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961. Effect of Physical ACtivity in Fingolimod Treated patiEnts (PACE) With Relapsing-remitting Multiple Sclerosis

related topics: related topics: available for: Arms and Interventions Go to Arm Intervention/treatment Experimental: E-training Fingolimod as baseline immunomodulatory multiple sclerosis treatment was prescribed as per clinical practice. During phase 1, participants randomized to this arm had an introductory group session, hosted by a sports therapist. The individual training schedule was comprised of strength exercises twice a week for 30-45 minutes and endurance training once a week for 20-60 (...) . Therapists can choose from an exercise database of approximately 150 different strength exercises with different graduation. Experimental: Waiting Fingolimod as baseline immunomodulatory multiple sclerosis treatment is prescribed as per clinical practice. During Phase 1, participants randomized to this arm did not receive e-training exercise. After a 6 months waiting period, phase 2, participants had an introductory group session, hosted by a sports therapist. The individual training schedule

2011 Clinical Trials

962. The State of the Art of Medical Imaging Technology: from Creation to Archive and Back Full Text available with Trip Pro

image retrieval (CBIR), in particular, for 3D images, which is exemplified by our developed online e-learning system, MIRAGE, home to a repository of medical images with variety of domains and different dimensions. In terms of novelties, the facilities of CBIR for 3D images coupled with image annotation in a fully automatic fashion have been developed and implemented in the system, resonating with future versatile, flexible and sustainable medical image databases that can reap new innovations.

2011 The open medical informatics journal

963. "I do what I have to do to survive": an investigation into the perceptions, experiences and economic considerations of women engaged in sex work in Northern Namibia. Full Text available with Trip Pro

condom use. The 3 E's 'education, empowerment and economic independence' are critical factors needed to encourage and facilitate consistent condom use to prevent HIV transmission. Without financial independence and occupational alternatives building on their health education and empowerment, women who engage in sex work-and transactional sex more generally-will remain largely marginalized from Namibian society, and will continue engaging in risky sexual practices that facilitate HIV acquisition

2011 BMC Women's Health

964. Comparing the effects of entertainment and educational television programming on risky sexual behavior. (Abstract)

tests of the relative effectiveness of E-E messages and other message formats are needed. In this study, 437 undergraduates participated in a three-wave panel experiment in which they viewed one of three programs (E-E, education, or entertainment). Safer sex intentions and behaviors were measured several days before, immediately following, and 2 weeks after exposure. Results demonstrate that effects of exposure to this E-E program vary depending on gender and past experience with sexual intercourse

2011 Health communication Controlled trial quality: uncertain

965. Can dialectical behavior therapy be learned in highly structured learning environments? Results from a randomized controlled dissemination trial. (Abstract)

Can dialectical behavior therapy be learned in highly structured learning environments? Results from a randomized controlled dissemination trial. This study evaluated the efficacy of methods of training community mental health providers (N=132) in dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) distress tolerance skills, including (a) Linehan's (1993a) Skills Training Manual for Borderline Personality Disorder (Manual), (b) a multimedia e-Learning course covering the same content (e-DBT), and (c) a placebo (...) control e-Learning course (e-Control). Participants were randomized to a condition, and the training took place in a highly structured and controlled learning environment. Assessments were completed at baseline, post-training, and 2, 7, 11, and 15 weeks following training. The results indicate that one or both of the active DBT conditions outperformed the control condition on all outcomes except motivation to learn and use the treatment. While clinicians preferred e-DBT over the Manual and found

2011 Behavior therapy Controlled trial quality: uncertain

966. The effect of an interactive e-drug calculations package on nursing students' drug calculation ability and self-efficacy. (Abstract)

received the e-drug calculations package while the control group received traditional 'handout' support material. Drug calculation ability and self-efficacy tests were given to the participants pre- and post-intervention. Participants were given the support material satisfaction scale post-intervention.Students in both cohorts randomised to e-learning were more able to perform drug calculations than those receiving the handout (September: mean 48.4% versus 34.7%, p=0.027; February: mean 47.6% versus

2011 International journal of medical informatics Controlled trial quality: uncertain

967. Effects of resistance training on endurance capacity and muscle fiber composition in young top-level cyclists. Full Text available with Trip Pro

