Abiraterone plus prednisone plus ADT (n=597) Placebo plus ADT (n=602) Median overall survival First interim overall survival analysis (data cut-off 31/10/16). Median follow-up 30.4 months. Events, n 169 237 Median, months Not reached 34.7 Hazard ratio (95% CI) 0.62 (0.51 to 0.76), p<0.001 24-month event-free rate 77% 69% 36-month event-free rate 66% 49% Final overall survival analysis (data cut-off 15/08/18). Median follow-up 51.8 months. Events, n 275 343 Median, months 53.3 36.5 Hazard ratio

2020 Scottish Medicines Consortium

142. Flash Glucose Monitoring System for People with Type 1 or Type 2 Diabetes

LIST OF FIGURES 9 BACKGROUND 10 Objective 10 Health Condition 10 Clinical Need and Target Population 10 Conventional Method of Glucose Monitoring 10 Health Technology Under Review 11 Regulatory Information 11 Ontario Context 12 Canadian and International Context 12 Expert Consultation 12 PROSPERO Registration 12 CLINICAL EVIDENCE 13 Research Questions 13 Methods 13 Clinical Literature Search 13 Eligibility Criteria 13 Literature Screening 14 Data Extraction 14 Statistical Analysis 15 Critical (...) glucose levels are not well controlled (A1C > 7%) and who require insulin, self-monitoring of blood glucose is required throughout the day, with measurements taken before meals, after meals, before and after physical activity, before driving, and during the night. 13,14 Periodic self-monitoring of blood glucose is needed for some adults with type 2 diabetes who use oral anti-diabetes drugs. 15 Self-monitoring of blood glucose has drawbacks, including the pain of finger prick (usually done four to six

2019 Health Quality Ontario

143. Productive healthy ageing: interventions for quality of life

websites for information on local walking and cycling opportunities, local leisure facilities, etc. The Ramblers, a charity promoting the benefits of walking, provides information on local walking opportunities across the country. ? Increase number of people meeting physical activity guidelines ? Reduce the number of inactive adults ? Improve sleep quality ? Improve strength and mobility ? Improve weight ? Improve physical, mental and emotional health A Menu of Interventions for Productive Healthy (...) at risk of falls should be advised to incorporate physical activity to improve balance and co-ordination on at least 2 days per week. 14 Examples include walking, Tai Chi, yoga, dance, tennis, gardening and flexibility training, if possible. A review of research suggests that strength and balance exercise programmes reduced the rate of falls by around 30%. 15 Those who are frail or have very low physical or cognitive function, perhaps as a result of chronic diseases such as arthritis, dementia or very

2019 Public Health England

144. Improving outdoor air quality and health: review of interventions

factors means air quality remains a major issue for the public’s health. Walking, cycling and other forms of active travel are great for improving health and reducing air pollution, but too often people are put off by the risk of exposure to high concentrations of pollutants. With an estimated effect equivalent to 28,000 – 36,000 deaths each year attributable to human-made air pollution in the UK, more action is clearly needed. This report from Public Health England contributes by providing evidence (...) practice in the future. Interventions from the rapid evidence assessments on traffic-related pollution Reducing emissions from existing vehicles: planning for active travel and public transport. Interventions that tackle immediate emissions from the existing vehicle fleet include driving restrictions (which have sometimes been used during episodes of high air pollution), abatement retrofit (though cost is a potential barrier, particularly for private vehicles), and anti-idling enforcement. Promoting

2019 Public Health England

145. Follow-Up Model of Care for Cancer Survivors: Recommendations for the Delivery of Follow-up Care for Cancer Survivors in Ontario

Promotion 10 IMPLEMENTATION CONSIDERATIONS 10 Information Systems 10 Access to Services 11 Training and Education 11 Communication 11 Funding 12 NEXT STEPS 12 GLOSSARY 13 APPENDIX A: LIST OF RECOMMENDED DATA ELEMENTS FOR POST- TREATMENT FOLLOW-UP CARE PLANS 18 Follow-Up Model of Care for Cancer Survivors 4 OVERVIEW Background With advances in early detection and treatment, the survival rate from all cancers combined rose from 53% (1992-1994) to 60% (2006-2008). 1 The continuing improvement in survival (...) at a RCC, had no ongoing cancer-related issues, and were deemed appropriate for care in the community. For patients who could not fully transition to primary care, some RCPs implemented a model of care, where specialists and primary care shared the responsibility for follow-up care. 3 All 14 RCCs participated in the above initiative. Based on self-reported data and interviews, over 10,000 breast and colorectal cancer survivors transitioned to primary care for follow-up care between 2012 and 2015

