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Achieving timely 'simple' discharge from hospital : a toolkit for the multi-disciplinary team

Department of Health, 2004

We are grateful to all the practitioners who have generously provided information about their experiences and
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Please note that nurse-led discharge cannot be progressed outside the specialty; this process will then revert back to a
stated/stamped in the patient’s notes/record by the Consultant responsible or their deputy – ‘proceed to nurse led discharge’ and
Type of accommodation? Lives alone/carer Digital Door Code Name of Nursing House key kept with
Essential food, heating, If No what arrangements have been made? Referred to other professional or services Yes/No
Transport Arranged Relative/carer WYMAS - Car 1/ Discharging address - as addressograph or state alternative address
Medications given + Discharge education/ Nurse transfer Social services GP letter sent Yes/No District nurse start
Hospital Medical certificate Dressings/aids supplied for District Nurses Yes/No Other community support arranged - state
• Have you started to discuss timely discharge with the director of operations executive lead? Yes No