Effects of resistance training on endurance capacity and muscle fiber composition in young top-level cyclists. Equivocal findings exist on the effect of concurrent strength (S) and endurance (E) training on endurance performance and muscle morphology. Further, the influence of concurrent SE training on muscle fiber-type composition, vascularization and endurance capacity remains unknown in top-level endurance athletes. The present study examined the effect of 16 weeks of concurrent SE training

2011 Scandinavian journal of medicine & science in sports Controlled trial quality: uncertain

968. Evaluation of an online interactive Diabetes Needs Assessment Tool (DNAT) versus online self-directed learning: a randomised controlled trial. Full Text available with Trip Pro

-learning curriculum based on individually identified knowledge gaps), compared with self-directed e-learning of diabetes guidelines.Health professionals were randomised to a 4-month learning period and either given access to diabetes learning modules alone (control group) or DNAT plus learning modules (intervention group). Participants completed knowledge tests before and after learning (primary outcome), and surveys to assess the acceptability of the learning and changes to clinical practice (...) Evaluation of an online interactive Diabetes Needs Assessment Tool (DNAT) versus online self-directed learning: a randomised controlled trial. Methods for the dissemination, understanding and implementation of clinical guidelines need to be examined for their effectiveness to help doctors integrate guidelines into practice. The objective of this randomised controlled trial was to evaluate the effectiveness of an interactive online Diabetes Needs Assessment Tool (DNAT) (which constructs an e

2011 BMC medical education Controlled trial quality: predicted high

969. The ACCOMPLISH study. A cluster randomised trial on the cost-effectiveness of a multicomponent intervention to improve hand hygiene compliance and reduce healthcare associated infections. Full Text available with Trip Pro

of hand hygiene. This study aims to evaluate the cost-effectiveness of a multicomponent implementation strategy aimed at the reduction of healthcare associated infections in Dutch hospital care, by promotion of hand hygiene.The ACCOMPLISH package will be evaluated in a two-arm cluster randomised trial in 16 hospitals in the Netherlands, in one intensive care unit and one surgical ward per hospital.A multicomponent package, including e-learning, team training, introduction of electronic alcohol based

2011 BMC public health Controlled trial quality: uncertain

970. Islide-Establishing a Clinical Dermatopathology Online Discourse System

Principal Investigator: Yu-Chuan Li Taipei Medical University More Information Go to Layout table for additonal information Responsible Party: Yu-Chuan Li, Graduate Institute of Biomedical Informatics, Taipei Medical University Identifier: Other Study ID Numbers: 99046 First Posted: January 20, 2011 Last Update Posted: January 20, 2011 Last Verified: January 2011 Keywords provided by Taipei Medical University WanFang Hospital: Online Discourse e-Learning Biopsy Virtual Pathologic

2011 Clinical Trials

971. Influence of demand-side measures to enhance renin-angiotensin prescribing efficiency in Europe: implications for the future. (Abstract)

introducing different supply- and demand-side measures. Lastly, to appraise the impact of generic losartan in Croatia on utilization of patented angiotensin receptor blockers.Observational retrospective study principally between 2001 and 2007, using defined daily doses and €/1000 inhabitants/year. Demand-side measures were based on the four 'E's - education, engineering, economics and enforcement.Greater intensity of follow-up of prescribing restrictions in Croatia enhanced utilization of ACEIs versus

2011 Expert review of pharmacoeconomics & outcomes research

972. A prevalence study of errors in opioid prescribing in a large teaching hospital. Full Text available with Trip Pro

there are weaknesses in our hospital opioid prescribing practice and has aided us in rewriting our acute and chronic pain guidelines with the explicit inclusion of the National Patient Safety Agency recommendations. We have also disseminated the study results at the Trust academic meeting and developed an opioid e-learning package which will be mandatory for all new staff.© 2011 Blackwell Publishing Ltd.

2011 International journal of clinical practice

973. Smart Learning Services Based on Smart Cloud Computing Full Text available with Trip Pro

Smart Learning Services Based on Smart Cloud Computing Context-aware technologies can make e-learning services smarter and more efficient since context-aware services are based on the user's behavior. To add those technologies into existing e-learning services, a service architecture model is needed to transform the existing e-learning environment, which is situation-aware, into the environment that understands context as well. The context-awareness in e-learning may include the awareness (...) , and delivering the contents through cloud computing environment. Users' behavior can be collected through mobile devices such as smart phones that have built-in sensors. As results, the proposed smart e-learning model in cloud computing environment provides personalized and customized learning services to its users.