2019 Cancer Care Ontario

146. Empowering Caregivers to Deliver Home-based Restorative Care

from hospital to home or other community settings (e.g., retirement homes and supportive-living facilities), Canadians have been called on to provide a significant amount of caregiving to their friends and families. A pan-Canadian study from 2012 show that each day about 28% of Canadians provide care for a family member, friend or neighbour, and that approximately half of Canadians will do so over the course of their lifespan.(1) Further, statistics show that while many Canadians across the life (...) a question submitted to the McMaster Health Forum’s Rapid Response program. Whenever possible, the rapid synthesis summarizes research evidence drawn from systematic reviews of the research literature and occasionally from single research studies. A systematic review is a summary of studies addressing a clearly formulated question that uses systematic and explicit methods to identify, select and appraise research studies, and to synthesize data from the included studies. The rapid synthesis does

2019 McMaster Health Forum

147. Population-level strategies to support healthy weight

: First Results, 2017-18: Physical activity. Canberra, Australia: Australian Bureau of Statistics; 2019. [Access Date: 22 July]. Available from: 18~Main%20Features~Physical%20activity~115 14. Johns DJ, Hartmann-Boyce J, Jebb SA, Aveyard P, Group BWMR. Diet or exercise interventions vs combined behavioral weight management programs: A systematic review and meta-analysis of direct comparisons. Journal of the Academy (...) review. Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise. 2019;51(6):1262- 69. 20. Reiner M, Niermann C, Jekauc D, Woll A. Long-term health benefits of physical activity–a systematic review of longitudinal studies. BMC Public Health. 2013;13(1):813. 21. Department of Health. Physical activity. Canberra, Australia: The Department of Health; 2019. [Access Date: 22 July]. Available from: activity 22. Sacks G, Swinburn B, Lawrence M. Obesity

2019 Sax Institute Evidence Check

148. Addressing the social and commercial determinants of healthy weight

determinants of healthy eating, physical activity and obesity? 24 Effectiveness of interventions on the social determinants 26 Key areas for action in the commercial determinants 29 Discussion and conclusion 35 References 38 References to studies included in question 1 41 Appendices 45 Appendix 1. Search Strategy 45 Appendix 2. PRISMA flowchart for article selection for question 1 47 Appendix 3. PRISMA flowchart for article selection for question 2 48 Appendix 4. Data extracted from included studies (...) associated with obesity. This is true at the household and neighbourhood level. Higher SES neighbourhoods are positively associated with healthier eating and greater levels of physical activity in children. There is convincing evidence that the cumulative exposure to higher SES in childhood and adulthood is associated with higher leisure time physical activity among adults. Cultural and societal norms and values constitute an important part of the structural context in which peoples’ behaviours

2019 Sax Institute Evidence Check

149. European Society of Endocrinology Clinical Practice Guideline: Endocrine work-up in obesity

9.4–20.9). Thyroid function is frequently assessed in patients with obesity with the hope to identify a cause of obesity and/or a reason for resistance to weight loss efforts. Certainly, thyroid hormones have an important role in energy metabolism and hypothyroidism could indeed induce weight gain by means of both an increasing fat mass, due to mild decrease in resting energy expenditure and reduced physical activity, and also fluid retention, due to glycosaminoglycans accumulation (20, 27 (...) clinical signs is needed to prevent potential surgical complications or adverse clinical outcomes following surgery. R.3.4. We suggest that for patients with obesity the same normal values are applied as for non-obese (+000). Reasoning: Some experimental and clinical data points to a dysregulation in the activity of HPA axis in some patients with abdominal obesity, including excessive cortisol response to physical and psychological stimuli, reduced glucocorticoid feedback sensitivity and increased

2020 European Society of Endocrinology

150. Structure of Public Health

. business, organizational psychology) • No quality assessment of included studies or reviews • Majority of studies were cross-sectional • Only one reviewer screened for relevance and extracted data 29 Hyde & Shortell (2012) The structure and organization of local and state public health agencies in the US: A systematic review Type of Article (Design) Systematic review/Review of reviews Quality Rating 5/10 • Quality assessment of included articles not completed • Table of characteristics of included (...) provided valuable information relevant to the review question and they were included (Appendix B). Overlap of the studies/reviews included in these relevant documents was assessed. One review of reviews by Brownson and colleagues 3 included two of the other relevant articles by Hyde and Shortell 4 and Dilley and collagues. 5 The review team decided to extract data on all three documents 3,4,5 since they provide additional detail not available in the review of reviews by Brownson et al. 3 6 Critical

