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Radial or dorsal backslab in Colles' fractures

BestBETS, 2008

Following fracture reduction in [a patient with a Colles' fracture] does [a dorsal or radial backslab] minimize [the need for subsequent remanipulation or operative fixation.]
An elderly lady presents to the emergency department following a fall onto an outstretched hand, sustaining a Colles' fracture.
Many departments would use a dorsal backslab, but you have seen a radial backslab used for these fractures and were impressed.
Believing that the radial backslab may hold the reduction more effectively, you search the literature for an answer.
Medline::[(exp Colles' Fracture OR colles$.mp)] AND [(exp Casts, Surgical OR back adj slab$ OR cast or casts.mp) AND exp Immobilization] LIMIT to humans and english language.
Limit to clinical trial or controlled clinical trial or meta analysis or multicenter study or randomized controlled trial or 'review' or validation studies.
Embase: (colles$.mp OR exp colles fracture) AND (back adj slab$.mp OR backslab$.mp OR cast or casts.mp OR exp Plaster Cast/or exp Immobilization) LIMIT to human and english language.
LIMIT to Review or Meta Analysis or (guideline$ or protocol$ or pathway$ or algorithm$).mp or exp clinical study/or exp clinical trial or rct.mp LIMIT to human and English language AND Meta Analysis.mp.
or (guideline$ or protocol$ or pathway$ or algorithm$).mp or exp controlled clinical trial/ or rct.mp Cochrane: MeSH descriptor Colles' Fracture explode all trees
There is no literature to support a preference for using either a dorsal or a radial backslab in the management of Colles' fractures.
A radial backslab may have a theoretical advantage, as it allows three point moulding to help prevent dorsal displacement and angulation.