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Nerve Block, Dorsal Penile

eMedicine.com, 2014

Introduction Local anesthesia of the penis is used as preparation to perform various procedures, including , , , and repair of penile lacerations.
This nerve eventually divides into the right and left dorsal nerves of the penis that pass under the pubis symphysis to travel just below the Buck fascia to supply the sensory innervation to the penis.
The use of parenteral analgesia with or without sedation is recommended before the application of local penile anesthesia.
Indications Indications for anesthesia of the penis include the following: Repair of penile lacerations Release of penile skin entrapped in zippers Contraindications Contraindications for anesthesia of the penis include the following: Suspected Skin infection at the site of injection Contents Overview: Nerve Block, Dorsal Penile
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