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Urethral Caruncle (Treatment)

eMedicine.com, 2014

Treatment Medical Therapy Most patients can be treated conservatively with warm sitz baths.
Surgical Therapy Reserve surgical intervention for patients with larger symptomatic lesions and for those with uncertain diagnoses.
Intraoperative Details Excision is usually an outpatient operation and involves the following steps: First, perform a cystourethroscopy to rule out bladder and urethral abnormalities.
Many urologists perform a cystoscopy in the office upon initial patient presentation to rule out other pathologies (eg, carcinoma, diverticulum, abscess).
Park and Cho have described an alternative technique for removal of a urethral caruncle, whereby the base of the caruncle is ligated, allowing it to slough off after 1-2 weeks.
Postoperative Details A Foley catheter may be left in place for 1-2 days to allow for appropriate healing of the urethral mucosa.
Follow-up If the lesion is benign, no special follow-up arrangement other than a routine postoperative visit is required.
Complications If the epithelium is not everted adequately with the stay-stitch, meatal retraction and stenosis may occur.
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