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Ganfyd, 2007

Sometimes also known as Consultants in Health Protection, or Consultants in Public Health (Environmental Health).
Although communicable disease control is a large part of a CCDC's work, a CCDC usually also prepares for and advises on non communicable environmental hazards.
For this reason some prefer the title of Consultant in Health Protection; this title is less obviously meaningful, but does at least not appear to imply that the job only includes some aspects of what it actually involves.
In England, CsCDC were employed by Health Authorities until the implementation of "Shifting the Balance of Power", and most are now employed by the and work in a Health Protection Unit (HPU) .
1871 - 1974: Responsibility for the control of disease in the community assigned to MOH, who was located in local political authority, but responsible for public health services.
1974: MOH abolished and responsibilities for disease control given to medical officer of environmental health (MOEH), placed in local health authority, rather than local political authority.
1982: NHS reorganisation _ many community physicians retired as posts seen as a _dead end_ for poorly qualified physicians.
1985: As a result of the two communicable disease outbreaks Committee of Inquiry (chaired by Sir Donald Acheson) established to consider public health r_le.
London: Department of Health, 1988] CCDC (initially district control of infection officer) posts created, in DHAs.
Act as the executive officer responsible for enabling the DHA to fulfil its statutory obligations in relation to :communicable disease and infection.
Be the key person to advise the DHA on communicable disease control and for ensuring that there was a comprehensive policy for such control that would cover all contracts placed and for monitoring these.