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Complications of Thyroid Surgery

eMedicine Surgery, 2014

Sterile surgical arenas, general anesthesia, and improved surgical techniques have made death from thyroid surgery extremely rare today.
Halsted are just a few of the names intimately associated with the development and refinement of thyroid surgery.
Their contributions helped to make thyroid surgery less feared and better understood than it once was.
Although the complication rate of thyroid surgery has certainly decreased, surgeons must nevertheless maintain a healthy respect for the possibility of complications.
By developing a thorough understanding of the anatomy and of the ways to prevent each complication, the surgeon can minimize each patient's risk.
The surgeon's experience is a significant contributor to various complications during thyroid surgery.
At the same time, several reports have pointed out the safety of thyroid procedures performed at residency-training centers, where surgeries are performed under the supervision of an experienced surgeon.
By understanding the presentation and treatment of each complication, the surgeon can handle complications expediently and avoid worsening consequences.
Therefore, create as small an incision as reasonable in a natural skin crease over the thyroid gland.
The surgeon requires adequate exposure and should not damage the skin edges with excessive retraction.
Rare complications Case reports of rare complications, such as damage to the sympathetic trunk, are occasionally reported.