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1741. APA Guidelines on Multicultural Education, Training, Research, Practice and Organizational Change for Psychologists

and behavioral health services, as well as training and supervision with students. Research components consider scientific inquiry and the generation of knowledge from within a multicultural biopsychosocial framework. Consultation refers to being responsive to considerations regarding diversity within organizations. Education, along with practice, refers to the inclusion of multicultural curricula in psychology programs, modeling cultural competence for students, and providing training and supervisory (...) the original Multicultural Guidelines is to promote the application of multicultural knowledge to contemporary psychological practice, education, research, and consultation. The educational aspect of the Multicultural Guidelines is valuable; it serves to guide and inform the training and practice of professional psychology. The research aspect suggests that there are diverse research methods that can be used to generate new knowledge. 15 In Spring 2015 the Board for the Advancement of Psychology

2002 American Psychological Association


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