2020 Peel Health Library

151. Treatment of Patients with Schizophrenia

, hyperlipidemia, greater use of cigarettes, reduced engagement in health maintenance (e.g., diet, exercise), and disparities in access to preventive health care and treatment for physical conditions 13 (Bergamo et al. 2014; DeHert et al. 2011; Druss et al. 2000; Janssen et al. 2015; Kisely et al. 2007, 2013; Kugathasan et al. 2018; Lawrence et al. 2010; Moore et al. 2015). Lack of access to adequate psychiatric treatment may also influence mortality (Schoenbaum et al. 2017). This practice guideline focuses (...) and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders DSM-5 Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, 5th Edition ECG Electrocardiography ECT Electroconvulsive therapy ER Extended release FDA Food and Drug Administration FGA First-generation antipsychotic GAF Global Assessment of Functioning GRADE Grading of Recommendations Assessment, Development and Evaluation HIPAA Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act HIV Human immunodeficiency virus HR Hazard ratio ICD International Classification

2020 American Psychiatric Association

152. Maternal and Newborn Survival in Sub-Saharan Africa

-SDGs2015_chapter4.pdf 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. Status of maternal and newborn health in AfricaStatus of maternal and newborn health in Africa (...) . For example, workshop participants highlighted a specific need for information on the epidemiology of Zika to inform the design of new tools and approaches in affected settings, and for the gathering of data not just on mortality and morbidity, but also on mental health and social needs. Great efforts should be made to provide a breakdown of data and evidence on causes and magnitude of diseases by country, community, rural vs urban settings and at different socioeconomic levels to inform interventions

2019 Academy of Medical Sciences

153. Public health guidance on prevention and control of blood-borne viruses in prison settings

and control of blood-borne viruses in prison settings. Stockholm: ECDC and EMCDDA; 2018. Stockholm, July 2018 PDF Print ISBN 978-92-9498-194-3 ISBN 978-92-9498-193-6 doi: 10.2900/042079 doi: 10.2900/189769 Catalogue number TQ-04-18-556-EN-N Catalogue number TQ-04-18-556-EN-C © European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control, 2018 Reproduction is authorised, provided the source is acknowledged SCIENTIFIC ADVICE Public health guidance on prevention and control of blood-borne viruses in prison settings (...) . passive case finding) Comparative study A study designed to compare two or more groups (e.g. types of testing offers or testing timings), and a statistical measure is provided for that comparison Descriptive study A study concerned with and designed only to describe the existing distribution of variables, without regard to causal or other hypotheses Directly observed therapy (DOT) An approach which seeks to improve treatment adherence by active monitoring and recording of the consumption of each

2019 European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control - Public Health Guidance

154. Guidelines on Management of Dyspnea (Breathlessness) in Patients with Cancer

For information about the PEBC and the most current version of all reports, please visit the CCO website at or contact the PEBC office at: Phone: 905-527-4322 ext. 42822 Fax: 905 526-6775 E-mail: PEBC Report Citation (Vancouver Style): Fletcher GG. Guidelines on management of dyspnea (breathlessness) in patients with cancer. Toronto (ON): Cancer Care Ontario; 2018 Dec 13. Program in Evidence-Based Care Evidence Summary No.: SMG-3 (...) , radiotherapy) were considered outside the scope. INTENDED PURPOSE CCO developed a series of symptom treatment algorithms in the period 2009-2012. These were mostly based on corresponding Guide-To-Practice documents consisting of reviews of clinical practice guidelines ( management). The current evidence summary was developed to assist the Patient Reported Outcomes and Symptom Management Program of CCO in revising the algorithm on dyspnea [1]; its evidence base

2019 Cancer Care Ontario

155. Public health guidance on HIV, hepatitis B and C testing in the EU/EEA

guidance on HIV, hepatitis B and C testing in the EU/EEA – An integrated approach. Stockholm: ECDC; 2018. Stockholm, November 2018 PDF Print ISBN 978-92-9498-286-5 ISBN 978-92-9498-294-0 DOI 10.2900/79127 DOI 10.2900/489464 Catalogue number TQ-06-18-328-EN-N Catalogue number TQ-06-18-328-EN-C © European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control, 2018 Cover picture: © iStock Reproduction is authorised, provided the source is acknowledged. For any use or reproduction of photos or other material (...) and typified by peer-driven services (e.g. checkpoints). Comparative study: Study designed to compare two or more groups or interventions (e.g. types of testing offered or test timings); statistical measure often provided for comparison. Cost-effectiveness: Cost-effectiveness analysis is an aide to decision making that measures ratio of costs of programme or intervention to effects it has on a defined outcome. For HIV testing, this is defined as threshold for HIV screening associated with favourable cost

