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U-slab, hanging cast or collar and cuff in uncomplicated shaft of humerus fractures in the elderly

BestBETS, 2008

In [elderly patients with uncomplicated shaft of humerus fractures] is [a u-slab, a hanging cast or a collar and cuff] better at [reducing pain and promoting healing]?
A 60 year old woman presents with a closed, undisplaced, uncomplicated fracture of the shaft of the humerus.
You seek advice on the best method to support / splint the arm and receive a range of different answers.
Medline:[exp Fractures, Bone/ OR exp fractures, closed/ OR exp fractures, stress/ OR exp humeral fractures/ OR exp shoulder fractures/ OR fracture$.mp.
OR collar and cuff.mp.] LIMIT to human AND English language, LIMIT to middle age 45 plus years Cochrane: Shoulder fractures [Mesh] explode all trees
47 papers found in Medline and 16 in the Cochrane Library, but none were relevant to the question asked.
There is no evidence to indicate whether a u-slab, a hanging cast or a collar and cuff is better at minimizing pain and maximizing healing in elderly patients with shaft of humerus fractures.