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Value of post-nasal space biopsy in patients with adult onset serous otitis media.

Clinical Otolaryngology, 2006

We believe this routine practice is no longer justified in view of modern methods of examination of PNS.
To identify the incidence of NPN in adults with otitis media with effusion without any other signs and symptoms suggestive of NPN.
We also identified the presenting symptoms and signs of all patients who were diagnosed with NPN during the study period.
This is a retrospective study of 158 adult onset otitis media who had a posterior nasal space biopsy performed.
The patients with positive and negative biopsy results were analysed for their presenting signs and symptoms.
All patients with OME as the sole presentation had negative biopsy results and all patients with a positive biopsy result for NPN had other symptoms or signs in addition to OME.
The role of PNS biopsy in adults with isolated OME seems to be questionable in view of the limited information it provides.