2019 European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control - Public Health Guidance

156. Programmatic management of latent tuberculosis infection in the European Union

the panel members’ opinions were collected on what evidence was considered relevant for the guidance document (Step 1). In a questionnaire, the evidence statements based on the collected data in the review of systematic reviews and guidelines (see Section, were rated on relevance, acceptability, feasibility, use of resources, and anticipated cost-effectiveness. The exercise aimed at familiarising the panel members with the evidence base as provided in the review of systematic reviews (...) : ECDC; 2018. Stockholm, October 2018 PDF Print ISBN 978-92-9498-266-7 978-92-9498-272-8 DOI 10.2900/971917 10.2900/451255 Catalogue number TQ-03-18-287-EN-N TQ-03-18-287-EN-C © European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control, 2018 Reproduction is authorised, provided the source is acknowledged SCIENTIFIC ADVICE Programmatic management of latent tuberculosis infection in the European Union iii Contents Abbreviations iv Glossary v Executive summary 1 1. Introduction 2 1.1 TB elimination

2019 European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control - Public Health Guidance

157. Preventing and managing bacterial wound infections in prison

reception, note pre-admission residential history (for example, hostel, homeless, fixed address) or name of previous PPD; if current resident note cell/room movements and any cell/room sharers • participation in PPD activities; in particular participation in high-risk activities for transmission of infection such as exercise (for example, use of gym/sports facilities), employment (for example, kitchen or laundry staff), religious/cultural (for example, use of prayer rooms), education/training and others (...) -transmission of infection. This could entail limiting association activities for example, education, training and exercise; but practicability of implementation is dependent on both operational and security risk assessments. Management and prevention of bacterial wound infections in prescribed places of detention 16 Given the high risk for the cross-transmission of infection, patients should not participate in gym activities or sports where there is prolonged skin-to skin contact unless their wounds

2019 Public Health England

158. Impact of Community Health Worker Certification on Workforce and Service Delivery for Asthma and Other Selected Chronic Diseases

is a Technical Brief. A Technical Brief is a rapid report, typically on an emerging medical technology, strategy or intervention. It provides an overview of key issues related to the intervention—for example, current indications, relevant patient populations and subgroups of interest, outcomes measured, and contextual factors that may affect decisions regarding the intervention. Although Technical Briefs generally focus on interventions for which there are limited published data and too few completed (...) • Study is based in the United States. • Studies conducted exclusively outside of the United States. Study design • Studies with a comparison group, such as randomized controlled trials, nonrandomized controlled trials, before/after studies, cross-sectional, or historical controls. • No original data (e.g., editorials, letters, commentaries, review articles). • Not written in English. CHW = community health worker; CVD = cardiovascular disease *We used the American Public Health Association’s

2020 Effective Health Care Program (AHRQ)

159. Treatment of Depression in Children and Adolescents

behavioral therapy, IPT, directive counseling, Katathym-imaginative psychotherapy, family therapy, parent education, self-help groups, problem-solving therapy, autonomic training, combined-modality therapy, psychological adaptation therapies Lifestyle: Exercise (physical activity), diet therapy, mindfulness (including mindfulness-based stress reduction), meditation (including mindfulness mediation), relaxation therapy, massage therapy, music therapy, art therapy, integrative restoration, visualization (...) . • However, SSRIs may be associated with a higher risk of serious adverse events and with a higher risk of withdrawal. Paroxetine may be associated with a higher risk of suicidal ideation or behaviors. Evidence to judge the risk of suicidal ideation or behavior for SSRIs other than paroxetine is insufficient for major depressive disorder. However, this report excluded data on inpatients and those without depressive disorders whom the Food and Drug Administration included in finding an increased risk

2020 Effective Health Care Program (AHRQ)

160. Evidence-Based Clinical Guidelines for Multidisciplinary Spine Care: Diagnosis and Treatment of Low Back Pain

the guideline, readers will see many ac- ronyms with which they may not be familiar. A glos- sary of acronyms is available on page 14. N omencla tur e f or M edical/In t erv en tional Treatment Throughout the guideline, readers will see that what has traditionally been referred to as “nonoperative,” “nonsurgical,” or “conservative” care is now referred to as “medical/interventional care.” The term medi- cal/interventional is meant to encompass pharmaco- logical treatment, physical therapy, exercise therapy (...) Society of Spine Radiology (ASSR) Medical & Psychological Treatment Section Section Chair: Christopher M. Bono, MD Authors: Paul Dougherty, DC Gazanfar Rahmathulla, MD, MBBS Christopher K. Taleghani, MD Terry Trammell, MD Randall P. Brewer, MD; Stakeholder Representative, American Academy of Pain Medicine (AAPM) Ravi Prasad, PhD; Stakeholder Representative, American Academy of Pain Medicine (AAPM) Contributor: John P. Birkedal, MD Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Section Section Chair: Charles

2020 American Academy of Pain Medicine

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