2011 Sensors (Basel, Switzerland)

974. Supervision - growing and building a sustainable general practice supervisor system. (Abstract)

for such teachers. Some of the newer methods of practice-based teaching are considered for further development, including vertically integrated teaching, e-learning, wave consulting and teaching on the run, teaching teams and remote teaching. Approaches to supporting and resourcing teaching and the required infrastructure are also considered. Further research into sustaining the practice-based general practice supervision model will be required.

2011 Medical Journal of Australia

975. Implementation of the e-Bug Project in Portugal. Full Text available with Trip Pro

structures of both ministries in the development of the Project has been guaranteed from the beginning. We have translated and produced 6000 junior and senior e-Bug packs, and started to distribute them to science teachers, health education coordinators and school health teams from all over the country, who were identified as stakeholders and registered as e-Bug users in an e-learning platform from the Ministry of Education. Portugal is deeply interested in the long-term sustainability of the e-Bug

2011 Journal of Antimicrobial Chemotherapy

976. Transition to intensive care nursing: A state-wide, workplace centred program-12 years on. (Abstract)

sustainability. The program is being launched through a new blended learning approach utilising e-learning strategies. To capitalise on the current success, a strong commitment by all stakeholders will be required to ensure the ongoing sustainability of the program.Copyright © 2011 Australian College of Critical Care Nurses Ltd. Published by Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

2011 Australian Critical Care

977. Development and Pilot Testing of a Self-management Internet-based Program for Older Adults with Overactive Bladder. (Abstract)

, we recruited 25 men and women age 55 or older with symptoms of OAB. The OAB-SMIP intervention consisted of 3 multimedia e-learning tutorials, social networking features, and other online resources delivered over 6 weeks.Participants enjoyed the OAB-SMIP and found it easy to use. Participants demonstrated increased knowledge (SMD=4.17, large effect size), and their symptoms improved after the intervention (SMD=1.20-1.30, large effect sizes). Participants improved their overall self-efficacy (SMD

2011 Urology

978. Embracing the Internet as a Means of Enhancing Medical Education in Nephrology. (Abstract)

Embracing the Internet as a Means of Enhancing Medical Education in Nephrology. This review discusses how the internet currently is being used to provide medical education in the nephrology community and addresses some of the issues and dilemmas unique to using this media. It focuses on how blogs, wikis, podcasts/YouTube, social bookmarking/media, and mobile devices are used to deliver e-learning in nephrology.Copyright © 2011 National Kidney Foundation, Inc. Published by Elsevier Inc. All

2011 American Journal of Kidney Diseases

979. Teaching medical students to resuscitate children: An innovative two-part programme. (Abstract)

Teaching medical students to resuscitate children: An innovative two-part programme. The objective of the present study was to design and evaluate a novel, 'blended learning' approach to the teaching of paediatric resuscitation to medical students.Participants were recruited from the Graduate Medical Program at the University of Sydney. The course incorporated an initial e-learning module and a subsequent practical component. The e-learning module taught basic and advanced life support (...) . Students then attended a 90 min practical session, which focussed on team work and the psychomotor components of resuscitation. Improvement in knowledge was measured by a multiple choice question (MCQ) test. The MCQ was completed prior to beginning the whole course, after completion of the e-learning module and again at follow up 8 months later. Students also completed an evaluation survey.Twenty-one students participated. There was a significant objective increase in knowledge from pre-course to post

2011 Emergency medicine Australasia

980. Post-Exercise Cardiac Troponin Release is Related to Exercise Training History. (Abstract)

Post-Exercise Cardiac Troponin Release is Related to Exercise Training History. Marathon running can increase circulating cardiac troponin above the diagnostic criteria for myocardial infarction. We determined whether prior-exercise experience (training history) might be related to the magnitude of immediate post-race troponin release following completion of the London Marathon in a group of non-elite runners. Using a prospective study design, 52 runners were recruited into either HIGH T-E (...) (trained-experience) (n=27) or LOW T-E (n=25) groups. Cardiac troponin I (cTnI) release following race completion was compared between these 2 groups. To examine relationships between cTnI release and participant demographic and indices of prior training experience an additional 52 runners who did not meet the criteria for either the HIGH T-E or LOW T-E groups were also recruited. The combined data from all 104 runners was analysed using multivariate linear regression analysis. The results revealed

2012 International Journal of Sports Medicine

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